Title: Chasing Merlin

A/N: This is the final chapter for this fic. I'm not exactly sure of how I feel about it, but at least its complete now, right? Anyway, I hope you all like it. Thanks for reading! On an unrelated note, I'd just like to say that I'm extremely pissed off because I had to write this final chapter twice. The last chapter I wrote was complete, and I was about to post it, but then like an idiot, I accidentally deleted it before I could click "COPY"… and so, I had to rewrite the whole thing. And no, I couldn't undo type, or restore the note. Tried all of those things, but nothing. I wanted to cry. Anyway, enjoy!


Chapter Four:


Two hours pass, and Merlin doesn't even stir. Other than his soft snores, the room is awkwardly silent. Arthur had suggested dousing him with water or perhaps slapping him awake, but Morgana shot both of his suggestions down.

It's Gwen who breaks the silence as it so happens, Merlin's feet are directly in her line of sight. "He's got really big feet for someone so small." the olive skinned maid says mindlessly.

Morgana snickers softly, looking up at her maid and Arthur, who's leaning against the wall with his arms folded across his chest. She smiles, "Well you know what they say about men with big feet." Morgana's grin widens.

Gwen giggles and Arthur looks confused. "Big boots?" The Prince asks.

Morgana laughs at that, "Those too." It seems, Merlin isn't the only oblivious man in the castle.

Arthur sighs, shaking his head, not knowing why he ever bothers trying to make conversation with Morgana. He can't get a single word in without her twisting it into some sort of challenge or trick. "It's been over 2 hours." He sighs, "Gwen, you must've hit him a lot harder than we thought." he glances over to the girl, trying not to sigh in delight. Being in her presence evokes the most pleasant of feelings in him. And though he tries not to show those feelings, he has to admit, he really likes them.

Gwen looks sheepishly at her unconscious friend. "He sort of startled me when he turned his head, and I just reacted."

"It's fine." Arthur smiles adoringly at her as if she could do no wrong.

Gwen returns the look. Before all of this, around the time she just met Merlin, she had loathed Arthur. He was rude, obnoxious, a bully, and very childish… But she has to admit that the Prince has changed quite a lot since then. He's more selfless, kinder, caring, mature, thoughtful, and though she's always thought he was very handsome, his new personality certainly adds to his dashing good looks. And she suspects that Merlin may have something to do with Arthur's new outlook on things. Another reason why she wishes the manservant happiness.

Morgana rolls her eyes at the two as they continue to gaze into each other's eyes. "Why don't you both just admit that you're head over heels in love with each other and go back to Arthur's chambers so I can have some peace and quiet?" Honestly, they're practically making babies with their eyes!

Arthur and Gwen both avert their gazes from each other as their faces turn pink. Arthur recovers first and throws a glare at Morgana. "Why don't you just admit that you want us to leave so you can jump into bed with Merlin?"

Morgana, never one to back down, especially not to Arthur, quirks an amused eyebrow at him. "Okay then, please leave so I can jump into bed with your manservant."

Arthur scoffs, rolling his eyes at her. "Not a chance."

Morgana only smirks.

It's past midnight when Arthur yawns, making Gwen yawn as well. "He's probably not going to wake up until morning." Gwen mutters tiredly.

Arthur looks torn between waiting for Merlin to wake up, and just going back to his chambers to get some sleep. The world doesn't wait for him (even if he's the Prince), and he already doesn't like waking up early. Not to mention, the one who usually wakes him up in the mornings is currently unconscious. Slowly, he nods. "Yes. Perhaps we should all get some rest. It seems like Merlin will be the only one well rested tomorrow if we don't get to bed soon."

Morgana nods from her spot by the bed. "Yes, that's probably best." she gets up, stretching her arms up over her head and moving closer to the bed.

Arthur and Gwen watch her, both wondering what she's about to do. Only Arthur voices his thoughts, "What are you doing?"

Morgana pauses and looks at him as if it should be obvious. "What does it look like I'm doing?" she asks with a hint of annoyance in her voice. "I'm going to bed."

Arthur and Gwen gape at her. "But Merlin is in your bed, Milady." Gwen mutters confusedly.

"And," Arthur pipes in, "He's tied up."

"And?" Morgana presses rhetorically. "You don't expect me to sleep on the floor, do you?" she doesn't give them a chance to answer before adding, "And I'm just as exhausted as the both of you. I'm not going to sit here all night and wait for Merlin to wake up."

"We can fetch you a cot." Arthur says.

Morgana scoffs at the Prince and glares at him for good measure. "Not bloody likely. My bed is big enough for both Merlin and I, so I don't see why we both can't sleep in it without engaging in any other activities which you both clearly seem to think we're going to perform as soon as you leave this room."

Arthur and Gwen both look torn about what to say to that. Morgana made some fairly good points. Opening and closing his mouth several times, Arthur glances at Gwen for an answer, finding nothing. "Errr, well… I guess you're right."

Morgana smiles mockingly at the Prince, "Of course I am. When have I ever been wrong?" She cuts the Prince off before he could reply to that, "Good night, Arthur." she nods and throws a genuine smile towards her maid. "Have a good night, Gwen."

Gwen nods back with an amused grin, "Good night, Milady." with that, she boldly takes Arthur's hand and pulls him towards the door.

Arthur couldn't resist calling hurriedly over his shoulder, "Behave, Morgana!"

Morgana only lets out a laugh at that. As if she would do otherwise… she glances at the sexy manservant in her bed, snoring away softly without a care in the world. WellNo. Morgana hastily shakes her head. You must resist Merlin. Arthur may be an idiot, but he's an idiot with a point. You must get Merlin's consent before you do anything to him.

She sighs, admiring the manservants relaxed features. Here and now, as he's unconscious, she can't help but think that he looks so much younger… so adorable, delectable, and quite possibly, edible… what? Morgana takes a deep breath, closing her eyes and mentally trying to pull herself as well as her hormones together. Calm down, Morgana. If things go well when Merlin wakes up, you can have your fill of him then. For now, be a good girl and go to sleep.

It's really easier said than done. She spends nearly a whole hour trying to calm her nerves as she slips under the covers next to Merlin's warm body. After a few minutes of tossing and turning, she decides to just take advantage of Merlin's warmth… not in that way, obviously. She sidles up right next to him and lays her head on his chest, one arm pressed into his side, and the other draped across his strong, hard stomach. Biting her lip, she watches his face for a few moments before slowly raising herself up on her elbow, and pressing her lips against his. It's quick and could barely be called a kiss, but it makes her entire body tingle with excitement. "Goodnight, Merlin." she whispers softly. She's not sure if she imagined it, but she thinks she sees the corners of his lips lift slightly in a tiny hint of a smile.

Forcing herself away, she lays her head back down onto his chest, closing her eyes, and finally letting her exhaustion take over her body.

The first thing Merlin notices upon waking up, is the throbbing pain in the back of his head. Groaning lightly, he goes to touch his head, but- "Wha-," his head snaps to his left, eyes widening when he realizes that like he initially thought, his hand is bound to a bedpost that isn't his. He didn't even have posts on his bed!

There's a small groan from his right, and Merlin's eyes widen even further when he notices a significant, warm weight on his chest, something draped across his stomach, and some soft, velvet tickling his cheek. He holds his breath as he turns his head down slowly, his eyes first seeing pale, slender fingers, connected to a soft looking hand, connected to a very familiar arm, connected to a barely covered shoulder, connected to... long, wavy, dark hair that smells like lavender, framing a face of a goddess.

Part of him wants to sigh in pure ecstasy to behold such a face upon waking up... granted, he's tied to a bed, but still. And another part of him, the logical part, is confused beyond belief, and scared. This was not a position he ever thought he'd be in.

Panic takes over him and he begins looking around. He realizes that his feet are tied as well, and the panic rises like dough in a hot oven.

What is he doing here? Why is he tied to a bed? Is this Morgana's chambers? Why is Morgana sleeping halfway on top of him? What's the last thing he remembers? He pauses, mind searching for the last thing he remembers, then... aha! He was taking Gaius' herbs back to his chambers when he got hit behind the head by something and then... nothing.

He bites his lip as he pulls at his restraints, but the ribbons won't budge. He glances to his left wrist, trying to find a knot or something he could pull on, but then his eyes narrow dangerously towards a very familiar knot. One he's never seen anyone use before, except for Arthur. "What the actual hell is going on?" He says aloud then closes his mouth quickly and glances at Morgana's still slumbering form. He wishes he could slap a hand over his mouth, but that's kind of hard to do at the moment as he's a little tied up... literally.

He looks around again, now completely certain that he's indeed in Morgana's chambers. With nothing to do, he huffs as he lays his head back again, and turns his face towards Morgana's. he has to admit, he could stare at her all day. Turning his brain off, Merlin decides to do just that... well, stare at her until she wakes up that is. How is it possible for someone to look so... beautiful in the morning?

Several peaceful minutes pass before Morgana finally stirs from her sleep, eyes blinking slowly. Merlin immediately shuts his eyes again, pretending to be asleep. This was going to be hard for him, knowing that she's awake now. He could almost feel her eyes on him as the hand she has rested on his stomach begins to slowly caress him through his shirt. He resists the urge to groan at the sensation. Had it been anyone else's hand, he would've been quite uncomfortable. But having Morgana touch him so softly, so intimately, nearly forces a sigh from his lips.

Suddenly, he feels a slight movement from her, and he feels the warmth of her breath against his hair. There's a short pause, and then he feels her lips brush gently against his forehead. He nearly melts right through the bed at the contact. It's one thing for her to touch him with her hands. But to press those heavenly lips against his skin, its… well, it's a dream come true. Even if it's just on his forehead.

He can't quite help himself when he feels her hand move a little too low to be appropriate, resting directly above his groin.

"Oh." Morgana gasps as she stares at the front of Merlin's trousers. "You're awake." she glances up into Merlin's face, eyes searching it for signs of consciousness. And then his eyes slowly open, and his face reddens slightly.

"What gave me away?"

Morgana giggles and nods towards his groin. "Your not-so-little friend there decided to say hello."

Merlin's face reddens further as tries to think away his excitement. God, this is just the worst kind of embarrassment. "I— I'm so sorry, Milady. I didn't mean to, errr… react."

Morgana waves a hand in his face. "Nonsense, Merlin. Don't apologize." she grins and licks her lips as she begins to sit up and leans towards his groin, inspecting the tent forming in his trousers. "I'd be more concerned if you didn't react at all."

Merlin squirms, not exactly sure of how to feel about Morgana inspecting his… errr, excitement thoroughly. "Milady," he begins, thinking that now would be a good time as any to ask her, "What's going on?"

Morgana pulls away, having almost forgotten that Merlin is indeed awake now, and she's not exactly free to just stare at his erection without looking a bit creepy. "Errr, right." she nods, and hastily gets out of bed. She'll need a bit of distance between them if she's to answer properly without tearing Merlin's trousers right off of him. "I think I should apologize first for… well," she pauses and gestures at his bound hands and feet. "All of this."

The manservant stares, "Okay." he nods slowly.

"I'm sorry. But this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't run away from me."

Merlin continues to stare, not exactly sure anymore of how he feels about all of this. "I remembered getting hit in the back of the head last night."

Morgana nods with a sheepish look on her face. "That was Gwen."

"Gwen?" Merlin asks incredulously. "Gwen knocked me out?"

Again, Morgana nods. "And Arthur carried you up here, and together, all three of us tied you to my bed."

Merlin's eye twitches as he tries to process that. It takes a few moments, but then he's gaping at her. "Gwen. And Arthur. Gwen your maid, and Arthur the Prince of Camelot. Helped you tie me to your bed."

Morgana sighs, nodding yet again, "I know this is a lot to take in, and I'm sure you're extremely confused about what's going on, but like I said, this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't run away from me."

"Guinevere and Arthur Pendragon." Merlin repeats disbelievingly.

"Yes, do you know any other Gwen and Arthur?" Morgana's lips lift at the corners in amusement.

Merlin shakes his head, not entirely able to wrap his head around that fact just yet. "What the hell?" he mumbles under his breath.

Morgana chuckles and moves closer to the bed. "I'm sorry."

Merlin shakes his head and laughs, "For what?"

"For dropping all of this on you… I suppose I hadn't really thought this through."

"Really?" Merlin looks at his bound wrists and then gives her a skeptical look. "Which part?"

Morgana rolls her eyes, "Okay, don't act like this is entirely my fault. A little bit of this is your fault too."

"Right." Merlin rolls his eyes. "If I hadn't run away, you wouldn't have had to turn to such drastic measures… with the help of your maid and the Prince of Camelot."

"No." Morgana interrupts, "It's your fault for being so bloody…" she trails off, at a loss for words. She doesn't want to come outright and say that he's so bloody irresistibly sexy. Perhaps a more subtle approach would be best for now. The whole tying-to-the-bed thing is still being processed by the poor sexy manservant.

"So bloody what?" Merlin challenges.

Morgana glares at him. "Do you have any idea what I've had to endure these past couple of weeks?" she almost hates him for being so clueless. Almost. He's just too bloody adorable to stay mad at. "What I've been dreaming of since this whole mess started?" she adds in.

Merlin blinks confusedly. "Not exactly."

"God, you're oblivious." Morgana mutters with an eye roll.

Merlin is slightly offended by that accusation. He likes to think he's always on top of things. Always alert and up to date with everything going on around him. "Why do you say that, Milady?"

Morgana huffs, running a hand through her hair in frustration. "Merlin, even Arthur figured it out. Arthur! The idiot who usually needs help figuring things out!"

"Figured what out?" His confusion is over the roof now. He glances at his wrist again before looking at Morgana with pleading eyes. "Can you untie me please?"

Morgana narrows her eyes at the manservant. "Why?"

Merlin gapes at her, "Well I can't say this is the most comfortable conversation I've ever had with anyone."

Morgana sighs, "Right, well too bad. You're staying tied up until you answer my questions."

This was completely uncalled for, but Merlin nods anyway. "Fine. Ask your questions, Milady."

Morgana thinks about her questions for a few moments, not sure what she wants to ask first… she decides to go with, "Why did you run away after kissing me in the alcoves?"

Merlin huffs. A loaded question, of course. Cant she start off with something easier?! Like 'what time is it?' He thinks about her question, hoping Morgana doesn't notice the blush rising up his neck. "That's… I mean, well— I had to be somewhere."

"That's bloody nonsense." Morgana scoffs. "You ran like your life depended on it."

Merlin resists the urge to groan. He can see that there's no lying about this. "Well my life did depend on it. I'm not exactly a noble, Morgana… Uther will have me executed if I even look at you inappropriately."

"Who the hell cares what Uther thinks?" Morgana asks incredulously. "He's a tyrant, and a bully."

"Yes, well he's also the King, and you're his Ward." Merlin points out.

Morgana groans, turning around and beginning to pace. It just always comes down to Uther and what he wants, or what he thinks, or what he knows. The man is a nuisance in her life. And people wonder why she's always defying him. She turns, glaring at the man tied to her bed. "So what you're saying is, you ran because you were scared of Uther."

Merlin more or less agrees. He can protect himself with his magic, but he's still one man. Uther has a whole army of knights, and Merlin isn't very keen on hurting anyone. Not even Uther. It's just not in his nature. "You know I'll lose my head if Uther ever finds out that I kissed you."

Morgana stares at him for a long, silent moment, a serious look covers her face. "So kissing me isn't worth losing your head for?"

Merlin groans. These aren't even normal questions she's asking him. She wants him to admit that he has feelings for her, or is at least attracted to her. But that's very hard to do, because of his fear of rejection… although, he supposes being tied to Morgana's bed should mean that she at least likes him as a friend. Not that a friend would tie another friend to their bed. This is all so confusing for him. Throwing caution to the wind, Merlin shakes his head. "Of course it's worth it… Kissing you is worth more than my life, Morgana." his voice is barely above a whisper, but Morgana can hear him loud and clear.

With a wide, satisfied smile, Morgana finally sits down on the bed, still facing Merlin. Her eyes soften and her heart warms at his words. "I wouldn't let Uther touch a hair on your head, Merlin."

Merlin smiles at her. "I know you wouldn't… but he's still the King."

"And if he wishes to see me alive, he won't harm you."

Merlin's eyebrows furrow in confusion. The resolve in Morgana's voice was no joke. She means what she said. So he asks curiously, "What do you mean?"

Honestly, he might possibly be the most clueless human being in the world, next to Arthur. She decides to just spell it out for him. "Merlin, I will do whatever it takes to keep you from harm. The things I would do for you, are beyond insane. The things I've imagined and dreamed of doing with you, to you, for you, are endless… Unless of course, if you don't feel the same way…" she looks away as she mutters, "but I can no longer deprive myself of what I want most."

"And what is it you want most?" Merlin asks breathily, utterly captivated by the beautiful goddess before him, pouring her soul out to him, admitting her feelings for him.

Morgana stares at him long and hard. "You."

His breath catches in his throat, not sure of what to make of that. A Lady of the King's court, the Kings Ward, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his life, wants him. He could die happy… but he's not satisfied with just that. "Are you sure Milady?" he asks hesitantly.

Morgana leans forward and kisses him softly on the lips. This would be their second real kiss, and she wants it to be a memorable one, in case Merlin already thinks she has absolutely lost her mind. It's a soft and sensual kiss, and her body reacts to the pleasure that it emits. "Yes." she breathes.

"Then I am yours." Merlin whispers against her lips.

The feeling that goes through her body upon hearing those words from the manservant, is unbelievable. Goosebumps rise in her skin, and a whole weight of worries and insecurities falls off of her shoulders. She looks longingly into his eyes, wanting nothing more than to become one with him. "Will you grant me a wish then?"

Merlin's breath quickens as he stares up at her. "What is it?"

"Make my dreams a reality."

He's still not sure about these dreams she keeps bringing up, but he's sure about one thing. Whatever she asks of him, he'll do… and not because he's tied to her bed with not much of a choice. He'll do it because… well, how could he say no to her?… It's simple. He can't. "How?" Merlin asks softly. "I don't know what you dream of."

Morgana smiles, her body reacting with excitement. Leaning forward, knowing that the particular nightgown she has on has quite a low neckline, she brings her face just right in front of Merlins. She want's him to see clearly, the look on her face when she whispers seductively, "Let me show you."

The first thing she did when Merlin gave his consent, was blindfold him. He had initially protested, but she quickly hushed him when she told him, "I want you to just… feel."

At first it is so easy to stand there admiring him, watching him strain to catch every sound. But the more she looks, the more she wants to touch. To stroke her hands across his chest and stomach, feel his nipples against her palms, his stomach muscles tensing against her caress. She knows that if she runs her fingers across the front of his breeches, she'll feel his cock respond, twitching and hardening, his hips thrusting up to prolong the contact.

She steps closer to the bed and his head turns towards the sound, his lips parted. She bends and presses her lips to his for the second time today... but it feels like the first. It's everything she imagined and dreamed of, and more. Their kiss continues, her hair brushing his face. Just one kiss, a quick taste really, and she already feels downright randy from it.

She pulls away, flicking his nipples with her nails and scratching softly down his body, hearing his sharp intake of breath at the sensation, and feeling his stomach muscles tensing in response. Slipping her fingers under the waistband of his trousers, she pulls them down so slowly, it's almost maddening. Her eyes stay focused on his face as she continues to pull his breeches until they're left around his ankles.

Morgana pauses to admire him for a few moments, her eyes coming to rest on his raging erection, bobbing slightly back and forth. She had never seen this part of a man before, except for the poorly drawn diagrams that she's seen in books. She's so tempted to touch, maybe just a little stroke with the tips of her fingers.

Merlin swallows hard, his body suddenly feeling very hot and his hands suddenly very sweaty. He feels the mattress give a little and he can imagine Morgana kneeling next to him. Then another pause, and he could almost feel her feast on him with her eyes. He bites his lip in anticipation of her next move. When it doesn't come soon enough, he grunts in disappointment. Suddenly, he hears her move, and he can feel her breath on his cheek.

"There's no hurry, I don't think you'll be going anywhere." Morgana whispers seductively into his ear.

She straddles him finally, and sits on his stomach, pressing her aching sex against Merlin's warm skin. The sensations that the contact evokes makes her gasp.

Merlin bites down on his tongue, trying not to get too excited. He can feel her heat and wetness leaving its sticky mark.

Leaning forward, Morgana slowly traces the manservants lips with a fingertip - his lips part and she licks her own as she slips her finger between his. Will he suck and lick, or bite, she wonders? A small nip followed by a caressing tongue - perfect.

Merlin hears her indrawn breath in response and he could almost picture her biting that sinful lip of hers - trying not to give too much away.

Morgana withdraws her finger and lifts herself away from Merlin's body.

Two fingers are proffered and he can smell the musky scent of sex. His mouth opens instinctively, sucking them in and tasting her for the first time. He moans.

She can feel his tongue lapping her skin and she shivers, a fresh wave of wetness and heat flooding her center.

Withdrawing her fingers, she leans forwards and presses her breast against his lips until he feels her nipple, hard and demanding attention. Sucking her nipple into his mouth, Merlin bites gently and Morgana gasps, but she does not withdraw. Instead, she moves only to let Merlin taste her other one.

Her nipples love the attention and the way he's sucking and nipping is making her wetter than she's ever been before. She straightens slightly and Merlin's mouth follows, trying to re-capture the sweet nub.

Morgana smiles to herself, biting her lip as she rubs her other nipple across his cheek and he turns his head trying to seize it. She rubs it against his lips and withdraws before he has the chance to latch on again.

Merlin groans, "You're a tease, Milady."

Morgana giggles, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. "Patience, Merlin."

He feels her move away, changing positions. First there's a dip beside him, then he feels hard bones and skin rest over his shoulders as the bed dips again, this time on either side of his head. And then that musky smell assails his nostrils again.

"Taste me," She whispers from somewhere above him.

He can feel the heat from her, doubled with the heady scent of her sex, giving him an almost clear imagination of where she's now positioned. His head strains upwards, tongue thrusting forwards, and on the very tip, he can feel her.

She jumps a little at the sensation of his tongue, just barely grazing her folds. After a moment, she sits back to allow Merlin access to more of her. The feel of his tongue is heavenly, licking up and down her folds, flicking against her clit, thrusting just the tip inside her.

Morgana thrusts her hips back and Merlin starts to plunge with his tongue. She accompanies his wonderful performance with moans and sighs of pleasure. Then suddenly she withdraws, unable to take anymore or she'll be coming undone a lot sooner than she planned. Merlin groans, left with a sticky face and covered in her slick heat.

Morgana rises and stands to look at the manservant, his cock is very hard and again, she's so tempted to touch it. Kneeling between his thighs, she stares at his erection, standing tall and hard. It's massive, and she wonders how it's all going to fit inside her. Pushing the thought aside, she bends and licks up to the base of his erection. Merlin yelps, then groans in response. Her fingers stroke, lightly scratching and a small moan escapes her lips.

The act itself makes her so wet, she can feel herself dripping onto her bed sheets. She doesn't care though. Her fingertips trail up the shaft of Merlin's cock and softly rub the tip. Her tongue follows, licking slowly from base to tip. Once at the tip it circles, with her lips hovering above, parted and ready. She presses her closed mouth to the tip of his hardness, and then she parts her lips and lets the tip slip into the warmth of her mouth, where she begins to suck. She only pulls off once to tell Merlin, "You taste very good."

Merlins moans continue, as she slides her lips down his shaft, taking as much of his cock as she can, before sliding them back up, pressing her tongue against him as she goes. Her fingers are wrapped around the base of him, squeezing and rubbing as she sucks more of him into her mouth. She could do this until he comes in her mouth, but that's not what she wants right now. Merlin moans loudly as she withdraws, begging her not to stop.

"Please," he turns his head from side to side, his hands clenching and pulling at his restraints.

"Please, what?" Morgana asks breathily. She's sure she's feeling just as depraved and dissatisfied as he is.

Merlin shakes his head, "I want you... please untie me."

She smiles, she wants to feel him inside her now. With that thought in mind, she caresses his thighs as she changes position. Lifting herself up, she straddles him again.

She has never done anything remotely close to this before. She's only read about such things in books, some of which are purely scientific. She doesn't know half the things she's doing, but judging by Merlin's reactions, she guesses she's doing something right.

"Not yet", she leans forward and unties the blindfold around Merlin's eyes. She wants him to see this. To see the pleasure on her face as she gives him her virginity. Her innocence. And she wants to see his eyes. The pleasure and want and need in them as she rides him. He gasps as he blinks up at her, his eyes trying to adjust to the brightness.

Leaning down, Morgana kisses him hard and passionately. Her tongue ventures out to taste him, as she reaches a hand down and grasps the tip of his cock.

Merlin groans into Morgana's mouth as she rubs the sensitive head of his manhood against her hot, slick core, parting the lips and grinding it against her entrance.

It feels so wonderful and Morgana lets out a long, low moan as she pulls away slightly from the kiss. "Can you feel how hot and wet I am?" She gasps as she slowly pushes Merlin's tip inside her waiting entrance.

Merlin nods, as he stares into her eyes. She's staring right back when she feels it. A slight pain as Merlin's hardness meets resistance. Biting her lip, she takes a deep breath, stares hard into his eyes, and then slams herself all the way down onto Merlin's hips. A sharp cry leaves her as her whole body freezes. The pain is immense, but it quickly numbs away until it's just pleasure left, as Merlin leans up and kisses her again. It takes a few moments for her to adjust to his size, but after a few kisses and an apologetic smile from Merlin, she finally begins to move.

The head of his cock feels fabulous stretching her open, but she quickly needs more of him. With that in mind, she slams back and down and takes him whole inside her. Rocking backwards and forwards, up and down she moans loudly as Merlin begins raising his hips to meet her. Her fingers graze his manhood as they rub against her sensitive nub, and she's desperate to be filled again and again.

Merlin is so hard and she feels so full and stretched and she can't get enough. Merlin's hips continue to thrust up trying to meet her, trying to delve even deeper. He feels her inner muscles tighten around him, the fingers on her clit speeds up, her thighs tightening around his hips as her body starts to tense. She can feel it. The most amazing and intense build up of something inside her, expanding more and more with each rock of her body, with each thrust of Merlin's hips, with each swipe of her finger. She's so close.

There's a sound coming from the other side of the room, but at this point, Merlin doesn't even care to look. He groans loudly, then looks directly into Morgana's beautiful green eyes with a pleading look. "Untie me." he says hoarsely.

Morgana feels a shudder go through her body as she reaches her free hand up and pulls first on the ribbon around Merlin's left wrist. She moves to undo the knot in the other one, but Merlin's hand is a blur as he undoes that one on his own. His other hand comes free, and almost immediately, his hands are going to her hips, gripping her and grinding her into him.

Morgana yelps as Merlin suddenly flips them over so he's now the one hovering above her. This, was even better than any dream she's ever had of him. Merlin's eyes are dark as he thrusts his meat inside Morgana, over and over again. Morgana instinctively wraps her legs around Merlins backside, and her arms wrap around his back, pulling him closer. He buries his face into her neck and inhales her intoxicating scent. A moan or sigh leaves her lips with every thrust of Merlin's hips. She has never been this close to someone. So close, it feels like they are truly one. "Please." she begs, though she's not entirely sure of what she's begging for.

Merlin suddenly leans down, kissing her, before pulling away, looking directly into her eyes and mutters the words she's been longing to hear since she became sure of her feelings for Merlin. "For better or worse, Milady… I'm yours."

With one final thrust of Merlin's hips, Morgana comes hard, her inner muscles contract hard as a scream escapes her lips, followed by Merlin's name.

The contractions of her muscles are like a tight fist around Merlin's cock, which starts him coming, and he shouts, bucks and shudders above Morgana, filling her with his seed.

Merlin collapses on top of Morgana as they try to catch their breaths. Soon enough, Merlin laughs gently into Morgana's neck. "That was… quite a dream you had, Milady."

Morgana laughs as well at that. "Did you like it?"

Merlin gapes at her. "I'm sorry, do you not see the goofy look on my face?" he asks jokingly.

Morgana laughs harder, playfully smacking his shoulder as he rolls off of her and lays next to her. "Good."

The manservant sighs in satisfaction and closes his eyes for a brief moment. When he opens them again, he glances over at Morgana with a questioning look. "Now what?"

Honestly, there is only way to answer that question. "Round two?"

Merlin laughs as he rolls on top of the beautiful goddess beside him. "Only if you're okay with me tying you up this time."

Its past noon when a refreshed and currently satisfied Merlin finds himself racing down the corridors to Arthur's chambers. Despite feeling like a King after what he and Morgana just did in her bed, he still has duties that he needs to complete before he's free to go back to her. her and continue where they left off.

He pauses briefly at Arthur's door, figuring that the prat is probably waiting to strangle him for disregarding his duties, then shrugs his shoulders as he pushes the doors open. "I know you want to kill me, but—," Merlin's eyes widen as a very feminine yelp and Arthur's groan meets his ears, but not before a very disturbing, and life-scarring sight meets his eyes. "Oh my god." Merlin gasps, then quickly averts his gaze. Arthur is in bed, doing… something to some girl.

"Merlin!" Arthurs annoyed and angry voice shouts. "Don't you knock?!"

Merlin winces and tries to find something on the floor to look at. Instead, his eyes meet a very familiar looking dress. Slowly, his eyes widen again, and his head snaps towards Arthur's bed, where he sees exactly who Arthur was just now making love to. "Gwen?"

Gwen's face turns absolutely red as she sinks further under Arthur's sheets.

"Merlin!" Arthur shouts again.

"What?" the manservant asks, looking at him. Really, he doesn't really care. He always knew that Arthur and Gwen had a thing going on. He just never thought it would amount to anything, but… well, he also thought the same thing about Morgana and himself, and yet… well, you get the idea.

"We didn't come barging into Morgana's chambers and interrupting you two when you were obviously defiling her, so why are you barging into my chambers?" Arthur says menacingly.

Merlin gasps and points between Gwen and Arthur. "You saw us?" He pauses, and remembers hearing something earlier when he and Morgana were in the throes of passion, but he hadn't even looked.

"Of course we saw you!" Arthur snaps.

"Huh," the manservant strokes his chin in thought, then looks at Arthur again. "I wasn't defiling her. I was just—,"

"Merlin!" Arthur interrupts.

The manservant rolls his eyes, tired of hearing his name, but doesn't hesitate to avert his gaze to the ground again. "Alright, I'm not looking."



Arthur glares and points to the door. "Get out!"

The manservant raises his hands in mock surrender and turns, taking a step to the door, and then pausing, not able to give up a chance at annoying the Prince again once more. "Are you sure you guys don't need anything? Water? Wine, perhaps? Or maybe a—," Merlin quickly cuts himself off and sprints out the door when Arthur hurls an empty goblet towards his head. He laughs hysterically as he slams the door shut and immediately begins skipping down the corridor towards Morgana's chambers.

She still has dreams that she demanded he make a reality as soon as he's done with his chores. But since Arthur is busy, he supposes he could make use of this free time to do just that.

All is great in Camelot.

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