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I got a note to make before starting the chapter and it's due to a review I got asking about Zelretch, Now as I understand it Zelretch since his battle with bloodmoon has basically become one with all his alternates and basically un-killable unless you kill each and every single version of him in the multiverse, Meaning that he gets bored easily because he's literally done everything he can think of without trolling or messing with timelines to see what happens, I've also had someone PM me about how I've set the magic up and I'm just gonna clear it up and state that MODERN magi are 95-99% squibs/mundane who have discovered magecraft/magic circuits as the old true magecraft of the 'age of gods' is a dying/dead art so I hope that clears up anyone questions on Nimue's explanation between the two magic systems.

Professor Dumbledore looked around for a new volunteer to read, he looked at Fudge and noticed how he was sweating while Draco was reading the second chapter. Everyone was shocked when they heard what Arturia was going through. Blaise Zabini raised his hand so he can be the next volunteer. Blaise walked up to Draco and asked "May I get the book so I can read the next chapter Draco?" Draco replied "Yes." Then Draco passed the book to Blaise. Blaise read"


Arturia dodged to the left as she raised her practice sword up to block the stick from Merlin her mentor for both wizarding magic and magi magecraft along with being her trainer in her swordswomen training.

'That's enough for today Arturia, Rest and relax as we'll go over wand magic theory after supper*' Merlin says with a gentle tone as the young girl in front of him relaxes before leaving so she can remove her armour**.

'She is doing well' Nimue says as she walks up next to Merlin who nods." Blaise read. Harry said "Wow, she is getting trained by Merlin who was one of the first wizards out there." Professor Dumbledore nodded.

Blaise then read on " 'She is and she's advancing faster then we thought she would' Merlin says with a thoughtful tone in his voice.

'Yes the Fae courts have decided that she'll have her own blade forged instead of being given Excalibur for her to build up her own legend instead of being in the shadow of her ancestor Arturia' Nimue says with a small smile as she and the Fae were waiting for Arturia to age before giving her the blade beign forged for her use along with Fae made armour as it was near time for the Pendragon line and Camelot to return and with them magic to the public instead of magical knowledge being horded or hidden as it was right now.


Nimue watched as Arturia went about using her magic to create Christmas decorations with a soft smile as while she didn't really care for the Christian holiday she did enjoy the meaning behind it.

'Don't go overboard Arturia as we don't want you exhausting yourself from using to much of your mana' Nimue says causing Arturia to blink and look sheepish.

'Sorry Nimue I'm just excited'Arturia says while smiling brightly at the fae who she saw as a elder sibling/motherly figure. " Blaise read, while everyone was wondering what ornaments Arturia was making.

After Blaise took a sip of water he then read " ' I understand Arturia but do remember to pace yourself as we don't want you to exhausted to celebrate like last year' Nimue says as Arturia blushes at the reminder of her sleeping off her magical exhaustion though Christmas eve and day.

'So when will Merlin and Zelretch be showing up?' Arturia asks as she tries to steer the conversation away from last years embarrassing memory.

'Merlin will be arriving later this evening and the troll will be here tomorrow to give you his gift' Nimue says with a slight shiver as she had to stop Zelretch multiple times from turning Arturia into a Magical Girl with one of his awful perverted Kaleidosticks." Blaise read while everyone was wondering about the Kaleidosticks because they never heard of them before. But they thought that dealt with the rainbow while the muggleborns were explaining it to any one who would listen.

Blaise then read after listening to the explanation " Arturia smiles brightly at Nimue before hugging the Fae and then heading into the kitchen of the small log cabin that she lived in that also had a small hotspring bath house that Merlin had made for her last year for her birthday so she could have a warm place to bath during the winter or to relax her muscles after training.

{December, 25th, 1988}

Zelretch looked at Arturia as she opened the gifts she was giving, From Nimue Arturia got new dresses that wouldn't look out of place for a noble from the time of Camelot, from Merlin Arturia got a staff for her next level of magic training along with some rare tomes on enchanting, and finally from himself Arturia got some books on magecraft along with a viewing orb he made using the 2nd true magic so that she could look into and watch other worlds, And all of this was done before they sat down for a large feast of a dinner now if only he could find a way to introduce Arturia to his other two grand-daughters then he could enjoy the chaos that it would cause." After Blaise was done reading he said "That was the whole chapter."

{Line Break}

*Some places call it Dinner but where I live it's Supper

**Imagine Saber Lily's armour but with Saber's colouring