So, I'm not really satisfied with the original of the story, 'Team 7 Friends/Family' so I decided to rewrite it but this time without the OC. I believe I could have done so much more and it seems so rushed. So, here's the first chapter! It will be somewhat the same as the original's story, but a bit different. Hope you enjoy!

In the village hidden in the leaf, there was a little boy with spiky blond hair, sky blue eyes and beautiful tanned skin. This young boy, who was no older than five, was running away from a mob of villagers, all carrying torches and fork sticks.

"Die Demon"

"You killed our loved one!"

"Let's finish what the fourth started!" These were heard throughout the village.

The little boy knew why they were angry, he met the demon fox a year ago. Surprisingly, contracting to beliefs, the little boy wasn't angry, and became friends with the fox now known as Kuruma. The fox was taken aback by the boy and accepted, even going as far as telling him about his heritage. Now this boy was quite smart for his age, some could even consider him a genius, but they are all too blind to see the difference between a boy and a fox.

Anyways, as the boy runs, he looks for a place to hide from the mob, but today isn't he's lucky day. They catch up and he is beaten to a near death state. When they feel satisfied they leave him in a pool of his own blood, barely conscious.

'Kuruma, why me? Why do they always do this?! It isn't fair?'

"Kit I'm sorry. It's my fault your like this. I'm really sorry kit. Just wait I'm in the middle of healing you."

'Its alright Kuruma. You said it wasn't your fault, you were being controlled. And thanks for healing me. None of the hospitals would ever do so.'

"But still these stupid humans can't tell the difference between an innocent boy and a demon fox! How pathetic! Why don't you tell the old man...nevermind it wont do you any good."

'Yeah, Jiji is too busy and can't keep on watching me for ever. I'm going to the park. There isn't anyone there now.' He got up and made his way to the park, not knowing that it would change his life forever.


"Stop it please Nii-san! Why are you killing them?! Their our family!" a little raven head boy screamed to his older brother at the sight of him killing their clan.

"Foolish little brother. Their strong, so I have to test my strength." He then killed all of them, except the young raven head. The little boy stood there, frozen of fear, of death, so shut his eyes for the inevitable, but it never came.

"I won't kill you. You're too weak. Hate me, and get more power. Avenge those that I killed, then I'll see you as some one worthy to die by my hands. You're a pathetic excuse for someone in our clan. If you were strong, then you could have stopped it, but you're weak!" he says the last part with venom and then disappears.

The little boy cries his heart out as he looks around the compound.

'Why, why did he do that! To test his strength? Why on his own family?! He's right, I am weak!' The raven thinks.

There he sees his relative, cousins, friends all dead. But what makes him cry harder is the sight of his beloved parents dead in their own pools of blood. He quickly leaves the compound and starts running through the streets. He would do anything to get away from there. Unknowing to him, he is heading to the same place as our little blond boy.


'Please stop! Please someone save me!'

These are the thoughts of a little pink haired girl as she is being beaten by an older man. The man kicks her and throws her towards the book shelve, breaking it in the process. The nights that he is drunk are one of the worst.

"You disgusting little brat! How dare you live while she doesn't! You're nothing more than a murderer! Why don't you just die!" and then continues to beat the little five year old. Once he feels satisfied, he tosses her out of the house.

"Never come back here again, you ungrateful child!"

The little girl gets up and limps outside onto the street, all bloody and bruised. She looks up to the moon, the only comfort she thought she had as its beauty radiant towards her. She is drawn to it and heads to its direction.


Each child has the same thought

'Why is my life so unfair! Why can't I have people who love and support me! I wish there are people out there that would be my friends.'

Little did they know how soon that wish would be granted, more than they had ever wished for.


As the little raven headed boy enters the park, he hears someone crying, so he quickly wipes his tears and sees a blond boy crouched down all bloody with stabs and bruises. He walks up to the boy and gentle taps his shoulder, somewhat startling the blond boy.

"Are you alright? Why are you crying?" the raven asks the blond.

"*sniff* the villagers-" he was cut off by the sound of rather loud sobs. They turn around and see a pink haired girl covered in wounds, about to fall. They run over to her and catch he before she does.

"What happened to you? are you all right?" the blond boy asks. The girl looked so fragile that he thought she was going to die.

" father wants me died. H-He says I-I killed m-my mother." she cried and both boys went to her and comforted her.

"But you didn't right?" the blonde said, wiping away her tears.

"N-No." she whimpered.

"Then it wasn't you. He's just too stupid to see." the raven reassured her, making her smile.

"Thank you." she said, "Um, why are you two here? Aren't your parent's worried about you?" she asked and regretted it after seeing their downcasted looks.

"M-My brother just killed my entire clan. My mother, father, relatives, everyone. he said it was for power and that I was too weak. That I should hate him and take revenge by killing." the raven started off.

"Well that's dumb." Naruto said, the two younger children looking at him curiously. "I mean, he probably killed those that were younger than you and even the elder and you can't say that your weaker than them right?" he stated, and the logic of what the blonde was saying had sunk in.

"Yeah, he's right. Your brother must have had a reason. Was he kind to you?" the pink haired girl asked.

"Y-Yea, he was the best older brother." he said with a weak smile. "Why are you hurt?" he asked the blonde. He looked down hesitantly.

"You can tell them. They won't leave you." Kurama said.

"The Kyuubi attacked on the day of my birthday and my father couldn't defeated it, so he sealed it inside me. Everyone thinks I'm him so they hurt me and want me dead." he cried and much to his surprise, the two children wrapped their arms around him in a hug.

"Its alright, you're not the Kyuubi right? Its just sealed inside of you. showed me how to seal before and the kunai never became the scroll." the raven said.

"He's right!" the pink haired girl nodded in agreement. "Wait, did you say your father? As in the Fourth Hokage is your father!?" she exclaimed. shocking the raven haired boy.

"Shhh! Its suppose to be a secret, but yeah, he's my dad." he said.

"Why the hell would he do that to his own son?!" the raven growled.

"He didn't really have a choice. Besides, Kyuubi isn't bad. His name is Kurama by the way." he said, relieved that they wouldn't hate him. This caused a bug-eyed reaction from the children.

"Y-You can talk to him?!" the boy exclaimed.

"Hai. He heals my wounds and takes the poison out when the nurses try to kill me." he said and they both smiled. The Kyuubi-Kurama was indeed a great fox.

"You see, they're great children." Kurama couldn't help bu smile.

'Thanks Kurama.'

"My name is Naruto Namikaze, but jiji gave me my mother's name Uzumaki for now." he said.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha." the raven smiled.

"My name is Sakura Haruno." the girl brought them into a hug. "Ne, since...we don't really have you think...we can become a family?" she asked shyly.

"Really?! You'd like to have me as your brother?" Naruto exclaimed, tears forming at the edge of his eyes.

"Of course I would nii-san." she giggled, as he tackled her. They both looked at Sasuke who was also smiling.

"Sure. I'd like that nii-san, nee-chan." he sand and was tackled by his new siblings.

"Then its settled from now on we're family!" Sakura cheered.


"Ruto-nii, wake up." he heard a female voice tell him.

"Fime mome mimmines." he mummbled and heard a grunt and giggling.

"No silly, Kurama was going to show us something at the Namikaze compound remember?" she said and he sat straight up and came face to face with his new sister, Sakura, with Sasuke at the enterance of the door.

"Sorry forgot about that." he grinned, making them smile.

"Lets go, breakfast is already ready." Sasuke said as they all made their way down stairs.

It had been about a week since they had met and become a family. Since Sakura wasn't allowed in her old home, and Naruto's was unbearable, Sasuke had more or less forced them to live with him at his compound after the massacre. So they snuck into Sakura's house, packed everything and then went to Naruto's place to pack. The other two had seen how people treated their younger brother and were really angry about it. After they were all comfortable they spent an entire week setting up and getting to know one another more. It had been just last night when Kurama said that he had a surprise for them at the Namikaze compound after they each said they wanted to be a shinobi. Speaking of Kurama, Naruto had the fox take over a shadow clone of his to met his siblings. The fox was happy that his host was happy and had finally found people that wouldn't treat him lowly, especially those his age.

After they had finished breakfast and cleaned up, they made their way outside the compound.

"So, where's the compound at? Does Kurama know?" Sakura asked.

"I don't really think they'll advertise the Yondaime's house." Sasuke said.

"Hold on just a minute." he said, 'Hey Kyuu, where is the house at?'

"Just keep waking straight. I'll tell you when to turn." he said, making the blonde nod at his words. They followed Kurama's instructions, more like, Sasuke and Sakura followed the blonde, since they couldn't hear the fox, until they had finally reached a huge compound.

"This is your house! Its so huge!" Sakura exclaimed, waving her hands in the air.

"Duh, it did belong to the Fourth." Sasuke said, getting a playful smack from his sister.

"Okay guys, we need to hurry." Naruto said and with Kurama's instructions, he bit his thumb and smeared his blood on the gates. There was a bright yellow light and then they opened. "Hurry!" he yelled an push them through the gates.

"Whats with the rush?" Sasuke asked.

"Jiji might see from his crystal ball thingy. He doesn't know I know all of this remember?" he said and they nodded, having be told that 'jiji' was the Sandaime. Naruto made a shadow clone and instantly, the clone's blue eyes turned to crimson red.

"Kurama!" Sakura exclaimed and hugged him, which he returned. She had taken a liking to him pretty fast.

"Hello Sakura." he smiled. "Now let's get going. there's a secret that the Namikaze clan had kept a secret all these years from the outside world and your father being the sole member, he told your mother which is how I know." he said as they entered the beautifully built mansion.

"This is so exciting!" Naruto whispered, squeezing both his siblings hands, getting the same in return as they began going down a spiral of stairs. Kurama stopped and looked at them.

"The Namikaze clan weren't shinobi." he said, getting a shocked reaction from three, then he smiled, "They were mages!" and then opened the door. They could feel the power that came from the room. The room was huge! It contained large book shelves that were stacked and filled with books. The children stared in awe and looked around some more, where they saw smaller rooms, each containing different things, things they had never seen.

"Mages? I wonder what that is?" Naruto muttered.

"I think it has something to do with magic." Sasuke said.

"Magic? Is that even real?" Sakura raised an eyebrow. Sasuke mirrored her expression and said,

"We live in a world where spiting fire is normal. What do you think?" and that stopped her from asking any more questions.

"Alright you three. Sit around here and I'll explain everything." Kurama said, seating them in a circle in the middle of the room.

"Are you saying that my father used magic? Can we do the same thing?" Naruto asked, and the other two smiled happily that he said 'we' instead of 'I'.

"Yes the three of you will be able to use magic, though Sakura and Sasuke have to go through a process." he said and they cheered.


"Ehm, now what I'm going to tell you is what your father told your mother. Ask me questions when I'm finished alright?" he said and they nodded. "Now long ago before chakra was used, people used magic. Now, not everyone could use magic. Only those that had etherious, magic energy could use magic. There were magic items however, but that was what hey were limited to use. they could cast spells.. Now there was a time when a horrible plague hit the magic continents and it effected everyone that had etherious in their bodies causing them to fall sick and die. There were only a few couple managed to isolate themselves by creating a barrier on the island they were inhabiting, saving them. Their leader was Renji Namikaze and he had named them all family, thus they were given the Namikaze name. They might have not been related then, but because of the inter marriages that occured on the island, soon everyone was related to one another and they became the Namikaze clan. After a couple centuries and intensive research to find whether or not it was safe to leave, they had finally seen the outside world and were shocked that magic and mages were nothing seen as myths and that chakra was being used now. In order to get suspicion off them, they had roamed the lands and encouraged people of their clan to marry those that have 'chakra'. After roaming about, they had finally settled down in the Fire country, what is known as Konoha for today. The Senjus and Uchihas later came and asked if they could create a village and the rest is history. 'Til this day, no one knows of their secret." Kurama finished and looked at the three children who had looks of awe and sadness on their faces.

"So your saying, I already have etherious in me? But how are we going to give it to Suke-nii and Kura-nee. You said you have to be born with it?" Naruto pouted.

"Ah, but that's the thing. The Namikazes found a way to give etherious magic energy to a person. Though its a painful process, I can use my chakra to ease the pain so you won't fell anything." he said, getting a round of cheers from the children.

"Thanks Kurama!" they exclaimed and he waved them off.

"Anyways, all these books are about magic and spells. Oh and before I forget. I saved the best for last." he grinned and motioned them to follow him. They went to a smaller door to the side, one that they missed and came face to face with crystal balls.

"Why are the Hokage's crytals here?" Sasuke asked, a bit spooked at the though from stealing from their leader.

"These are called lacrimas. You'll read about them more later on but these are dragon lacrimas. They help you learn dragon slayer magic, one of the strongest there is. The other types of slayer magic can be learnt from a book but these one make it easier for you to learn." he said. "But anyways, see this machine here?" he said, pointing to long tubes at the side. "They are what will give you the ability to use magic."

"So we have to just enter it?" Sakura asked.


"But, how will you reduce the pain?" Sasuke asked and Kurama showed his tails.

"I can extend them so I'll be able to reach the both of you." he said, helping them both inside their tubes, "You might be unconscious for a couple hours though." he said and then pulled the lever.

The last thing the two saw were a waving red head and blonde and then their world went black.

So this is this is the re-write. Sorry it took too long. I'm a huge fairy tail fan, but I like one piece too. I was originally going to give them the power of the admiral's fruit, but learning magic and their spells are much more exciting. Hope you enjoy it so far and I have something else in store for them, instead of acting like they hate it each. I didn't like that too much. Also, the story would be more developed, instead of a massive timeskip.