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Keep smiling!

Emma opens her eyes, unable to return to sleep like Killian had suggested a while previously. The bed beside her has lost its warmth, the sheets cool to touch. She had sat up in bed earlier but was pulled down gently with a mumbled "I'll get her, love. Go back to sleep and get some rest." from her husband.

She sits up in bed now and swings around, dangling her legs over the side for a moment before standing, picking up her thick cardigan and putting it on. A glance at her clock on her bedside table says that it is very early morning - 3:39am. She walks to the nursery but sees that it is empty - like it usually is since they do not use it often at the moment; dressing, occasional nappy changes and the few times she is put down for a nap with one or both parents watching over her. Emma smiles into the dark room before moving downstairs, checking on Henry as she passes his room, and going towards the back deck.

Emma stops by the partially open door, leaning against the frame when she hears the soft singing. She smiles at the sight of their two-month old daughter wrapped snugly in her baby blanket to fend off the night chill; and the sight of her bed-headed husband's tenderness as he cradles her to his chest. Killian finishes the song, an old sea lullaby that calms her easily, and then mumbles to his daughter; currently unaware of Emma's presence.

"See, my dear Maribel? Sleep is better than waking poor mummy in between feeds." he says, swaying ever so slightly. "Daddy doesn't mind though. Not if he can soothe you to sleep with a few songs or look at your beautiful little face for a bit longer."

"Do I have competition?" Emma tease softly, stepping forward and pressing a kiss to Killian's cheek.

"Of course not, love. But our lass is a very close second to you." Killian says and Emma laughs softly.

"Indeed she is." Emma says, running her fingertips over Maribel's forehead before looking up at the stars. "We should go out on the Jolly soon; I miss the sight of the stars when we are out on the water."

Killian breathes out a laugh, tearing his gaze from Maribel for a second to look up at the skies.

"Aye, love. Though none can compare to our little star of the sea." he says, looking back down at his daughter. Emma smiles at the meaning of Maribel's name; knowing that it was a very good decision to let Killian name her. She brushes her fingers over Maribel's head again, shifting the wisps of hair.

Killian turns and shifts Maribel so she can be passed over without jostling her too much. Emma easily takes her and cradles her tenderly. She presses a soft kiss to her silky forehead and smiles when Maribel's tiny hand pokes out and rests against Emma's breast - just like she does every time Emma holds her; especially when feeding.

"I do think it is amazing how she knows the difference between us; even when she is sleeping." Killian says, his fingers running over the soft locks of hair on her head.

Emma nods, knowing their daughter's tendency to burrow into her father's chest.

"She can sense the difference by the way we hold her and how we feel." Emma says, her eyes fixed on Maribel whose rosebud lips are puckered and moving ever so slightly. "She spends a lot of time in my arms since I feed her and she knows you because she is a complete daddy's girl."

Killian chuckles lightly, resting his head against Emma's as they gaze down at Maribel, his braceless arm around her waist. Emma runs a finger over Maribel's hand which still rests against her chest and frowns at the coldness of her skin.

"We should head back inside. We don't want her to catch a chill; we will have a very unhappy baby on our hands if we do." Emma says and Killian moves back enough so Emma can turn and walk back inside to the warmth that the house provides.

"Would you like anything, love?" Killian asks, moving towards the kitchen after closing the back door and locking it.

"As appealing as a hot cocoa sounds at four in the morning, I think I will just have a glass of water, if that's alright?"

"Of course, love." Killian says, pressing a kiss on Emma's right temple before walking into the kitchen. "You head upstairs and I will follow in a few minutes."

Emma nods and walks upstairs to their bedroom. She gently places Maribel down on the bed and unwraps her from her blanket so she doesn't overheat before removing her cardigan. Emma then pick her up again, placing her blanket, which is a copy of Emma's but with pink ribbon woven in and Maribel's name on it, on the end of the bassinet just beside the bed.

She sits with her back against the headboard, slouching slightly, and watches as Maribel shift around. Her little face screws up and she begins to cry.

"Shh, shh now." Emma coos softly, rocking Maribel slightly. But, her daughter does not settle. "Come on then, baby."

Emma shifts her hold on Maribel before pushing down the top of her tank top, exposing her left breast. She guides Maribel to it and she latches on immediately, suckling hungrily. Her little right hand comes up to rest on the side of Emma's breast, just beside her heart.

"There we go." she whispers.

Killian comes in then, placing a glass of water down on Emma's bedside table.

"She was hungry I take it." Killian says as he walks to the other side of the bed and climbs on, careful not to jostle Maribel as she feeds.

"Aye." Emma says, looking at her husband. "Sadly, daddy's touch won't work for this - you can go back to sleep if you want."

Killian shakes his head and runs his knuckles over the top of Maribel's head. "I will sleep when you do, Swan. It is unfair otherwise."

Emma smiles warmly and kisses Killian's cheek. "You know I don't mind - no point us both being tired." she says and Killian moves closer to her.

"I would rather be tired and keep you company whilst our little pirate eats." he says, kissing Maribel's head; smelling her in for a moment.

Emma shifts Maribel slightly, her suckling having stopped, and she makes a noise before latching on again. Emma leans against Killian and closes her eyes for a few moments, tiredness catching up with her again. He presses a kiss to her temple and rests his lips there.

A few minutes later, Maribel has stopped suckling and Emma opens her eyes. Her daughter's breathing is even and when she pulls her away, the baby makes no sound. Emma covers her breast and rocks Maribel gently, hoping that she will remain sleeping for the next few hours.

"You should put her down and get some sleep, love." Killian says, moving underneath the covers so he is laying down.

"Perhaps in a minute." Emma whispers, her eyes filled with adoration as she gazes down at Maribel.

"You will end up holding her all night, Emma. Put her down and get some rest, sweetheart." Killian's stump runs over Emma's arm in an attempt to convince her.

Emma sighs. "I just don't want to miss a second of this; of her. I missed it all before."

Killian sits up again. "Emma, sweetheart." Emma keeps her eyes on Maribel. "Emma, look at me." Her eyes rest on their daughter for a moment longer before she looks at her husband. "You remember what Archie and your mother said to you."

Emma nods, looking back down at Maribel. "It is healthy not to be attached at the hip."

"Aye, love. Maribel is a mere two feet away from you." Killian says, pressing a kiss to her shoulder. "She is perfectly safe and will be here when she wakes us and her brother up in a few hours."

Emma nods again, shifting her hold on Maribel. "Okay, I'll put her down."

Killian leans over and presses a kiss to Maribel's head with a quiet, "Sleep well, my little pirate" before Emma carefully climbs off of the bed. She places Maribel down in her bassinet, draping her baby blanket over her tiny body.

"I love you so much, little star." she whispers, pressing a kiss to Maribel's forehead, then her cheek.

Emma then turns and climbs under the covers, into Killian's waiting arms.

"See, love? You're both fine and now you can both sleep."

Emma nods, snuggling into her husband's arms. "I love you, Killian."

"I love you too, sweetheart." Killian replies. "Sleep now - you deserve it."

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