.hack//SOUL (.hack//Destination of a Soul)

Disclaimer: I do not own .hack//SIGN or any of the characters in the anime series. This is just a fan fic based AFTER the series, that's all.

So yes, this fan fic takes place after the series. If you haven't finished watching the series, then you SHOULD NOT read this, unless you want spoilers.

This is the prologue, or small beginning, of the story. It's not really a chapter, it's just to get you into the story a bit. My chapters are actually quite long compared to other anime fan fics that I've seen here. Anyways, I brought back the characters from .hack//SIGN and they will have brand new adventures and Tsukasa will learn more about fate and which paths to choose when one is lost. Tsukasa's point of view has been placed to YOUR point of view as well so you can truly feel how he does. Please read and review, because I REALLY want to know what you think about this story. Thank you.


A sharp 'A' note. It beamed through my mind, and nothing else could be heard. It echoed into nothing. And then I opened my eyes.

I was back in the World. Back in the place where I stayed for so long. Feeling everything no one else could feel… seeing things only my eyes could see… hearing what only my ears could grasp…

Mimiru came with me, it was her first time coming back to the World as well. I told her it would be all right if I went alone, but being who she was, she wasn't going to let me get by so easily. At that moment I wasn't very sure if I wanted to come back to the world, but Mimiru really thought it was all right now. Everything was okay.

It took me a while to think about if I should go back or not, but I made the decision all by myself, which I felt proud of, although some doubts were still rushing through my mind.

It was almost 10 months since Aura awakened. After I regained consiousness from the hospital, I met up with Bear who is taking care of me now. He is a great father. He gives me the careness and love I never had from my other father, or any kind that I could remember of. Although we're managing just a little bit below fair, we know everything will turn out just fine.

I meet with Subaru quite frequently. She is one friend I hope I never lose. The softening love in her eyes always brings my soul out when it's lost in a dark tunnel. I know she has lost a few things in the past, and it makes me wonder some times how she is so optimistic in times when things are bad. That is how she is though. She cares a lot.

Mimiru and I go to the same high school now. She is caring and offers me help when needed. It's a bit tough for her to understand my feelings since she is younger than Bear and Subaru, but like the person she is, she is always up for challenges.

I haven't seen or heard from Sora since Aura opened her eyes, and Mimiru she hasn't gotten an email or anything from then. The others email him, but there is never a respond. I have been really worried lately. Before I left from the field where Morgana was, I remember him saying, "Let's be friends, okay Tsukasa?" I really wanted to be friends with him, but now I don't even know if he's still alive, which I don't really want to think about. All I can really do now is hope. Some day, he will come…

I looked at the World. Waves of perplexity swam through my mind. There was definitely something different about it. Mimiru told me all about the distruction of the World after Aura awakened. The whole network went offline without hardly a trace. Everyone believed a virus came about the system and it was under construction. But truly, something more terrible happened. It surprised most of us that the World was re-established, it was even more surprising from the small time it took for it to be reborn. It had new scenery, new games, and new characters. We never would look the same as we did before, which scared me. This would be the first time me and Mimiru logged in, to the New World.

After an extensive pause, I looked at Mimiru. If it weren't for the short brown hair she kept I wouldn't have recognized her at all. I expected her to examine her new form, but instead she kept her eyes on me. Her eyes were filled with complete surprise, almost shock. What was it? Was it my new form? I thought to myself. It was only right after that that I felt my hand in a grasp. I was holding something. I grabbed it firmly and felt the hardness that was quite familiar. I looked to my side. It was the staff that I always had carried with me before the dismantling of the World. The staff that protected me at some small points when I was there. Why did I still have it?

I brought the staff right in front of me, slowly moving it towards my face. The sun gave a bright shine which presented my reflection on the top of the staff. I looked at it. It was me… It was Tsukasa… I did not change one bit. I had no new attachments and my clothes did not change at all… I was me…