Prologue: You've Got a Friend in me

It has been said that a group of people look to a person for leadership, and normally, after a while, people look to find a new leader, but when that new person comes, he must test his strength to overcome his fears of being replaced without giving in to jealousy. Jealousy has long been deemed the guardian of love and friendship. But more often it's one's downfall. We typically blame our partner for paying attention to another, but the real issue may be what jealousy teaches us about ourselves. Jealousy has long been deemed the guardian of love. But more often it's love's downfall. We typically blame our partner for paying attention to another, but the real issue may be what jealousy teaches us about ourselves.

It was a quiet day in a kid's bedroom in 2002, with boxes drawn on to look like buildings, it looked like as if this kid had a great imagination, he even had a drawn a wanted poster of a criminal. The criminal is a light blue cat. On his oversized head, he has six whiskers, but only five are visible most of the time, because his head is mostly shown at an angle. He usually wears grey trousers, coupled with a tan sweater, which has brown cuffs and a brown collar. He doesn't wear shoes. He is Gumball watterson.

Then, out of the blue, someone was holding the Gumball toy, taped to a dart gun.

"Alright, my prisoners! Don't move!" A child's voice was heard. "Give me all your money."

Someone emptied out a Gene Belcher piggy bank, which had Gene in his famous burger suit.

"Stop it! Stop it, you monster!" A child's voice said with his voice high, holding a Mabel Pines has round blushing cheeks, long brown hair that reaches her hips, her eyes are brown, and she has silver-colored braces. Mabel's apparel consists of a sweater, undershirt, skirt, headband, black shoes, white socks, and occasionally earrings, though she does deviate from this look occasionally.

"Zip it, Shooting Star!" The child's voice said again, "That is unless you want Waddles to say sayanara!" The hand pointed to a RC aiming at Waddles the Plush Pig.

"Oh, no! Not waddles! Somebody please do something!"

Then, came behind a toy box was another toy held by a left hand.

The toy is an adorable short little boy with red hair, and wears round glasses like Mr. Peabody. Usually, he wears a white undershirt, and over the undershirt is a button shirt that is dark grey, and black shorts,

The toy, held by the left hand approached the "prisoners" and "criminal". Someone pulled a string behind the toy's back.

The voice box then said in a 8-year old boy's adorable voice, "Hey, leave those kids alone!"

"Oh no, Sherman Peabody!" The child's voice then said, the child's voice said slightly deep, "Unhand those prisoners, Gumball Watterson!"

The child's voice then said, "Well, you should know that I have a forcefield with me, so you can't touch me!"

The hand then grabbed out a yellow weird looking sponge wearing a white shirt, black tie, and square pants. His name is SpongeBob SquarePants, a slinky SpongeBob toy.

"Well, I've brought my Dragon! Who breaks through forcefields!" The child's voice said, while the child grabbed another toy, it had jet-black scales covering his whole body, his sides having small light patches in a pattern similar to that of a manta ray. Toothless possesses two sets of wings, one main pair on his back and one smaller pair near the base of his rather long tail. He is missing the left side of his tail-fin which he lost when he was shot down. The dragon toy was named toothless.

The child roared as well, prompting him to move his Spongebob toy a little to the left. He then proceeded to move his Gumball toy to a laundry basket named "jail".

Mitchell Movie Productions presents...

"You're goin' to jail for a long time, say goodbye to the liter and the cat wife, partner." The kid said, then a baby with blonde hair and brown eyes grabbed the Gumball toy and hit it against the baby crib, making banging noises as well, making body pieces fall as well as a song plays.

The child revealed to have a John McMannon jersey, he had light skin, green eyes, camouflage shorts, green shoes, and black hair. He was 8 years old. His name was Trent Cooper.

Trent proceeded to pick up the Sherman Peabody toy and say, "You saved the day again, Sherman."

Trent pulled Sherman's string and the voice box then said, "Thanks. You're a cool pal." Then Trent continued to do whatever he wanted with the toy as long as he had it with him.

Bearquarter's Toy Story

Singer: You've got a friend in me

You've got a friend in me

Trent then turned the boxes around, changing the cardboard buildings to the drawings of cows.

"C'mon, time to wrangle up the villains!" Trent playfully said, he then used a jump rope as a lasso to wrangle the "cows".

When the road looks rough ahead

And you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed

"A Bearquarter Production"

"Round em' up, kid!" Trent then said, placing Sherman on RC and pressing the "go" button for it to accelerate, pushing a few boxes.

You just remember what your old pal said

Boy you've got a friend in me

Yeah you've got a friend in me

Trent picked up the boy toy and slapped its hand, saying, "Hey, Sherman!"

Then, it seems as if Sherman was walking through a desert, but in reality, Trent was giving his toy a piggyback ride.

Some other folks might be a little bit smarter than I am

Bigger and stronger too

Trent placed Sherman on the stair ramp and ran downstairs.


Sherman slid down the ramp…

But none of them

Will ever love you the way I do

It's me and you boy

Trent then caught Sherman as he hugged him and smiled. They then jumped on a recliner and they spun..

And as the years go by

Our friendship will never die

The couch slowed down as the toy tipped a bit, Trent then chuckled,

You're gonna see it's our destiny

And placed Sherman on the bottom of the recliner. He pulled the lever hard, sending the doll upward.

You've got a friend in me

The toy then fell on his bottom, standing for a moment until he leaned to the side.

Yeah, you've got a friend in me

You've got a friend in me

Trent proceeded to play around with the pull-string toy, putting him on a RC and driving the RC car around, giving the toy a horseback ride, pretending to be a horse, and heck even playing with the toy downstairs.

"Trent! It's almost time for the party!" Trent's mom was heard.

"Mom, not that I'm complaining, but why do we need this party today?" Trent asked.

"Because, your father got a new job in the new suburbs, and I obviously want the party before we move to the suburbs of Boston." Trent's mom was heard again. "Now get your cousin down, it's almost time for the party."

"Alright." Trent then said, then he took the toy to his bedroom, where the baby was still playing roughly with Gumball.

"Hi, cousin of Trent!" Trent said as Sherman. Trent's infant cousin squealed as he dropped Gumball.

Trent then pulled Sherman's string and then the voice box said, "Let's just say the Leaning tower of Pisa wasn't always leaning." Then, the Sherman toy sat on the bed.

Trent then proceeded to pick up the infant cousin of his and carry him like a baby. "Wow, Dwayne Jr., you're gettin' heavy. Trent proceeded to go downstairs and said, "See you later, Sherman!"

The door was closed, and once again, it was quiet once again, too quiet, then something odd happened, the Sherman toy blinked and slowly started to sit up, having a concerned look on his face.

"You're kidding, the birthday party's today?" Sherman then said in a manly southern drawl, with his mouth moving, surprised. He knew what this meant, new toys!