A/N: If you haven't already, please go back and read my prequel to this. It's name is "Mine Now".

The past week has been a complete rollercoaster for me. I walked into the vacation house pessimistic and angry and left it hopeful and happy. I've got the most beautiful woman I've ever seen under my arm while we drive back to Escala for the first time and, without my mother's incredible skill of the guilt treatment, I might have never found her. I've got to remember to thank my mother.

Anastasia has agreed to be my submissive girlfriend and, to be honest, I'm not sure how it all works. She's never been in that type of relationship either, so we'll have to navigate it together. I find myself nervous about bringing her back to Escala. Will she like it there? Will she like the playroom? Will it scare her? Excite her? I know it's pretty impressive, so I know I don't have to worry about her being bored with it. What if I screw everything up and push her away? We don't have a contract, but we've gone over limits and so on...there are still some things she hasn't elaborated on, yet...so I might have to set her down at some point and make her look through the list of limits.

She's agreed to stay the weekend with me instead of going home tonight, and that makes me relieved. Not only do I want her close to me, but I worry that Liam will show up at her apartment while she's there. I don't know how dangerous he can be, but by everything that happened this past week, I'm not willing to take the chance on that fucker touching my girl.

I look down at the girl who is leaning against me and see her chewing on her lip.

"Nervous?" I ask, whispering in her ear.

She releases her lip and a smile forms on her face. She nods. "Yes...an excited nervous."

"Good." I answer against her ear, making her shiver. I want her antsy. I kiss her temple and relax back, opening the hand on the arm that is slung over her. She takes the hint and laces her fingers with mine, while we sit in comfortable silence. I love that she's content with the silence. So many woman run their mouths non-stop, but Anastasia is such a calm, sensitive soul and it radiates from her. Just being close to her gives me a sense of a calm.

Taylor pulls down the street in front of Escala and my heart jumps hard in my chest.

"This is my building." I mention, pointing out the window. She leans over my lap to look up at the tall building with wide eyes.


"I own the Penthouse." I tell her. Smug asshole.

"Holy cow, Christian. Mia wasn't kidding when she said you lived in the sky." Anastasia mentions as we pull into the parking garage and make our way underground.

"I like being above the rest of the world." I tell her honestly.

She nods, but doesn't elaborate. Her face remains impassive and I wonder if she's judging me for my comment. I spent my life feeling inferior to everyone around me...not anymore. If she shows any signs of judgement, I'll beat it out of her. I won't allow it and I won't take it from her; her opinion is important to me and it's imperative that she knows I deserve my place above the others.

Taylor puts in the code to the floor of our garage and I watch his fingers closely, making sure he did as told and changed the code. I see him input 1989 and I smile; Taylor is one of the very few employees I know I can trust. The door opens and we drive in, Sawyer following us in her car. Taylor pulls in to the first available space and Sawyer parks Anastasia's on the opposite lane from us.

Taylor turns off the vehicle and opens my door and I slide out, Anastasia following. I take her hand immediately and she looks around.

"How many people share this level?" She asks.

I grin. "Just me."

Her eyes widen. "You mean...all of these cars are yours?"

I chuckle at her. "Yes, Anastasia. All of them are mine."

"Holy shit." She whispers and then gasps, covering her mouth and reddening. "Sorry, sir."

I laugh and pull her to me, kissing her forehead. "You're forgiven, Anastasia." Her reaction to my collection pleases me greatly. Her use of profanity was actually quite cute.

"Come." I steer her towards the elevator where Taylor and Sawyer are both waiting with our luggage. Once we're all inside, Taylor presses the code and the door shuts.

As soon as the doors hit together, I feel this electric charge pulling me to Anastasia. I hear her gasp, and I wonder if she feels it, too. My eyes find hers and I see her looking up at me with big doe eyes, her pink bottom lip between her teeth. She definitely feels it. I suddenly wish I made security wait for the next trip; all I want to do is stop the elevator and hike up that dress of hers so I can fuck her fast and hard.

I shake my head from the thoughts, knowing my raging hard on is making itself known, and pull her in front of me to hide it. She leans back into me and I discretely press myself into her soft ass, making my thoughts clear. A small smile forms on her face, but she keeps her eyes on the door in front of us.

The elevator dings and the doors open, immediately relieving the sexual tension between Anastasia and I. I place my hand on the small of her back and escort her through the foyer and into the main room. I watch her closely while she tries to take everything in. She looks shell-shocked.

"Well? What do you think?" I ask, wanting to know if the shock is a good thing.

"It's..." She shakes her head and shrugs her shoulders. "So big, Christian! It's beautiful. May I look out the window?"

"Yes, of course." I want her to feel at home here. I allow her to go explore the skyline on her own while I watch her. "Would you like some wine, Anastasia?"

She turns back to me and I see that she's beaming; it causes a smile to form on my face. "Yes, that would be lovely, Christian. Thank you."

I head into the kitchen while she continues to be captivated by the view. I search through the wine fridge and find one of my favorite white wines before pouring each of us a glass. I notice that Taylor and Sawyer are no where to be found and I'm glad they made themselves scarce. I just want it to be Ana and I this weekend.

I head back towards her and see that she's still plastered in the same spot where I left her. She hears my footsteps and turns towards me, smiling.

"Thank you, Christian." She takes one of the glasses from me and takes a sip. Her eyes widen at the taste and I give her a smirk.


She nods. "This is phenomenal."

My smirk widens. I love introducing all of this to her. I want to continue to surprise and shock her every day that we're together.

"Should we continue with the tour?" I ask, eager to show her the rest.

She nods. "Yes, sir."

I take her hand and head to the kitchen, explaining that Mrs. Jones only works Monday through Friday, so she'll meet her at a later date.

"Sir?" She stops for a second on our way out of the kitchen.


"If she doesn't cook on the weekends...what do you eat?"

I give her an amused look. She knows I'm definitely not going to cook for myself. "Usually I heat something up she's left...or my sub cooks for me."

She nods softly; the answer makes her look uncomfortable. I'm confused by this. She had no problem cooking for me while we were away...Why would she suddenly be worried about it now? Unless...she's uncomfortable with the thought of other subs in my kitchen. For some reason, I like that she's jealous.

"Come. Let me show you the rest."

I take her down the hall, showing her the bathroom and then the library, where she gets stuck for almost fifteen minutes. I practically have to peel her off of my bookshelves to get her to keep moving.

"This is my bedroom." I tell her, standing at the closed door.

She smiles at me. "The one where no woman has been?"

I chuckle. "No woman except my housekeeper."

She giggles. "Let me in!"

I smack her bottom playfully while I push the door open. "So sassy."

I allow her to enter first and she stops, closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath. "Mmm."

I watch her as she slowly makes her way around the room, touching random pieces of furniture and taking a look at the view of the skyline before she turns towards the bed. She sits on the edge and bounces lightly a couple times.

"What are you doing?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.

"Just trying the bed out." She answers, turning and laying against the pillow, and starts to shimmy.

"Is it to your standards, Anatasia?" I say dryly.

For a split second, I think I see a shadow of a smile on her face, but I blink and it's gone. She keeps her eyes on the ceiling, refusing to meet my eyes. "No."

Her answer floors me.

"What?" I growl.

She turns her head and smiles at me. "I won't know if it's up to my standards until my gorgeous dom is lying in it."

I've been called this many times before, but for some reason, it means so much more coming from her. My heart swells at the compliment from her. I try not to show the affect she has on me; I cock my eyebrow at her and she does the same to me before patting the bed next to her.

She's challenging me. I raise both of my eyebrows and she gives me the sweetest smile she can muster. "Please?"

I shake my head, but laugh. This girl. I lie down next to her on my back and turn my head towards her. "So?"

She smiles. "Perfect."

I sit up and sigh. "What am I going to do with you, Anastasia?"

She sits up and shrugs. "I don't know...maybe you should show me your playroom before you decide?"

Little minx. "Maybe your punishment should be that you don't get to see the playroom today." I tell her as seriously as I can.

Her lips pull into a frown. "Does that mean I should just go home?"

My eyes widen. "No. Of course not. I was trying to make a joke; it didn't come across as intended. My apologies, Miss Steele."

"A joke? I'm sorry, Christian...it's kind of hard navigating this half and half thing...I don't know when you're joking or when you're being serious and I don't know when I should be submissive or when I'm allowed to be sassy."

I reach over and smooth her hair away from her face. "I know. It's new to both of us. As long as you aren't purposely being disrespectful or rude, I won't punish you for it...that's not to say I won't spank you for pleasure, but I promise it won't be for punishment."

She smiles and I know she feels much better.

"The playroom?" I ask.

She gives me a toothy grin and nods. "Yes, please, sir."

"Shoes off, baby."

I get up to fetch the key out of my drawer before I escort her up the stairs. On our way up, I see her demeanor change. Her breathing increases, almost to the point of panting, and the tip of her tongue keeps slipping out to wet her lips. She's rubbing her hands together and I can tell that she's a little nervous, but becoming aroused at the same time. I feel myself getting aroused with each step, knowing I'll get to see her in my playroom instead of just picturing it.

When we make it to the playroom door, I pull the large gold key out of my pocket and slip it into the lock. I love how easily it glides into the keyhole. I turn it and my dick twitches when I hear the click of the lock.

"You ready, baby?" I ask, looking down at her.

"Yes." My girl looks excited. She should be.

I slip the key back into my jeans and push the door open, allowing her to enter first. The aroma of wood and orange furniture cleaner hits me and my body automatically reacts. I stand taller, more even on my feet. My chin lifts and my brow ridge deepens. This feels like home.

I notice that the room has the opposite effect on Anastasia. Her chin dips, her eyes lower and she seems to fold into herself.

I frown. She seems so unsure of herself...so small-too delicate- for this room. I've never looked at a sub like that before. Sure...I've always thought of myself as the big bad wolf...but now, I feel like I really am a predator and she's little red.

You're the dom, asshole. Fix it.

I watch Anastasia move towards the floggers, holding a hand up to run her fingers through the ends. Her chin is still tilted down and she's looking at them through her eyelashes.

I stride over to her and stand behind her. "You don't have to be afraid of it, Anastasia. You may explore freely when we're not in scene."

She nods, continuing to look at the flogger. "I'm sorry, sir. The room is so intimidating." Her words are so quiet, her tone so soft, that I have to strain to hear her.

I lean down and kiss the shell of her ear. "No need, Anastasia. I want you to be comfortable."

She smiles softly while she runs her fingers through the long leather strands. "They're so soft."

"They better be, they cost a fortune."

She giggles quietly and moves on to explore more of the playroom.

"I like this..." She mentions, running her index finger of my brand new tantra chair.

I grin. "Ordered it just for you."

She stops in her tracks and a smile slowly forms on her face. "Really?"

I nod. "Yes, angel."

Her cheeks redden and she looks down, biting her lip. "I guess I better show my appreciation then."

I saunter slowly over to her and stand behind her, sliding her hair off her neck.

"I guess you better." I whisper into her ear before I slide my nose from the skin in front of her ear to the junction of her shoulder and neck, slowly breathing hot air out of my mouth to tickle her skin.

Her body shivers against my touch and breaks out full of goosebumps. I nip and lick my way across her skin and she leans her head, offering her neck in delicious submission.

I bite down on her jugular- enough to leave indentations for a few minutes, but not enough to bruise- and her knees buckle. I catch her around her waist and slowly lower her to her knees, while I kneel behind her.

"Are you my good girl, Anastasia?" I whisper against her ear.

She whimpers and nods. "Yes, sir. I'm your good girl."

"What are your safewords, Anastasia?"

"Yellow and red, sir."

"That's my good girl."

My dick is straining against my jeans, throbbing to be free, but I know I can't lead with my dick. I need to show her how controlled I can be. She hasn't seen that side, yet.

I nip at her pulse point and suck before sitting back on my heels. I take her hair in my hands and begin to braid her hair. I told her to always carry a hair band. It's time to see how well she listens. When I get to the end, I pinch it between my fingers, keeping the braid from unraveling and ask her.

"Where is your hair tie, Anastasia?"

"Right pocket, sir." She keeps her head down and her forearms on her thighs.

I smile. She really is my good girl. I slip my hand into her sundress pocket and feel multiple bands at the bottom. I am highly amused by this. Overachiever.

I hook my index finger in one and pull it out, securing her braid. I stand, but she doesn't move.


She rises off the floor, but keeps her head pointed at the floor. I see that her shoulders are straight, making her look more confident and it pleases me. She now feels safe and comfortable in my playroom with me.

I step back from her to see her reaction, but she doesn't move. I continue to put distance between us, but she stays statue still. I go to my drawers and pull out a blind fold and then pull out my leather cuffs that can either be hooked together or to any of my contraptions.

I move back over to her, keeping my footsteps quiet and when I get close enough, I slip the blindfold on. She jumps slightly and gasps, so my hand connects with her clothed backside, making her jump again.

I unzip her sundress, sliding it off her shoulders so that it falls to the floor. I unsnap her bra and do the same.

Retrieving the cuffs from the floor, I hold them in my left hand while my right ghosts down her arm and wraps around her wrist, guiding it behind her back. I take my time and attach the first cuff, slipping a finger in to make sure it isn't too tight.

I do the same with her other wrist, securing it to the other with a six inch chain between them.

I take a step back to admire my beautiful girl before I slip my clothes off. The zipper of my jeans is extremely loud in the quiet room and the sound makes her toes curl and her hand ball into fists. As much as I love to see her react to me like that, this is the reason my dom jeans are button up. I don't like my subs knowing what I'm up to. I have exercised great control over my movements in this room and have learned to be completely silent with anything I do.

I return back to Anastasia and notice that her lip is between her teeth. A short tug on braid makes her release it and gasp.

"Good girl."

I run my index finger from her neck and down her spine, stopping at the waistband of her panties.

"You look simply edible, Miss Steele." She looks so sexy in these little satin bikinis, but she'd look even better if she was wearing something I bought her. I make a mental note to contact Neiman Marcus later.

I circle around her and lift her chin with my finger before kissing her lips. She kisses me back and I can feel her inner struggle. She wants to stay still, but her back keeps trying to arch so she can mold against me.

I want to pull her against me and give us what we both crave, but I'm curious to see how much control she has-if her will is stronger than her want. I deepen the kiss and feel her shoulders sway, but she stays put. I pull away from the kiss, grinning like an idiot. I am oddly proud of her, even though a part of me wants her to need me so bad that she can't control herself.

I crouch down and slide her panties down her legs, my palms flat against her skin so I can grope her on the way down. When they get to her ankles she lifts one foot and then the other so that they're discarded on the floor.

I can smell her arousal from her and I can't help myself. I bring my face to the apex of her thighs, breathing deeply and I feel her tremble. I lift my chin and run my tongue up her slit and she whimpers. I feel her hips slowly move forward, trying to find some relief, and I pull away quickly. She takes a shaky breath in and I chuckle.

"Patience, my girl."

She nods. "Yes, sir."

I nuzzle and kiss over her stomach and take a deep breath in, smelling her skin. She smells phenomenal...something I can't explain. It's an apple, pheromone, innocent, yet sexy kind of smell that I've never had the joy of smelling until now...it's something I crave and something I refuse to ever live without.

I stand and maneuver her to the tall end of the tantra chair and bend her over so that her abdomen is leaning against it. I press my knee between hers, forcing her to open further and run my index finger from her clit all the way up her backside, making her squirm.

I spank her. "Still."

"Sorry, sir."

I leave her to retrieve the flogger she was interested in. I know she said only her backside, but these are soft enough not to leave marks...I'll have to speak to her about it. I want her to trust me completely; enough that she'll let me hit her wherever I want with whatever I want, knowing that I won't mutilate that beautiful body.

I start my way back over to her and I can see how pink she is from halfway across the room. It won't take long for her to come...Do I let her come? Or do I make her wait? Hmm. I tap my chin while I watch her from ten feet away.

It would be so much fun to keep playing with her and taking it away before she slips over the edge...but I don't want her to think this is punishment. She's been a very good girl and I want her to enjoy herself. Perhaps I'll force her to come over and over, until she's unable to stand.

I grin at the thought.

Yes, that's exactly what I'll do.

I make the ten strides over to her and run the very ends of the floggers down the length of her spine and over her backside. She intakes sharply and goosebumps form over her body. I lift the flogger again and this time I roll my wrists, making the ends swirl in small circles as I slowly make my way down her spine again. I swing my arm back and bring it forward, the leather licking her backside.

"Mmm..." Her head rolls.

I do it a few more times, alternating cheeks, making her pant.

"Trust me, Anastasia."

"Okay." She breathes and I smirk. Easy.

I lift the flogger and sway my arm back and forth letting the leather strands glide over her smooth skin from side to side. I start at her hips and my my way up and then back down again. I continue up and down, striking her skin a little harder each time I start at her hips again. She's starting to mewl and she keeps squeezing her toes and fists, so I know she's getting there. I stop my movements back and forth and strike her square on the back with the flogger, making her moan. I do it a few more times, making my way down to her plump buttocks and then point it toward the floor and swinging it back up, right between her legs and throwing her into an orgasm.

She cries out and starts to convulse. I do not want to miss out on the muscle contraction so I line myself up and dive into her from behind and I have to clench my jaw to keep from becoming verbal myself. She is so deliciously wet and tight, and her walls are like a vise, clamping around my dick and sucking me further into her. I force myself to pull out until only the heads in and I slam into her over and over and ride it out.

Her muscles finally relax and I reach down and lift her right leg, hooking it over my forearm. I continue to lift it and grip the top of the leather chair to keep it in place. I continue to plow into her, wondering how long she'll be able to handle only being on one leg. I'm determined to make sure she can't stand anymore.

I feel her walls start to flutter again and I change the angle of my thrusts to hit her g-spot easier.


She obeys.

Once shes finished, I slow, making sure she can feel every inch in and every inch out. I slip my freehand around her leg and play with her clit.

"Mmm...oh, sir..." She moans loudly.

I rub her swollen clit into a tiny hard bundle of nerves and pinch it and pull, forcing it to release and then I continue to rub it until it's back into its bundle. Her mewls get louder, causing my thrusts to quicken without me even realizing.

"It feels so good when you come, Anastasia...can you come for me?"

She whimpers and I know she's tired.

"Come on, Anastasia. Let me have it. Come for your sir."

She starts to pant and I know she's getting there. My thrusts get harder and my fingers get rougher. "Are you my good girl, Anastasia?"

That does it.

"YES!" She screams, trying to answer me as she detonates around me. I slow my movements and let her body suck my dick in every time I pull out.

Her legs start to shake and I pull my hand out from between her legs and hold her tightly against me as her leg gives way.

"That's it, baby. That's my good girl." I whisper in her ear, kissing her neck while she recuperates.

I slip out of her and pick her up, carrying her over to the opposite side of the tantra chair. The curve is lower and I lay her back, the small of her back and tailbone against the top of the swell, her handcuffed hands sitting comfortably in the middle, with her shoulder blades and head resting in the center of the chair. Her ass is propped up higher than her head-it'll make her orgasms more intense- so I know it won't be much longer before she's comatose.

I kneel down and lift the back of her thighs so that her center is right in front of my face and I bury my face in it, enjoying how incredibly wet she is. She's wet down the inside of both thighs and now so is my face from the nose down. I continue to play, my tongue at her clit and two fingers inside stroking her g-spot, until she comes again. This time, she does more whimpering than screaming and I know she's almost at her limit.

I stand quickly and enter her, pounding into her hard and she surprises me by rooting me on.

"Oh, sir! Yes, fuck...yes!"

I almost laugh, because I'm so surprised. Here, I thought that she was comatose, but as soon as my dick touches her, she comes back to life. If that doesn't make a fucker smug, I don't know what will.

I wrap my arms around her and lift her off the leather, leaving her head and shoulders where they are, as I continue my assault inside of her. I can feel her start to throb hard and I know she's got one last orgasm in her.

"Don't fight it, Anastasia." I warn, when I see her bite her lip. I know it will make her stomach cramp for awhile, but it's already going to either way. She might as well get something out of it.

She growls in frustration and succumbs to yet another orgasm. This time, I don't hold back and I allow myself to come with her.

"Fuck...Ana!" I come so hard, I see black and have to close my eyes. I've never lost my vision from fucking until she came around.

My ass muscles tighten and twitch as I try to keep us both upright in mid-orgasm. I want to bend over to set her down, but my stomach and thigh muscles are so tight I can't move, so I have to choice, but to ride this out. I know I'm moaning and grunting, but she feels so fucking good. I just hope she doesn't judge me for it.

Finally, I am able to bend over and place her back on the chair. I need a minute to recuperate before I pick her up again. My limbs are useless.

I find my composure and open my eyes, blinking a few times. Not blind anymore. I reach behind her, unclipping the chain from her wrists, and lift her up, startling her. She had fallen asleep.

"It's okay. I've got you. You did so well, Ana."

I carry her over to the bed and lay her on it while I slip my jeans back on. I don't want to risk Sawyer still being in the apartment. I pick up my shirt and wipe my face clean before throwing it on top of her dress. I take the new gray robe off the back of the door and return to her, taking off her restraints and blindfold and place it over her body to cover her. She stirs while I do these things, but refuses to open her eyes. I can't help, but smile fondly at her. I love taking care of her.

I lift her up, being careful not to let her robe slip. I'd hate to have to fire the fucker we just hired just because he saw my girl naked. I carry her out the door and down the hall, walking straight past the sub room and down the stairs, not stopping until we reach my bedroom. I somehow manage to maneuver the duvet down enough to set her down and slide it under her and back over her. I slide the robe out from under the duvet and place it at the end of the bed.

I take in my sleeping girl for a moment and kiss her lips.

Her eyes flutter open and she blinks up at me. "Christian?"

"Sleep, Ana."

"You aren't going to leave, are you?"

I smile and shake my head. "No...I'm not. I just need to change."

She closes her eyes and stretches. "Good."

I watch as she turns to her side and curls up in her little ball. I know she'll be out before I even make it to my drawers to retrieve my pajama pants.

On my way to my closet, I check the clock and see that it's close to five...almost dinner time. I look back at her and see her sleeping deeply.

Looks like dinner's going to be late.


I wake up after an hour, but see that Anastasia is still sleeping sound in my arms. I slowly slide my arm out from under her and scoot back, trying not to wake her. Once I've made sure she's undisturbed, I go in search of our bags. I find them in the hall and pull out my laptop and charger, leaving the rest for Mrs. Jones on Monday morning. I remember that Anastasia already washed all of hers, so I grab her bag and carry it back into the bedroom with me. I place it on the chair along with my charger and make myself comfortable on the bed with my laptop so I can keep an eye on Anastasia. I rest my back against the headboard and use my pillow as a desk.

I fire up my laptop and email Caroline Acton, my assistant buyer at Neiman Marcus, asking her to select clothing and lingerie for Anastasia. I give her Anastasia's sizes and height, as well as her eye and hair color and even the length of her hair. I've never sent a picture before, but Anastasia is my girlfriend and I want to show her off, so I use the picture from her background check and add it as an attachment. I ask her to do a lot of pastel colors to compliment her skin tone. I also ask her to stay away from reds if possible-If that fucker liked her in red, I don't want her in it anymore. I don't want her to even think about that prick again. I also tell her I want nothing too revealing when it comes to clothing, but I want the lingerie to be sexy and lacy. I tell her she doesn't need to send me pics of all the clothing, but I want a picture of every lingerie set so I can hand pick them myself.

I then tell her to send a picture of Anastasia to the best beauty specialist they have, to hand pick beauty products for her. I want her to have the best make-up, skin products, and hair products out there. She's already so beautiful-she needs products that compliment her beauty instead of her budget. Now that she is with me, there is no such a thing as a budget...she'll receive only the best. My chest swells at the thought of being able to do this all for her. I want to take care of her in every way I can.

I hear Anastasia move and I turn my head to see that she's now turned toward me and looking up at me from her pillow.

"You're alive." I tease and shut my laptop, setting it on the nightstand.

"Hrmph." She starts to inch her way towards me and I cock my eyebrow at her in question, but she just smiles back at me. I watch her with interest and when she gets to my legs she wraps her arms around the leg closest to her and lays her head on my thigh.

"Ahh, much better." She says, and she must think she's funny, because she giggles after she says it.

"Keeping me hostage, Miss Steele?"

She nods against my thigh and squeezes my leg tighter. "Last time I woke up, you were all the way over here. This time I know you'll stay or wake me up."

I pull the tie out of her hair and run my hands through it, relieving it of its braid. I stroke her hair and see her eyes flutter shut.

"None of that, Miss Steele. It's dinner time."

She pouts.

"You're going to let me starve?"

She giggles.

"Come on...up." I smack her ass. "I don't know what your sudden fascination is with my leg, but I assure you...it'll still be there later."

She finally sits up and stretches. "Alright, come on grumpy pants. I'll feed you."

Grumpy pants? "You certainly have a way with words, Miss Steele. Where did you get that fine vocabulary?" I ask as we climb out of bed, dressing her in her robe.

"Do you hate it, Mr. Grey?" She asks, slipping her hand in mine.

"To be honest? No." The truth is I find it fucking adorable. It just fuels the aura of innocence she gives off.

I see her smile at the ground as I lead her into the kitchen so she can make us dinner.

When we reach the kitchen, I release her hand and give her a soft whop on the backside. "Now, make me some dinner, woman. I'm starving. I'll get the wine."

I feel eyes on the back of me when I'm at the wine fridge and turn to see her looking over her shoulder at me while she's at the stove. She makes eye contact and then turns her head quickly around, blushing at the skillet. How this woman can go from sassy to shy in such a small amount of time is beyond me, but I enjoy each side of her. I pour our wine and hand Anastasia hers, before I take a seat at the island so I can watch her move around my kitchen. I could watch this woman all day.