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Somewhere in the wilds of Texas, late 1865

The meager light from pyres, and smell of acrid smoke pierced the darkness of the wind-swept plains as the group of cloaked figures glided forward, their feet soundless in their advance.

None of this was unfamiliar to them; they'd been here before, but never with their King who peered around now with a sneer on his strikingly handsome face.

Caius Volturi didn't necessarily want to be here; it was a wholly primitive place and therefore beneath him, however, these covens had, despite earlier warnings from the Volturi, persisted in their primal battles, thus requiring a firmer hand, something he was all too willing to provide.

With a cold glint in his red eyes, he zeroed in on the apparent leader of the motley group of beings as they reveled in their apparent victory, the smell of blood and gore thick in the air as they basked. "The solitary female brunette," he snapped. "Bring her to me."

"Yes, my Lord," the guard, Felix, responded with a bow before complying. Soon enough, said brunette was stood before him, a blond male companion tagging close behind as Felix held her in place. With feigned arrogance, she eyed the King as he lowered the deep cowl of his cloak, the cold, ruthless look in his eyes drawing an involuntary shudder from her, despite her bravado.

Caius's lip curled as he examined her as one would a common cockroach. "Maria, I presume?"

Her chin tilted in defiance. "I am," she responded, her voice heavily accented. "To what do I owe the pleasure of yet another visit from the Volturi?"

He smirked. "Come now, don't be obtuse. We have warned you in the past. We are done warning. I am here to see the job done properly this time." With a subtle gesture of one hand, his group advanced on the feral, reveling hoard of newborns. Within moments, the pyres flared anew as the highly trained guard contingent threw the coven's dismembered bodies on the flames.

Caius kept his eyes on the supposed leader, his lips twisting into a satisfied smile as her obvious ire rose. "What am I to do now?! How am I supposed to survive against my opposition with no one to fight for me?"

One finely arched platinum brow rose as she spoke, his smirk never wavering. "I care not how you survive, neither do I particularly care if you survive." He sneered as he glanced around the makeshift camp. "You're already covered in filth; dig a hole and live there. But know this, if you cross us again, it will be the last thing you do."

She hissed. "You've left me with nothing!"

It was then the King's gaze drifted to the blond male still standing a few paces behind the livid female, his eyes narrowing as he really took note of the obviously young vampire. "Boy!" the arrogant King snapped.

The young vampire's attention flashed to the blond King as Maria hissed and held out an arm to block his advance. "He is mine! He's all I have left and you will not take him!"

Caius's eyes narrowed, all pretense of mirth dropping from his face. He now looked cold, ruthless. "Felix," he drawled, prompting the massive guard to act without further direction.

In seconds, she was on her knees with Felix's large hand wrapped around her throat. She knew better than to move as one small flick of his wrist would remove her head, and Maria was anything but stupid.

"Now then," Caius resumed speaking, a smirk quirking his lips, "step forward, boy."

Warily, the young vampire stepped forward into the meager light, his features now in sharp relief to Caius's keen sight. The ancient King's breath nearly caught, but he stifled such a base reaction…barely.

The young one was stunning, despite the unkept state of him and Caius's instincts instantly flared to life. 'Mate! Mine! My mate!' his inner vampire screamed as his fists clenched and nostrils flared, taking in lungfuls of the youngling's heady scent.

With rapidly darkening eyes, he advanced, walking a slow circuit around the fledgling; one just barely out of the newborn phase if Caius were to guess. When he faced him once again, he reached out, chucking the youngling's chin with a crooked finger. "You'll be coming with me, just as soon as we…take care of business."

With that, the youngling jerked his chin from the imposing King's surprisingly gentle grasp, a wicked smirk blooming where stoic indifference had been only moments before. "Make me," was all he said as amusement and defiance flashed in his red eyes.

A dark chuckle was the platinum King's response. "Oh, young one…" he said with a wickedly amused grin. "Challenge accepted."

Like lighting he moved, pinning the younger vampire down, right there in the dirt, on his knees, as he buried his teeth in his neck. The fledgling was so shocked, he didn't even gasp until he'd already been marked.

His eyes went wide as the dominant King then yanked down his trousers, baring his ass and running a soothing hand over his hip while licking the weeping mark closed.

"You are mine, young one. Never doubt it," he said while freeing his engorged cock and slicking it with a spat out palmful of venom. "I'm going to claim you now. Do you consent?" He had to ask as he had never, and would never, rape anyone.

The young one glanced over his shoulder, a shiver racing through his body and eyes heavy with the lust that now cycled between them. "Yes, I consent," he breathed.

"Very well," the king purred, his hand running down his mate's supple, lithely muscled back.

With the barest of pauses, he lined up and slowly pushed in, growling at the tight feeling as his young mate's ring of muscle slowly stretched around him.

A pang of regret pierced his dead heart at the pained whimper his initial thrusts wrenched from his mate. He would have liked to have done this somewhere else, and taken his time too, but time was limited and he needed to lay claim in order to wrest the youngling from the iron control of his Sire.

From his peripheral view, he could see his guard contingent, circled protectively around him, their backs turned in respect; something he found himself grateful for as he stroked into his panting mate. As he watched, his mate finally began to push back to meet his thrusts, his purrs and growls bringing a pleased smirk to Caius's face as his hand glided over a supple hip to grip and stroke the young one's straining cock.

"My Lord!" the young one cried, drawing a purr from the King as his young mate's body spasmed with the force of his orgasm, milking his own completion in turn. Nuzzling his fledgling's back, he placed a kiss on his shoulder as he pulled out, the claiming now complete.

"Get yourself dressed, Tesorino," the King purred with a kiss to his new mate's supple lips. "We must depart."

He stood, tugging his trousers up and fastening them as the King straightened his own clothes, a slight sneer on his face as he brushed dirt from his normally pristine trousers. With all the dignity he could muster, Caius straightened his shoulders, donned the sleek, black gloves he'd retrieved from a pocket and nodded at his guard. "Leave the whore. If she screws up again, she burns," he muttered while turning to leave the clearing they'd been in.

"You cannot take Jasper!" Maria shrieked as the regal group began to depart, Jasper protectively encircled within their number as he froze, his emotions in conflict over who he should obey. "He's mine!" she screeched.

Caius snarled loudly, spinning about to grab the woman by the throat. "Heed me, you base and ignorant whore. I believe I just proved, unequivocally, who he belongs to. Do you deny it?" he hissed while slowly tightening his grip on her neck. She choked and shook her head, her eyes wide as she clawed at his wrist. "Good," he sneered before tossing her across the open space. "Come along, boy," Caius muttered while beckoning his young mate to follow.

A blonde girl in the group snickered and Jasper narrowed his eyes, growling while throwing a heavy wave of fear at her for her audacity. When it hit her, her eyes widened and she gasped, nearly buckling under the strain.

When the King noticed his mate hadn't followed, he turned back with an arched brow. Jasper's sneer was almost as caustic as the infamous blond King's as he lifted his chin and spat, "The name's Jasper Whitlock, not boy, and I'll thank you to remember it." He folded his arms over his chest and stared into amused red eyes as the King studied him a long moment.

"Indeed, Tesorino?" Caius murmured with a smirk as he caressed his stubborn young mate's cheek. "Very well then, Jasper," he drawled with a nod of concession, "come along. The trip home is a long one, and if I never see this place again, it will be too soon."

Jasper frowned and looked back to where Maria stood, her dark gaze locked on him as she willed him to obey her emotional call.

He wasn't sure how to feel about all of this. Maria was all that he'd known since waking to this life. She was his Sire, his trainer and countless times, his greatest torment; in short, his bond to her was compelling. He didn't love her—most times, he hated her—but she was all he knew, her hold over him complete.

As Jasper hesitated, Caius's eyes narrowed and he threaded a gloved hand into the long curls at the nape of Jasper's neck, yanking his body close as he stared down into the startled vampire's face. With a dip of his head, he nipped the fresh claiming mark as he murmured, "Need I remind you who it is you now submit to, Jasper?" He sucked at the mark drawing a gasp from his mate.

"No, you don't," Jasper denied with a shake of his head.

Caius drew back to look in his eyes before leaning in to give him a heated kiss, reveling in the low groan and purr from his mate as their tongues met and played together. Too soon, he broke the kiss, a smirk playing on his lips as he held him close. "Now, enough of this. You are mine. You submit to me and will come along with no further protest."

Jasper tensed, rebellion flashing in his eyes until the blond King's gaze narrowed, the grip he had in Jasper's hair tightening as a growl rumbled in his chest. At that, Jasper's gaze darted away instinctively and he nodded. "All right, I'll go," he answered.

"Very well," Caius said with another light kiss to his lips as he released him. "Let us depart for Italy."




Philadelphia, PA 1948

Rain sheeted off the windows of the cozy little diner, the bell over the door jingling every now and then as a patron would arrive or leave, shaking off water or bracing to get wet, as the case may be.

With growing frustration, her fingers drummed the table top next to her cooling cup of coffee, her fourth since she'd surreptitiously dumped the previous three; a necessity, since she didn't—or rather, couldn't—drink the stuff. "Come on…" she whispered to herself, eyes glazing as she looked for the outcome of her decision to come here today. Once again, she saw nothing.

Shoulders sagging in defeat, she thought back on what had prompted her to be here in the first place. It'd been a vision—her first upon waking to this undead life—one which she'd clung to all these years.

He'd been beautiful—hair of honey gold, falling in gentle waves and curls to the edge of his jaw, perfect, angular features marked only by a slightly off-tilt smirk which served to showcase a dimple in his right cheek, and sumptuous, blush-hued lips. For years, that vision, and the man behind it, had been all she'd thought of, and it'd led her here with hopes of finally meeting him.

Oh, she'd had other visions since then, especially of him. From them, she'd learned he'd been in Texas with a particularly vicious coven leader, but sadly, she hadn't had another in years for some reason. It's as if he had been meant to be a part of her life and then he wasn't; as if something major had changed. She felt robbed of her fate and now it was time to do something about that.

With a deep sigh, she laid some money on the check, donned her coat, and headed out into the bleak weather. As much as she was dreading it, it was time to go to Texas and strike a deal with a woman that would be akin to selling her soul to the devil. She only hoped the man from her vision was worth it.




Volterra, Italy, early 2000

"Do you remember when you first found me?" Jasper mumbled, his lips following the path of a deep scar left on his mate's body from one of his many fights with werewolves.

A smile curved Caius's lips as his luscious mate trailed parted lips over his chest, his tongue peeking out to tease a pebbled nipple as Caius's fingers played in his golden curls. "Of course I do Tesorino, vampires do not forget."

Jasper raised his head and arched a golden brow. "Really? Then what is today?"

Caius blinked, tapping his chin in mock contemplation. "Hm, let me see…" He knew perfectly well it was the anniversary of their mating, but he enjoyed teasing his mate entirely too much to give in so easily. "Aro's birthday," he stated dryly as Jasper nuzzled the downy, platinum happy trail leading down to his hardened length.

The low growl his comment elicited drew a smirk from him just as Jasper shot him a dark look. "You're an ass," the younger muttered before engulfing his mate's cock with his perfect blush-red lips.

Caius hissed, his hand tightening in those silky, golden curls as Jasper expertly sucked and bobbed, taking him down his throat with the ease of years of practice before swallowing around him. Caius groaned and bucked his hips. "Gods, but you are good at this…" he drawled as Jasper fondled his sack, gently rolling his balls as he quickly brought him to the brink with his talented mouth.

Just as Caius registered a spike of wicked amusement in their bond, his eyes shot open as the warm ecstasy he'd been enjoying disappeared from his cock, leaving it bereft and withering in the cool air of their chamber. He frowned at his mate who was now busy pulling on clothes all the way across the room. "Get back here," he demanded.

Jasper smirked, whirling the deep black cloak around to place over his silk-clad shoulders. "I don't believe I will. I'm rather bored and going to find something to do." He shrugged and quirked a brow at the frowning King. "Perhaps Demetri is available…or Felix. His darkness has always intrigued me," he mused with a smirk.

Caius narrowed his eyes and sneered. "If either of them so much as touch you, I'll remove their hands and feed them to them."

Jasper snorted, his brows climbing as Caius glowered. "How many years, Caius? And you still think everyone is after me? It's a bit ridiculous."

"Demetri stares at your ass," the blond King seethed.

Jasper smirked, and walked over to place a kiss beneath Caius's ear as he murmured, "So? My ass is hot, and still virgin tight…isn't that so, my King?" His warm, sweet breath wafted over Caius's cheek as he nuzzled and kissed before darting away with a laugh as Caius made to grab him. "Afraid not," he said, grinning while heading to the door. "Nice try, though." With that, he slipped from the room to the sound of Caius's growl.

He was just striding down one of the main halls when Aro called out, "Ah, Jasper, young one! I was just going to have a guard go and find you."

He stopped and let the King catch up, arching a brow in question as the raven-haired King smiled at him. "We are gathering in the throne room. Join me, won't you?"

"Of course," he agreed while falling into step with the King. "What's this about?" He wasn't always required in these meetings, but over the last few decades, he'd earned the station of Captain of the Guard and since then, was asked to attend whenever conflict or enforcement of any type was involved.

Aro waved a hand. "Just a small matter. Someone has requested to meet with us, and Jane suggests you be there. Apparently, this individual insists he has something urgent to report."

Jasper's brows climbed as he dryly remarked, "Don't they all?" It seemed every day, someone would show up insisting their matters were urgent. In all the years Jasper'd been there, they rarely had been.

Aro chuckled. "They do, indeed, young one."

Walking into the throne room together, Aro took his place in the center seat just as Caius barged through the doors, the look on his face thunderous as he stalked across the room.

"What have you done now, Jasper?" Aro muttered wryly while raising a brow.

Jasper merely smirked as Caius took his throne without even glancing at Jasper when he took his customary place standing beside him. Without comment, Jasper placed his hand on his mate's shoulder.

As Marcus glided in, Caius reached up and touched Jasper's hand, his gaze cast straight ahead as he murmured, "I will punish you later, Tesorino, you do realize?"

Jasper's lips curved into a slow grin, exposing a deep dimple in his right cheek. "I look forward to it, my Lord."

Caius's lip curled into a sneer. "I have ruined you."

Jasper leaned down, whispering in his mate's ear, "You love me."

"I do," the King agreed flatly.

Placing a light kiss to the mating mark on his King's neck, Jasper whispered, "As I do, you."

Caius slowly blinked, his bearing haughty and unmoved as he stared out at the assembled guard. "You will still scream for me later, Tesorino.."

Jasper smiled, his hand tightening briefly on Caius's shoulder. "I look forward to your attempt, my Lord."

Caius smirked wickedly.

Their hushed conversation came to an end as Felix escorted their visitor through the doors.

"Welcome!" Aro exclaimed in his usual exuberant manner. "What prompts your visit to our…" he gestured around with a smirk, "humble abode?"

Several of the assembled guard snickered at their King's comment as the man lowered himself into a deep bow of respect.

"Thank you for seeing me, my Kings," the vampire said as he rose, finally meeting Aro's gaze. "I'm afraid I bring news of a grave nature."

Aro's brow furrowed as Caius sneered, "I suggest you proceed with haste, then."

The vampire inclined his head. "I have witnessed a werewolf resurgence, my Lords. Much blood has been spilled and the pack grows in strength and number with every full moon. The humans…"

Caius shot forward in his seat, Jasper's hand dropping from his shoulder as he snapped, "Why have you allowed them to propagate?!"

The vampire's eyes widened. "I…My Lord, my coven and I have tried to contain them, but…"

"Contain them?!" Caius snarled. "You don't contain werewolves, you pathetic half-wit! You eradicate them!"

The vampire dropped his gaze. "Our numbers and experience, my Lord…we're just not skilled enough…"

Caius scoffed, waving a hand as he threw himself back in his seat. "Weak," he spat before casting a loaded look at Aro. Aro inclined his head, centuries of ruling together allowing him insight to his volatile brother's unspoken decision.

"Jane," Aro beckoned, "take our friend here and note all the pertinent information." He looked at the vampire. "You will give her all the details. We shall take care of this. Thank you for bringing the matter to our attention."

The vampire bowed deeply. "Thank you, my Lords! You don't know how relieved I am…"

"Yes, yes," Caius sneered with an absent wave. "Jane, escort him out and have the report on my desk by tomorrow."

"Yes, my Lord." Jane bowed and ushered the gratefully babbling vampire out.

"Well, then…" Aro quipped after the door shut, "I suppose this meeting is adjourned. You are dismissed," he directed the guard ranks who quickly dispersed.

He glanced at Caius. "I suppose you'll be leading this excursion?"

"Of course," Caius affirmed.

Aro's eyes darted to Jasper who had an uncharacteristic frown marring his brow. "And our esteemed Captain of the Guard?"

Caius's eyes narrowed marginally. "He will be staying."

"What?!" Jasper snapped. "That should be my decision, Caius!"

"It is not. It is mine, and I have made it; you remain here."

Jasper's jaw clenched as his nostrils flared, his ire sky-rocketing. "I have duly earned my rank. I am Captain of the Guard, and where my troops go, I go…my King," he ground out with a shallow bow before striding from the room, cloak billowing in his wake as the door slammed.

"That went well," Aro quipped, barely stifling a grin as Caius growled and rose from his throne.

"Do not disturb me unless it's an emergency. I expect to be busy for the remainder of the day," he snapped before turning on his heel to exit through the back.

Aro sighed and met Marcus's amused gaze. "Shall we also depart, brother? Perhaps to the gardens or the library? I expect the royal wing to be quite uninhabitable for the duration."

Marcus smirked, rose from his throne and gestured to the door. "Agreed, brother."




Caius slammed through the door to his chambers, his black eyes zeroing in on his wayward mate in an instant.

He was pacing the confines of the room, his own black gaze locking with the furious King's the second he'd entered the room. "You dare question my authority?" Caius seethed.

Jasper's lip curled as he faced his mate. "You dare belittle me and my rank?!"

The King's eyes narrowed. "I did not belittle you. I made a decision as is my right and privilege as your King. It is your duty," he spat, "to concede to it without question!"

Jasper drew in breath through flared nostrils, a bitter smirk twisting his lips. With an exaggerated flourish, he bowed. "As you wish, Your Grace." With that, he rose and made to exit the room but before he could get past, Caius acted, pinning him face first to the floor.

Jasper growled, struggling under his mate's iron grip. "Where do you think you're going, Tesorino?"

"Out!" Jasper spat, nearly unseating Caius who had straddled his back, pinning his hands behind him.

"We are not through here."

Jasper scoffed. "You made it clear your word is law. What is there to discuss?"

Caius leaned down, his lips ghosting over the mating mark on Jasper's neck as he murmured, "There is plenty left to discuss, Tesorino, such as why you are so upset over this particular mission. You have stayed behind on other occasions, so why object so strongly now?"

Jasper ceased struggling, a gusty breath passing his lips as he relaxed, his cheek pressed into the plush rug. "I'm worried for you, and want to be there at your side."

Caius released his hold, rising to his feet and holding his hand out.

With a wary eye, Jasper grasped it and stood, not resisting as Caius drew him close. "I will not risk you, Dolcezza. You are trained to fight our kind, and few there are who can best you, but you are not trained to fight these creatures."

A muscle ticked in Jasper's jaw as he met Caius's gaze. "And how am I to ever gain experience if I never encounter them? The best way to protect me from something is to make sure I can fight them on my own!"

Caius released him and walked to the sideboard. "No," he said while pouring himself a drink. Replacing the top to the decanter, he turned and eyed his furious mate while taking a sip of brandy. "While I understand your motives, this mission is still too much of a risk; one I am unwilling to take." He raised a hand when Jasper made to protest. "I'm sorry, but you will stay here."

Jasper growled, fury flashing in his eyes. "I will appeal to Aro and Marcus…"

Caius arched a brow and smirked. "As would be your right as Captain of the Guard… However," he snapped, freezing Jasper as he'd turned to leave, "you are my mate…my bonded, submissive mate, and you will do as I say."

"Perhaps I'll go despite what you say…" Jasper growled, stepping into Caius's space while holding his gaze.

"You will not defy me, Tesorino."

"I've seen your scars, Caius. I will be there, at your side. Fuck what you say!"

Before he could blink, he found himself pinned, face first against the wall, locked into position by Caius's body as his clothes were ripped from him and legs nudged apart.

Teeth sank into his neck and he grunted as he was breached from behind, the abruptness of it all making his mind whirl.

Caius was usually always a patient and considerate lover, but this…this was something he hadn't experienced from his dominant mate in decades—not since their early years when Caius had been forced to prove his dominance due to Jasper's bouts of rebellion.

"Caius!" he cried, his breaths coming out in hurried pants as his mate thrust into him mercilessly. It was punishing, arousing, shaming…and yet made him feel safe and loved all at once. The emotional cocktail of the two of them was…intoxicating. He was on a literal high, not knowing what or how to feel.

Caius looked down, watching as his cock sank repeatedly into his mate's supple body, drawing a deep growl from him as Jasper purred and keened under his hold.

He hadn't done this in years—hadn't felt the need, but this issue was too important. He couldn't risk his mate's rebellion in this. Wolves were lethal creatures—he, more than anyone, would know—and he would not see his mate killed or even injured by the vermin.

"You are mine!" he growled. "My submissive! Understand?!"

"Yes, my Lord!" Jasper agreed, his eyes clenching shut for a beat before snapping open as his fingers dug into the rough stone wall. He was barely able to stand against the onslaught, both physical and emotional, especially as the pleasure began to outweigh everything else. "Caius…oh fuck…Caius…please…"

"You will do as I say!" Caius demanded and Jasper nodded vehemently, drawing a growl of displeasure from the King who threaded a hand into his hair and yanked his head back, bringing them cheek to cheek as he pounded into him. "Speak the words, Tesorino!" he murmured into his submissive's ear, as his body rocked into the younger's.

"Yes, my Lord! I will do as you say!"

"Promise me! Swear it!"

Jasper writhed and whimpered, pushing back into the delicious thrusts, wanting, needing… "I promise! I swear!"

"Very good, Dolcezza," Caius purred, his hold in Jasper's hair gentling as his mouth slanted over his panting mate's in a deep, searing kiss.

Slowing his thrusts, he changed the angle of his hips, eliciting a deep, pleasured groan from Jasper as his cock hit that magic place inside him with each stroke.

"Caius…" Jasper breathed as his body tensed and sweet release washed over him, shockwaves of pleasure rocking through his body as Caius stilled and filled him.

Pulling out of Jasper's body, Caius turned him, lifting his chin with a crooked finger. "I will go on this mission and you will stay here."

Jasper's eyes searched his, then he nodded. "I want to be at your side…fight at your side…but I will stay here."

Caius's eyes closed for a beat before opening to look at his mate. "Worry not, Tesorino. I will return to you."

Jasper drew close, lying his head on Caius's shoulder as he murmured, "You had better, or there will be hell to pay. That is also a promise."

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