Three Months Later

Its been three months since the secret of the Uchiha clan was revealed and the reason behind Itachi's actions. Trying not to think about it much, the three made it to Uzushio.

When they arrived at the island, they were met with ruins. There were broken weapons and even bones everywhere.

"Man there really was a great war here huh?" Naruto said, kicking some pebbles.

"It was wiped out by three of the five great nations. Its a shame really." Sakura shook her head in saddness. They could tell that this place once belonged to a once great nation. They just knew it was a beautiful place before.

"Lets look around for valuables. Most places will only open for those with Uzumaki blood." Sasuke said.

Looking around, they found one of the buildings still standing and from what they could tell, it has to be the Kage Tower. Going inside, they saw a room that was covered in seals. Wiping it with his blood, the door opened and they were amazed at what they saw. The entire place with filled with scroll after scroll, books after books on the shelves and there were hundreds, thousands of them.

"Whoa! This is awesome. Look at all of these books and scrolls. There have got to be thousands of them!" Naruto exclaimed running from one shelf to another. The other two looked at one another and smiled. They liked it when Naruto acted like his. He was the youngest and they had always felt over-protective of him.

"Come on you guys! Let's go check it out!"

They were all amazed at the knowledge they had found in the library, Naruto especially since they could never measure up to the ones back in the Namikaze compound. His family was awesome! Strangely, a seal that was on a door he never noticed before had caught his attention.

"Guys, look what I found." he called out and when he sensed his siblings behind him, he wiped some of his blood on the seal. The door had glowed, making them shield their eyes. When the light died down, they saw an elderly man-more like his spirit, who was looking at them.

"Hello young Uzumaki. You must be Kushina's son." he smiled at the blonde, making them gape.

"How do you know that?" he asked, making the man chuckle.

"Only those of the Uzumaki royal blood line could have activated this seal." he said calmly.

"Okay..." Naruto said. "Well, my name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze and these are Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. Their my siblings. What's your name?" he asked and his answer had their jaws hitting the ground,

"I am Arashi Uzumaki, the last Uzukage of Uzushio and father of Kushina Uzumaki. It is nice to meet you grandson."

Six Years Later

"Hurry up you two or we'll be late!" a fourteen year old pinkette yelled. Almost immediately two boys, a blonde and a raven head came barrelling downstairs.

"We're here. God nee-chan you sure yell a lot." the blonde huffed and the raven nodded in agreement.

"What did you say!?" she raised her fist in a threatening manner, making the two boys gulp in fear and run out of the door. The villagers ignored the three as they were running, having gotten use to their antics over the years.

Three children had grown quite well over the years. They managed to master their respective Dragon slayer magic along with the basic of Runes, which Naruto took like a fish in water. Mostly due to his Uzumaki heritage since they were similar to seals.

Sakura had gone over all the healing spells and was delighted that some of the spells were much advanced then the chakra based techniques.

Sasuke had taken to weapons training, having master to requip at a speedy pace when removing his weapon from his space dimension.

Kurama had proven to be a wonderful and ruthless teacher. They were well above jounin level in skills and he was quite proud of them.

Although they were learning magic, it didn't mean they had neglected to train with their chakra and normal shinobi techniques. Magic was a bit flashy so they learned the art of subtlety and blending in with the shadows.

Their chase ended when they reached the academy and took their seats. They always sat together at the back and no one else dared to approach them.

People had tried, but it was always to get to know Sasuke or some girls that wanted to befriend Sakura in order to get access to him that way. They were rebuffed every time to the point Sakura would break the table in a threatening way. They were left alone.

Some of the teachers tried to sabotage Naruto, but either Sasuke or Sakura would switch test papers with him so it didn't work. The only teacher that wasn't biased was Iruka and learning that the man's parents had died during the Kyuubi attack yet remained impartial was a huge bonus to them. He was their favourite teacher.

Now though, they were waiting for Iruka to announce their teams. They had passed their exams with good marks and had asked the Hokage-more like blackmail him-to place them all on the same team.

Speaking of the Hokage, he was quite surprised by their friendship and quite startled when he found out that not only did Naruto know his heritage and burden, but the other two did as well.

They also told him that they know about the Uchiha massacre and Sasuke asked the old man to send a letter to his brother next time he was sending orders that he'll still beat the crap out of him for lying.

So yes, they were quite satisfied with their life.

"Now everyone I'd like to congratulate you all for passing your exams and becoming full ninja of Konoha. The life of a shinobi is not an easy one, but if you train hard with your jounin sensei I'm sure you'll do well. Now for your teams. Team 1...Team 7 Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Uchiha, Team 8 Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata Hyuuga and Shino Aburame, Team 9 is in circulation and Team 10 will be Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Ackimichi and Ino Yamanaka. I hope you all well in your careers. Wait here for your sensei to arrive." Iruka gave them a wave and was out the door.

The room sudden exploded in chatter as the team members sat next to one another, each waiting for their sensei to arrive.

"So our sensei will obviously be Kakashi Hatake because of your sharingan Sasuke." Sakura chirped and the raven nodded.

"Yeah. He's the strongest jonin and the only one that can help me with the sharing...not that I need it." he said and then added, "Should we tell him about yours and Ruto's?" he asked.

"I don't think so. Well at least not yet. We'll see if he's trust worthy." Naruto said firmly and they agreed.

They remembered when Sasuke showed them the ritual. Not only did it make them siblings by blood, but they each had gained the sharing. Sakura and Naruto were both touched that Sasuke would trust them with something so sacred to his clan.

Their bond grew even deeper that day.

The other senseis had come and picked up their students and soon it was just the three of them. Naruto was working on a seal, Sakura was reading a book and Sasuke was sharpening his weapons. Two hours had passed and still no sensei.

"Lets get going. If he isn't going to be on time then we won't wait for him. We have better things to do." Sasuke as he stored his weapons away. Sakura and Naruto followed, both knowing how much he hated time that was wasted.

Leaving a note for their so-called sensei, they made their way to the Uchiha compound where they all lived. Naurto released Kurama from the seal as he got to cooking-he was considered the best chief, something the fox said he inherited from his mother.

Making something light, he sat down next to his family given them each a plate and settled the cake in the middle, along with some milk. They were seated outside in the compound's garden that they were able to fix up beautifully.

"Do you think our sensei will always be this late?" Sakura asked as she bit into her cake.

"Probably. He did give us that impression. The question is what will we do with it?" Naruto asked.

"If he'll be doing this all the time we should get ourselves another sensei or else we'll show up late ourselves and see how he likes it." Sasuke huffed as the other two giggled.

"Agreed." Sakura said and they made plans about continuing their training, unaware of the panic their sensei was going through.


Kakashi saw himself as a reasonable guy. He was a great shinobi that followed orders to the letter, he appreciated fine literature that other might find disgusting and he was always late to everything.

He was reasonable as he was never late to anything very important, like life-threatening important or the village was under attack important. Which was why when he had arrived four hours late to meeting his potential students, he was surprised to not finding them there.

Or anywhere.

He searched the entire village from top to bottom, but couldn't find them. Anywhere. He did learn though that Sasuke's compound was relatively well-kept for one person, Naruto never lived in his apartment and he didn't know where Sakura lived at all.

Talk about such a great teacher.

So he went to the only place he knew he'd get answers: the Hokage. Of course he was still waiting for the Hokage to stop laughing and having a choking fit when he explained his problem to the man.

Really. This was a village crisis. The man could be a bit more serious.

Kakashi was not pouting, because he didn't pout. He was a war shinobi and lived through the Kyuubi attack and did more S-ranked missions than anyone. So no, he was not pouting, but glaring.

"Calm down Kakashi." the Hokage finally said, "It doesn't surprise me that they left. They don't tolerate nonsense at all and I don't expect they like the fact that you were late."

"B-But that's just who I am!" He definitely did not whine.

Hiruzen Sarutobi laughed.

"Well why don't I call them for you then. You'll clear up the-what was it? misunderstanding when they get here." he simply said and then go out a crystal ball.

Channelling some chakra into it, he waited a bit. Kakashi leaned forward, as he had not seen this type of ball before and was a bit startled when he saw the face of a familiar blond haired boy that painfully reminded him of his sensei.

"Hiya jiji! We were just training. Did you need anything?" the blond-Naruto-asked cheerfully.

"No, no. It seems that your sensei was a bit worried when you weren't there for him." the ld man chuckled.

"Yeah, well we waited for two hours and he didn't show up. Talk about unreliable. What if we all got killed because he was late?" he demanded and Kakashi winced a the agreeing look the Hokage had.

"Well he's here now and we'd like to met the three of you. Can you come to my office?" he asked, getting a nod.

"Sure jiji. I'll warn you tough, Sasuke wants to crush his skull and Sakura want to cut off his balls. See ya!" and the feed was cut. Kakashi was very pale at the last statement and unconscious covered hi precious.

Hiruzen laughed and was grateful that the three trusted him enough to give him this lacrima. His all seeing crystal couldn't find them whenever they o off to train and they had given it to him in order to communicate with him.

He trusted them and was forever grateful that Naruto had found who people he called siblings. He always felt guilty for not being able to do more for Minato and Kushina's child, but if he did something he'd be out of the office an someone else would come in.

Someone who would either make Naruto a weapon or kill him.

"Well Kakashi you have sometime to come up with a passable excuse. Be warned, those three are very powerful and won't hesitate to cut you down. They'd actually succeed."

The Great Kakashi of the Sharingan whimpered

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