I am so confused, why are there no Stories that bash Naruto or Harry Potter?

Seriously, Naruto is a moron who thinks about his limit view of the world and honestly is the most worthless character in history with less redeemable traits then Delores Umbridge. He gets angry when anyone disagrees with him or his limited, Naive view of the world. He whines about his life but does nothing to improve it. He gets hand outs of pure power all of the time, and convinces people the same way religious people do... through threats and random acts of power.

Actually Naruto reminds me of basically all religions, he is overly moral and judgmental, is cruel to anyone who sees the world differently then him. He threatens what he cannot understand and doesn't even attempt to understand.

More so, why is he considered a hero? He didn't really suffer that much, yes he was neglected which sucks but compared to basically everyone ( Sasuke, Kakashi, Obito, Madra...) Naruto has barely suffered. He has had hundred if not thousands of chances to better himself but just doesn't. Gaara is the best example of that, he had no chances and actually suffered a lot ... how can Naruto, who had a lot people to love him, actually understand Gaara's pain at all? Or Sasuke's, since he lost his entire family and was tortured beyond reason at the age of SEVEN! Or Hinata who was abused by her family, and basically abandoned by her father. Or to Neji, who was enslaved and tortured by his own Kin? I hate that Naruto is supposed to be seen as a hero born from suffering, whe he has barely suffered. He was a whiny little boy who thought he deserved more then he earned, and was a total waste of flesh.

Honestly Naruto is worthless and I hate his character, so I am going to start a community for Stories that Mock his character, and start a challenge for tasteful stories that point out his flaws and watch as they get him killed.

Please find any story that does this so I can include it and read it...

Love, your Ninja Overlord,