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Chapter One: Charming Escort

I sat on the cold stone steps up to the shabby apartment building that up until recently had been my home. Now, though, it was just an empty shell of a place that I would be leaving behind, whether I wanted to or not. Mom had died just two weeks before, but already our asshole landlord was kicking me out. Now, I was just waiting to be picked up and taken to my Dad's. I barely knew my father, seeing him maybe once or twice a year tops, but at sixteen I was still a minor so I had no choice. Legally, he was now my guardian. A voice in the back of my head told me that really he should have taken me in years ago, when my junkie mother had fallen off the wagon and I'd mostly been left to fend for myself, anyway. But grief and loyalty to Mom forced me to put an end to those thoughts; Mom wasn't perfect it wasn't like she was a bad person. She was just a bad parent- my Dad wasn't much better.

I heard the bikes before I saw them. The deep rumble of their engines sounded like a brewing thunderstorm coming up the road towards me, but I stood up just before their headlights blinded me. I blinked in the sudden light, but after a moment the lights went out as the engines were cut. There were three of them. Of course, not one of them was my Dad, but I could see that they were his men by the reaper on their backs. The guy in the middle hopped off his bike and yanked the helmet off. The orangey street light illuminated his blonde hair, and his face pulled up on one side into a boyish grin. I knew him, of course- this was Jackson Teller, not just another biker, but Vice President of my father's MC, Sons of Anarchy, and my step-brother.

"Hey, kid, how're you doing?" He said, hugging me. I was honestly relieved that Jax was the one who'd come, because I'll admit I was a little intimidated by the other two men who'd hopped off their Harley's either side of him. One was a large man with grizzly wavy hair and dark eyes. The other was shorter, and the most distinctive thing I could tell just by looking at him were the scars on his face, running from the sides of his mouth and up his cheeks in a harlequin smile. My view of them was obscured by Jax's hug, but when he let me go I found myself looking at them slightly apprehensively.

"Eliza, this is Bobby and Chibs." The former smiled reassuringly at me. I forced a weak smile back. "I'm real sorry about your Mom," Jax added.

"We all liked Ellen back in the day," Chibs said, a little stiffly, but I appreciated it all the same. Bobby's smile and Chibs' Scottish accent had made them more human in my eyes already.

"Thanks," I said. My voice was hoarse, but I'd barely spoken in the past week. Nobody knew what to say to me except to express their sympathies, and I didn't know what to say in response either.

"So where's all your stuff?" Jax asked.

"Here," I picked up the bag at my feet. It wasn't all I'd owned but I didn't see the point in bringing anything I didn't actually need.

"You sure?" I nodded in response to his question, and he smiled, "Alright. Ready to go? Gemma can't wait to see you again." Gemma was my Dad, Clay's, wife and Jax's mother. I'd always gotten on well with her, though she wasn't somebody you ever crossed. She and my Mom had despised each other long before Clay and Mom split up.

"I guess I'm ready," I agreed, and Jax handed me a helmet. It was not my first time on the back of a bike- even as a kid, I always begged my Dad to give me a ride just so that I could feel the wind through my hair. Eventually, when Jax was old enough and had his own Harley, he'd taken over the duty. I hopped on the back of the bike behind Jackson and as the three motorbikes roared back to life, I spared the miserable apartment building I'd called home one last glance before leaving it behind forever.

It'd been around nine at night when we left, so by the time we got to Charming it was almost midnight. Luckily, it was a warm night and oddly enough, the ride over the long, smooth roads of California had cleared my head and I'd actually allowed myself to feel the first positive emotion I'd felt since the day I'd found my mother dead from an overdose on the kitchen floor- excitement. Earlier, when I'd been waiting to be picked up, I'd been looking for excuses to be miserable and sullen but now I realised I had an opportunity to start again. With my Dad and Gemma and Jax and the club, even, I would have a family if I wanted one. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, even if I was leaving the city for the middle of Bumfuck, California.

I was a little surprised when Jax took me to the clubhouse first. I'd never been allowed in there when I was younger, for obvious reasons. But it'd been four years since I'd actually been to Charming, having always had my Dad, Gemma and sometimes Jax come up to visit me instead, and I guess a lot had changed for all of us.

I yanked the helmet off my head, letting my long auburn hair free, looking at the bikes all parked up in a line. But then Jax steered me after Bobby and Chibs, who were heading inside.

I guess Dad had told them all to take it easy because I'd be there. Either way, the only people in the clubhouse were members of the club themselves, though I knew that usually there'd be half-naked women lying around. As it was, the guys were just sitting around, sipping beers and laughing amongst themselves. It all cut off as we entered though.

"Clay," Jax called, and my Dad turned around. Clay Morrow was a hulking, broad figure, with grey hair and a wide jaw which I hadn't inherited. In fact, I didn't think I'd gotten much from him, at least not to look at. Still, his face split into a smile when he saw me.

"Eliza," He came over and hugged me. I allowed myself to fall into the comfort of my father's embrace. Like with my Mom, I admonished myself for having thought bitterly of him earlier. He hadn't been a perfect parent, either, but what parent was? He let me go and stood back so that I could take in the other men who were standing around.

"I had Jax bring you here so you can meet the family," He told me, "You met Bobby and Chibs. This is Juice," He pointed me towards a young guy, probably around Jax's age, "Our new patch. That's Kyle, Piney, Opie," Each man nodded or gave some sort of gesture as he introduced. I had a feeling I'd forget who was who all too soon. "We want you to feel welcome."

"Thanks, Dad," I said quietly, beginning to feel overwhelmed.

"Jax'll take you home. Get some sleep, and we'll talk tomorrow. Gemma's dying to get her hands on you." Dad kissed me on the cheek, and I was glad that he'd given me leave without too much of a big deal. It was all too much for one night, especially given the reason I was even there in the first place.

"C'mon kid," Jax said, "You'll see these assholes later." A few of them jokingly protested and I smiled weakly, waving at them as Jax steered me back out of the clubhouse.

"They seem scary at first but you'll get used to 'em," He told me as the warm breeze outside hit us. We began to head back over to Jax's bike.

"I'm sure I will," I agreed, stifling a yawn. We were halfway across the lot when yet another Harley pulled up. Jackson pulled me back as the biker swept in, pausing while he killed the engine and dismounted. This man was tall and managed to somehow be both powerfully built and lithe all at once. He had very dark curly hair and his leather jacket bore patches listing him both as a Redwood Original and Sergeant at Arms. He stopped in front of Jax and I and leaned down to look at me. I was met with the most dazzling pair of blue eyes I'd ever seen.

"What do we have here then?" The man asked in a low, threatening voice.

"Go easy, Tig, this is Eliza, Clay's daughter," Jax told him, though he chuckled a little. I relaxed at the sound, realising that the man was just messing with me.

"Of course it is," He flashed a grin at me, "I'm Tig, nice to meet you." I found myself inserting my small palm into his big manly one. It was hard to say how old Tig was, though suffice it to say he was too old for me. I was sixteen, he was a grown man, and everything about him, more than it had even for the other Sons, screamed dangerous. Yet, my voice refused to work when those blue eyes were on me. So I just smiled and shook his hand.

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