Jungle secrets


Author's notes: Hello I've decided to make a "creature of the black lagoon" fanfiction, mainly because there are so few on them. Although this time it won't be a team of scientists who encounter Gillman. This is a sequel to creature of the black lagoon, and revenge of the creature movies. Hope you enjoy it.

University of Florida

Nick Kowalski got out from biology class full of energy, he finally had aced the exam and soon he would be able to leave the university and try to find a job involving science.

Has he walked through the door and into the university's garden he suddenly felt someone gently punching him in the arm "Nick, my buddy how did you're exam go."

Nick turned to see the face of a skinnie brown bearded young man, Max O'Neill, his childhoods best friend, he smiled and answered full of happiness in his voice. "Excellent, it went perfectly, it was clean and simple, in other words I passed."

Max smiled "Perfect, so did I. Meaning we can go celebrate together." He looked at the University and screamed "Goodbye University of Florida. Come let's go check with Mark and Spencer at the café, I agreed we would meet them there."

Nick was glad to hear that. "Let's not keep them waiting then shall we."

They crossed the garden and then arrived at the complex of the university where the café was located. They could see Mark, a tall blonde muscular guy who looked like he was on steroids, and Spencer, a normal sized African-American with small beard and short standing up hair, sitting in one of the outside tables of the café. They looked at them, smiled and then waved them to come over.

Nick and Max obliged, and sat next to them. "So" said Mark "down to business, I managed to pass my exam with acceptable grades, and Spencer, like the genius he is, aced it with no difficulty whatsoever. And you too, by your faces I guess it went well."

"You guess correctly" answered Max for the both of them.

"Then it's time to celebrate, bring out the alcohol and let's make a party." Said Spencer.

"Or maybe even something better." Said Mark.

That picked everyone's curiosity, especially Nick's "What do you mean by that?"

"Oh it's a surprise I have arranged for all us, it's…"

"Don't tell us yet." Said Spencer rather abruptly. "Save it for when the girls are here, they deserve to hear it has the same time we do."

Mark looked at him in a mocking way "Ha Spencer, always the gentleman."

That got Nick's attention. "Wait, Sarah Palski is coming here."

"Yep" said simply Mark.

Nick felt heart race. "Whoa cowboy" giggled Max "Calm down, don't get your heart racing. I mean seriously you've had a crush on this girl for what 2 years? You're 23 years old, she's 22, so you're both grownups, so when are you going to ask her out."

"When I can talk to her without thinking my heart is going to explode. Plus I'm not sure she is single, and what exactly is there to like about me."

Max looked at him with shock on his face "First off she's been single for two years now, second you're a great guy, not a perfect guy but a good guy, you're reasonably handsome, you're intelligent, funny on occasion and you have great morals, the only thing stopping you from going out with her is your own timidity."

Nick smiled "Thanks I guess."

Mark suddenly raised himself from the table. "Looks like we didn't have to wait long, here they are."

They all turned and saw, Leticia Oliveira, a long brown curly haired young woman of Mexican origin, Jennifer Carter, a slim tall woman with long black hair, and finally Sarah Palski, an athletic looking young woman with short blonde hair which reached the underside of her neck.

Sarah smiled "Sorry for the delay boys, Jennifer and Leticia only just now learned they have passed and I was in the swimming pool training for a competition." She looked at Nick with a puzzled look. "Everything alright, Nick."

Nick heart started to race. "Uh yes sure, I I I passed."

She smiled "Oh congratulations I'm happy for you."

Nick blushed "Uh thank you, I appreciate it."

The three of them sat down, Leticia kissed Spencer, and Jennifer kissed Max. "Mark has something to tell us baby." Said Spencer.

That picked the three girl's curiosity. "Really?" asked Leticia.

"What is it?"

Mark looked at them, he crossed his arms, like a magician preparing himself to perform a magic trick. "So you all know my father is on business in Brazil?"

They all nodded affirmatively.

"Well, I got a call from him. He asked if me, and a few friends would like to spend a interesting vacation together." He reached in his pockets and got seven plane tickets. Sarah took one of the tickets. "Theses or for going to Brazil."

Mark smiled "Yep, more precisely what I had intended is for all of us to go to Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, when we get there we can loan my father's private yatch, and navigate up river to see the legendary Amazon."

They looked at him in amazement. "Really?" said Nick. "See the Amazon, the real Amazon."

"I could use a vacation." Said Jennifer.

"And in a yatch."said Max. "I'm in."

"So were all in agreement about this?" asked Mark.

"Yes" they all said.

"Then it seems we are going to Brazil and to the Amazon." Said Nick.

Amazon River Black Lagoon

The sun shone above the trees and water of the Black Lagoon, it's reflecting on the murky waters of the lagoon. The water was calm with the Caiman crocodiles resting peacefully in the river banks, a reflect of the peace of nature.

Suddenly a roar sounded through the trees, the Caimans fled quickly to the water and in the place where they had been resting before a giant scaly creature appeared, the Gillman. He once again roared signaling his triumph. Then he submerged himself in the water and swam thinking about the humans he had met so long ago.

It was a different time back then, he lived peacefully in his lagoon, a king in his domain with no creature able to hurt him, the only thing missing from his life was a mate, he was had felt so alone, even then he had a good life. But then those humans came, and desecrated the remains of one of his kind, insulted by their presence he killed them, but one of them had already left and he brought others of their kind with them.

Gillman would have drowned them all, if it hadn't be for the beautiful creature that came with them, the female of their kind. He remembered filling a proximity to her, a desire to have her, to touch her. He even was able to swim with her, she swimmed so gracefully that she may had even been one of his kind. He had decided there that he would take her to be with him, but then the males protected they hurt gillman with their weapons who shot bits of metal and their poisons. Finally Gillman had managed to catch the female and take her to his cave, he had though then that he had won, that she would be his, but then her mate came after her and defeated Gillman, then they left leaving Gillman for dead, it could have ended there.

But then the humans returned and used poison to catch Gillman, make him sleep, take him to their home and chain him in a concrete habitat. He had felt so enraged at the humans for stealing his freedom, but then like before his rage and hatred was washed again when she came, a second human female that came and worked with another male to get him to obey them. Unfortunately for them Gillman was too strong and he broke free from his bonds and escaped to the sea. He could have simply gone home after that, but thoughts of the female kept haunting his mind, he couldn't leave without her. He found her with the same male who worked with her, and he followed them patiently watching them fall in love, which angered him, patiently waiting for an opportunity to take her with him back home.

Then the right moment came and he took her, he fled with her fleeing from the humans but unfortunately once again her mate and the others of their kind found Gillman and took her from him, then hurt Gillman.

Gillman fled into the water and almost died, but then he managed to hide and heal. He understood he couldn't face the humans in their own territory, so fled back through the sea, a task which took him years but he finely he reached his beloved home. But this time he felt more alone than ever.

Has he thought about it he emerged from underwater and looked east, from where the humans had come from. Gillman knew it was only a matter of time before the humans returned here. And when they did Gillman would be ready for them. He would defend his home from them, but more importantly if they brought with them another female which would make him dizzy and create this emotion called love in him, then he would take her and this time he would succeed, because this time he knew the humans and this time they would be in his home, where he had the advantage.

Yes he would no longer be alone, this time she wouldn't escape, this time she would become his mate-

Author's note: So here his the prologue, hope you liked it. So can you guess which girl is Gillman going to fall for this time. By the way if you're a fan of "Creature of the Black Lagoon" you might want to check "Beauties and beasts" another fanfiction of mine, this time it's a crossover between the Australian TV series "H2O just add" and "Creature of the black lagoon". Hope you enjoyed it, please leave me your thoughts in the form of comments.