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Rivals At First Sight

Chapter 1 – New kid on the block

Chandler smiled proudly at the poster his artistic friend, Phoebe, had created:

Coming soon…'Bing's Something For Everyone!' A restaurant to satisfy the pickiest of taste buds! It is as the name says…something for everyone! Opening night March 21st! Located in the centre of The Village, NYC.

Chandler was proud of his increasing success in the catering 'world.' When he was 21, Chandler had been a data processor for a large multi-national company. He had lasted six months before realising that it wasn't the job for him. Taking a risk, he quit the security of his work and applied to a local newspaper offering his services as a reporter. To his delight, he was given the task of being a food critic, writing a weekly column on a particular restaurant he had visited and giving his opinions on them. His daring wit, constructive criticism and honesty made Chandler popular with readers.

After four years of writing, Chandler was given an opportunity to manage a restaurant. He knew being a chef was useless because, as he once pointed out to his amused readers, he didn't have the slightest idea of how to cook. "I'd be about as helpful in a kitchen as a hedge trimmer." He once wrote. However, his common sense and business brains caught the eye of a businessman, Tony Richardson, who needed someone to handle the running of his new Italian restaurant on Long Island. Chandler was good with numbers, so he could easily cope with the financial side and he soon settled in learning more about catering.

After two years of experience, a 27-year-old Chandler decided to buy the restaurant from Tony. The success of the business made him decide to open another restaurant, right in the centre of New York. Now all he could do was wait for opening day.

Still studying the poster, Chandler didn't hear the door of his apartment opening and his roommate, Joey, walking in. He was flapping a newspaper around excitedly. "Hey dude!" he shouted at Chandler who looked up in fright, "You've got to read this!"

Chandler recovered from his fright and studied the article that Joey was gesturing to. "Local Businesswoman speaks out." Chandler read aloud, "Restaurant owner Monica Geller publicly spoke out today with her views about her business rival, Chandler Bing, who is opening a new restaurant just around the block from Miss Geller's business. Already known for her dislike for the 'new kid on the block', Miss Geller sent out a message to her rival loud and clear, 'The chances of Mr Bing putting me out of business is the day when a hedge trimmer will be useful in the kitchen!' This reporter does not know if Miss Geller was aware that she had ironically used her enemy's most well known quip. Maybe she had just taken a shot at being sarcastic…or maybe these two fiery individuals really do have something in common? All I can really say is, the feud goes on! Reported by Bryan Wakes."

"Can you believe what she said?!" Joey exclaimed as Chandler finished reading.

Chandler sighed and threw the article on the floor. "She has a right to say what she likes," he pointed out, "She's a woman trying to protect her business…it's not a crime."

"You can't let her talk about you like that!" Joey protested, "She'll ruin your reputation."

"This woman and I have been fighting it out since like forever," Chandler pointed out, "She's had a personal dislike for me since I reviewed her chicken soup as 'lukewarm, but still just about eatable.' Six years on, she still can't forget. I've survived so far…I don't think my reputation is down yet."

"Hey remember that time when she called you a 'sarcastic idiot'?" Joey asked, chuckling.

"Of course," Chandler replied, grimacing, "I hit back saying that if people think I'm sarcastic, then my life long dream has finally been achieved."

"The tabloids had a great day with that one." Joey added, remembering. "She's crazy."

"I'm just as bad…I called her a 'painfully annoying pain in the neck' after she had a 'all you can eat' sale last year on the same day as I had one." Chandler rolled his eyes, trying not to think about the response he got that time.

"Owch…" Joey said, widening his eyes, "I missed that one."

"I've said worst." Chandler said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Can you imagine if you ever met her?" Joey asked, grinning.

"We'd probably have some sort of cat fight in Central Perk," Chandler replied, referring to the coffee house he regularly visited.

"So are you going to ignore this article or not?" Joey asked.

"Yes," Chandler said firmly, "Let her wait on the edge of her seat for a few days while we prepare for opening day!" he rubbed his hands together in excitement.

"And I'll be right there eating the food!" Joey added, grinning in anticipation.

"Great, now I need to go find out about that new chef I've hired…" Chandler murmured, walking out of the room.


Monica Geller smiled triumphantly at her latest speech in the newspaper. Her brother Ross glared at her in disapproval. She didn't care what he thought though. She wasn't about to let this ex-data processor and food critic ruin the business she had worked hard to make a success for the last six years. Not only would it be humiliating, it would prove her mother right that her daughter was a failure. Monica hated to be a failure. She had grown up to be a perfectionist and a competitor…nothing was going to stand in her way.

Chandler Bing's appearance in the restaurant business world had surprised her. She never thought the guy who made a joke out of restaurants in his weekly columns would actually consider the possibility of a catering career and make a success of it. She felt threatened and, in a way, a little jealous. His profits were slightly higher than hers and much as she hated to admit it, Monica knew that Chandler Bing was good at his job. She just only hoped he wasn't too good.


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