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A lone figure maneuvered their way through one of Japan's many forests. Though a bit lithe and very graceful, the shadowed form was obviously male. He moved stealthily towards a clearing in the trees, which held a small lake that shone from the moonlight overhead. However, once the man was close enough he could see small lights hovering above the water's surface. Making sure to stay concealed in the folds of surrounding blackness, he inched closer to the floating lights.

At this distance the small glowing objects were proven not to be lights, but faeries. Each emitted a soft, moon kissed glow from their skins and kept above the lake by use of their tiny, crystalline wings. There were at least twenty ethereal beings spread out across the area of the lake, not a single one with any inkling of the man's presence. He waited, timing himself to perfection and remaining utterly silent until he wished to make himself known. By that time it would be too late.

A small cluster of about five of the faeries glided through the air to the very edge of the lake, less than an arms length away from the man. In one fluid movement the figure swooped out of the darkness and onto the creatures, managing to get four of them into his silk bag. Pleased with his catch the man pulled a fairly small vase from his coat. A lid type object with air holes was secured firmly to the top after he dumped the winged beings into the piece of pottery.

He smirked as the rest of the faeries took flight into the safety of the trees. Of course it didn't matter, they would all be caught eventually. Not many were able to catch sight of creatures such as these in the wilderness, much less have the required traits to catch them. Faeries were the most common of rare creatures due to their trusting nature but they still sold well if caught and bottled. A few simple spells could confine the beings to a designated area once caught and people enjoyed having them around.

This man was different from other people however. He would catch the ethereal creatures instead of buying them, making a truly unneeded profit. He was a high ranking noble roaming the forests in search of rare beings, skilled cerulean orbs watching the dense trees for any signs of another's presence. Seto Kaiba was the most powerful man in Japan next to the Emperor Yami [1], but also very cold and distant.

The brunette took a final glance around before slipping back into the black folds of shadow. He spent many nights slipping out of the palace and into the woods to search for mythical creatures. But as of late, the more common beings were not enough. Seto did not by any means doubt his ability to locate such rarities, oh no. He was the best there was having talked with a few nymphs, easily stolen hairs from unicorns, and withstanding the treacherous song of a siren.

No, it was not doubt that brought about this sudden feeling of derisory. It was something else. He had overheard the Emperor and his lover talking one night and caught snippets of their conversation.


"Yuugi, what were you thinking when you darted away from the guards' protection this afternoon?!" Yami scolded the violet-eyed boy about a week back. But the shorter of the two had merely grinned at him from across the dining table.

"I thought I saw something in the woods!" he spoke enthusiastically. Yami was not pleased by this explanation.

"That is not a good excuse for bolting out of safety and into a cluster of trees." He replied, his tone more serious than usual around the near-copy image of himself.

"But it was glowing! And it looked to big to be a faerie so I was curious!" Yuugi, though a bit distraught at having upset his lover, seemed not to regret his actions.

Seto didn't catch the next few lines of admonishment from the ruby-eyed royal but he caught enough to understand what was going on. The next lines that reached his ears however grabbed his attention a bit more.

"It was some kind of creature Yami! Like the one's Seto-san is always catching." The boy was practically bouncing in his seat as he spoke. At first this didn't mean anything to the cold boy, he had probably already seen it before. Yami was still non-to-pleased with the younger boy's proceedings.

"What if you were hurt Yuugi?! What if that thing you're talking about had attacked you?!" Yuugi flinched slightly at the voice, which was steadily increasing in volume.

"Gomen nasai Yami-koi…. I just really wanted to see it…." He sniffled slightly, jerking Yami out of his anger almost immediately. The Emperor sighed and spoke softer.

"It's alright Yuugi, don't be upset. Why don't you tell me about this creature you found?" the taller urged in an attempt to cheer up his tiny lover. It certainly helped.

"He ran away at first, but stopped when I tripped." Yami frowned at this new piece of information but didn't say anything as the other continued. "He must have been worried because he came back over to check on me. HE was glowing Yami! His skin was!"

Seto scoffed mentally as he watched Yami nod slightly. He had seen plenty of beings glowing. It was nothing new to him, but the innocent didn't stop talking.

"He was actually very handsome; gold hair and pretty eyes and his ears were kind of pointy. I think I even saw wings! I asked him what he was and he smiled and told me I could call him Katsuya. Then he looked at my ankle and said I had hurt it really bad so he put his hand were I hurt it and his eyes glowed and my leg was better!"

Yami blinked at the boy for a moment, not only comprehending the fact he had been severely hurt but also that a wild…. something had helped him. He had never heard of a mortal-looking creature that willingly healed humans. It was very rare for such a thing to happen and the description of the boy was highly uncommon for their area so he couldn't have been a local. "Katsuya? That's what he wanted you to call him?" a vigorous nod from the short teen proved him correct with his questioning.

Seto suffered similar thoughts. He had never seen this Katsuya creature and that began to nag at his mind. Rumors had spread a week or so earlier of some locals catching a glimpse of a beautiful figure roaming the forests, but Seto Kaiba did not dwell on rumors. He had turned in to bed as soon as he finished eating only to lie awake for hours thinking of Yuugi's earlier acquaintance.

~*~End Flashback~*~

So there he was, shifting silently through the vegetation as he had done for the past few nights. He would see meet the 'Katsuya' being Yuugi had described and possibly even catch him. He cursed under his breath as a rock jutted seemingly out of nowhere caused him to stumble slightly.

Resting a hand against a nearby tree to help him regain balance, Seto skimmed over the area with his eyes. He had stumbled right into another clearing in the trees, this one bearing lovely flowers up to what appeared to be a cliff. A spring breeze blew a few cherry blossom petals across the moon-bathed scene.

But he was not focusing on the beauty of the clearing; instead his eyes had caught sight of something to his left. Darting his blue orbs quickly in that direction he saw nothing. A frown passed over his features, as he was sure a gentle glow had been coming from that direction moments ago.

Seto quickly straightened his form, pushing away from the sakura tree he had leaned against. He stepped towards the spot he thought he had seen the soft light and frowned more so. "Who's there? Show yourself!" he called into the blackness.

As suspected, he received no answer. Only a swish of trees and a faint, dying, sound of running indicated he had not been alone........

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