I've never seen a story like this, so decided to do something about it and it turned out like this! Hope you enjoy!

He watched and watched. Just like he did for the past five years. He watched as his village ignored his dying wish. He watched as his friends, his sensei, the godfather of his son, turn their backs on him. He watched as his precious baby boy was beaten, abused by the villagers because of what he did. He sealed the Kyuubi into his pride and joy. He ignored his wife's warning, believing in the villagers. Sadly, they didn't believe in him. And all Minato Namikaze could do is cry as he watched through the vail, what his bundle of joy had to go through, because of his decision.

Because he believed.

And each time he saw what was happening, a piece of him broke within. His sanity had began slipping away. He couldn't turn away, the guilt had refused him to. He's mind breaking with each insult, with each beating and all he could do was helplessly watch from the vail. From the Shinigami's stomach. He's son was strong. He saw him pick himself up each time, with a large smile on his face. He wanted to be Hokage one day. That brought a smile on the blonde's face. His son had the same dream he had. He's son was strong and lucky. He's son had sometimes put the pieces of his sanity together, although slowly, but there was work.

Until the day came.

He waited so long to be a father. He's son. He's pride and joy. He's little bundle of happiness. He's beautiful baby boy. Killed when he turned five. The day of his birthday. He's son wasn't suppose to be running away from mobs, or steal from shops for food. He and his wife had their son's life all planned out. He was going to be showered with love and care. They would have great birthdays, and shower him with presents and undying affection. Heck they even had his training regime all set. But no. A man. That was all it took. A single man, with a twisted thought and his entire family was doomed. His wife in the afterlife, probably cursing him if she saw the life of their son. Him, stuck in the Shinigami's stomach, watching the people he saved torture his son, and then he's son who had it worst of all.

They found him. This time the ANBU protecting his son helped in organizing it. The tied his boy up and tortured him to the point they had finally killed him. They cheered. they were happy. The demon was dead now they say. He looks through his tears stained eyes and is horrified at what he sees. Still tied to a stick, his son is covered in blood. He's missing some limps, fingers to be precise. The same colored eyes they shared, closed forever. That's when it happened.

When Minato Namikaze had finally snapped.

The villagers were quite proud of what they did, but what they didn't know just yet, was that they had sealed there fate. That in the place of killing an innocent five year old boy, they had created a real demon.

A demon, known as the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze.

It was something that I just wrote while I wait for this annoying writers block to get out of the way. All my stories are have half written chapters, but I can't end any of them where they are. Sorry for the long wait, but enjoy this small chapter until next time. When I'll update this story, I don't know, but feel free to give me some ideas on how I should continue. I already have the second chapter ready, so anything after that.

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