So for the long wait!

Kushina was often seen as a very violent person. She was supposedly brash, stubborn and hard to get along with. Someone with a 'hit first ask later' mentality. Which wasn't true really, because it was all Minato's fault.

Now she wasn't throwing him under the bus so to speak. She loved him, she really did. He was so innocent and naïve at times it made her want to coo. Others times, she wanted to bang her had on the nearest wall, because his innocence would turn into stupidity

Like the time when they were still academy students and he was asked his ideal girl. He just scratched his head funny like and asked what they meant. He was so adorably naïve. Of course the cuteness left when after two years of practically throwing herself at him he still didn't get the hint until she smashed her lips with his.

And the time when they were on a mission and this old lady gave them a very fake sob story in which everyone knew was a trap-the woman was eighty, how they hell did she give birth to a new born!?-and Minato, the sweetheart he was, cried along with her and promised that they would bring him back. It was kind and sweet really-not so much when they walked into the obvious trap and barely managed to get out alive.

Or when they went to the summer festival and there was a parody play on the Hokages, which was hilarious really. Minato didn't think so, and had actually believed many of things that was said about each of the Hokages. It certainly wasn't funny when he told the Sandaime he should use his 'Godly powers' to deal with the bandits that was terrorizing the village boarders with a pout and glare, since the Sandaime was portrayed to be an obnoxious piece of shit that believed he could do anything and didn't need anyone.

So yes, Kushina believed that her actions were defiantly tolerable if it meant keeping herself and the rest of the people around her sane from Minato's naïve mind. How the man still became Hokage, she would never know but left it as one of the Mysterious Wonders of the World.

The only time she had ever let Minato get his way with his naivety after she had taken up her role as his protector from all things vicious, was when he insisted on sealing half of the Kyuubi within their newborn son as he sealed the other half within himself.

She wasn't optimistic. Se knew the darkness of the world and she wanted to run away with Naruto despite her condition. But then the blasted thing aimed to kill him. Her son, her Naruto and that was unacceptable! So she and Minato used the only thing they could do shield him: their bodies.

She watched helplessly as Minato finished the ritual, never being able to see him, because the poor guy was going inside a stomach of all things and damn, her family had sacrificed so much for the village that she was so going to burn it to the ground if they did something to her baby.

Of course the one time she wanted to believe in Minato's naïve belief of the village it had failed her. She watch over her son and sometimes she looked away because she just could bare it! She was his mother damn it and she couldn't do anything!

The village she had bled for, her ancestors bleed for, her husband had bleed for and her son carrying their burden had betrayed her. They couldn't tell the difference between a kunai and a scroll. Mikoto, bless her soul, tried to adopt him, but she too was under scrutiny from the village and was denied.

She knew the village had its darkness, but this was beyond anything she had imagined. T-This was monstrous! How could they call themselves humans when they would beat down and burn a four year old? Did they actually want the Kyuubi to be freed?

If that was the case she would gladly free it herself an watch them crumble, burn and beg for mercy. She wasn't the sadistic type but she was an Uzumaki and she'd be damned if they though they could get away with this shit.

And then he died.

It wasn't even a mercy kill really. It was hours of torture and she helplessly watch all the while as she cursed Minato and the village and Sarutobi-the spineless coward!-and then her baby boy had finally breathed his last.

A part of her was glad he was dead. Don't get her wrong, she loved her son, but death was far better than the life he lived and know she was able to spoil him rotten all the while they watched the Kyuubi destroy the village since it would be released.

So imagine her surprise when her son does come, but with two others. One she knew as the Shinigami, but the other-she didn't know if she wanted to kiss him or punch.

She did both.

Gathering Naruto in her arms, she kissed him everywhere while she muttered sorry and cried. Naruto seemed to return the hug equally as hard and she could feel the tears on the crock of her neck. She looked at the other two and asked,

"Does someone want to explain to me what the hell is going on?"

Because she knew she would want to hear why Minato was here with insanity dancing around him and why the Shinigami seemed to be high on sugar. This was a story she would gladly listen to as she held her precious jewel for the first time in five years.

So, that's Kushi9na's part. Hope you enjoyed it and again, sorry for the long wait.