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The ground quaked in wake of the massive threat rampaging through Y-City. A huge chunk of the city was wiped off the map, reduced to nothing, and it was all thanks to Pluton, King of the Underworld. The monster was colossal in size; he had red eyes and tubes running from the side of his nose and neck to his shoulders. His skin was dark with grey and red sewn patches. He wore red pants and a shirt with green, yellow, brown and grey patches sewn together over his rib cage, with his shoulder decorated with skulls. had risen up from the Earth to exterminate humanity and all those who would dare oppose him.

"You superfluous humans waste your existence in decadence and gluttony," Pluton's voice was deep and thunderous, spreading all across Y-City, "Littering the world with pointless objects."

As Pluton walked across the city, he came closer a little boy bawling in terror and despondence, hiding behind a ruined building. "Now you shall all go to the underworld that spreads beneath my very staff!"

However, just before Pluton planted his feet into the ground to crush the child, an unknown being rocketed in with lightning-fast speed, saving the boy from his demise. The pig-like king looked down to see who had arrived, and saw that a cybernetic being was holding the boy in his arms. "Who do we have here?"

The cyborg did not look to meet the monsters eyes. "Who, you ask? A hero who is a great man for fun, and a prophet."

Pluton was taken aback by this. "A great man?" The King of the Underworld barely had enough time to turn his head up to see death hurtling right toward him. With a single punch, a bald man with a yellow jumpsuit and white cape completely obliterated the monster's head. Gallons upon gallons of blood cascaded down like a gigantic waterfall, along with giant chunks of organs and brain matter. The cyborg, Genos, smiled in delight. "And his disciple."

The bald hero, Saitama, however, was not so pleased. He looked at his hand, which was slightly steaming from the friction of his punch, in disbelief and disappointment. "Not again. I'm back to one punch..." Saitama dropped to his knees, feeling the anger and grief bubbling up inside of him. He then released all of these chruning emotions with a booming shout.


The teenage cyborg heard his master's shout of distress and immediately ran to his side. "Master, are you alright?" said Genos, inspecting to see if he had inquired any sort of injury, "What is the problem?"

"This guy went down in one punch!" said Saitama, "I thought that with the space leader, things might change and I'd get a little more excitement, but this fat piggy couldn't even take a hit! It freaking sucks!"

Running from the side, the child who was saved by Genos eagerly and passionately came to the heroes' sides and ran into Genos' legs and embraced them as tightly as he could. Saitama's angry expression disappeared and changed into a neutral demeanor, and Genos' eyes nominally widened. "You saved me! You're amazing."

Genos gently patted the child on the back. Saitama looked at this display of gratitude and happiness and let out a sigh of disappointment and lifted his chin up to meet him eye-to-eye. The cyborg shook his head, confusing the child."Don't thank me," said Genos, "Thank my master." Genos motioned his hand toward Saitama, "He is the one who defeated the monster. He is the truly amazing one."

"Nah, forget it." Saitama waved his hand in dismissal. "I'm fine. Come on, Genos. We gotta head back to Z-city for the bargain sale."

"Very well, master." Genos gently released himself from the grip the child had on him. "I'm sorry," said Genos, "But we must leave. Just stay here; the Hero Association members will arrive shortly to assist you and help you find your family."

"Okay..." Genos and Saitama bent their knees, and skyrocketed up into the air, creating minor tremors in the ground and leaving behind an astonished boy.

"Well, we made it." After searching the location of the bargain sale online and using the address listed in the flyer Saitama possessed, Saitama and Genos had finally found the farmers market they had been looking for. The store was rather small, although there were dozens of people shopping inside. Saitama gritted his teeth; they must have come here for the bargain sale too! "There's no way we're going to leave here without those discount products!"

"According to the flyer, there is a 40% discount on edamame, and a 35% discount on the Myoga. Would you like to start there."

Saitama nodded his head in confirmation. "Yep, sounds good." Both heroes rushed into the store, and immediately went searching in the aisle with the vegetables they were seeking. The vegetables were kept ventilated by a cooling system, and were not boxed or packaged in any sort of way, allowing for the customers to hand-pick them as they so pleased.

As both heroes were examining the products, a few of the other customers turned their heads to face them. Whispers spread among them like wildfire. Genos and Saitama took note of these growing whispers, perplexed as to what the cause was.

"Um, excuse me." A male customer with black hair, green eyes, and a black jacket spoke to Saitama and Genos. "Are you a hero from the Hero Association?"

Saitama's lips curved up; he straightened his posture put his hands to his hips as if he was modeling a typical superhero pose. "You've got a good eye there."

Gasps came out of the customer's mouths. A hero standing right in front of them? It was amazing! The customers crowded around Saitama and Genos. Saitama let out a confident laugh, but the laugh became a mere whimper when he realized the horrible truth: the customers were all gathering around Genos. The crowd stormed around Genos, asking him all sorts of questions, commenting on his awesomeness, asking for autographs.

"What were the Space Pirates like?"

"You should be S-class Rank 1!"

"I love you!"

While most heroes would revel in the adoration and popularity, Genos did not think highly of this commentary; no, for him, the only people whose opinions truly mattered to him were Saitama and the good doctor. This was why Genos merely turned around and resumed his shopping as if nobody was behind him.

An anime-style sweat drop fell down Saitama's face, and an imaginary storm cloud appeared above Saitama, drenching him with the depressing rain that only served to worsen his despondent and emotionless self.

"Of course..."

The moonlight shined brightly in the streets of City Z. At the bald hero's apartment, he was laying down on the floor with his sleeping bag scrunched under his back as he silently staring up at the ceiling. Once Genos was swarmed with his fans, Saitama decided to leave him be and finish his shopping by himself. Genos eventually reunited with him and the two left the market with some edamame, myoga, and a few other products that had caught their eye. His disciple was currently fast asleep on the floor, while he was still digesting all of today's events.

The incident at the market reminded him of the little respect and appreciation Saitama was given as a hero. Now, it wasn't like Saitama was a hero for the fame or money, but just a little appreciation or admiration from the public wouldn't hurt him. It was like the whole world was against him, and he didn't know why. Was it because he was bald? He wasn't proud of it! Saitama let out a sigh; despite the annoyance of the lack of appreciation, that paled in comparison to his self-existential crisis. That feeling of depression and lifelessness that had begun ever since he started his training was only growing within him. The desire to face a worthy opponent was more present than ever. How come there weren't any other monsters like Boros? At least he could take a punch! Why couldn't there be someone out there in the universe who could give him the challenge he needed? Where were they?

"I guess I can only dream..."

Out in the deep, obsidian-black breaches of the cosmos, a large, circular-shaped ship was flying through space. Inside of this ship, a being of extraordinary power was quietly at the helm of his ship, sitting in his hover chair and taking in the vast emptiness of space. Standing at his sides were his two top henchmen, Zarbon and Dodoria, while their master indulged himself in his wine tasting.

The Emperor of the Universe, Lord Frieza, was feeling rather jovial at the moment. The past few years were years of unparalleled growth and progress for him; he had acquired over 100 planets, which only served to both boost his wealth and increase the number of soldiers in his army. One of the only threats that ever posed a danger to him was taken care of 25 years ago when he destroyed Planet Vegeta and almost the entire saiyan race. He had to admit, the legend managed to make him a little nervous, but he had easily taken care of the situation; he also made sure only two saiyans remained: Vegeta, the Prince of Saiyans, and Nappa, the General of the Saiyan army. Things were looking better than ever, and nothing would ever change that...

"Lord Frieza!"

Zarbon and Dodoria turned around to see a foot soldier standing in attention, out of breath and appearing distressed.

"What is the meaning of this? You know better than to interrupt Lord Frieza in the middle of his wine tasting!"

The foot soldier dropped his knee to the ground and bowed his head down in respect. "My deepest apologies, your lordship, but I have urgent news."

"I see..." Frieza put his glass of wine down and turned his hover chair around until he was but a foot away from the soldier. "Very well then. What news do you have."

"Our scouts have confirmed that... Lord Boros is dead."

"What?!" Frieza's calm demeanor shifted into malevolent anger, eliciting a jump of terror from the foot soldier and widened eyes from Zarbon and Dodoria.

"How is this possible? How did he die?" The foot soldier found it difficult to regain his voice, as his entire body was shaking from terror, and his heart was threatening to jump up his throat. "We-e-e f-f-found out that an unknown warrior defeated him in battle on a planet somewhere in the Southern part of the galaxy."

Frieza snarled at the memory of that pathetic excuse for a dominator. A few decades ago, Boros had been a major thorn in his empire, constantly raiding supplies from several of his planets, killing off his soldiers, destroying some of his military bases. At first, Frieza thought little of it and merely put a bounty on his head; Raditz, one of the only remaining saiyans, had tried to capture him singlehandedly like a complete fool, and he was utterly decimated by one of his henchmen, Melzargard. Frieza thought little of the loss, since Raditz was an extremely weak excuse for a saiyan. But the line was drawn when Boros stole a huge shipment of Katchin, the most known durable substance in the universe and one of the rarest as well. It was at that point that Frieza knew he had to take matters into his own hands.

So, he met Boros face-to-face on one of the moons of Frieza Planet 419, and the two of them engaged in a duel. Frieza had to admit, he was a rather powerful foe; he had to enter his final form in order to defeat him, although in the end, Boros was put on his knees. But just before Frieza had the chance to land the finishing blow, one of his henchmen used his psychic abilities and temporarily restrained him, allowing for Boros to escape. Boros had never been seen since, and he became a mere memory of the past. But if someone had the power to defeat Boros, then his power was truly something to behold.

"My lord?" Frieza's train of thought was interrupted by Zarbon. "What are you thinking of?"

"I'm simply pondering over the optimal course of action. I believe the smartest decision would to first send some more able-bodied scouts to the planet to do a proper inspection. Who knows? There might be some very valuable resources or powerful warriors that have eluded my grasp until now. Either way, I see no disadvantage. Zarbon."

Zarbon immediately stood in attention. "Yes, my lord!"

"Inform Vegeta and Nappa that they will be sent on this mission to..." Frieza looked at the soldier. "What was this planet called again?"

"The indigenous people call it Earth."

"Inform them they will be sent to Earth on a track and report mission."

"Understood!" Zarbon immediately sprinted out of the door, making haste in following his master's command. Frieza rotated his hover chair back towards the cosmos, a small smile splitting across his face.

"This will be... very interesting."

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