Warning- contains some steamy stuff and also this is my first lord of the rings fan fic so have mercy.

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Legolas awoke at the first sight of dawn. The war of the ring was over and he was returning to his beloved land of Mirkwood. He had run through the fields and forests of Middle Earth and seen what he could never have hoped to see if he had not gone to Rivendell. He got up and ran swiftly. His journey home had been long and arduous, but he had made it, he was at the outskirts of the forest and as he went in, he suddenly felt at peace.

He reached the hall of Thranduil, his father and the king of Mirkwood, but the guards had stopped him.

"Dar(stop)!"they had cried before realizing who he was and then apologized profusely. Thranduil, his father and king of Mirkwood, sat smoking pipe weed and reading in his library, when suddenly the doors opened and there stood his son, the prince, Legolas. A smile broke out on the king's face and he rose to embrace his son. "Legolas, ionamin(my son), this is truly a day to celebrate. We must have a feast!" The king walked swiftly to the kitchen to find Fiminur , the head of the servants. "Fiminur, I have wonderful news. Legolas is back! We shall have a feast tonight so grand that even the trees themselves shall celebrate!" Fiminur, a tall elf with red curling hair, bowed to his king and assured him that this would be as grand a feast as ever there was.

**later that night**

Music rang through the house of Thranduil as all rejoiced of the return of the prince. There was delicious food and the dancing and singing lasted for a long time into the night. Legolas ate his fill of cakes and breads and drank many goblets of elvish wine. Everything was delicious and everyone was lively.

After the celebration, Legolas walked by himself in the woods which he had not seen for so long. The smell of the woods was fresh and as he walked with his head looking up at the trees, his elvish senses picked up the sound of footsteps. He followed them. Who could be in the wood so late? An orc? A thief? Legolas' mind ran with terrible thoughts of what or who those footsteps could belong to. He held his bow by his side and quickly strung an arrow. He ran swiftly and silently for the footsteps were not as loud as they were. The thing was picking up speed. Legolas quickened his pace as well and then he saw it. A figure, hooded and wrapped in a cloak and it was holding something. His keen senses picked up the smell of bread, the bread that was served at the celebration.

Legolas shot an arrow into the bread, hoping for the figure to turn so he could see what or who it was. But the figure did not turn around. Instead, it dropped the bread and ran. 'Tis an elf, thought Legolas, but the thief cannot escape me. The figure, still running, picked up even more speed as it heard Legolas running after it. But Legolas was swifter, he jumped up to a tree branch and then ran from tree branch to tree branch. The figure stopped and looked around. There was silence. Suddenly, Legolas sprang from a tree branch and onto the figure shoving it to the ground. He stood up swiftly, strung an arrow and pointed it at the hooded and cloaked stranger. "Reveal yourself, thief, or I shall shoot you through the heart."


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