This fanfic is partly a response to Severitus' challenge. However, it is an edited version of a fanfic that I wrote earlier, which had somewhat different elements and an entirely different ending. Not to mention half as long! The original fanfic was simply a continuation of Book 4, taking place immediately after the book's end. I was never happy with the result, because it lacked a certain dramatic component, and that is why I've chosen to weave Severitus' ideas into it.

I must warn you that I'm American and I don't know enough about British culture to be completely accurate in my writing. Whenever possible I use Internet resources to gather information, but I'm sure there are mistakes that I could not avoid making under the circumstances. If you see any, please let me know so that I can correct them.

In Chapter 9 the potion used is completely made up by me (although I hereby give full permission for anyone else to use it). The name is simply two Latin words, the meaning of which should be pretty obvious.

In Chapter 15 I had to use some iffy deduction to conclude that Quirell had only taught at Hogwarts for one year - the year Harry first came to Hogwarts. This could be wrong, but I couldn't find any evidence either way. If you know something about this - let me know!

A couple of people noted that there's a small gap between Chapter 14 and Chapter 15. There probably will be another chapter in between them eventually, one that will actually have the conversation that took place. However, it's been driving me insane and I can't get it the way I want it, so I'll keep working on it for now and post it when I'm reasonably sure that I have the charactarization right. For the moment I hope the story works okay without that part.

As far as warnings about the content of this story... There isn't any gratuitous violence or explicit sexual scenes (as a matter of fact there is no mention of sex at all). This story could have been rated PG according to's guidelines, but I would rather rate it higher. This story contains only characters already established in the books, and none that are my own invention. This story contains several (minor) character deaths, without any gore, basically nothing that should upset people!

This fanfic is made up of 15 chapters, each chapter having an average word count of 1456, the longest having 2491 words and the shortest having 682 words.

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