Dominic had been keeping a low profile since the Gringotts incident. He no longer had a wand, so everything was now so much more cumbersome than it needed to be. Immediately after escaping from the Aurors, Dom found himself in Knockturn alley. There was what looked like an apartment complex, long forgotten, that he had hid out in. The place was in shambles, with the roof caved in on one side. It was two story, though, with a tiny basement room that he was currently hiding out in. There was no water or anything that may support life, which would have been no problem when he had his wand. Fresh water and fire for heat were pretty simple then, but without a wand, each aspect of survival was challenging. Still, it was what he had to do. The man was looking quite haggard lately due to undernourishment. After the hunger in his stomach was too much to bear any longer, Dom emerged from his spot. His face was full of a thick beard, and the exposed skin was covered in dirt and grime.

The man moved quickly between alleys in the area, following his nose like a rat. It picked up on a scent that nearly dehydrated himself from increased drool. The place looked to be some sort of eatery, though the man knew he wasn't able to go inside. Even if he had a few Knuts to his name, he would not be able to evade the Aurors. Stealing food was not an option, as he would be unable to defend himself if attacked. Instead, Dom ventured to the back. Hopefully, there would be a rubbish bin or something to the extent that food could be found in. He remembered his travels through the Muggle world, and the hearty food found in metal containers outside of restaurants and houses. However, this did not seem to be true in the Magical world, as it was full of people who simply vanished away their trash. His stomach gave a violent growl.

He was just about to depart the area when, at last, salvation! Behind the eatery, a stray cat seemed to frequent, because a worker opened the door, clicked their tongue as though summoning the beast, and laid out a dish. There was no cat in sight, Dom waited until the door was closed before whisking away the dish. Scraps, undoubtedly, from the tables within. Dom did not judge the morsels. There was still enough meat on the bones of the fish to scour, the vegetables were soggy and mushed beyond recognition in the sludge that was once broth. He was sure that the bits of meat attached to the gristle were beef, possibly a soup at one point. Hunks of bread were indiscernible from the potatoes, as they retained the same consistency. All of it was scooped with his bare hands into his mouth, bones and all. He was animalistic in his appearance, shoveling scrap food into his mouth while crouched before a dish. In less time than it took to lay the dish out, it was entirely cleaned of food, including being licked clean. The meal was satisfying, for what it was.