"Ruby! Wake up! We need you to wake up right now!"

The young girl opened her eyes slowly as she heard gunfire in all directions. Her vision was hazy but she could make out two blurry figures what seemed like fighting with some unknown enemy off the distance: one yellow and one black. Were they here to save her?

"Ruby, you need to get up now! We don't have much time!" the white figure next to her said, trying to lift her body upright. The young girl lacked energy to respond back however, she just followed whatever was being told to her. As she was being guided up, she realized she had no feeling in her entire body. As if all her limbs were non-existent. It wasn't even the feeling of numbness. It's just nothing. She was able to move her legs while she was being escorted by the white figure but she could not feel, what she assumed, the gray metallic floor. A minute of being dragged off to somewhere, her vision returned to her, and she recognized the white figure.

Weiss Schnee, heiress to a dust company.

The last thing the young girl had remembered was being surrounded by Beowolves at the brink of death. She saw Blake too! The young girl felt anger rise up within her, but she was too tired to even think about it at the moment of crisis.

"Weiss?" the young girl asked in slurred speech, "What's happening?"

"We need to get you out of here first," she replied, "No time for explanations right now."

The young girl simply nodded and tried her best to help lessen the burden on the white figure.

The young girl and the white figure ran as fast as they could until they reached an exit where an air transport was on standby for collection. The white figure placed the young girl on the ship and got on afterwards. Once the young girl was secured, the pilot behind her said that the package was secured and that it was take off.

The transport ship proceeded to increase its thruster and the transport flew off into the sky. Once the ship had gained enough altitude, the co-pilot closed the side doors to prevent anyone from falling down onto the ground. Would be a very gruesome death, if someone were to fall.

The young girl was still confused as to what was happening but right now, all she could feel was fear, hunger, and confusion. Now that the worst was over, adrenaline that had rushed through her entire system from the time she was violently woken up to now had subsided. To her, it had felt like years since she had eaten anything proper and she doesn't even remember anything.

The young girl was able to identity who the white figure was earlier amidst the chaos her team, she assumed, caused. The white figure approached the young girl with someone behind her. But now, everything was clearer, and she saw her face. Weiss. Beautiful as ever. Her scar still visible and her hairstyle was now very different from what she had remembered.

"Ruby," she said softly, going on her knees and gently taking her hand, "I will explain everything to you but first we need to get you medically evaluated and to a hospital. Right now, this person behind me will be checking on you so that when we land, the best doctors can help you right away. Stay strong, okay?"

The young girl nodded.

The medic who stood behind Weiss approached the young girl and started to examine her for anything that might be noteworthy when the real examination happens.

The medic noted to the white figure that she was severely dehydrated so she needed to prepare an IV fluid transfusion to restore the lost fluids the young girl has in her body.

After a few hours of flight, the transport ship landed safely on an airstrip where a medical tent was setup on the side of the runway. The transport opened its doors and the young girl saw a team of people, she assumed are doctors since they wore white coats, waiting for her. Never in her life would she have expected to be treated like some sort of princess where everything was literally almost being handed to her.

She then wondered, why was everyone working so hard to make sure that she's okay? Before she thought she died, she never received any royal treatment. She was just a girl who got into Beacon academy out of pure luck. If she hadn't kicked that guy with the bowler hat's butt, she wouldn't have gotten into Beacon the same year as her sister.

Her sister.

"Where's Yang?!" the young girl croaked.

"Ruby, it's okay. She's fine. She's safe from any danger now."

"Where is she?! I want to see her!"

Tears instinctively felt that tears was flowing down her face but she could not physically feel anything.

"I'll contact her now. Just please calm down, Ruby. She's alright and I promise you that I'll bring her to you."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

As they ended their exchange of words, the medic helped the young girl onto a wheelchair and rolled her off of the transport ship into the hands of the doctors.

Amongst the team of doctors, an elderly faunus stepped forward to greet the young girl. "Hello, Mrs. Schnee. My name is Doctor Lionel. I will be in charge of your treatment today. Your wife has already given us the permission to treat you to the best of our ability. I'm sure you are confused as to what is happening, but I assure you. You will be in good hands. Now, let's not waste any time. Your golden time might be ticking as we speak." The faunus started walking towards the medical tents and the other doctors followed suit. The medic also followed, pushing the young girl who was still sitting in the wheelchair.

Mrs. Schnee?

Inside the main tent, the young girl wiped her tears and looked at all the equipment that were there. The medic placed her wheel chair next to one adjustable medical bed and asked for another person to help carry the young girl on top of the bed. Once they finished their task, the young girl on top of the bed decided to lie down on her back. Trying to support herself upright was somehow a huge challenge for her. The young girl waited for a few minutes and saw the lion faunus again.

"Mrs. Schnee, can you hear me and how are you feeling? You don't have to respond verbally. A simple thumbs up or down or a nod of your head or shake will suffice."

Exhaustion started to kick in for the young girl so all she could have mustered was to nod first and then shake her head slightly.

"Very responsive. Very good. Based on your medical examination charts, you're severely malnourished, dehydrated, you've suffered a lot of physical trauma, you have scars all over your body, and it looks like you've lost all sense of feeling. Is this correct, Mrs. Schnee?"

The young girl nodded again.

"Right. Well, first thing's first. We need to aura to see any damages that may have occurred. I will be right back with you, Mrs. Schnee."

The lion faunus stepped out of the tent for a brief moment to call on technicians to assess that aura damage she had received. They brought in some sort of equipment the young girl had never ever seen before in her entire life. It looked like as if they had merged a blood pressure monitor with other things. The technicians brought a strap connected to the machine to the young girl and attached it to her arm. The machine gave a beep and its readings gave it at a very low. The technicians wrote down the details on a piece of paper attached to a clipboard before placing it on a table nearby. Once they were done, the technicians took their equipment off of the young girl and left to notify the doctor that their job was done.

A few minutes of waiting, Doctor Lionel returned back to the medical tent the young girl was situated in. He picked up the chart that the technicians left earlier and sat down to read the data.

"I won't be surprised by the results. You've been missing for a little more than two years, Mrs. Schnee. I'll have someone restore your aura at a later time. However, first thing's first. I know that someone had already evaluated you but I want a closer look for myself. If you're comfortable, may I touch you so that I can look at anything that might be wrong? If not, I can have someone else examine you."

The young girl shook her head.

"I understand that it must be hard to speak at the moment, Mrs. Schnee. Your body does show severe amounts of dehydration. But I assume that you're not comfortable with me doing the examination?"

The young girl nodded.

"Alright, I'll have a female person do your examination then?

The young girl nodded again.

"I'll be right back, Mrs. Schnee. Should the need arise, please do not hesitate to call me. I'm giving you this button so you can alert me for anything that may happen. Just rest now, Mrs. Schnee. You're in very good hands."

A day has passed and all the examinations had been concluded so the doctors transferred the young girl from a medical tent to a proper room in a hospital. Once the young girl had settled in on her bed, Weiss came to visit her.

"Ruby…," she said, tears trickling down her cheeks.

The young girl still could not talk. She still felt weak so all she could do was look at the woman in white. She approached the young girl to her bedside and kneeled down to her face level. She then held the young girl's left hand.

"I missed you so much, Ruby…," she sobbed, "We're finally back together. I've… been looking all over Remnant for the past two years for anything just to get you back… I'm just really glad that we found you when we did. You were about to die… I'm just really, really, really, really glad." Weiss kept on crying while holding the young girl's hand.

Weiss put the young girl's hand next to her lips and kissed it, cherishing every moment that they had now, "I won't ever lose you again, I promise you Ruby. You'll be safe now, I promise."

An hour pass by, the young girl was getting more familiar with her current state. She still did not have feeling across her entire body, she had just learned that she was married to one of the most powerful people in all of Remnant, that her sister had lost a leg in addition to her arm with the final fight for Remnant. Blake had unfortunately died trying to save the young girl the day she went missing and the young girl's heart shattered into pieces.

The last thing she saw before she woke up was Blake laughing at her as the Beowolves tore her apart into pieces. But she realized that it wasn't real because all her limbs were intact. The only thing that was missing was her left pinkie. That would mean she wouldn't be able to fight with her dominant hand as effectively as she did before.