After the Storm

The waves, they crash, go up and down,

While the dolphins swim around.

Feeding, hunting, for their fish,

Their fins all going swish-swish-swish.


But there's larger creatures to be fed,

Approach the Earth in ship of dread.

One moment, dolphins in the waves,

The next comes harvest much depraved.


Flora, fauna, see life all,

None can resist the whirlpool's call.

The entire cove, it now lies bare,

Woe to the world, ye know despair.


But one dolphin has survived,

Down into the sea he dives.

First to find friends in the deep,

And then his pod he'll start to seek.


For an echo can lead to song,

Thinks of this as he swims on.

Across the seascape so sublime,

Swimming down the tides of time.