So, this fanfic, it'll be a medic Naruto! I never really tired this before, so I hope I'll get better as I write! Hope you enjoy!

A young four year old Naruto Uzumaki was walking at the outskirts of the village, where he found some ruins after he fell in a hole after out running a mob. As he looked around, he came across a place that seemed like a room and saw a small treasure chest. Being the curious little boy he was, he opened it and saw three weird looking fruits and a letter. There were also books and he saw that they were books written by a man by the name Trafalgar D. Water Law.

"Kit read the paper. Those fruits, if they're what they are, than they'll make you really powerful." Kurama told him. Its been about two months since he met the fox and he was quite a reasonable and kind creature-kind when compared to what he was use to. It felt like instinct to just listen to him, seeing that a lot of his beatings were avoid because of the fox.

'Are they really that powerful?' he questions.

"They're really rare and yes powerful."

Going back to the piece of paper, he read it and was shocked.

If you've found this underground location, than you've found out the greatest secrets the world has to offer. My name is Trafalgar D. Water Law and the one who used the Ope-Ope fruit in the box (red fruit). I was a doctor and because of this fruit, I was able to preform any surgery and cure any disease. The fruit beside it is call the Chiyu-Chiyu fruit, and this gives the person the ability to heal any injury through the a liquid, though it shortens a person's lifespan. Then there is the Moku Moku fruit, which gives the person the ability to turn into smoke. That I took from a Marine officer named Smoker. You'll understand it better from the books inside the chest. However, a person can only consume one and if they have two, they'll die. There are also draw backs, like you lose the ability to swim. I hope you become a great doctor. There are also other techniques and fighting styles that I hope you find useful.

Good luck.

Trafalgar D. Water Law

"This is pretty awesome isn't it Kurama?" Naruto said in awe.

"I knew I recognize these fruits. They are indeed useful, but do you want to be a medic?" he asked the blonde boy. After thinking about it he answered,

"Yup! I'll become a great medic. The greatest in the entire world! But do you think I'll still be able to fight?"

"You sure will. Now, about the curse of the fruits, you can eat them both, I'll keep you from dying and the not swimming one too along with any other curse." he said.

"You can do that!?" Naruto exclaimed in shock.

"Of course! Who do you think I am? I am the great Kyuubi no Kitsune! I will not let mere fruits and water defeat me!" he said proudly and the blonde just rolled his eyes.

"Say Kurama, I was thinking. How about I leave the village. I-I don't really feel safe here." he said sadly and the great fox couldn't help but feel sorry for the boy. He was only four and had the hatred of he entire world on him.

"Of course. But you'll have to go to your parent's house and get some of their jutsus to take with you. You have to take all of these as well. There seems to be some good things you can use." he replied and Naruto nodded. He was told who his parents were and he didn't really care. He didn't hate them, it was clear that they were betrayed by the village and he hadn't really met them so, eh didn't know what to feel.

"How am I going to take everything?" he questioned his friend.

"Well I was sealed into two seal masters, so I know a bit of sealing things in scrolls, but I have to take control of your body. Then we'll head to Uzushio. Mito went there once in a while and its pretty simple."

"Why Uzushio?" he asked, not minding the take over part. Kurama had taken over his body so that he'll out run mobs, so it was alright.

"Well, only a person with Uzumaki blood can enter, so even if the old monkey sent shinobi after you, they won't be able to enter. Besides that's the last place they'll look." he shrugged and Naruto nodded in understanding. He didn't hate the old man for hiding things from him because he understood perfectly well. Yup, for a four year old, he had to mature faster than normal.

"Should I eat the fruits right now?" he asked

"No, we don't know what the types are, because I think the smoke one will let things go through you, making the escape harder and if you don't have control over it, it'll cause the old monkey to be suspicious."

"Alright then! Let's get ready!" he said and hurried in making his preparations.

After discreetly going to the Namikaze compound, he took all the books and jutsus that he would need to use for his training. He had use the shadow clone jutsus to help him carry the stuff that was inside the chest and others to sneak in the library and copy down everything that dealt with the human body and medicine. It was easier because of a seal Kurama remembered Mito using before. When everything was brought tot he compound and all the books and other scrolls brought in pile, Kurama took over and began sealing them all into smaller scrolls and them put them into three bags, with two shadow clones taking two and Naruto himself taking the last. While Kurama was sealing, Naruto sent some clones to go and take some food from the stores. It wasn't hard since it was in the middle of the night and the store owners were too prideful to put up security seals. They brought that back and Kurama sealed them too.

"Alright, time to go!" Naruto said, and he would never been seen in the village for a long time.

Next Day-Hokage Tower

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage for a second time, held the title of the 'God of Shinobi' was having a problem. It wasn't his normal problem of having paperwork and not having time to read his Icha Icha Paradise, but he hadn't seen Naruto all day today. Normal the boy would always come running into his office to greet him or he'd hear about one of his pranks, but he had heard absolutely nothing. Now, this got him worried. He felt bad for not being able to do anything for the poor boy and cursed the civilian council for the power they got after Minato's death. He saw he boy as a grandson and it pained him whenever he was treated badly. He scanned the entire village and there was no sign of the boy.

"Inu!" he said and a teen wearing a dog mask kneeled before him.

"Yes, Hokage-sama."

"I want you to go find me Naruto. I can't seem to find him anywhere in the village." he said, shocking the ANBU. He had known of Naruto's heritage, heck his father was his sensei and it pained him when the council denied him the chance to adopt him, saying he was mentally unstable.

"I'll go right away Hokage-sama." he bowed and then shushined away. He went to the boy's apartment and after not getting a reply, he let himself in. he saw the place was bare, barer than usual and before he left, his eye caught a paper that was on he table.

Hey there oji-chan! I know its probably you who'll find the letter, or an ANBU. Well you don't have to worry about me, I left the village! Isn't that great?! I'm really tired of everything and hope you don't send any shinobi after me. See ya, though I might never come back!

P.S, I know why people hate me.

P.P.S, I also know my heritage, I'm not dumb to not see the resemblance.

P.P.P.S, I don't hate you.

Naruto N. Uzumaki

After the Hokage read the letter when the ANBU brought it to him, he let a tear fall from his eye at the thought that Naruto didn't hate him for keeping things a secret, but he had to get him back, not only was he the son of the Yondaime, but he wasn't safe out there, especially since he was a Jinchuriki. Now he had to deal with the annoying council once they found out. That and Jiraiya when he found out his godson left.

"Inu, I want you to take a tracking team and go look for Naruto. He is to be brought back, unharmed." he stress.

"Hai." he said and before he left he said, "Hokage-sama, if I may?" he said.


"I don't care what the council or you say, I WILL adopt him." he said angrily and then left.

'I'm getting to old for this shit.'

Uchiha District

Mikoto Uchiha was the wife of the current clan head, Fugaku Uchiha. She had two sons, the prodigy, Itachi Uchiha, nine years and Sasuke Uchiha, who was only four. Many didn't know this but her best friend Kushina Uzumaki had named her the godmother of her child, the third Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. Oh yes, Mikoto knew her friend was a Jinchuriki, just like the Shonadime's wife. She wanted to adopt Naruto, but her husband refused as did the Hokage, saying that if people saw them together, then they'll put together the pieces of his heritage. She thought the entire thing was stupid. The boy looked exactly like Minato that you could call him his twin. It was like the Hokage was counting on the stupidity of the villagers! She never listened to him though and secretly met the boy as often as she could, like today. So it was a surprise to her when she saw a piece of paper in her closet. Curious, she took it out and saw an oh-so-familiar handwriting that belong to her godson. She should know, she was the one who taught him how to read and write since the idiots at the orphanage refused such basic things for the boy. Opening it she read it and began crying. He had left the village! He was tired of the villager's treatment and apparently learned of his burden and heritage. This made her worry. He was a four year old boy who was out there all alone and on top of that, he was a Jinchuriki. She didn't care about the last part, but if other villages started finding out that there was a Jinchuriki out there they would try to get to him. Her worry, however, soon turned into anger. Angry at herself for being so helpless. Because she was helpless, a poor boy had suffered and because she was helpless her eldest son was becoming an emotionless being.

'No more!' she thought furiously and promised herself that she wouldn't be helpless. That she would be strong.

Konoha's Sharingan Mistress was back at full force!

Two Week Later-Uzushio

Naruto had finally reached Uzushio and he was sadden at the sight if the destruction of his clan's village. He created multiple shadow clones to throw off any shinibi and he was glad it worked. He didnt need to take a boat since he read in his mother's journal, while he made his escape, about a secret enterance seal that would teleport an Uzumaki to the village. He had just gotten through everything that he found in the secret liar, with the help of shadow clones and he couldnt but feel awed at all the techniques and information in the books. He didnt eat the fruits yet because Kurama said he should go through everything, as well as those he got at his parents house first. Which was why he had the three fruits in his hand and was about to eat the Ope fruit.

"You ready Kurama?" he asked aloud since there was no one around.

"Of course! Now eat!" he said, barely hiding his excitment. So Naruto took a bit out of the fruit and instantly turned green.

"Ewww! Why the hell does it taste so-Oi Kurama! Why are you laughing!?" he yelled as he heard the fox roar with laughter.

"You should have seen your face! It was hilarious!" he said inbetween laughs. The blonde huffed and finished thw fruit.

"So...what next? Is there something thats suppose to happen?"

"Try the ROOM he mentioned in his book." Kurama shrugged.

"Okay. Here goes nothing. ROOM!" he exclaimed and there was a small blue sphere that appeared at the papm of his hand. "Couldn't it be bigger?"

"You need to train your self in stamina to make it bigger. Now eat the other one. I'm ready to keep you alive." he said as Naruto felt a bit of red chakra. He took the other one and knowing it was going to taste bad, ate it really fast. He felt Kurama's chakra healing him and after a few minutes, the pain went away.

"Should I eat the smoke fruit now?" he asked, regaining his breath.

"Yes, though you might fall unconscious this time." he warned him. Nodding, he took a bite out of the last fruit. Then everything went black.

Inside the seal, Kurama kept a steady stream of his chakra to keep the boy alive and when he was out of harms way, decided to remove the weaknesses of each fruit. As he was doing so, he found a surprise in his host DNA.

'Hm, I know for certain Kushina was a pure blooded Uzumaki, and Minato was an orphan. Thats it! It must be from him. *chuckles* who would have though ue would gave such a rare bloodline? This kit really is interesting. Might as well give him access to it now. He won't be up for a while.'

After a couple hours of changing his body so that Naruto could adapt to the new changes, the blonde finally woke up. He looked around nd remembered that he was in Uzushio and everything that happened.

"Kurama! It worked! I'm alive!" he cheered, "Thanks! Your a really great friend!" he said, making the giant fox feel grateful.

"Anyways, try the Moku fruit, since we can't the heal fruit." he said, "Oh and I have a surprise for you. Sorta unlocked a bloodline for you." he said.

"Really!? I have a bloodline!?" he said with stars in his eyes, "but I don't remember tou-san or kaa-san telling me anything about a bloodline." he said as he tried to activate his powers. Instantly, his hand wasn't covered in smoke, it TURNED INTO smoke.

"Kurama! Do you see this? Its awesome!" he exclaimed, making the fox chuckle. He had sometimes forgotten that this was still a four year old boy.

"Yes, it is. Now make a shadow clone and have it throw a kunai at you. But don't dodge." he said, not mentioning that if what he remembered from these types of fruits were what he thought or it was something else.

"Won't I get hurt?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Trust me, you won't." he replied and so Naruto did what he was told and was surprised that it went through him.

"This is all way to cool." he whispered.

"Yes, now you'll start your training. You'll train here for the next five or six years in everything that's here." Kurama informed hi, as he was going to train him. "Say, are you going to be the White Hunter, like the Marine officer, or the Surgeon of Death, like Law?"

"Hmm, probably the Surgeon of Death. Yup, that sounds way cooler!"

"Alright then, let's start your tor-training!" Kurama quickly corrected himself.

"Wait! What's this bloodline that I have?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, well I think its from your father's side, since I know for sure that it wasn't from your mother. Congratulation! You have the Wood Release bloodline that only the Shondaime had! Isn't that great!?" he exclaimed as he looked at the blonde...

...only to find out that the said blonde fainted.