NOTE: I am not lucky enough to own any of these characters because they belong to Joss and the WB. But I own Skylar (in a way) and any other character you don't recognize.

A/N: This story is the second story in my Skylar series. I can't say how many stories there will be. I also can't say how long this story will be, either. Mainly because I'm not sure yet of what will happen. Also some of you may not have read the very first Skylar story "Angel's Gift" so you may not quite understand this. Here's a little info and some spoilers (don't read them if you don't want to be spoiled):

Skylar: Skylar is Angel's seven-year-old foster daughter. She has golden blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes (like the sky) and she is very short. When Skylar was four she was killed by a black demon. She came back a month later on Angel's birthday as a gift at age seven (how she aged is a mystery). She is also a Restorer. If you want to find out what that is I suggest you read this and the first story.

Chad: Chad is an angel of destiny. He doesn't look as old as time or anything, though. He looks like a young man with bleached white hair. He is the one who brought Sky back. Also he doesn't really control people's destinies. He just helps out when he can.

Reginald/Frank: Reginald is a demon (the demon that killed Skylar) that can transform into a human. Frank is his partner. They work at W&H. These two want Sky out of the picture. Frank was thought to be dead but… he wasn't.

My shout outs: Hey, I have to give my favorites their shout outs. Read stories by Gidgetgirl (my heroine), Pyro Bear, Lian, and Balticwoman. They're creative and cool. With all of this said, enjoy the story, please.

                                                CHAPTER 1

"I got you!" Connor yelled. He grabbed his younger sister and tackled her to the ground. "Got you!"

"Hey!" Skylar squealed. "No fair! You're big!"

"I'm not as big as Dad," Connor argued. "And you don't care when he does it."

"Daddy plays fair," said Skylar. She turned to Lorne, who was sitting on a couch watching them. "Uncle Lorne, tell him to play fair."

"Play fair, Connor cakes," Lorne told him.

"Tattle tale," Connor joked. He grabbed Skylar again and tickled her. She released a large giggle.

"Where're Daddy and Aunt Buffy, anyway?" Skylar asked, getting away from Connor. She sat on the couch next to Lorne. He put his arm around her.

"They'll be back, peach pie," the green man told her.

          Angel and Buffy were in an alley on their latest demon hunt. They both had two-sided axes with them. Angel and Buffy had been growing closer more and more each day. They really enjoyed each other's company. It was more than friendship, though.

"Oh, Angel," Buffy finally sighed. "We've been here for over an hour. I don't see anything."

"Me, either," the tall vampire agreed. "Maybe we should call it a night." Angel let his ax touch the ground. "Hey, Buffy?"


"Well, you see, I—" Something came out of nowhere and knocked Angel up against the alley wall.

"Angel!" Buffy exclaimed.

"I'm all right," said Angel, standing up.

          The two of them looked to see a red demon where Angel had been standing. It smiled a devilish grin, revealing it's yellow teeth.

"Does dental plan mean anything to you?" Buffy asked. He jumped at her. "Whoa! Guess not."

"Hang on!" Angel yelled. He hit the creature in the head with the side of his ax. It fell to the ground with ease. "Too easy."

          The demon jumped back up. Angel and Buffy swung their axes at the same time, killing the demon, and making its guts explode. Buffy and Angel fell back from the rush of demon blood that had splattered all over them. Buffy fell on top of Angel. She suddenly began to laugh. Angel joined in.

"I love you," Angel told her still laughing.

"I love you, too, Angel," said Buffy. She put her lips up against his and they began to kiss. They hadn't done that in a while. "Wow. I almost forgot what that was like. It's been weeks since… since you kissed me."

"I know. Let's make up for it." Angel grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in close. They began to kiss again.

A/N: Short, I know. I'll work on that. Also I'm betting that this confuses some of you. Why's Buffy there? Well, if you want to know then you'll just have to read "Angel's Gift" by… me! Reviews and harsh criticism (a bit of criticism) will be very much appreciated. Thank you!