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He slowly sank to the ground, holding her in his arms. "No," he whispered as tears streamed down his now expressionless face. Alfirin cried out as he pulled the arrow from her back. He held her face in his hands, feeling the soft skin and brushing away the tears that were now running down her face like rivers. He looked up at the guards that were now running towards him.

"Why did you shoot her?" asked Legolas, his voice quiet and melancholy.

"But my lord," said the lead guard, Berialian, "we had strict orders to-."

But Legolas silenced him with a raised hand. "You saw me talking to her," he said, "We were not arguing and yet you still shot her when you saw that nothing was wrong."

"We-Well, your highness, I thought that you meant for her to face you so we could shoot her," Berialian said, fear in his eyes, "Or has she put a spell on you? We thought she might have in the forest and now that she was talking to you and standing so close..."

"She has put no spell on me," Legolas said, angrily, "But her life is now in danger. I must take her to the healing rooms." His took out a cloth and wrapped it around her tightly to stop the bleeding. He picked her up and stood in front of the guards, waiting for them to move aside. But they did not. "Move aside!" he ordered, "I, Prince Legolas, son and heir of the king of Mirkwood, command you to move aside." But cold hard faces only stared at him.

"I am sorry, my lord," said one of the guards, "She must die. The last one must die. That was our order from the king." Legolas felt her heart beat slower and life was slowly drawn out of her. Her blood now stained the front of his clothing. Legolas turned around and swiftly put her on the horse. Jumping up after her and he rode out of the reach of the guards. Their cries grew distant as Celegar picked up speed. The moon shone bright in the sky as they rode through the forest. They stopped soon after and he took her down from the horse. She whimpered and clung to him. She hated feeling so helpless, but she felt weak and tired and she knew her survival depended on him. He set her down beside a tree and went to the river to dampen some cloth. He washed the area and rebandaged it with some ripped clothes that he had in his bag.

"You will not die," he whispered to her, picking her up and putting her on the horse again. They rode on under the moon and did not stop until the red light of dawn shone in Legolas's eyes. They stopped by the river again. "Legolas," she said, weakly, "put.....put me in the river...put...put me in the water..please...." Legolas nodded and picked her up and put her in the river. He let her float gently in his arms and smiled as he saw the relief on her face. After bringing her out of the water, he let her warm up and saw that the color was returning to her face and that she was talking and smiling again. The life was returning to her.

later that night

But one thought still plagued Legolas' mind. Had she actually put a spell on him? Her people were known for such trickery, but he loved her so, or did he? It scared him to think that she would do that and that he, a prince, fell under her power. He sat now in silence, staring at the fire that crackled softly in front of them. She looked at him, sensing the trouble in his heart. "What is wrong Legolas?" she asked him.

He said nothing for some time as she stared at him, waiting for an answer. "Did you use your powers on me?" Legolas suddenly asked. "Legolas..I-," she started slowly. "Well?" he demanded. The way he was acting towards her was how he had acted when he first met her. "I will know if you lie," he said. He wanted her to prove him wrong, to answer a simple "no" to his question, but she did neither and his heart sank. Her eyes avoided his and she looked at the fire.

"Yes, but.."she started, but he wouldn't let her finish. "You filthy wench," he whispered harshly. "I knew it." He stood up and walked over to Celegar.

"Legolas, wait, please, let me explain!" she pleaded. She wanted to tell him that she did at first. She wanted to tell him that her power lasts for only a short time. She wanted to tell him all of this, but he would hear none of it. She pushed herself and stood up, walking a few feet to the next tree, despite the pain in her back. She thought he was going to leave, but instead he pushed her to her knees and strung an arrow in his bow, pointing it at her. Tears flowed down his emotionless face. "You betrayed me," he said.

"Legolas, please listen to me," she pleaded once more, "please just listen. I-." The pain in her back worsened and she cried out in pain. But he did nothing, the arrow still pointed at her and the tears streaming down his fair face. She did not realize it before but he had blood all over his clothes. "Are you going to kill me now, Prince Legolas?" she whispered.

"Do not mock me, witch!" he yelled. "I hear it in your voice. Your power cannot save you now. You no longer have power over me." He threw down his bow and took out his swords. Two swords he had, both pointed at her, ready to slice her neck off. She willed herself not to cry. "I have no power over you," she said, "My powers last only a short time and-."

"You lie!" he exclaimed, "Do not lie to me! I can smell your fear. The last of the Cam'Wrethrin in front of me. Another way to avenge my people. And now you are the one who is afraid, not my people. I know now I never loved you. You are nothing but a whore to me." Her eyes clouded with tears. "You do not mean that," she said. "I know you do not." She crawled away from him and fell against a tree, collapsing into tears. He put the swords down and walked towards her, pulling her away from the tree and grabbing her, turning her towards him.

He wanted to hurt her, but his heart wanted otherwise. "Alfirin, how could you do this to me?" he asked. "I loved you, Alfirin, but now I know, I know what you are."

"You know nothing," she screamed, trying desperately to wrench away from his firm grasp, "And you say 'loved.' As if I was just a phase, just a short segment in your life which meant nothing. And if you do not love me now, then your love was not real!"

"Of course it was not," he said through gritted teeth, "You controlled my mind. You controlled my actions and thoughts and used me for your own sick purposes."

"Oh of course, "she said, "you did not enjoy any of it at all. Our talks were meaningless to you and the intimacy was passionless and cold."

"Yet again you mock me," he snarled, "you deserve death." And with that he picked up one of his swords and pressed it to her neck. "I speak the truth!" she cried. "Why won't you listen? I love you, I would never do that to you. I'd never make you love me because then your love would not be real, and what is love if it is not real?" Legolas put the sword down and drew her to him. She cried into his chest as he held her. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

"What made you think I would do this to you?" she asked.

"I can answer that," a familiar voice said. Berialian walked into the clearing and his face appeared when the light of the fire hit it. "She was poisoning your mind, your highness," Berialian said, walking towards them, "I had to do something to make you stay. Your home is here, not with her where ever you were heading together. So I put some esbel leaf in your food, but it only worked up until now, if it worked at all. But I see now that her powers are far too strong.. I see now that my arrow should have been replaced by my sword." Legolas stood up. Tall and noble, he seemed to tower over the guard, making him seem smaller.

"You have also tried to bewitch me with this esbel leaf of yours," Legolas said. "And yet you can stand here and accuse her of the same thing that you have done. I will not turn back now but if I were to do this, you would not be a guard anymore and you would be banished from this land."

"I care not, your highness," Berialian said, "I only care that you return to the house of Thranduil and stay there throughout your years. And the leaves were meant to make you get rid of her and hate her, but her powers are strong indeed. I merely did this so you'd awake from her spell, but her grip is powerful. You must fight it!"

"I have put no spell on him!" cried Alfirin, standing up against the tree. "Yes maybe at first I did, but my powers wear off quickly and we are in love and the bonds of love cannot be broken!"

"Silence, witch!" growled Berialian, "It is you who has caused this. It is you that took our prince away. What you have is not love, it is lust."

Legolas smiled. "Then you know nothing," he said, "Turn around and leave, Berialian. I will not return and I would have left even if I had not met her. My heart is forever with Mirkwood, but I cannot stand to be here."

Berialian cried out in anger and approached Alfirin, but Legolas stood between them. "You will not touch her," Legolas said, "I command you to turn around and leave."

"I'm sorry, my lord, I must destroy her," Berialian said, pushing Legolas out of the way, but he stopped when he got in front of her. He gasped and a shocked expression was on his face as he looked down at the sword in his stomach that Alfirin held and for a second, before he died, he thought he saw a flicker of flame in her eyes.

Legolas ran over to her and held her, expecting her to cry, but she did not. Instead she put her lips on his and embraced him. Her fingers ran through his hair and around his neck, making him shiver. Legolas withdrew from her and stood over the body of Berialian. "He was my friend once," he said, softly. "I am sorry Legolas," said Alfirin. "Nay, do not say sorry, melethanim, he would have killed you without a thought," he said. His head turned to the sky and he whistled loud. A grey horse trotted into the clearing. Legolas went to his bag and took out a quill, ink, and parchment and sat on the ground, writing quickly. When he finished he tied the letter to Berialian's limp arm. He motioned the horse to bend down and put Berialian's body on it. The horse stood up and neighed in fear, feeling the dead on his back. "Noro dan a caral daroride back and do not stop," he said to the horse and it turned and galloped away into the dark.

Legolas turned to Alfirin. He walked towards her, kissing her. "I am glad to be with you," he said. She smiled and they kissed once more. His tongue snaked into her mouth and she remembered his threat of revenge. "This night will be long," he whispered, as he lay her on the ground.

next morning

Alfirin awoke and did not find Legolas around her. She crawled to the river, her legs weak and her body aching, and drank from it. All night he had ravaged her and she was weary and a bit angry. His revenge was a bit harsher than hers, but her thoughts now drifted of the revenge that she would beset on him when she had the chance. She got dressed and looked around. Legolas was nowhere to be seen. She turned to the river and looked at the water glistening in the sun. Suddenly a hand brushed her rear and she turned to face Legolas, a mischievous smile on his face. "How are you feeling this fine morning, my lady?" he asked mockingly, laughing a bit. "Laugh all you want," said Alfirin, "You'll get yours!" In silence, he gave her bread and she ate it, still looking at him.

When she had finished, she stood up and said, "My people are widely known by all elves. What if they don't except me in Rivendell, either? What if they hear of what happened to us?" Legolas came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Do not worry," he reassured her, " I have been to fair Rivendell and they will not frown upon you. You are different from your people and that is why you survived." He kissed her neck gently. "That is why you are with me," he added gently.

She smiled and her heart was lighter. Legolas whistled for Celegar and mounting him, silently said good-bye to his beloved Mirkwood and they set off under the bright sun to Rivendell.


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