You notice her the second she walks into the classroom. Nervous, shy, trying to hide it by holding her chin up and walking confidently to a seat next to you. You try not to look. She's cute, though. Very.

Don't stare. Jeez. She'll think you're a lesbian or something. And you're not. It's just that - she's cute. And she's new, the new kid from LA, it must be. You want to take her under your wing, make her part of your group, get to know her.

The other girls bore you. So insipid and dull. You've known them since preschool. They've lived their whole lives in this tiny little town and they can't see past it. You want to get out as soon as possible. You want to meet people who know that there's more to life than high school and Sunnydale.

You want her.

Take notes, try to concentrate. You need to get good grades to get into a good college, to get out of this town.

"If you'll look at the map . . ."

Open your book. She's looking around. You offer yours, smiling. She smiles back, whispers a "Thanks". Damn, she's cute.

The bell goes. "Hi! I'm Cordelia!" you introduce yourself, cringing inside at how peppy you sound.

She takes your hand and says, "I'm Buffy." Her touch is electric, but you try not to let it show. Play it cool. This is the start of something big, you just know it.