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Chapter 1 Looking into the Eyes of the Dead

Remus was at a loss. Lily and James were gone while Sirius was… He didn't want to think about Sirius. And oh Merlin Peter… The only thing Remus knew was that he didn't want to be alone.

The Burrow was full of noise. Laughing, fighting children were sure to distract him. Then, he wouldn't have to think about never hearing James laugh again or seeing Lily make funny faces a little Harriet. There were too many memories to be alone with.

"Thank you for having me, Molly," Remus said as he accepted a steaming mug of tea that knew he wouldn't be able to drink. Food tasted like sand, and any liquid he swallowed hurt the constant lump in his throat. He couldn't bring himself to cry, and that made everything hurt worse.

Molly smiled, but tears were in her eyes, and for once, she didn't shove a plate full of food at him. "Any time Remus. The boys absolutely love you… Will Harriet be at the funeral?"

Remus shrugged. It was tomorrow, and part of him wanted to hide under the covers that day. Seeing Harriet hold out her chubby arms for him would be too much, especially since he knew he would never see her again. "Albus hasn't heard from Petunia. And there will be hundreds of people there, so maybe it's for the best."

Molly thinned her lips, trying to hold in her disapproval. Fortunately, one of her sons, Percy, came running in the sitting room with the twins trailing behind him. When Remus saw what the boy was holding, he spilled the hot tea all over himself.


The rat bit the boy's finger and started to run, breaking Remus from his trance. In a flash he ripped out his wand and started sending stunners, hexes, anything he could think of. Just before it dove under the sofa, a revealing charm hit it in the back.

Peter spun around, and Remus found himself looking into the eyes of a dead man.

Sirius could barely function. All he could think about was how he failed Lily and James, how Peter was still out there. It certainly wasn't a happy memory. If only the dementors could take it from him.

Honestly, Sirius had given up and was waiting to die. There was nothing left for him. Lily and James were dead. Remus thought he was the traitor. He supposed he deserved that. Would any of this have happened if he didn't think Remus was the traitor? Maybe then Remus would've been the Secret Keeper.

The last person Sirius expected to see was Remus, but there he was, a few weeks later. His face was haggard. His clothes were looser, but it was definitely Remus.

There were two aurors with him too, which made Sirius close his eyes in fear. Was he to get the Kiss? Surely Remus would want revenge. The desire for it was what landed Sirius here in the first place. Revenge drove people mad.

Since he couldn't see, Sirius nearly jumped out of his skin when Remus pulled him into a bone crushing hug. The man's tears soaked his prison robes, but he couldn't focus on what his old friend was sobbing. Where were the accusations? The curses? The threats?

"I'm sorry." Remus had no reason to be sorry. "He-he killed Slughorn, but we got the truth out of him. Albus is getting your release papers sorted. Slughorn gave Peter truth serum, and after speaking, he did it again. Blew Slughorn up and ran off as Wormtail."

What? Sirius too stunned to speak. Release papers? That couldn't be right. He was supposed to die here. It was only fitting, considering what happened to Lily and James.


Remus, being Remus, knew exactly what he was thinking and was able to rip him out of self-pity and grief. "So we have to go get Harriet from Petunia."

He wasn't going to last long. Peter knew that. If he was going to make it, he needed a bargaining chip. Or at least someone to shield himself with. Harriet was the key. No one would try to hurt him if he was holding the baby.

The Ministry would never allow Remus to be entrusted with a baby. Countless friends would be willing, but she needed to be hidden from the wizarding world, from people like him. She had to be with Petunia.

Peter was running as Wormtail for nearly a week, jumping on trucks, eating out of trash cans. He didn't have much time. Sirius could be out of Azakaban now for all he knew. And Sirius wasn't going to let the aurors get a hold of him.

He thought he was going to have to break in, but there Harriet was, crying in a pram by herself in the backyard. No wonder James hated Petunia.

She stopped crying as soon as he turned back to herself. Harriet brightened as he smiled and wiped the tears off her fat cheeks. "Pee!"

"Shh, it's alright, Harry." Peter scooped her up and pulled out Slughorn's wand. With a triumphant laugh, he turned her into a mouse. "Daddy is going to take you home."

Petunia would not have that sniveling brat disturb Dudley's naptime, and she certainly wasn't going to let her take away attention from her angel. This was all Lily's fault. She thought she was so perfect and look at what happened to her! And now Petunia had to deal with what she left behind. Her lip curled in disgust as she poured herself a cup of tea. Hate was much less painful than love, at times like this.

An impatient ring from the doorbell brought Petunia back to reality. When the visitor started pressing the button nonstop, she swore. How dare this idiot disturb Dudley's rest?!

When Petunia opened the door, she almost screamed. "Black."

"Where's Harriet?" His face was grim, nothing like the careless ruffian who interrupted her dinner with Vernon, Lily, and James a few years ago.

"I'll get her." Petunia gulped when Black's eyes narrowed as he pushed past her. A light haired man gave her a look that was a mixture of pity and worry.

"Where's Harriet?" Black repeated. Petunia started shaking. Vernon was at work. She "forgot" to give Harriet a blanket. "Is she sharing a room with yours?"

"She-she's outside," Petunia managed to get out, flinching when Black took out his wand. "She likes fresh air."

"How would you know?" Black roared while the sickly looking man started to become alarmed. "WHY AREN'T YOU WITH HER?"

That was enough. This-this freak was in her house, scaring her son. She had rights… But Black wasn't one to exactly play by the rules… Petunia pointed with a shaking hand in the direction of the backdoor. The sooner they left the better.

Black ran at an almost inhuman speed. The sickly man only followed when Black started screaming in horror. Petunia had a feeling they weren't leaving any time soon.

Harriet was a terrible hunter. She always prayed to the God of Life that her prey's death would be a quick, almost painless one, and since she was often on her knees in prayer in the middle of the chase, fish was more often eaten for dinner than rabbit. But today was different.

Daddy was sick, and she had to cheer him up. None of her pastes or potions was working, so maybe it was a sickness of the mind. Daddy was prone to them, and he loved rabbit, almost as much as berries. But the poor rabbit…

Harriet sighed as she watched the poor fellow squirming in her box trap. These sort of things weren't fair, in her opinion, but Daddy was the King of the Forest, and even though she was the princess, she should listen to him.

Chases were fairer. Harriet closed her eyes as she took out her spear. When Daddy was better, she would go back to chasing the rabbits.

"I caught 'im!" Harriet did her best to sound proud of herself as she slunk back to their cave. All she had to do was skin it. Daddy wanted a roast instead of stew.

Perhaps Daddy didn't have a sickness of the mind. His skin was a strange green color, and he was covered in bumps. Harriet jumped when he sneezed and sparks came out of his nose.

"Harry…" Daddy coughed and smiled weakly when she tossed the rabbit to the side and ran over to him. "No potion you can make is going to help me."

Harriet frowned. Potions could cure everything. "But…"

"You have to go to Civilization to get a potion that can."

No. That… Going to Civilization was against the law for a reason. People who lived there didn't respect the God of Life and sometimes denied him all together. They were the last two people on earth who respected life. And…

"The Banished are there," Harriet whispered, as if Daddy didn't know. Black, the Traitor Knight, and Lupin, Devourer of Humans. They had been after them ever since Black killed Mummy. Daddy banished them to keep the Forest safe.

Daddy put his sweaty hand over hers. "Harry, you are seventeen years old. I trust you to go to Civilization and bring back the cure. If you are quiet, they won't even know you're there. I know the nearest dwelling very well. You'll have to sneak in and take the cure. The Banished will not even be there."

"But…" Harriet tried to make Daddy lay back down as he reached for his spear. Maybe he did have a sickness of the mind. He started scratching strange, loopy symbols on their cave's floor.

"There will be a room filled with tiny, odd shaped bowls called vials," Daddy wheezed as he set to work. The symbols looked like dragon pox cure. Harriet had never seen such strange art. "Take a vial with these letters on them."

"Let-ters," Harriet said slowly.

"Symbols," Daddy corrected himself. He smiled as brightly as he could. "Not as beautiful as our art, is it?"

"No." How was she going to remember that? Her eyes filled with tears as Daddy sunk back in exhaustion. She had to try.

"I'm going to give you this." Daddy reached into his pocket and took out The Wand. Harriet's eyes widened. Only the king was allowed to use The Wand. "If you see anyone, use the Winter Hunting Spell. Don't hesitate, Harry. There will be no time for guilty prayers."

"But…" To kill another human was a terrible crime. It was why Black and Lupin were banished. Lupin ate their faithful servant, James, when she was a baby.

The Winter Hunting Spell took down large prey like deer, for when they needed a lot of meat to store for when it was too cold to hunt. Harriet never thought about it hurting a human before, although Daddy did say she must always stand behind him when he used it.

"If you do not do it, you are banished." Daddy's tiny eyes shifted as he tried to remain firm. Her lip quivered, and he softened immediately. "Or as good as, Harry. Because this sickness will kill me."

Harriet scrubbed at her eyes with her fists. Daddy said tears were for babies and that she was a woman, like Mummy. "I'll go."

Daddy nodded, and if she wasn't mistaken, his eyes were watering too. "I'll tell you the way as we eat."

"Once again Mr. Longbottom, you have nearly killed your class," Severus boomed. "Why Ms. Granger decided to help you get NEWTs, I will never know."

After seven years, he no longer felt satisfaction from dragging his least favorite student to his private stores. Curing his seventh year class was becoming a weekly occurrence. Granger must have helped Longbottom get into his class to torture him.

"You will be administering the cure along with me. Or they will perish," Severus exaggerated. The most that would happen was that someone would throw up. The house elves would take them to Poppy long before they actually started to die.

Longbottom whimpered. Did he really want to be an auror that badly? Severus sneered as he ripped open the door to his private stores. He froze and all the insults died on his lips when he saw someone was going through his potions.

"Lily," he gasped in disbelief. She was wearing furs and resembled a cavewoman, but he'd recognize her anywhere, even over fifteen years after her death.

She jumped and spun around to face him. Hazel eyes, the eyes of a dead man, looked into his with pure terror. He looked closer at her to see James Potter's nose too. "Harriet."

This couldn't be… Pettigrew killed Harriet years ago. Severus barely noticed her take out a wand.

"Avada Kedavra!"

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