Chapter 1


Sarah Connor:

It was the Machines that sought to destroy mankind in the future. It was a Machine that killed my son's father and a Machine that killed my son's uncle. It was the Machines that tried to kill my son and myself. Among the Machines out to destroy all we know there is one Machine that stands alone to fight them. One Machine stands alone to protect my son and myself. One Machine is unique among the rest. The fate of the world and my son rests in the hands of that one Machine. That one Machine is named – CAMERON.

Sarah stepped back.

She took in the entire scene. It was hard to comprehend everything that just happened.

Cameron was sprawled in the chair. She was lifeless. Her body was heavily damaged. Her head was cut open and her chip was gone.

Cameron appeared terminated.

Sarah was aware that Mr. Ellison stood in the doorway.

Mr. Ellison looked around the room, it was now in chaos. He stared at the inanimate figure of Cameron slumped in the chair. This was all very confusing to him.

"What happened? Where did they go?" Mr. Ellison asked.

He looked around the room for Mrs. Weaver, John Henry and John. He was still trying to process the fact that Mrs. Weaver was a Terminator. It was evident she was a different type of Terminator too.

Sarah's face was ashen. It was devoid of all emotion. She'd just lost her son to the unknown. John was now in the company of one of the deadliest types of Terminators. The previous Terminator that they'd encountered of that type tried to kill John and her. It even tortured her to try and make her call out to John.

She looked at Mr. Ellison, she felt drained. What was there to say or explain but the truth?

"The future, they all went into the future." Sarah said.

Sarah needed to act. The building was already attacked once. It was evident the location was compromised. There may be a follow up strike or some type of ground assault.

Her first instinct was to run and regroup. There was nobody left but her at this point. She thought of taking Cameron's deactivated chassis away so she could use Thermite on it. She could end its existence and deny Skynet or its affiliates the use of its technology.

A few months ago Sarah would have done that in a heartbeat and never thought twice about it.

Things were different now. Everything was different.

Cameron was there for her son to help him, protect him and guide him. Sarah was not blind. She saw how her son began to act around and towards Cameron. She knew what it all meant. No one was going to admit it but they all knew.

She briefly reflected on Cameron's former beauty. Cameron was a machine but she was also a beautiful machine. She knew beauty when she saw it, even if it was fabricated.

Sarah was glad to be out of jail but knew John foolishly sacrificed Cameron to do it. Cameron did not do it for her. Cameron did it for John. Now look at her. It almost made her sick. More than one thing was sacrificed with all this.

She heard and watched the exchange between John and Cameron when Cameron was trapped between the two trucks. Sarah heard the words that Cameron said. She did not believe them then. They seemed to hold more meaning now with all that has happened since then. She now believed that Cameron spoke the truth at that time.

A single tear slid down Sarah's cheek, she made a choice. No, it wasn't really a choice; it was the right thing to do. It was for John's future. John would need Cameron's assistance when he returned. She needed to believe John would return to go on with her life. Her life had no purpose without John. Cameron even told her that to her face. She would now make Cameron her purpose.

Sarah looked at Cameron as she gently touched her cheek.

"It is because of you that my son is gone. It is also because of you that he will be back." Sarah said. "He will return for you. He'll be back."

Sarah did not know if John would come back for her. She did know he would come back for Cameron if it was at all possible.

Mr. Ellison looked at the damage to the room and Cameron. To hear Sarah's words somewhat surprised him.

Sarah looked around her surroundings again. This building was compromised. It was attacked by a Skynet drone. She needed to get away from there and bring Cameron with her. No matter where she went, Cameron was going also. Sarah knew John would never forgive her if she did not take care of Cameron's 'remains'.

Sarah turned to Mr. Ellison.

"What better security does this company have?" Sarah asked. "Is there any more secure or safer part of it?"

Mr. Ellison only recently became aware of a new location.

"We have almost finished a new facility. It is located in a more remote spot." Mr. Ellison said. "It has everything."

Sarah wondered what that meant.

"What is 'everything'?" Sarah asked. "I need to know more."

Mr. Ellison remembered his briefing. He'd looked over the blueprints.

"There are more powerful computer systems ready to go online and a complete research and test facility. There are living quarters and an armory. It is really a fortified bunker complex." Mr. Ellison said. "Mrs. Weaver already started construction on it before I became affiliated with her."

That was a decision that Mr. Ellison now questioned. It seemed there was a lot that he questioned these days. His future seemed unclear. He'd almost been 'terminated' several times himself.

It was clear to Sarah that they needed to get started and evacuate. Even if there was no further Skynet related assault, the authorities would soon be all over the building. It made her wonder if she would end up getting 'blamed' for this latest event on a tech company.

"We need to take Cameron there and bring the Turk." Sarah said. "We need to do it now."

Mr. Murch and two assistants entered the room.

Sarah was ready to pull her Glock.

Mr. Ellison noticed what was about to happen and stopped her.

"They are here to assist us." Mr. Ellison said. "We need their help."

Mr. Murch eyed Cameron and instantly knew what he was looking at. He could see John Henry was gone and the damaged cyborg would most likely become his replacement. They'd been down this road before.

"Mrs. Weaver told us this day may come, we are ready." Mr. Murch said. "We have everything we need."

The two assistants selected specific computer gear to remove. It was all predetermined.

Mr. Ellison and Mr. Murch loaded Cameron into a large shallow hamper that one of Mr. Murch's assistants pushed in.

"This was originally for John Henry if we needed it but it will fit just fine." Mr. Murch said as he glanced at Cameron. "It is smaller than he was."

That statement did not sit well with Sarah, not anymore anyway. Cameron was her connection to John.

"Her name is Cameron." Sarah said sharply. "Call her Cameron, not it."

Mr. Ellison eyed Sarah for a moment. He thought that was something different. It appeared there was a deeper bond here. He also knew they needed to get moving.

"Let's get all this stuff and go." Mr. Ellison said. "This place is no longer safe."

Sarah looked at all of them.

"No place is safe." Sarah said.

That was a statement that Mr. Ellison could agree with at this point.

Everything was loaded into a large delivery type van for transportation to the new location. The ride in the van was not too long. It was long enough for Sarah to be noticed and identified by one of the workers.

One of the assistants looked at Sarah, then to Mr. Murch, then back at Sarah and then to Mr. Ellison. The assistant previously saw a photo of Sarah on the local news. Based on the news reports and what occurred at the building they'd just left, it caused some justifiable concern and worry.

Mr. Ellison could see the way things were headed. He decided to take control of the situation. He did not want things to get away from them. The future was already uncertain enough. They needed everyone on board. He looked at the two assistants and indicated Sarah.

"You think you know who this is. Don't believe everything you see on TV. She is a confidential informant or CI working under deep cover as well as with Mrs. Weaver. You know of my association with the FBI. All I can ask you is to leave it at that. Lives are at stake here." Mr. Ellison said. "I need to get Savannah under cover ASAP as well. We don't have time to second guess things or for questions. Mrs. Weaver will be pleased with your cooperation."

"That works for me." The first assistant said.

"It works for me too." The second assistant added.

Mr. Ellison did not know for sure but thought it could be arranged to sweeten the deal for the workers.

"Everything is very confidential." Mr. Ellison said. "Mrs. Weaver will see that everyone is handsomely compensated for their efforts and loyalty."

"That works even better for me." The first assistant said.

"Me too, I'm in." The second assistant reiterated.

The ride over was uneventful. They did not encounter any opposition. There was no apparent tail. Sarah did not want to encounter any Skynet forces or any authorities. She did not plan to ever return to jail or a mental institution.

On their arrival at the new facility, a dark haired female assistant was ready and waiting for them. She'd been alerted as to the nature of the cargo that was about to arrive at the new location. The female assistant froze up a little bit at the sight of Cameron. She regained her composure and helped put Cameron on a gurney. She moved her to a lab room.

Sarah noted the female assistant's reaction when she first saw Cameron. She wondered if it was because of the damage to her. She was determined to stay with Cameron. She did not want Cameron to 'disappear' on her. The Glock tucked into her back gave her 'insurance' and reassurance. She was surrounded by strangers and needed to place a lot of trust in the unknown.

The female assistant looked at Cameron in more detail once they were in the lab.

Sarah took a long look at the woman; there was something about her…. Sarah could not place it. It seemed she'd met her before somewhere. It was time to get down to business.

"Can you fix her?" Sarah asked.

Sarah was worried about everything. She turned her attention away from the female assistant. She refocused her attention back on Cameron.

The female assistant looked at Cameron almost lovingly. She touched her damaged cheek. She needed to hold her emotions in control to hide what she felt inside as she viewed Cameron. She was here to do a job. It was time to do it.

"The chassis looks sound even with the extensive sheath damage." The female assistant said. "Allis… - it is damaged but not as bad as the last one we rebuilt. This appears to be mostly cosmetic damage. I will need to inspect the chassis further."

Sarah was irritated by the reference to Cameron as it.

"It's Cameron, not it. Her name is Cameron." Sarah said somewhat angrily. "Don't make me tell you again or anyone else."

The assistant looked at Sarah and could see there was some personal attachment. It was clear that this was more than a machine to her.

"I'm sorry, Cameron it is. My name is Vanna. How should I address you?" Vanna asked.

Sarah wanted to keep it simple.

"You can call me Sarah." Sarah said.

Sarah did not elaborate any further.

Vanna was a little distressed to learn that both John Henry and Mrs. Weaver were gone. She checked with Mr. Ellison about Savannah. That seemed to cause her the most concern.

She returned and wanted to explain a little about what they could do based on the previous work with John Henry.

"We have everything to repair any chassis damage and a way to fabricate more of the synthetic sheath covering. This will speed the regeneration process of her sheath. That is as long as the power cell is not damaged. The unit, I mean Cameron, will be able to help with the regeneration of most the synthetic covering in a short time. Her sheath will be as good as new in a few days time." Vanna said.

Sarah needed to unwind a little. She stepped out of the room and Vanna followed her.

Sarah looked around. Everything around here was unfamiliar to her. She was not sure who she could trust. Were any of these people the enemy? Would any of them sell her out? She could feel the comfort of her Glock behind her.

"Where is Mr. Ellison?" Sarah asked.

"He went to retrieve Savannah." Vanna said.

Sarah knew the child was in danger. Once she'd been targeted for termination her life would be at risk indefinitely as long as it was believed she was alive.

"She needs better protection." Sarah said. "She's not safe. It should be reported she died in the 'accident'. She needs to go into hiding."

Sarah hoped nothing happened to the young girl, Savannah. They'd lost Derek saving her once. Sarah thought how that still stung. Both of the Reese brothers were dead. She was there when both of them died. That bothered her greatly. It made her feel responsible for their deaths.

Vanna excused herself. There were other matters that needed her immediate attention. She left to join the others as they hooked up the computer gear in another room. She quietly informed Mr. Ellison that Savannah was in grave danger and what needed to be done to protect her.

All the confusion and hustle made Sarah feel uneasy. She returned to the solitude of Cameron's room. It gave her the opportunity to carefully look at the damage to Cameron. She wondered how John could have done this to her. It almost made her physically ill. He could have waited a few days until she was transported and broke her out like they did Derek from the transport van. She wanted to examine Cameron further but did not want to take any more dignity away from Cameron at this point.

All the emotions and feelings caught up to Sarah as she sat alone with Cameron. She sat down and buried her face in her hands and cried. She did not cry much anymore but this was all a shock to her. It seemed the future was closer than she'd anticipated. At this point it was all a - future shock.

Everyone was gone. Kyle was dead. Derek was dead. Charlie was dead. Riley was dead. Cameron was heavily damaged and inoperable. She was 'dead' for all practical purposes. John was gone and maybe dead. The future was more uncertain than ever.

Sarah was all alone. She slumped over in the chair and drifted off to an uneasy restless sleep. It seemed her troubles followed her there too. They always did.