AN: This world will be a mix of DC/Marvel/X-Men

First scene will be based off of the X-Men Apocalypse Movie.

All my information on stories and characters will mostly be based off of movies unless someone wants to PM me an arc of a story line.



"What is all that shaking?"

Now that he's up and awake from all the shaking, the figure wonders how long has he been asleep. A millennium? Maybe two? Being asleep for so long tends to make anyone lose track of time. Thinking for a quick moment, he digs through his memories so he can hopefully remember where he is and why he's here in the first place.

After a few moments and having lost his train of thought due to the annoying shaking, he catches a glimpse of a few faint memories of a time long lost from the history books.

"Ah~, that's it." Now he remembers why he's sleeping in the darkness, away from prying eyes and ears. Why he has rid himself from the world's biggest threat to itself.


From the faint images he can remember, there was once a huge war he played a big part in. He was on the side of the Five Great Villages along with the country of Samurai who all fought together against a madman who wanted to place the world in a powerful illusion for his sick pleasure. He remembers fighting an army of the undead as well as an army of white beings who all looked the same with similar sickening grins.

For a few good months, the war waged on as blood was shed everyday for each battle that took place. Then came the final battle which he took a major part in fighting. Images of nine giant beasts destroying landscapes with a swing of their tails fill his mind but for some reason, he can't he remember what they're called? Wait a second... Bijū! That's right, the madman brought togethor the Nine Bijū to form something bigger and more powerful then themselves.

The Ten Tailed Demon. A monster that could destroy an army with a simple roar from his mighty jaw. It could cause the earth to shake from a simple step of its foot and could cause natural distasters with a simple twitch of one of its ten tails.

Different images appear in his mind as himself and some guy with strangely designed red eyes fought against the madman who absorbed the Demon inside himself which made him a lot more powerful than before. From what he can faintly remember, they won and extracted the Demon, only for another but more powerful enemy with strange but powerful ringed eyes to absorb the Demon into himself and make himself more powerful than the first Human/Demon hybrid. The power he held was something that very few could possess and from what he could remember, a lot of people back then could control the elements and walk on water so that's saying something.

They were clearly overpowered by him until an old man with the same ringed eyes appeared before them and granted both him and the other guy his Chakra and the power of his eyes . It was only then that they could match up with the man with the power of God inside him.

He remembers a glimpse of a black hand piercing through the enemy's chest before he changed into a woman, a very beautiful woman but also, powerful. While the other two men would have been classed as Gods to others, she clearly outclassed them in power as she could change the environment as easily as breathing and she could create portals to other dimensions without a second thought.

Kaguya, the Rabbit Goddess.

The few last bits that he remembers is that he and three others fought against the powerful woman and eventually defeated her. Of course, one couldn't simply kill a being with that kind of power so he did the next best thing. He followed his first two enemies examples and absorbed her entire being, as well as the power she possessed within herself and made it his own.

Afterwards, himself and his ally at the time fought with each other for a reason he can't exactly remember. Of course, with the power of Kaguya within himself, including his own power as well as the Chakra of the old man from before, his former ally didn't stand a chance, even with those special eyes of his that could do some impressive feats.

He then remembers his allies turning on him, seemingly wanting the power he held within himself for themselves.

Quickly, allies stabbed each other in the back, forgetting that they just fought together in a war to keep thenpeace. The greed of humans will always fill their hearts with lust over everything they can't have. That's how the war started in the first place as the madman wanted the Bijū for himself and was willing to kill anyone for them. The same with the Villages who in their own minds, owned the containers of the Bijū so they can control the Demons and use them as weapons for future wars.

With so much hate in the world and most of it aimed at himself, he could only choose the one decision that doesn't include destroying them all. He sealed himself away deep underground the earth as a way to prevent the power he controls to fall into the wrong hands.

With no company and little to do, he mostly used his empty mindscape to practice the abilities he possesses after gaining them from absorbing Kaguya. After years of mentally training himself, he has gotten the gist of his powers which have grown exponentially after absorbing the Rabbit Goddess.

One would think that he would have died long ago through the hands of time but his Uzumaki genes, as well as the power of a God inside him prevents himself from aging as they regenerate all of his dying cells. Of course, that doesn't mean he's immortal since anything and everything can die in some way. Some just need a little 'motivation'. It just means that he's much harder to kill than normal people.

Seeing as no more memories are coming to him, he feels the shaking around him get stronger which just annoys him even more. He can feel something or someone out in the surface pulling the earth upwards and it's seemingly bringing him for the ride as well.

With the resolve to stop the annoyance, he opens his shining blue eyes that glints in the darkness before shifting them into a ringed pattern, similiar to that of two people he has met and who have passed away a long time ago. Only difference between their eyes and his is that there is a total of ten tomoe marking the rings in both of his eyes.

Infront of himself, space itself starts to open up as he uses the power of his eyes to open a dimensional portal for himself to the surface, seeing as that's how he got where he is in the first place. Taking his first steps with no hesitation, he walks back into the world, into a new dawn and new age of technological advances.

The Second Sage of Six Paths, Naruto Uzumaki has just woken up from his slumber and unknowingly causes the faith of the world to shift.


Xavier's crippled body can only lay there in a half destroyed building and watch as his students and friends continue their assault on the monster who goes by the title, Apocalypse.

Their new ally, Storm, a former Horsemen of Apocalypse is bringing down lightning on Apocalypse which is the only reason why he isn't teleporting away at the moment but even with the lightning distracting him, he still holds up a shield around himself that protects him from the laser, boulders and metal that all disintegrate upon contact.

As of now, Xavier is using his Telepathy to fight the Super Mutant with his mind but even in his specialty, Apocalypse is proving his might by beating him mentally. He winces in pain as Apocalypse's mental body enlarges within his mind and pins his mental self down to the floor with his large hand.

What can he do? Physically and mentally, Apocalypse can't be beaten so what else can he do to stop him?

His thoughts linger to Jean and her inner power but he banishes those thoughts away in a second. While the plan may work, having two Mutants with godlike power fighting each other wouldn't end well for the world. He calculates that the best case scenario is that they all end up dead with no less than half the planet destroyed.

As he tries to think up a new plan, he both physically and mentally widens his eyes when he feels someone suddenly break into his mindscape.



Apocalypse notices the intruder as well as his mental body lifts its head and looks down the hallway of Xavier's mansion that makes up the mindscape. In his large right hand is Xavier's mental body who's struggling to get out of the giant's grip. Standing by the end of the hallway is the intruder who doesn't seem to notice who he's facing.

"Who are you?"

The intruder doesn't answer the question, merely looks at him with a calm, yet, calculating gaze.

From Xavier's odd angle from hanging off of Apocalypse's grip, all he can see is the intruder's spikey silver hair. He tries to tilt his head to get a better look but the tight grip on his person isn't making it easy.

Apocalypse frowns in distaste so he takes a large step towards the unknown intruder. However, once his giant foot makes contact with the marble floor of the mansion, it shatters like glass, along with the rest of the mindscape. Replacing what use to be a hallway in Xavier's mansion is what looks to be a large sewer with ankle-deep water that barely reaches up a quarter of Apocalypse's boot.

The intruder still stands across from Apocalypse, seemingly not effected by the sudden change of scenery. Behind him is a massive golden cage that even makes Apocalypse's enlarged body look small when compared to it. Whatever it may contain is unknown to the mutant since the only thing he can see through the bars is darkness.

"What is this?" spoke Apocalypse in a demanding tone. He isn't the one who changed the mindscape and has a very strong feeling that the intruder is the one who did. After all, the Mutant in his hand, while strong, is too weak to surpass his own control over the mindscape. His eyes soon lose interest on the change of scenery and so his eyes land on the intruder. With a flick of his wrist, Xavier goes flying as he let's out a scream before he lands in the water.

Xavier lifts his head out from the water and coughs some up that got into his mouth during the landing. Now with no large hand to hold him back, he can stand up and look at the newcomer who he prays is somehow on his side. The first thing he notices about the stranger is his clothing which resemble clothing found in Japanese culture. His outfit consists of a white robe with nine tomoes decorating his collar and he's wearing a pair of loose pants and a pair of simple brown sandels. A bit too much white for Xavier's liking but he does take note of the man's marks on his face which resemble that of a cat's or fox's whiskers. His hair doesn't look natural as well but Storm does have the same colour in her own so it isn't that strange. He doesn't have his own hair either so he can't really talk about hairstyles.

But with the calm expression, white clothing and the atmosphere around him that demands obedience, he almost looks like a divine being, no matter how hard that is to believe.

One who he hopes has come to smite down the Fake God.

"I'll ask only one last time. Who are you?" demanded Apocalypse with an edge in his tone as he glares down at the intruder.

The intruder doesn't respond, except for raising his two front fingers of his left hand together and clicking them.

All of a sudden, an insane amount of bloodlust fills the mindscape which also adds an immense pressure on everyone in the sewer, except for Naruto as he looks unaffected. Apocalypse raises an eyebrow in interest of the sudden pressure while strengthening himself to prevent any sign of fear from showing.

Xavier doesn't have that courtesy as he immediately collapses onto his rear and shakes like a leaf.

"Even with my disappearance, there's still so much hate in the world" muttered Naruto with a somber tone. He can sense an immense amount of hate coming from the giant across the way from himself and honestly, he just feels disappointed to know that nothing has changed since he sealed himself away. Naruto can also sense something abnormal within both the giant and the man he threw away. Something similar to Chakra but yet, different. Almost like they're full of Yang Chakra without any Ying inside of them but he isn't too sure.

At least the other character who's shivering away isn't releasing any hatred. Instead, he seems to be full of goodness, something that slightly uplifts the Uzumaki's spirits, knowing that there is still some good in the world.

"No matter" spoke Apocalypse. "Your actions here shows me that you're not on my side"

The God of Mutants takes a step forward and another and another until he starts off in a slow jog before he runs with speed that's surprising for someone of his size. The giant pulls back his right fist as he gets to the intruder and swings it down at him.


Naruto lifts his own hand up and to the shock of Apocalypse and Xavier, it stops the much larger fist with simple ease since Naruto doesn't budge an inch from the blow. It literally looks like that there was no strength in Apocalypse's attack at all.

"I don't know why but you remind of someone." Apocalypse's eyes widen in surprise as his enlarged fist starts to shrink down along with the rest of his mental body. "I'm not entirely sure but I don't think I liked them" said Naruto with a light glare. Apocalypse tries to use his own power to stop the shrinking process but finds out that something is overpowering his control over the mindscape. Within twenty seconds, he returns to his normal sized body with his fist now in his enemy's tight grip. He quickly finds out that the Super Strength he stole from one of the many Mutants in his old life isn't working well against the newcomer who is somehow overpowering his strength with his own.

Before he pulls his other fist back for a punch, he collapses to his knee and shouts out in pain when his wrist bends in an odd angle.

"Stop this! What are you doing to me!?" yelled the self-proclaimed God as he struggles to pull back his hand.

"I'm taking over."

Within the golden cage, a large red eye that has several concentric rings and ten tomoe opens from inside the darkness and glares down at Apocalypse in hatred. That's the last thing Apocalypse and Xavier see before the entire mindscape shatters into pieces and they return to their normal bodies.


Charles jerks up for breath and scrambles up to the couch beside him since his legs are broken. Feeling shaken, he frantically looks around the destroyed house for any monstrous large eye and happily sighs when he doesn't see one. Only for him to remember where he is and the current situation he's in. From his seat on the couch, he can has a perfect view of the battlefield and notices how everyone has stopped their attacks.

And the reason for that is because a new player has entered the game.

A hundred yards away, standing on top of a pile of rubble that use to be a house of prayer is Naruto who's calm blue eyes scan his surroundings.

The shield surrounding Apocalypse suddenly expands outwards and hits all the surrounding Mutants and knocks them away into several other houses. Magneto and Storm are launched away in the air and while Storm hits the roof of a nearby building, Magneto straightens himself out in midair.

Apocalypse collapses to one knee in exhaustion after having his control of the mindscape taken as well as having been kicked out of it. Then there's that eye...

Sweat pours down his brow as he wonders who that man is and what on earth was behind those bars. He stands back up on both feet when he feels a sudden change in the wind. In a time, long before he was betrayed by his followers, he had stolen a former Mutant's ability to sense other beings around herself. It could also be used to gauge the power levels of a Mutant which is what Apocalypse uses in order to pick his Four Horsemen. After all, a God only deserves the best Mutants to follow him.

What is troubling the Mutant God is how he can see the intruder staring at himself across the battlefield but yet, he can't sense his power. In fact, he can't sense him at all. Like as if he isn't even there but that just doesn't make any sense. After all, he has a similar Telepathy ability as himself as the crippled Mutant from before so why can't he sense his power? Or the power that was behind a set of bars and a strange eye.

Before he can contemplate even more, the stranger suddenly disappears from the pile of rubble in the same time that Apocalypse feels a shift of wind behind himself. He spins around but only sees the young Mutant who's wearing sunglasses and who can shoot powerful blasts of energy from his eyes. The boy tenses but he dismisses him immediately as a non-threat. All of a sudden, a shift of wind changes again and he turns towards a new direction to only see the beastly blue Mutant.

"Where are you! Show yourself or face the wrath of a God!" demanded Apocalypse, losing his patience over the mind games that is being played on him.

"Very well."

Apocalypse's eyes widen when the voice whispers from his right shoulder. Before he can turn around, a hand grasps his left shoulder and before he knows it, he ends up flying into a pile of rubble that explodes outwards from the force of impact. The God of Mutants grunts slightly in pain as his wounds quickly heal, due to his immortality. Pushing himself up from the few bits of rubble, a shadow blocks the sun that causes Apocalypse to look up and see the same man from before, looking down at him with the same pair of calm eyes.

Having no more interest and having lost his patience with all the pointless fighting, he waves his hand across himself. The rubble around him suddenly disintergrates into sand that he launches at the man, expecting it to cut through him with ease.

The sand doesn't as it stops a few inches away from Naruto's flesh. To the shock of Apocalypse, he finds his control over the sand broken as the stream of particles hover around Naruto almost in a protective manner. The sand then springs out at the Mutant God who forms a pink shield around himself which the sand bounces off of. The shield glows brightly before Apocalypse teleports away a few miles on the roof of a intact building.

"Where are you going?"

Apocalypse jerks away as he turns to see the unknown Mutant standing on the same roof as him. "Impossible! What kind of Mutant are you!?"

Naruto raises a brow in interest of the term, Mutant.

"Mutant? What's a Mutant" he wondered before he senses a sudden charge of power from his opponent. Faster than Apocalypse can react, Naruto's fist hits his face and shatters his skull as he ends up being blown far away and through many more buildings. After the thirtieth house, Apocalypse suddenly stops in midair and is somehow being pulled back towards the direction he came from. His skull has yet to fully repair himself, along with the rest of his body so he doesn't see the high kick until his chin erupts in even more pain which he guesses means that it's broken. Just like before, he ends up flying through the air and plows through several more buildings which just adds even more pain to him.

A crater stretches outwards as Apocalypse lands on his back where he once was before the stranger showed up. Apocalypse groggily stands up as his healing powers finish up on his wounds. The X-Men wannabees can only watch in awe and shock as some person they've never seen before is kicking the God of Mutants ass after they have all struggled over his power.

"Interesting..., is instant regeneration common among all Mutants or is it just you?" asked Naruto who seemingly appears out of nowhere a few feet away from Apocalypse. Naruto is curious over the old, blue-skinned man's rapid healing. Not like he has anything to worry about since he has a number of ways to take care of him but several of his attacks would have instantly killed a normal person, yet the self-proclaimed God is still standing and able to fight, catching his curiosity over how efficient his regeneration is. Oddly enough, it reminds him of someone from his own time who wore a black cloak with red clouds and he had a seriously dirty mouth.

A thoughtful expression adorns Naruto's face as he thinks to the black cloak with red clouds. Akatsuki was the name of the group if his memory is right but it has been so long since his time.

"What did the Akatsuki do again?"

"You..." growled Apocalypse in hate of the man infront of him. His eyes suddenly whiten as he takes a sharp breath while he summons up his almighty power which he has gained over his years of stealing Mutant powers. A storm brews overhead as dark clouds of lightning and thunder fill the skies and for once, it isn't because of Storm who looks as worried as everyone else.

"NONE SHALL ESCAPE THE WRATH OF GOD!" yelled Apocalypse as his power increases tenfold, causing the very earth to tremble under his power. The X-Men all try to keep their balance over the earth's wild shaking which only seems to get worse after every second. Naruto on the other hand is perfectly balancing himself with his Chakra that is sticking his feet to the floor.

Apocalypse roars aloud as he brings his hands forward to bring down his power on the Mutant who defies his power. By the time he's done with him, there won't be a shred of evidence of his existance. However, a hand grasps his face in a tight grip that cracks his skull.

"So much hate and anger in one person." Naruto's blue eyes shifts to that of his most powerful weapon, the Rinne-Sharingan. "Let me purge it away with you along with it" said Naruto as he calls forth the power of the Human Path with his eyes.

Apocalypse widens his eyes when he notices the two familiar eyes that are staring into what feels like his soul. A pair of eyes that resemble a lot of the large one from the mindscape, only these ones aren't glaring at him. That's when he feels something amiss with his body. Like as if he's being pulled away but yet, isn't. He reaches out to grab the arm that is holding his face, only for all feeling in his arm to leave him. He soon notices that the same thing is happening all over his body as all feeling in his legs, arms, chest and even face all vanish. By the time he tries to pull away, it's already too late.

With a tug, Naruto pulls out Apocalypse's soul and looks at it with disinterest.

The surrounding Mutants can only stare at the sliver-haired man in awe, horror and in distrust as he pulls out an ethereal version of the Mutant God, just as Apocalypse collapses on his stomach.

Apocalypse's soul slowly start to sink into Naruto and within a few seconds, his soul is completely absorbed into Naruto's own. In the span of seconds, all of Apocalypse's memories appear in front of his eyes. Naruto watches the memories as they jump from Apocalypse's birth, his adolescent life, his first discovery of his Mutant abilities, the first Pharaoh he killed and even the time when he was betrayed by his slaves.

However, not only does Naruto gain all of Apocalypse's memories but also all the information the Mutant God took from the media when he first woke up to the present world. Everything about earth and its history over the past two thousand years is now locked up safe within the Sage's mind.

And he isn't happy with what he learns.

While history only have records that go back to the past two thousand years, most of it is filled with nothing but death and misery and of course, humanity is in middle of it all. While he's happy over the fact that his own time has faded from history and that Chakra seems to be extinct, humans have just found new ways to spread misery. Instead of Jutsus and Bijū, they use guns and bombs to take away the lives of their fellow men just so they can steal resources? To force their ideologies on everyone else? Just because they have the power to do so?

"Seems like peace will take a lot more than my disappearance if it is to come true" thought Naruto, steel filling his eyes which causes he surrounding Mutants to either flinch or tense up for a fight. "Maybe it's time that I take a more straightforward approach."

Violet flames erupts behind Apocalypse's corpse which startles the surrounding audience. It only gets worse as a large, white head pops out of the flames. The head is as large as a two-storey house and has the Rinnegan as a pair of eyes. The large head unzips its mouth and opens it wide before three hand-like tentacles reach out of it and grabs onto Apocalypse's body.

Naruto doesn't bat an eyelash as the King of Hell devours Apocalypse's corpse before it sinks back into the violet flames. The clicking of a weapon has Naruto turn around to see one of the Mutants standing a few yards away from himself while holding a pistol that it aimed at his chest. From Apocalypse's memories, she's a Mutant who can change her appearance into anyone's, reminding him of the white creatures that he fought in the last war. He had sensed her move before he summoned the King of Hell to take Apocalypse's corpse but was curious over what she would do when close enough. It's a good thing that he got all of Apocalypse's memories or he wouldn't know what the weapon she's holding is.

"Who are you?" Raven demanded with a glare at the unknown individual.

"Stop it Raven!" yelled Xavier from the building he's in. Jean and Scott has gone up to give him assistance while Raven went to confront the man.

Raven ignores Xavier, preferring to get the answer for her question. They fought against the insane Mutant and couldn't even make any lasting damage on him. Not even with powerhouses such as Xavier, Storm and Eric who were nothing but bugs in the eyes of Apocalypse. Yet, this man standing in front of her could not only match the Mutant God but actually best him so easily? She also wants to know what he did to kill him. She had cut Apocalypse's throat and he healed from that in seconds. And then there's that large head that came out of the floor! So many unsolved questions and she's gonna make sure she gets them.

"I'll ask one last time. Who are you?" she demanded again in a louder tone.

Xavier tries to use his Telepathy to take over Raven's mind so he can stop her. Only for him to find out that there's something blocking his mind from her's.

Naruto looks at Raven for a few moments before his blue eyes glance over to all the other Mutants who look like they are ready to fight him if necessary, although their tiredness, hidden behind masked expressions don't fool him. Besides, he doesn't want to fight them anyway. They wanted to stop Apocalypse from winning in the first place and that puts them in his good books.

His eyes linger on the redhead woman a few seconds longer than anyone else.

"A lot of power lies dormant within that one but she obviously has no control over it. Still, impressive." Gaging the young woman's inner power, he estimates that she could be around the same level as Apocalypse, if not stronger if she eventually controls her power. His attention is brought back to the blue-skinned female Mutant who looks like she's on the edge of her patience.

"I said who the hell are you!" yelled Raven as she shakes her gun infront of her, having lost her patience over the silent stranger.

Naruto's sapphire eyes stare at the Mutant as the gun in her hand shakes. Having nothing else to do here, he opens a rip in space behind him so he can leave and start planning.

Noticing the rip of space, Raven pulls he trigger of her gun which shoots a bullet straight to Naruto's chest. The bullet doesn't hit its mark because it's caught in between Naruto's index and middle finger. Placing the bullet between his fingers in a flicking motion, he flicks it back but aims it towards the gun in the Mutant's hand.

Raven hisses in pain as the bullet rips through the barrel of her pistol and sends a shock wave of force through the gun's handle which stings her hand in the process.

Naruto takes that moment of distraction to walk through the rip in space which closes up behind him. He can't waste his time making friends.

He has work that needs the done.

( Six Months Later - Xavier Mansion )

"Never thought of her as a teacher" remarked Magneto or rather, Eric Lensherr. No longer is he in the metallic armour of Magneto but is instead, wearing a light blue open blazer with a black shirt underneath along with a pair of jeans with brown shoes.

"True, but who else can teach the children on how to protect themselves?" asked Charles Xavier, humorously from his wheelchair beside his friend.

Both men are standing underneath the recently reconstructed school for Mutants and are currently watching the newest recruits for the X-Men who are training under the guidance of their instructor, Raven who is also adorning the jumpsuit uniform of an X-Men.

After a few moments of watching Scott practice with his new visor and Pietro blurring around the training facility with his recently healed leg, Eric asks, "Did you find anything about him yet?"

"Sadly, I've yet find anything about the man. He can't be found in the FBI's computer files, nor with the use of Cerebro. As wild as it sounds, technically speaking, he doesn't exist."

"How is that possible? Cerebro was designed to find anyone on the planet so how can you not find him?" asked Eric, feeling a pang of hurt to his confidence that the creation that he and Charles created can't find one man.

"Believe me my friend, if I knew, I would have told you already but this man..." A thoughtful frown adorns Charles face. "... he is someone that even I can't figure out" told Charles. He had full confidence that he could easily find the man who has more power than Apocalypse with his recently reconstructed Cerebro. In his theory, the man should have been shining like the sun. Instead, there's nothing, not even a trace of his whereabouts and that just scares Charles. No files, no pictures, not even a name.

It's almost like they're literally searching for a ghost.

"Dark times are coming Charles" stated Eric with his arms folded as he watches Raven bark orders at the trainees. "We may not see them but dark clouds are coming and I fear we won't be able to stop them."

"And here I thought I was the psychic" joked Charles, although his attempt of humour does little to rid the tense atmosphere. "At the very least, he isn't hostile towards us."

"For now."

"What do you mean?"

Eric shrugs his shoulders. "As you said before, there is no evidence that this man exists. Neither do we know about his history which may be filled with death for all we know."

"True, but why didn't he attack us after taking care of Apocalypse? It's not like he couldn't" asked Charles, eying his friend. While he may be a psychic, he won't enter Eric's mind without his permission.

Eric turns and looks down at Xavier's broken body. "I will not pretend to think that I know all the answers. All I'm saying is that we should be careful and prepare for the worst. What's to stop him from showing up here and causing havoc?"

Charles swirves his wheelchair around and glares up at Eric with cold steel in his eyes. "Then he will be sorry that he came here to cause trouble to my students."

Eric slightly smirks over Charles overprotectiveness of the younger Mutants under his charge. "I'm just saying Charles, he's an unknown who can not be overlooked."

Charles doesn't respond verbally as he just nods before he looks back at the training room where he can see Storm practicing with her lightning manipulation. "Do you have to go?"

Eric smiles and pats his friend on the shoulder. "You know I can't stay here. Not for long anyway."

"Where will you go?"

Eric gives one last look over at the X-Men trainees and eyes Pietro who's talking to Scott over a topic that makes them both laugh until a blushing Jean uses her psychic abilities to trip them both. He turns around and walks towards the elevator and presses the button. "You're psychic Charles, you'll know where I am" answered Eric with a smirk.

"Goodbye, old friend" muttered Charles without turning his wheelchair around, preferring to watch his students train under Raven's tutelage.

"Goodbye professor" replied Eric before he enters the lift and heads back up to the surface.

As Eric leaves, Charles watches his students train while he thinks back to the moment, six months ago where a man with no identity whatsoever saved the world from destruction and they don't even know it.

The memory of the sewer flashes before his eyes which causes Charles to lose all the breath in his lungs and to hold both his hands togethor in hope to stop them from shaking.

"The eye..."

He had only caught the glimpse of the eye for a few seconds but it was still enough to leave a very strong impression. Whatever was behind that cage, it was powerful... and angry.

As he does his best to control his shaking arms, Charles watches his students train while secretly praying that whatever dangers may come in the future, they'll be ready.

( Ten Years Later - Gotham City )

Ten years have passed since the incident with Apocalypse and the world has recovered pretty well from the destruction caused by the God of Mutants. Buildings were rebuilt and the governments have taken back peace and order among the populace.

"Only temporary peace" Naruto thought as he looks down at a warehouse situated near a port in the city of Gotham.

For the past ten years, he has been waiting in the shadows of the planet, watching as the days past by. He has watched babies take their first breath of life while the elderly took their last on their death beds. Or the innocents who were victimized by the unforgiving acts of Villains and the incompetence of Heroes.

While watching the time go by, he has learnt that while Chakra may have gone extinct, it was just replaced by a new form of power called, Magic. He has seen only a few Magic users through passings and even had to kill one but while they do have an impressive amount of Spells under their disposal, depending on the Magic-user, they show very little threat to him.

Then there's the reason for Naruto's return.

Throughout the world, there are many evils that still exist which continue to plunder, kill and rape the innocent and they do so with a smile on their faces. There's also those Super Villains who have abilities or special skills that make it impossible for any law enforcement to handle them. To repel them, there are Super Heroes who make it their business to defeat them and bring them to justice.

Only for said justice to do nothing but cause even more pain and misery. The so-called heroes of earth, the Justice League, don't believe in killing as they think that they're being honourable to not stoop as low as the Villains.

In Naruto's opinion, it's idiotic. They would defeat and arrest the Villain, only for them to escape the prison a week later, either through lawyers or force. The Villains then just go back to their senseless killing and the process repeats itself.

If the Justice League won't spill blood, then the cycle of hatred will never stop until someone does something about it. Said someone being him but he won't be alone. While he may have what some people would call, the power of a God, he knows that it's always safe to have allies. It'll also be easier to spread their influence with more people. That's why he is wearing an Akatsuki cloak as he will use the former group's title and appearance to bring the same feeling they once did in his own time.


And what better way to spread fear than to start the hunt with one of the biggest Villains of them all. Tonight, the Clown Prince of Crimes dies.

It's the middle of the night so the two goons guarding the warehouse rooftops can't see him, nor the four guarding the main entrance. Pulling a kunai from his sleeve, the short weapon shifts into four before he throws them with unbelievable accuracy. The four kunai sail through the air before imbedding themselves into the skulls of the four guards who collapse to the floor, dead. Bending his knees, Naruto jumps off of the building and onto the warehouse rooftop without making a sound. As one of the guards turn around, Naruto appears in front of him in a split second and covers his mouth with one hand while using the other to stab a kunai into his heart. Naruto drops the body which makes enough noise to catch the other's attention but Naruto has already thrown his bloody kunai into the goon's skull.

He spots an open window and drops onto a railing which gives him the perfect view to see what's going on in the warehouse. The first thing he notices is how the warehouse is brightly coloured, so much that it's almost stinging his eyes. The second thing he notices are the mix of strange-looking toys and the crates of weapons that are scattered all over the warehouse.

Then he sees an angry Joker pace while his five strangely dressed goons stand around, nervously.

"That stupidly idiotic woman!" roared Joker as he kicks away a Teddy bear on the floor. The goons smartly keep their mouths shut and pray that their boss doesn't decide to ease his stress on one of them. Memories of a former comrade, Franky comes to mind who was stupid enough to smart mouth the Joker. By the time the Joker was done with him, he was nothing more than a rotten pile of bones.

"Bitch just had to get herself caught, again! She best pray that she rots there first before I get my hands on her" Joker growled while making clenching motions with his hands. Barley just under twenty-four hours, he and Harley were going on a joyride through Gotham's streets while causing a few bits of mayhem, here and there. But as usual, Batman came to ruin the fun. He had found it a laugh to drive the car into the canal while the Bat's was riding on top but Harley started bitching about not being able to swim. Now, she's in Arkham so he has to rob the bank without her.

"Should we make a few calls and get her out boss?" asked one of the braver goons.

"Don't you even fucking think about it!" yelled the Joker who disturbs the goon's personal space by shoving his face to his own, making said man sweat. Joker grins as he notices his follower's nervousness. "What's wrong? Never dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

Before the goon can answer, a kunai ends up lodged into the head of the goon who's wearing a green dinosaur mascot outfit. The other goons immediately lift up their assault rifles towards the ceiling before they aim towards the man wearing a black cloak with red clouds.

The Joker merely grins, all his anger over Harley now replaced with that of insane joy and amusement. "Who's this? Never seen you before. A new player to the game perhaps? And what's this? You're not even wearing a mask!" laughed the Joker with a wide grin.

Even without using his sensing ability, Naruto can literally feel the madness coming off of the Clown Prince.

"Guess that's why he's one of the best" thought Naruto, having done his research about the Joker before deciding to end him. Through his research, he was slightly surprised when he found out that the Joker doesn't have any special abilities, although he is still one of the dangerous, if not most dangerous Villains in the world. What the Joker lacks in abilities, he makes up for his weapons of death and his insanity which makes him unpredictable which is very dangerous. The Joker has taken thousands of innocent lives just so he can amuse himself in the destruction. Wives have lost husbands, parents have lost children and children have become orphans because of the mad man.

"Not sure if you notice but you're playing with one of the big boys" said Joker as he pulls out a pistol from his purple coat which has a very long barrel to it and aims it at Naruto. "So why don't you scurry off home, eh?" Joker laughs as he pulls the trigger as the bullet soars to hit Naruto in the chest.

However, the bullet stops a few centimeters from Naruto, to the surprise of the Joker's goons. Said Clown Prince smirks even wider.

Using Magnet Release to control the metal of the bullet, Naruto pushes the bullet outwards with speed that is almost double of that when it got fired. Within two seconds, the bullet zigzags through the air as it pops though the brain of one goon and another until they are all lying on the floor, dead with a bullet-sized hole in their temples. As the bloody bullet floats beside him, Naruto stares down at the Joker who doesn't even glance at his men as he has his eyes sorely set on the stranger.

"Well, ain't you a dandy ball of excitement" remarked the Joker. "And here I thought that Batman was the big boss around here. Oh well" he shrugged before he makes a run for it to a pile of crates. Naruto flips off of the railing and walks towards the pile of crates in order to finish the job but the sound of an engine revving stops him in his tracks. A bright purple car suddenly drives out of the pile of crates and towards Naruto. The driver laughs in happiness as he steers the vehicle to run down Naruto who doesn't even inch away from his position. Instead, he raises a hand towards the car.

The Joker jerks forward and shouts out in pain as he hits his head of the steering wheel. "What the hell is the big idea?" yelled Joker while he shakes his fist. He stops and blinks his eyes when he notices that the car has stopped but the stranger is also holding the front of his car in a tight grip. Literally, his fingers are digging into the metal of the car's hood.

Without as so much as a grunt, Naruto lifts up the car with only one hand and throws it to a wall of the warehouse. The car rolls and flips a few times off the floor before it roughly hits the wall which makes a few deep cracks and a large dent into the ruined car. The driver seat's door is kicked off as the Joker drags himself out of the wreckage. "I-I'm one f-for jokes b-but even t-this isn't f-funny" muttered Joker with a dry laugh before he winces in pain from his cut to the hip.

The Joker stops his crawling when he sees a foot in front of his face. "You're still here?" deadpanned the Joker.

Naruto doesn't respond, instead, he activates his Rinne-Sharingan and summons the King of Hell from behind him. Even the Joker finds this sight shocking but his shock ends up changing to pain when Naruto grabs him roughly by his throat and lifts him up high. A hand-like tentacle shoots out of the Kind of Hell's mouth and grabs the Joker's tongue. Said Clown starts to laugh for a reason Naruto doesn't care to know. "Now that I have your attention, tell me everything you know about Batman and the Justice League. If you don't, you die. Simple as that." He's going to die anyway, it's just how he dies that Naruto is concerned with.

While Naruto is after the Villains of the world, he is almost certain that the Justice League will most likely become a pain in the ass for him. To them, killing of all kinds is wrong, even if it's Villains who are being killed off. So it's best to know the most likely enemy before they strike. Of course, he could have just used his Human Path to absorb the Joker's soul to read his memories but the last thing he wants is all the memories of a mad man like him. He can guess that he would get a very bad headache from it in the end.

Joker looks at Naruto, unaffected by the Rinne-Sharingan eyes and somehow finds the moment enjoyable as he smirks in his position.

"Is that a no?" asked Naruto, raising a brow at the Joker who doesn't respond but smirks even wider. He guesses that he must have no fear of him ending his life.

"Can't really blame him. Not with the incompetence of the Justice League"

Naruto thought with a shake of his head. "Fine then."

The Joker starts to struggle in Naruto's grip when the hold on his tongue pulls at it but he continues to laugh. Not a moment sooner does the King of Hell rip out the Joker's tongue and devours it. The Joker's body goes limp in Naruto's hold so he throws it into the mouth of the King of Hell who swallows it and sinks away

"Now that's done with."

Naruto head towards one of the warehouse undamaged walls in order to mark the start of change.

( Next Day )

Batman hums to himself as he eyes the symbol etched into the wall of the warehouse.

"A cloud. Could be a message or a symbol. I'll have Barbara look it up" he thought while taking a picture of the symbol with the hidden camera in the side of his mask. Behind him, he can hear the cops and medical personal talk with each other, some wondering what happened. Bruce can make a good guess at what happened. From the boxes of toys in the warehouse and the appearance of the dead men, it's clear that this warehouse use to belong to the Joker.

"Although, it's clear that someone else knew that as well."

Batman looks over at the wreckage of the Joker's car. He had already looked at the car and found blood in the driver's seat and plans to use his DNA tester to find out who it belongs to. What really has the Batman curious is who could have attacked the Joker. Not a lot of people are brave enough to actually attack the insane Clown Prince of Crime. Most eventually regret it but from the wreckage, symbol on the wall and the dead men, whoever it was that attacked the Joker wanted everyone to know that they aren't afraid.

With another hum, Batman turns and heads back to inform the League with what has happened. There, he can inform Barbara on searching up the cloud symbol and where he can look at the blood he has in a vial in his belt.


"There you are."

On top of one of the many skyscrapers in the cold night of Gotham is one of the well known characters in the city of crime.

Red Hood tilts his sniper rifle slightly to the left so he can keep the scope on his target who goes by the alias, Big Daddy. He could have looked up the crime boss's real name but that would cost money and time and to be honest, wouldn't change his fate.

Big Daddy is known in the underworld as a upstart crime boss who is leading the underground slave trade. He is the reason for the many disappearances of young women who have been taken away from family and friends before being drugged up and forced into sexual slavery to whoever buys them. Being in such a business quickly got the attention of the former Boy Wonder who is currently watching Big Daddy walk down the hallway in the thirteenth floor of the building across from the one he's on.

Red Hood eyes the large large man who adorns an expensive looking white suit that is strained from his large stomach. Surrounding him are four of his guards in black suits and shades but that is gonna do very little to protect their boss from him. After making sure to check the wind, Red Hood pulls the trigger and watches in satisfaction as his bullet flies through the air and pierces through the glass window and Big Daddy's skull.

"Nice shot."

Red Hood immediately drops his sniper and rolls to the left while taking out a pistol from a holster under his jacket and fires three shots from where he heard the voice.

"Heart, lung and brain, impressive aiming. If I was someone else, I'd be dead instantly" said Naruto while the three bullets float in front of him before they drop to the floor.

Red Hood widens his eyes but empties his clip at him which does nothing since Naruto uses his Magnet Release to stop the bullets just before they hit him.

"Enough of that" muttered Naruto and without a simple twitch, Red Hood's pistol is pulled out of his hand into the air and is scrunched up into a ball before falling to the floor. That does little to discourage him as Red Hood pulls out a large knife from his back and charges at Naruto. Red Hood tries to shove his knife into Naruto but the knife bends before it can make contact with the Sage's skin. Red Hood jumps away, seeing that his knife is now useless.

"What the..." Red Hood wondered as he looks at his knife. A specially made knife that he has made so it can cut through Batman's wires which can hold back Bane's own strength. Throwing the knife over his shoulder, he takes a fighting stance.

"Whatever he's doing, it has something to do with metal. Maybe he has powers similar to Magneto's" thought Red Hood since it isn't hard to realize why his bullets and knife have no effect on him. Red Hood charges and swings his leg high to hit the man's temple, only for his leg to stop from hitting his target by an unknown force.

"What!? So it wasn't a metal based power?" thought Red Hood before an unseen power pushes him back across rooftop.

"That shoot first, ask questions later mindset is special. Sadly, not a lot of people have that anymore." Red Hood doesn't reply and instead charges and throws a fist, only for Naruto to blow him back by using his control of gravity.

Red Hood groggly gets up and looks across at the man who's eyes have changed, now that he notices. "Who the hell are you? A new League member?"

"No. Just someone who's looking for recruits" said Naruto.

"And I'm the lucky chosen one am I?" asked Red Hood, sarcastically before he throws an explosive shuriken. Naruto grabs it but it explodes a second later. Before Red Hood can leave, the smoke disperses from a strong gust of wind to show Naruto without a scratch on him. Not even a scorch on his cloak.

"Dear god, please tell me that I'm not up against some Superman or Supergirl wannabe" thought Red Hood, who start to run out of ideas. All of his weapons don't do a damn thing to him, he couldn't touch him when fighting up close and he hasn't even moved from his spot.

"Don't you want to clean the streets?" asked Naruto as he deactivates his Rinne-Sharingan to ease the tension. "End all the crime in the city?"

"I don't know which rock you were hiding under but I'm already cleaning up the streets!"

"You're trying to but in the end, nothing you do will end the constant death and raping that plagues the city" remarked Naruo who tilts his head to the side to avoid the knife Red hood just threw a him.

"And what? You think just locking them up is helping? So they can just get out and kill again? That doesn't work!" yelled Red Hood in anger.

Inwardly, Naruto smirks, having found a liking to the man already. "And I agree." Red Hood looks at him, quizzically, seemingly not believing what he just heard. "You took over most of the gangs in the city so you can control the crime from inside. Whoever doesn't follow your orders, you kill them, end of story. I've heard a lot about how you killed anyone who does crime, no questions asked. I believe the same method should be used more often. If the Justice League actually killed the criminals their fighting against, then crime would have dropped almost instantly."

Red Hood narrows his eyes. "So I take it you're not with the Justice League" he said as more of a statement than a question.

"If I was a member, wouldn't I try to be stopping you? After all, I did just see you kill a man" said Naruto who for a second, flicks his eyes over to the building a few yards away where Big Daddy died.

"True" muttered Red Hood but he still keeps his muscles tense, just in case. Something in which, Naruto inwardly applauds him for. It's never safe keep their defence down in any situation. "But how do I know that you're willing to take a life?"

"How about I show you?" Before Red Hood can ask by what he means by that, Naruto's Rinne-Sharingan blaze to life before violet flames erupt behind him. Red Hood tenses up even more and readies to make a jump off the building just in case something bad happens. Naruto simply takes a step to the side as the King of Hell appears and spits something out of its large mouth.

Red Hood takes a step back as the object lands by his feet but he looks down at his with wide eyes when he easily recognizes it. It's the very reason why he became the Red Hood in the first place.

Lying by his feet, dead as a doornail is none other than the Joker.

"No way..." gasped Red Hood in disbelief before he looks up at Naruto who stands by the side of the King of Hell's head. "Who are you?" Not like it matters anyway. The moment he saw the Joker's dead body was the moment he joined the guy's group. He clearly has the same thought process anyway and if he can take down the Joker of all people, he's someone who he will want on his side.

"Just a simple man who wants to change the world for the better."

"Simple my ass" thought Red Hood. No simple man could kill someone like the Joker. "This group of yours, what is it called?"


"Not a name I would pick out but whatever's shrugged Red Hood. "And there's others?"

"Who share our ideology? No." Naruto walks to the edge of the building so he can look at the beautiful city ripe with crime. Even without using Sage Mode, he can feel the negativity that's literally drowning the city. Batman may think he's doing the city a favour but all he's doing is putting fuel into the fire. Families are destroyed everyday because he refuses to kill the people who a responsible. However, now with the Joker gone, he will never kill or destroy again. And he's just a stepping stone. "But I can convince them otherwise."

Red Hood slowly nods as he takes a place beside Naruto and folds his arms. "So... when do we start?"

Overhead the unsuspecting city, Naruto smirks.

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