"Who do we have here?"

Pluton, King of the Underworld, had just begun his besiege on the surface world above. Pathetic superfluous humans, who littered the world with meaningless objects, were an infestation that deserved to suffer in the depths of the Underworld that grew below him, and he would rule the world above as king of the overworld and underworld. He reveled in their destruction, and he was elated to know the several thousands of underlings he would have under his dominion. But out of nowhere, a strange robotic humanoid appeared out of nowhere to interrupt his rampage of destruction, saving a pathetic lone child wallowing in sorrow.

"Have you come to bow to my grandiose and imminent rule over the surface world?" said Pluton, his deep and commanding voice echoing for miles around. "If so, then you have made a wise choice."

The unknown being looked up to the Underworld King. "Who, you ask? Just a great man who is a hero for fun, and a prophet."

"A great man? What?" Pluton glanced up and saw a bald man with a white cape hurtling towards him at immense speed. He didn't even have enough to react before his head burst from the sheer force of Saitama's punch, sending hundreds of liters of blood and bits of brains flying everywhere, the pink intestines and chunks of organs spilling all over the city.

"And his disciple." said Genos, his face beaming at Master Saitama's consecutive victory once again. No matter what, his master could never be defeated in battle, and that was a fact.

Saitama, however, was not amused. As he landed back on the ground with a thud, he looked at his hand, still smoking from the friction of his punch. "Come on. I'm back to one punch again?"

The Caped Baldy shouted in unmitigated frustration. "FUUUUCCCKKKK!"

"Master, are you alright?" Genos flew over at the sound of distress coming from his master. "What is the problem?! Shall I take care of it?"

Saitama stared at his disciple as if he couldn't believe the answer wasn't obvious. "Genos, I defeated this guy in one punch! Again!" Saitama covered his eyes with his gloves in frustration. "How come there can't any villains as powerful as that boss of those space pirates we fought last week? At least he could take a punch!"

"I am sorry to hear your frustrations master." The child who was saved by Genos squirmed out of Genos grasped and ran over to his savior. "Thank you mister!" Saitama's mouth was agape as he watched this random child hugging his legs with all his might. He'd never had a kid, or really anybody, come up to him firsthand and thank him, much less hug him. "It's alright kid. It's what I do." He did the only appropriate thing he could think of and nervously patted the boy's head in response.

"Master, the big sale at the farmers market is going to be closing in 3 hours. If we want to make it, we should be leaving about now."

"Oh yea." Saitama's mood marginally lightened at that hint of positive news. "Sorry kid, but we have to go." Saitama and Genos jumped in the air, leaving behind a very awe stricken child staring in amazement.

While the duo were momentarily flying in the air, Saitama sighed in a tedium fashion, contemplating his placid and dull emotions he couldn't rid himself of. No matter what kinds of villains showed themselves, none of them could even come close to the level of power Saitama was at. How come there were no villains that could just mimic his training regiment? Then at least he would have some sort of challenge. The closest thing he had ever come to regaining the exhilaration of a real fight was when the Subterranean people had invaded the surface in his dream.

Saitama closed his eyes to play that memory in his mind for the twentieth time since he dreamt it. The adrenaline pumping through his heart, the heavy breathing, the strain in his muscles, the passion in his eyes, and most of all, the blood that had drawn from his forehead. He grazed his hand over his forehead at the memory of the pain. Pain.

However odd it might be, Saitama actually wanted to experience pain again. He desired more than anything to know that there was something in this world that had the capability to harm him, to make him have to put up a fight. To remind him of the feelings he lost when he gained inconceivable power. What would it take to…

"Master, we have arrived."

Saitama blinked, looking down at the dozens of civilians pouring in and out of the market, each of them having a smile plastered on their face, which said they got what they were looking for. Lucky them.

"Cool. Anyway, lets go."

"Yes master!"

Midnight had risen. The moonlight shimmered through the glass window, illuminating the oily baldness of Saitama's head in the moonlight. Genos had already drifted off to sleep hours ago. He was curled up in a fetal position, a peaceful look emitting from his face. Saitama chuckled. At the very least, when he lost his body, he didn't lose his ability to sleep. If he had, then he truly would have become a robot.

Saitama tossed and turned on the hardwood floor, trying to find a position that would most suit him, but nothing seemed to be working. Sighing in agony and sleep-deprivation, Saitama gazed up at the ceiling to contemplate his thoughts.

The bargain sale had been a complete disaster. Well, at least in the eyes of Saitama. After walking 10 feet into the store, a boy pointed at the two of them and shouted, "HEY! A HERO!" Just as Saitama was about to thank the kid for being the first person to ever recognize him as a legitimate hero outside of his work area, tens of dozens of people swarmed around Genos, asking for his autograph, pestering him about questions related to the Space Pirates, the King of the Underworld, and even the meteor that struck City Z, even though Saitama was the one who defeated all of them with little to no troubles.

Although Saitama constantly told everyone he met that he simply did the hero gig as a hobby and for fun, he still felt that some recognition from any ordinary citizen, would be a nice bonus. He out of everybody knew that making it on time to a threat level wasn't his specialty, but it was him who always landed the finishing blow. So what was he rewarded with in return? Being treated like some sort of hero swindler who always stole the finishing blow from all of the "work" the S-class heroes did. Not that he was blaming Genos for this, but still.

He certainly didn't object to their beliefs, since that wasn't the kind of guy he was, but absolutely nobody believed that he was a genuine hero who was trying to help beat the bad guys that never stopped popping up. He was just doing his job to protect people, and he was getting scolded by the public for it.

And to top if all off, nothing had come close to exciting him. Even the leader of that band of space pirates, despite his best efforts, simply wasn't enough to get his blood pumping. No matter what type of monster showed up, none of them came even close to filling the void in his heart. And every day, that void grew deeper and deeper. He was the most elite fighter on the planet, with no one left to fight; it was a dreary existence.

After 10 minutes of reminiscing about all the pathetically weak mysterious beings he had encountered, his brain was finally ready to enter REM sleep, and his eyes clamped shut, his mind slowly entering into his personal dream world.

Deep in the dark, isolated void of space, the spaceship of the infamous and widely feared Lord Frieza was slowly drifting through space. Inside, a very troubled soldier was sprinting to speak to Lord Frieza, praying his life would not be taken. "My lord! I have dire news!"

Lord Frieza gradually turned his hoverchair to Appule, his face stern and signifying he wasn't in the mood for foolish behavior if he had the audacity to interrupt him during his afternoon wine. "Very well. Speak, Appule."

The galactic lord Frieza, true emperor of the universe, was quietly seated in his hover chair, with his loyal henchmen Zarbon and Dodoria standing by his side, as he was indulging himself with a glass of the best wine in the galaxy. He was very pleased with himself. His empire has slowly been expanding, encompassing more and more planets with extremely precious resources that only increased his vast wealth. From these planets came several extremely powerful warriors who were eager to join in the ranks of the Frieza force, and those who had the audacity to refuse his rule, he had been more that willing to destroy them and their entire planet along with it. No force in the universe could stand up to his might. Although he would never admit this to anyone, Frieza had been slightly paranoid when he heard whispers of the legendary super saiyan, but he had aired on the side of caution and decimated the entire saiyan race, leaving only Vegeta and Nappa as the last remaining saiyans. With this continuity of success, there was nothing in this universe that could stand up to his might…

"Lord Boros is dead."

"WHAT!" Frieza jumped out of his seat, eliciting a slight jump from the underling as he gulped in complete terror.

"Lord Boros, leader of the group of the Dark Matter Space Pirates?!"

"Uhh.. Yes sir."

Frieza's calm demeanor shifted to malevolent anger. Lord Boros. He snarled at the memory of that pathetic excuse of a "dominator". Boros had been a major threat to the Frieza Force, raiding several supply planets, killing off thousands of his men with ease. After slowly gaining momentum with his besieges, Frieza's attempted to eliminate the threat as quietly as possible, which tragically resulted in him losing a huge shipment of Katchin. Raditz and a couple dozen of his men had also been terminated by one of Boro's fighters, Melzalgald, but Frieza cared little to none at that particular loss, since Raditz was a pathetic excuse for a warrior, especially a saiyan warrior.

However, having been pushed to the limits of his patience, Frieza finally decided to settle this matter himself, and met Boros face to face on one of the moons of Frieza Planet 419. The emperor of cold completely swept the floor with Boros, putting him in a near death state before he even had the chance to release his true power, but Boro's trickery knew no bounds. Before Frieza could land the finishing blow, his henchman, Geryanshoop, unleashed his psychic attack that increased the gravity around Frieza, rendering him unable to move. He could only stand still and scream in anger as he saw Boro's ship escape his clutches, as Zarbon and Dodoria were unable to cause any serious damage to his ship desipre their best efforts.

That was nearly 20 years ago, and he had not seen Boros since. He received reports from his scouts that Boros was headed for a distant planet in the far northern quadrant of the universe to fulfill a ludicrous prophecy, but Frieza was never able to confirm it's authenticity, and since Boro's raids came to a screeching halt after his defeat, Boros simply became a distant memory of his past.

But if there was a warrior that had the power to defeat Boros, he must have had at least some merits in his abilities as a fighter. Perhaps if he sent a scouting party to determine the level of power on this being's planet, he could recruit a very powerful member to the Frieza Force, or destroy a possible threat, just to air on the side of caution…

Zarbon craned his neck toward Frieza. "My lord? Are you alright?"

Frieza sharply turned toward his henchman. "Zarbon, send Vegeta and Nappa coordinates to the planet where Boros was defeated."

"Yes sir!"

"Tell them to scout for the highest energy level they can find on the planet. If they find any power levels that are anything above 10,000, they are to report their findings to me."

"Right away!" Zarbon flew off to find Vegeta and Nappa, making sure to waste no time. Frieza chuckled in amusement, reaiming his sights to the vast cosmos.

"So, a fighter who overpowered Boros. This will certainly be amusing…" Frieza's chuckles turned into laughter of malice, resonating through the entire ship, and every soldier on board shuddered in fear for whoever would face the wrath of Lord Frieza.

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