Pairing: Light Pearlidot

AU: Canonverse - set after Three Gems and a Baby

Warnings: N/A

Summary: Peridot discovers trains.

Beauty of Earth

When Peridot was first abandoned on Earth, she absolutely hated the planet and everything on it. After escaping multiple times from the Crystal Gems, and eventually being captured, Peridot was beginning to see the beauty of Earth. The first instance was the disastrous weather, the booming of thunder terrifying Peridot, but the rain being rather pleasant, despite only being falling lukewarm liquid from the skies. After that, she saw companionship, peace, love, Camp Pining Hearts, and Earth technology.

After the second interesting instance of Earth weather, being a so-called snowstorm or blizzard, Steven visited the barn hours later, presumably the next day. He exclaimed something about his 'dad', whatever that was, and a place called 'Empire City'. From what he said, Peridot inferred that he was taking a 'vacation' to the city with his whole family, which included herself and Lapis. Peridot couldn't reject after being called a part of Steven's family, and especially not after his seemingly excited and hopeful expression.

After spending almost an Earth year on the planet, Peridot had grown accustomed to the bizarre and interesting things she had encountered. She had learned to accept the beauty of Earth. Now, she had to accept the less beautiful parts.

This was the first time she truly despised Earth after her initial entrapment on the planet. The city itself was insufferable enough, with all of it's loud noises and intoxicating fumes, but this was pushing it. Literally.

Peridot was crammed between stuffy crowds of stinking humans, her body constantly squishing against everyone else's. She started to regret not going with Steven, Greg, and Lapis to wherever they were going. Instead, she had to live with her choices; being on a train with the rest of the Crystal Gems.

Apparently the other gems hadn't visited the city regularly either, and with some convincing from herself and Amethyst, they eventually agreed to explore the city 'human-style'. Lapis backed out and stayed with Steven, still not quite comfortable with the Crystal Gems. Peridot was honestly a little disappointed; her and Lapis had grown quite close over the months, perhaps even more so than Peridot with the rest of the gems.

Peridot decided to take the opportunity to maybe get closer with her counterparts. Not that that opportunity was present now that she was stuck in a train.

Peridot slammed her back into an unknown passenger, a loud grunt coming from the other person.

"Watch it, you cl—"

A hand wrapped itself in front of Peridot's mouth, muffling her insult and making her scowl. She gazed up with the ferocious glare, wavering slightly when Pearl offered an apologetic smile to the other passenger.

"Sorry about that," she muttered to the passenger, then removed her hand from Peridot's jaw.

"What was that for!?" Peridot yelled as she heard laughing to her side. She whipped her head around, glaring at Amethyst sitting on Garnet's shoulders. "This isn't funny!"

As Amethyst went to retort that yeah, it was, the train rocked and Peridot tripped over her feet, slipping face-first onto the dirty floor. Amethyst burst out into hysterical chuckles as Peridot growled.

Why can't these stupid CLODS make some room!? Why can't I reach any leverage!? WHY AM I STUCK!?

Suddenly, an arm wrapped around her midsection and lifted her to her feet, tugging her close to their legs.

"Unhand me, filthy human!" Peridot snapped, pulling against their grip.

"Not a human," Amethyst mentioned through uncontrolled snickers. Peridot swore she even heard Garnet trying to restrain chuckles.

Peridot glanced up, feeling the unwelcome touch of heat on her cheeks. Indeed, Pearl wasn't a human, or filthy. She was looking away from Peridot, over the shoulder of some human probably.

Peridot squirmed. "Sorry Pearl, I didn't realise it was you."

"It's okay, just stay close to me," Pearl responded, sending a warm glance down to Peridot. Pearl's arm on her relaxed, slinking back to her side, and a jolt of fear coursed through Peridot. She was hardy, but she didn't exactly appreciate tripping on her face in a crowded, moving vehicle.

She wrapped her slightly chubby arms around Pearl's leg, holding on close and resting her head against her waist. Peridot felt safer this way.

She glanced up, noticing Pearl rigidness, and was met with wide blue eyes and a growing teal blush. One thing Peridot never understood was how gems managed to grow colour on their face despite the lack of capillaries, or a circulatory system in general.

"I don't want to fall," Peridot explained in a grumbly voice.

"Riiight," Amethyst singsonged, a coy smile curving her lips.

"Amethyst," Garnet lightheartedly warned, raising a finger over her head and placing it in front of the purple gem's lips. Amethyst groaned.

Pearl tentatively slid her arm onto Peridot's back. "I won't let you fall."

Peridot felt her face grow increasingly hot and the ribcage area of her form tingling with… feelings. She squeezed her eyes shut and stuck her nose into Pearl's sash, hiding the way her form was reacting. She could almost hear Steven's voice - "Awwww!"

Peridot was just glad to feel safe huddling against Pearl. Maybe that was another beauty of Earth.

A/N: prompt - "Person A is too short to reach the railings on the subway/bus, and all of the other poles are taken so they have to hold onto Person B instead." from otpprompts on tumblr

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