Naruto and Mikoto had both just arrived at the Uchiha compound when it was almost nightfall. They had a lovely walk around the village, with people giving the Uchiha Matriarch a bow of respect. The girls would at him with lust, but one glare from his godmother was enough for them to turn away. They all noticed how he looked like the Yondaime and one brave villager had asked her to which she simple replied,

"Aren't children suppose to resemble their parents in a way?" and then continued walking.

Internally though she was laughing her head off at their gaping expressions when they realized what she meant. As they arrived at the compound, the Uchiha themselves had looked at her with admiration and respect which he could only deduct was because of her actions before. Some were giving him puzzling looks, which he though they were wondering why he was here.

"Kaa-san, you came back!" a seven year old exclaimed, running to her and giving her a fierce hug.

"Satsuki-chan, how are you? I'm sorry I didn't come earlier, but you see I had to see someone very important." Mikoto answered. The little girl now known as Satsuki had looked at the blonde boy that had came with her mother and then her eyes lit up in recognition.

"Naruto-nii-san?" she asked, shocking him a bit.

"You told her about me?" Naruto asked.

"Of course I did!" Mikoto exclaimed. "Naruto this is my youngest daughter, Satsuki Uchiha. Satsuki this Naruto Namikaze and he's my godson." she introduce then, earning gasps from the crowd forming around them.

"Yo, its nice to meet you Satsuki." Naruto smiled at the little girl. "Your mother told me a lot about you."

"Really?! She told me alot about you too! I'm glad you're back." she exclaimed, giving him a hug.

The gathered crowd of Uchihas looked at the new boy and at their new clan head. All of them were pretty grateful of the shame that might have fallen on their clan if the previous clan head and elders continued with the plan.

Not only did she bring back the Uchiha name, it had greatly flourished under the seven years she lead them. They could positively say that they were in the graces of the Fire Damiyo, if the her connections to the boy in front of them were true, from what they heard earlier.

"Mikoto-sama, is he really..." one of them asked Mikoto as she smiled at both her daughter and godson.

"Yes, he is indeed Minato and Kushina's son." she replied, "He'll be staying with us for the week, so I hope you'll welcome him well." she addressed the rest of the crowd getting cheers in response.

Naruto looked up and smiled at the Uchihas. They had become less high strung in his godmother's reign.

"Ne, oba-san, do you think I could heal your clansmen tomorrow? I sorta-"

"Don't worry. I know your tired, so I won't push it." she patted his back. She spotted someone making there way over and waved to them. The crowd seeing who they were, cleared a path for them.

"Naruto, these are my sons, Itachi and Sasuke. Boys this is Naruto, my godchild." she introduced them.

"Its nice to meet you both. I've heard a lot about you from her." Naruto replied, bowing slightly and tipping his hat.

"Its nice to meet you too Naruto. The same could be said about you." Itachi said as both he and his brothers bow as well.

"Kaa-chan told us a lot about you. Is it true that you'll be staying in Konoha now?" Sasuke asked.

When he was younger, his mother wanted him to met a young boy that she said was lonely but the day they were suppose to meet, was the day he had left the village.

At first he was angry that this stranger made his mother cry, but after he was told the treat he underwent and was told the reason recently, he held a lot of respect for the blonde for even coming back.

When Sasuke asked his question, there was total silence that had hung over the compound. Everyone wanted to ask the same thing, but were not sure. The unconsciously leaned forward, expecting his answer. Naruto just looked at them and chuckled.

"Well, I'm not quite sure yet. I signed up a contract with the Hokage for now, but I'm not sure right now." he smiled, making the raven nodded, accepting his answer.

"Alright then, I want you three, " Mikoto addressed her children, "To take him to our house and help him settle in. I have an announcement to make to everyone." she said.

"Come on Naruto-nii! I'll help you!" Satsuki exclaimed, and grabbed his hand, dragging him off, with her two older brothers behind them.

Itachi looked back to see his mother giving them a warm smile, he returned. As long as his mother was happy, that's all that mattered to him.

Mikoto turned to the rest of her clanmen and smiled at them too. They were many of them who had husbands, brothers or children that were wounded and were worried sick about them. Hopefully the news that she was going to tell them would brighter their day.

"Listen everyone! I know everyone here as been effected badly by the war. There are a number of us who have lost our eyes and struggle with life all together. But I bring you news. My godson, Naruto, has created a technique that will regenerate limbs." she said, getting collective gasps from the gathering.

"He will also be able to regenerate and give those of us that have lost our sharingan back, but not today. He has had a long journey here and will rest up for the night. For now, I want a list of all those who were active shinobi but lost their eye or eyes to write down their names so they could help out in the war again. Then others later on. That will be all. You're dismissed." she said walking off to her house to her family and godson.


Two weeks had past and the staff in the hospital couldn't help but be amazed at Naruto's skill. After he had arrived, it seemed his identity had spread throughout the village and almost all the villagers were feeling guilty and ashamed of their past actions at their Kage's son. A lot have tried to apologize, but if he wasn't at the hospital, he was either at the Uchiha or Senju compound.

He had also spent some time with Ino, who had found out of his heritage after a week of his stay.She was pretty pissed that he never told her, but that didn't change their friendship. He had helped her with her training and she had showed him different places around the village.

Right now, Naruto and a lot of other shinobi as well as the Hokage and his advisers were all gathered in a training ground. They needed his skills at the battlefield after they began doing alright in the hospital.

Just as Kurama predicted, they knew of his White Hunter persona and wanted him to be a part of a couple teams as a combat medical nin. Naruto was to face off against one of their top shinobis, Kakashi Hatake, one of his father's students, though he knew him on a personal level.

"Its good to see you again Inu-nii-san. Still reading those books I see?" he said cheerfully to the giggling shinobi in front of him. Kakashi looked at him a bit shocked.

"You knew?" he whispered, feeling guilty he couldn't do much for his sensei's son.

"Of course. How could I forget one of my favourite ANBU? I met Neko-nee the day I arrived." he smiled.

"It shocked everyone that you had managed to regenerate her arm. I'm so proud of you otouto." Kakashi said giving him one of his closed eye smiles.

This got everyone there talking and the Hokage and his advisors smiling. When word got out of what Naruto did, especially for the Uchiha and Hyuuga clans-regenerating their kekkei genkai-they had understood where the name 'Miracle Worker' had come from.

"I'm a doctor its my job." he said as both got into their fighting stances.

"This fight will be between Kakashi Hatake and Naruto Namikaze in order to see a demonstration of his skills." Hiruzen said gaining their attention.

"Begin!" he said and they both jumped back.

"Soru." Naruto whispered and seemingly disappeared, only to appear in front of the masked nin and kick him in the chest.

Kakashi, having no time to comprehend what had happened, didn't have time to dodge it went flying full force. Naruto didn't stop there as he went after him with a punch. Kakashi, was able to dodge him and this time never held back.

Hiruzen and his advisors smiled, happy at the skill that was shown, as the rest congratulated the blonde. It warmed the old man's heart that Naruto was being accepted, but guilty it took so long.

"Sensei would be proud of the person you've become." Kakashi walsked over to the younger blonde who looked painfully like his sensei-a man he saw as is father more than ever.

"Thank you Kakashi." Naruto smiled at the older man his father spoke fondly of in his journal.

"You've done well my boy. You've made this old man proud." he hugged the boy he always saw as his grandson.

"Thanks jiji, but I'm more forhealing really." he said, swinging his sword over his shoulder. Hiruzen laughed as they walked away,

"You probably do."

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