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Summary: She found him on the beach of Besaid when he was on the verge of dying. She sheltered him and nursed him back to health, despite not knowing who he was. What a man like him could do to repay such kindness? Become her guardian, shield her from dangers and blast Sin's head off if it tries to go near her, simple.


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A Fishcake Guardian

Arc 2

Operation Mi'ihen

Chapter 8

Kilika Temple

The journey to Kilika Temple continued, soon they crossed a second bridge, after which there was a considerably long flight of stone steps for them to climb. They were nothing compared to the next set of stairs, however.

"So… the temple is up there, right?" Naruto asked, putting one hand above his eyes to block the sun as he looked up.

"That's right. We're very near." Lulu nodded her head.

"Come on," Wakka chuckled as they began to climb the steps with a little less enthusiasm than the blitzball captain "I know you guys are all in shape. This won't be too hard." They had climbed up two sets of stairs when they bumped into Datto and Jassu, the Aurochs' players, who were stretching and preparing. They looked like they were in good shape. Naruto couldn't help but wonder how they had gotten to these steps before him and everyone, but remembered that there had been many paths and they had had to take care of Ochu, the lord of the wood.

"These stone steps have a history, you know?" Wakka said cheerfully as he suddenly stopped looked up at the rest of the stairs with burning determination "Lord Ohalland trained here at his peak."

"Are you saying the guy who was both a summoner and a blitzball player?" Naruto took a wild guess, since Wakka had never told him the man's name.

"That's right." Wakka nodded his head. Tidus groaned in boredom, but it did not escape the ears of the Aurochs. Datto and Jassu began to snigger at him as they continued to do light workout and stretch their bodies, making the blond player scoff at them before having an idea in his mind.

"Why don't we have a race?" He challenged Wakka's teammates, who looked at each other before smirking. They nodded their heads in approval, and stood up straight, narrowing their eyes at Tidus like rivals but grinning like fans.

"Think you can beat me?" Tidus asked them as he approached. The Aurochs plus Tidus simply laughed in response as they all lined up at the base of the next flight of stairs. Even Wakka lined up, a cheeky smile on his face "Hey Naruto, why don't you join us?" He turned his head around, asking the Shinobi.

"Please, we all know that I can beat you with one foot always staying on the ground." Naruto stated cheekily, reminding them of his speed "The winner is going to get all the Gil." The blond said, laughing evilly.

"For some reason I suddenly have a bad feeling about this." Tidus and the other blitzball players chuckled nervously as he looked at Naruto, suddenly feeling less enthusiastic.

"Yuna, if you would." Naruto turned to the beautiful summoner, gesturing her to give the signal for them. Yuna looked at him unsurely at first, but hurried forward slightly in front of them.

"Ready?" She shouted loudly and enthusiastically, raising her arm above her head. She stood like that a moment as the boys waited eagerly for her call. However, instead of saying anything, Yuna dashed up the stairs on her own, giggling loudly as she left everyone behind.

"Hey! Hey!" Wakka exclaimed in surprise, and the Aurochs plus Tidus quickly chased after her, laughing.

Lulu sighed and shook her head while saying "Kids…" She then looked at Naruto, who didn't run after them and was still standing in his place "Why didn't you follow them?"

"We all know that I am going to win anyway, even when they are one step to the finish line, I am still more than capable of making there before them." Naruto said, putting his hand on his hips. Plus, he had no money, so he didn't have to worry about losing. Still, he hoped Yuna would win, because she looked like she was enjoying herself.

"So, you are that fast huh?" Lulu asked curiously. Naruto's stats didn't display anything about speed, but his evasion was beyond imagination, and she could tell how fast he was just by looking at him fight.

"Yeah." Naruto nodded as he, Lulu and Kimahri slowly made their ways to the top.

"Is it pure speed or technique?"

"Both." Naruto answered simply.

"For someone so young, you sure are strong... maybe even stronger than all of us here." Lulu said and Kimahri nodded his head silently in agreement "How old are you anyway? Eighteen? Nineteen?"

"Sixteen, actually." Naruto shook his head, making Lulu widen her eyes in surprise. Even Kimahri had a look of surprise on his face when he heard Naruto "I thought Yuna had already told you guys that." When he described his world to Yuna, he had also told her his age. Aside from the beauties of Elemental Nations, or at least how it had been before the Fourth Shinobi War, he had left mostly everything out but personal information like that was something he could give everyone every day.

"We didn't care much about you to ask Yuna your age." Lulu replied.

"So, you do now?" Naruto asked, smiling at the busty black mage.

"You're Yuna's guardians now." Lulu answered "It's only natural for us to get to know you more." Aside from the fact that he came from another world called Elemental Nations, Lulu had to admit that she and everyone knew nothing about him, because apparently, he kept many things for himself. There were many questions she wanted to ask, mainly about his powers, but as someone who was silent and undemonstrative, she respected his privacy and would never ask for his secrets unless he decided to tell them.

"I guess… fair enough." Naruto shrugged with his trademark grin. The stairs continued to carry higher and higher, and from his position, Naruto could see the jungle as well as the beautiful ocean that spread out in the distance. Kilika in particular and Spira in common, were no Elemental Nations, but the beauties of their natures were still the sights to behold.

But the quiet and peace didn't last long, because the moment they reached the top, a scream suddenly cut through the air. Datto and Jassu appeared and raced back down the stairs with fear visible on their faces "L-look out!" Datto cried as they disappeared behind them.

Wakka, who had his blitzball in hand, appeared before them and beckoned the three to follow him "Everyone, quick!" he urged before informing them "Sinspawn!" Nodding their heads, they took out their weapons and prepared for battle. Being the one with the greater speed, Naruto shot forward and spot the fiend Wakka was talking about. It was big, round in shape, appeared to be a giant steely grey shell and had two large hands with tentacles-like fingers emerging from the ground.

Yuna and Tidus stood in front of the fiend, weapons in hands, and both had nervousness and determination on their faces.

"You know what? Why don't you guys take care of this?" Naruto suggested with a grin, giving them a thumb up "I will support everyone from behind, just to make sure." The guardians looked at him for a moment before nodding their heads in understanding.

"Alright, let's show the ninja of another world what we can do!" Wakka exclaimed as he sent his blitzball flying at the monster with a powerful throw. However, much to his surprise and Naruto's expectation, the ball harmlessly bounced off of the shell and returned back to the red haired captain "We've gotta get that shell open!" Wakka said loudly.

"You two, stand back. I can weaken it with fire magic." Lulu shouted and raised her hand into the air, creating a fiery explosion on the shell of the Sinspawn. However, before it could leave any damage, the writhing fingers whipped the air above it, and suddenly the explosion was gone as if it was never there "The tentacles can absorb any magic cast at its body." She pointed to the tentacles with her free hands "We need to get rid of them first."

"Let's do this, Tidus, Kimahri." Wakka said as he gripped his ball again. "Keep your eyes on that shell." Both got the message, and charged at the whipping tentacles. Tidus attacked first, and quickly stepped out of the way to make room for Kimahri, who slashed his spear up as soon as he reached the hand, which then went limp. Before they could continue, the hand on the right whipped its long fingers in Kimahri's direction, gazing him on the shoulders as he dodged.

Wakka quickly jumped in and threw his ball at any tentacles that tried to attack Tidus and Kimahri, protecting them as they dashed forward and stabbed their weapons into the fiend's flesh, making it wither away.

"Everyone, it's open!" Yuna informed them as the shell began to tremble. It opened ever so slightly, but before Lulu could attack, a pale green fog was released around them. Everyone quickly covered their faces with their sleeves, but Wakka was not so lucky. He coughed loudly and fell to his knees. "It's poisonous!" he gagged.

"No Yuna, I got him!" Naruto shouted to the summoner when she was about to remove her hands from her face as he rushed at Wakka, who went green and fell down to the ground. The poison was hurting him just as much as it hurt the blitzball captain, but it didn't take it long for Kurama's chakra to remove it from his system. Removing one antidote vial from his pocket, Naruto caught him before he could touch the ground and poured the liquid into his mouth. The antidote took effect immediately. It didn't take it long for the color to return to Wakka's face.

"Thanks, Naruto." Wakka stood up, holding his chest and thanked him.

"Damn, this is one hell of a powerful antidote." Naruto commented in amazement as he looked at the empty bottle in his hand "Sakura and Baa-chan is going to love this."

Keeping her hand over her face, Lulu looked at Naruto as he regrouped with them. What she had seen had been proven, Naruto was completely immune to poison. It was terrifying, to say the least, when something could knock a full grown, healthy athlete like Wakka down in a second, didn't even have an effect on him.

Snapping her head back, Lulu cast her magic, Fire, at the fiend. A part of the shell exploded and sizzled, appearing to melt the hard carapace a little. Tidus took his opportunity and dashed forward, swinging his blade at the shell, but Brotherhood immediately bounced back, leaving a tiny chink in the shell and knocking him off balance.

He exclaimed. "My sword doesn't work. The shell is still too hard."

"It's no good." Naruto called "Normal attacks are not going to hurt it. Save your strength, because you guys will need more firepower than that to penetrate the shell." He then turned to the girl who stood next to him "Yuna, summon your Aeon."

"Alright." she nodded and looked at the fiend with her eyes burned with determination "Everyone, stand back!"

The guardians did what they were told, giving room for Yuna to perform her summoning ritual. Taking a deep breath, Yuna then spread her arms before bringing her staff back, causing a large magic circle to appear on the ground. Four pillars of light flew to the sky, joining together to call forth, Valefor, whose mighty roar echoed through the air as she descended down from the sky. Spreading her mighty wings, the Aeon slowed herself before landing gently beside Yuna and giving her a gentle nudge with her beak.

"Thank you." Yuna said softly as she touched Valefor's head with a grateful smile "Please fight with us." Valefor lowered her head before snapping around and looking fiercely at the fiend. Sizing the Sinspawn up, Valefor swooped down on the fiend, attacking with her sharp talons. The Sinspawn let out another cloud of poison but as a powerful spiritual being, Valefor was not affected. She attacked viciously, before flapping her wings strongly, sending a powerful force at the creature and causing the shell to snap open.

"Now is our chance!" Lulu announced loudly "Everyone, finish it!" Tidus and Kimahri charged, slashing at the tentacles while stabbing at the creature's body. Wakka threw his blitzball, hitting the fiend on one of its jaws, and Lulu cast her black spell at its head, causing it to howl in pain. Valefor let loose a loud roar and plunged her long talons into the belly of the beast. Yuna and the guardians kept attacking like that for awhile, before the fiend finally howled in pain. Poisonous fog poured from its mouth, making the party shield their noses and mouths as they held their breath and watched the life fading from the creature. It didn't take it long for the monster to fade away, releasing pyreflies from its body.

"Yes!" Tidus exclaimed as he sat down heavily, sighing in relief "Being a guardian is so tiring!" Tidus replied, getting his breath back.

Wakka laughed while scratching the back of his head "Sorry 'bout that! Hope to break you in a little slower!"

"Hey, you're not half bad." Naruto commented as he offered the young man a hand "It takes time and a lot of hard work to become a strong warrior, you know." He said, pulling Tidus to his feet.

"Nah! I think I will pass." Tidus grinned "So what are these Sinspawn anyway?"

"They are fiends that fall from Sin's body and are left behind in its wake." Lulu explained calmly "Leave them alone and Sin comes back for them." After saying that, she walked away, not waiting for Tidus to say or ask anything in response.

Wakka explained following the mage onward "You gotta be quick!"

"I see…" Naruto nodded his head in understanding "How touching! Maybe next time you guys should let me handle them. I'm fast." Wakka only shrugged his shoulders with a smile.

The journey to Kilika temple continued, and fiends continued to ambush them from the jungle. Because Yuna and the others were rather fatigue after that intense battle with the tentacles fiend, Naruto stepped forward and took care of most of them, giving his friends time to recover.

"So, uh Tidus, they got fiends in Zanarkand, too?" Wakka suddenly asked Tidus, looking back over his shoulder.

"Just a few," Tidus replied "It's a big deal when one shows up, though." Tidus answered before coming to a stop, widening his eyes in surprise. "Hey! Since when have you believed me about Zanarkand, anyway?" He exclaimed, looking at Wakka who had stopped a moment ago and was now standing behind him.

Wakka lowered his eyes. "I have been thinking," He began, walking up without looking at anyone "Maybe people Sin gets to don't die." He stopped at the top of the stairs, scratching the back of his head. "Maybe Sin carries them through time. Like a thousand years through time. And then, one day, maybe they just pop back, see?" There was a sad, yet hopeful tone in Wakka's voice.

For a moment, nobody said anything.

A scoff from Lulu broke the silence.

"Amazing," she spoke up dryly while shaking her head in disbelief "Simply amazing. You make up one theory after another, refusing to face the simple truth." She turned around and walked pass Wakka "Sin didn't take Chappu anywhere," she stated, pausing beside him. "Sin crushed him and left him on the Djose shore! Your brother won't just pop back."

Yuna looked frantically from Lulu to Wakka and back.

"And there's one more thing, Wakka." Lulu said as she walked away "No matter how much you want it, no one can take Chappu's place." Her icy words actually seemed to drop the temperature of the air, and Tidus couldn't bear to look at Wakka. That last part resonated with Tidus especially "No one can replace Sir Jecht, for that matter," She said, turning around. Wakka sat down heavily at the top of the staircase, looking out over the jungle. "And there's no replacement for Lord Braska, either. It's pointless to think about it, and sad." With that, Lulu resumed her ascent, this time not looking back.

Once it was clear that Lulu had finished talking, Naruto, Yuna and Kimahri hurried up the stairs behind her. The other two followed quietly soon after.

Kilika Temple came into view when Naruto was taking the last few steps. The temple was larger than the temple at Besaid, with a courtyard just outside the temple doors. The building was made of hard grey stone, with the walls and columns all covered in intricate carvings. The roof was exotically styled with a red coloured stone, and in the middle of the courtyard was a glass floor with a large fire burning warm beneath it. There weren't many people around, but Naruto wasn't surprised, considering Sin's attack just recently. Some of the villagers from the demolished town were scattered around the place. Much like the Aurochs, they came to pray, but they prayed for their loved one and for Sin to never return to their home

As they approached the temple, three men wearing purple and gold blitzball uniforms came running out and stopped in front of them. The leader, Naruto assumed, was a muscular redhead wearing a purple headband. He walked straight up to Wakka, a smirk spreading across his smug face.

"You are here to pray for victory, too?" Wakka asked the leader, his voice almost trembling.

"Us? Pray? Don't be ridiculous." The leader chuckled confidently "Who needs to pray? The Luca Goers always win!"

Naruto asked "Then why are you guys here anyway?"

"We've been praying for some competition this year!" answered one of the other members mockingly.

The leader smirked again. "So, what's your goal this time? You gonna 'do your best' again?" His teammates laughed as he shook his head. "Ha! It's too bad your best isn't good enough! Why even bother showing up?"

Tidus seemed like he had had enough. Stomping his foot on the ground, he stated confidently "This time, we play to win!" he said, and the Aurochs nodded their heads in agreement,

The leader of the Goers rolled his eyes. "Oooh! Play away! Just remember even kids can play, boys!" The Luca Goers strode past the Aurochs and guardians, strutting their way across the forum and disappearing down the stairs.

"See you in the finals!" Wakka called after them, but they only laughed before disappearing.

"What a bunch of asshole!" Naruto commented, crossing his arms. He had never liked bullies. He then turned around and followed Yuna and the rest into the temple, which looked very similar to the Besaid Temple. Statues of high summoners, including statues of Yuna's father, lined the circular room, and in the middle, directly opposite the entrance was the door that would lead them to the Cloister of Trials. The bright flames illuminated the room with a flickering dark orange glow.

Naruto looked around, there were only a couple of people in here besides them, and based on their outfits, he could tell that they were blitzball players who came to pray. Wakka approached a statue of a bearded man wearing a helmet and a long cloak. Naruto could guess that this summoner was the one Wakka had been talking about. The group stood around Wakka, watching as the blitzball captain repeatedly prayed to the statue.

"Please, let Wakka's prayers be heard." Yuna said under her breath as Naruto stood beside her with his hands in his pockets, wondering if their prayers were actually heard by the deaths.

"Lord Ohalland, guide our feet." The red haired man murmured as he formed the long prayer of Yevon.

As the two of them prayed, the heavy door to the Cloister suddenly opened. Everyone looked up to see two people looking at them. The first dark skin woman with hazel eyes and black hair tied up in a bun trailing into a ponytail, adorned with a feathery blue-white band. She had a red diamond mark similar to a Tsunade and Sakura's in the center of her forehead. She wore a revealing outfit consisting of an off-white bra, dark blue thong, black stockings and heels and long off-white skirt split in the back and front fading into gray towards the bottom. Both front and back are cross-laced. The man who was standing next to her had short brown hair, half-closed eyes and a square-shaped face. He was tall, and very muscular, wearing two brown belts adorned with iron buttons on his chest and bandages around his abdomen. He wore baggy light blue three-quarter length trousers with a green belt, and blue sandals with crisscrossing arm wraps of the same color.

The woman looked down at them with a wry smile.

"A summoner, aren't you?"

Kimahri followed closely as Yuna stepped forward to introduce herself "My name is Yuna, from the Island of Besaid."

"Dona… and this is Barthello." The woman replied, somewhat haughtily. "So, you're High summoner Braska's daughter. That's quite name to live up to." She said bluntly before glancing at Yuna's guardian, clapping her other hand to her forehead. "My, my, my... and all these people are your guardians? What a rabble!" Dona chuckled

"I only have as many guardians as there are people I can trust," Yuna responded firmly, stepping up to Dona. "I trust them all with my life. To have so many guardians is a joy, and an honour, even more so than being my father's daughter."

"Hmm… but as I recall, Lord Braska had only two guardians." Dona continued, unfazed by Yuna's determination "It is quality over quantity, my dear. Whatever were you thinking? I have need of only one guardian. Right, Barthello?"

The short brown haired man, Dona's guardian, nodded his head in agreement before stepping forward. Without the need to think, Naruto did the same, standing protectively in front of Yuna. The other guardian was about a head taller than Naruto and much more muscular. In term of size, Barthello looked like he could break Naruto like a toothpick with a twist of his fingers, but the moment he laid eyes on the blond, he instantly nervously stepped back, causing Dona and Naruto's fellow guardians to widen their eyes in surprise.

"Barthello, what's wrong?" Dona asked in confusion.

"He… he…" Barthello stuttered, looking at Naruto fearfully.

"Guess we know Yuna does have quality in her rank, doesn't she?" Naruto asked, smirking before waving his hand while feeling like the coolest bastard in the world "Now shoo, you are blocking my guardian's way, and if there is a brain inside that head of you then please kindly remove your summoner from here as well."

"Barthello… wait… what are you doing!?" Before Dona could say anything else to protest, Barthello picked her up and left the temple in a hurry.

"What did you do?" Lulu asked in both curiosity and amazement. Someone like Barthello couldn't possibly be afraid of Naruto, knowing nothing about his power.

"Well, I have my way with that." Naruto grinned before stepping to the side, clearing the path for his summoner "Milady." He said to the pretty brunette with a bowing gesture, causing her to giggle into her hand before walking toward the door.

"Let's go, everyone." She said, leading her guardians into the inner temple.

"Is everyone ready?" Lulu asked her fellow guardians while Yuna was performing the prayer for the gate to open. Kimahri and Wakka both nodded their heads, while Naruto shrugged his shoulders in response.

Tidus followed as everyone stepped onto the elevator, but Kimahri immediately stepped in the way and shoved the blonde sharply, causing him to nearly fall backward. "Hey, what gives?" He asked, nearly yelled, confused.

"You're not a guardian yet," Lulu reminded him.

"Tough luck, buddy." Naruto grinned as the elevator started moving "Don't worry, we'll be back as soon as we can, okay?"

After that, with the help of four guardians in total, it didn't take it long for the young summoner to get past to the Cloister, while it was noticeably different from the one to the one Naruto had come across at Besaid Temple, the ways to solve the puzzles were still pretty much the same as before.

"So guys…" Naruto decided to start a conversation a minute after Yuna had went into the inner chamber to pray for her next Aeon "What kind of consequences Yuna would suffer if someone who isn't her guardians walk in here?" It was something he had been wondering recently.

"She could be excommunicated!" Wakka answered.

"Huh?" Naruto could only say, confused but Wakka didn't say anything else, and went back to wait in silence, so he decided 'excommunicated' was a really bad thing.

After what felt like hours, the door to the next chamber began to move, and Yuna emerged from the dark doorway, looking like all her strength had been drained from her. As she began to sink to her knees, everyone immediately hurried to her side, congratulating her for yet another success.

"So, what kind of beast are you going to summon this time?" Naruto asked, excited to see another Aeon. He had been extremely excited when he first saw Jiraiya summoned a toad, and things hadn't changed much since then.

"Ifrit." Yuna said as she stood, having gathered some energy. "I'll summon Ifrit."

After that, the party left the chamber, making their way back through the cleared Cloister of Trial to the elevator, and met Tidus on their way out, apparently getting bored because he had nothing to do. When they made their way up out of the temple, priests and villagers immediately surrounded Yuna to congratulate her on acquiring a new aeon.

Yuna spoke with everyone in turn, smiling politely and thanking people for their support, while Wakka and Lulu spoke quietly to one another at the side, while Kimahri, being the serious one, kept watch from afar.

"You alright man?" Naruto asked as he stood next to Tidus. He had been feeling negative emotions from the blitzball player ever since they left him behind to go into the inner temple.

"I don't know Naruto." He shook his head "This scene kind of reminds me of the day Sin attacked my city, and brought me here."

"Is that so?" Naruto asked "Feeling homesick?"

"Yeah. I thought I had put my feelings for Zanarkand behind me, but they were there, and they grew inside me..." Tidus nodded his head before turning to Naruto, asking the question he had been wondering "What about you? You are far away from home as well, aren't you?"

"Well, yeah, but to tell you the truth, I do… but probably not as much as you are." Naruto shrugged "The people at my home, my friends… they are working on a way to bring me back, and I bet they have already found it." Tidus nodded his head in understanding "The only reason I am still here, is because I want to help Yuna. I want to help her save this world and its people from Sin. If I leave now, I might not be able to come back, since I don't even know how I got here." Naruto said as he crossed his arms on his chest "I cannot leave this world behind, when I have the powers to save it."

"That's… very noble of you." Tidus admitted.

"Well, thanks." Naruto grinned before putting his hand on Tidus' shoulder "Don't worry man. I am sure you will be able to get back to your home soon."

"Thanks Naruto." Tidus smiled, feeling a little better than before.

For the next twenty minutes, the party traveled back to the village in silence, even Naruto chose to not say anything as they made their ways through the jungle once again. They had a few encounters with fiends, but there wasn't anything they could not handle, allowing Naruto to collect a fair amount of spheres for everyone.

"Hey Lulu, can we sell these for money?"

"No." The black mage replied curtly.

"They are useful in every situation man. In some case, they are priceless." Wakka stepped in to explain "So we don't sell them."

"See?" Naruto pointed at the orange-red haired man "Team bonding." Lulu gave him a glance before continuing to make her path forward "Damn… she's cold."

And he didn't try to say anything or be funny after that. He and everyone continued through the jungle and reached the village in the early afternoon. The group made their ways onto the boat, where all of Wakka's teammates were waiting for them.

"Off to Luca at last!" Wakka said enthusiastically to Tidus. Everyone was on board now. "The matches start soon as we get there, so rest up on the way, ya?" Tidus nodded and smiled at the taller man.

As the sailors pulled up the boarding ramp, the boat began to pull out from the dock. Looking behind his shoulders, Naruto saw an old woman and a young boy waving their hands as moved away, and couldn't stop himself from waving his hand back. He had helped them with everything that he could, and seriously hoped that things would get better for them from now on.

End of Chapter 8

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