Chapter 1

"The fuck you say."

The goblin glared for a moment then chuckled "No wizard, you have been played like a fiddle since your unfortunate parents fell for the lies of an idiot." Bonecrusher, the Potter account manager, chuckled some more. "Fortunately for you, as he very illegally intercepted your Gringotts mail, we can undo much of his idiocy. All the withdrawals from your trust vault not made by you for one, and educating you in your responsibilities regarding your Gringotts managed Family holdings for another. Now what else can we help you with wizard?"

Harry blinked "I'm tired of this crazy ass wizarding world and I want out."

Bonecrusher frowned "The Potters have extensive holdings all over the planet wizard." He thumped an enormous book down on the desk in front of Harry. "Pick a place and the appropriate documentation will be provided."

Harry flipped through the tome and stopped at a picture of a large three story house with a wraparound porch half way up a forested hill with several barns and out buildings "This one."

Bonecrusher leaned over and looked "A farm in Tennessee, five thousand hectares, all but one hundred fifty hectares of that unplottable, fifteen miles from the nearest town, corn, soybeans and wheat in rotation, a large hog operation consuming the corn. Cattle, chickens, a produce operation and a large potion ingredient operation. Good choice. Oh, a twenty-five thousand pound allotment of tobacco, reportedly several thousand tons of locally grown Connecticut shade and corojo ageing as well. Apparently the farm manager is branching out into local cigar production. Your properties in Honduras already produce some very good cigars. Candela all the way to oscuro. So the knowledge is there for to be drawn on. We will watch that with interest. The rest Fire Cure and Burley. Very nice, moderately productive, full staff of elves, yes this could be very good, Southern Regional School of Magic in apparition range, so you can continue your education. Very good." The Goblin pushed a rune on his desk and another goblin appeared "Take Heir Potter and give him the full briefing." Harry rose and followed the new Goblin. Bonecrusher chuckled in glee. He would get the heir out of the way until he was twenty one while he would use the Potter fortune to crush all the others. Muhahahahaha! He might have to buy Dumbledore something nice for keeping the boy so ignorant. Before he was imprisoned for trying to rob the Potters that is. The gift would come back and it was the thought that counted. Muhahahaha!

Harry Potter sat through the briefing obviously designed to lull him to sleep and listened intently. If Hermione had gotten him to stay awake through Binns he could stay awake through this. There were several options available. The Goblins could be given free reign with his very substantial assets, he could put limits on them by value of transaction before they had to seek his permission or they could manage his assets and pay him a fee. Hmmm. Perhaps a mix of these would be best. They were after all the experts. His position of strength was withdrawing his assets.

Bonecrusher sat in his office looking at the Potter heir with grudging admiration. Manage the Potter accounts and get ten percent of all profits but pay fifty percent of all losses. Heir Potter keeps his trust vault as is and it is allotted fifty thousand galleons a year until he is twenty five, or the parties mutually agree to terminate management. Management couldn't sell any real property but he could lease it for no more than twenty years with Heir Potters consent. Heir Potter gets a medical check and any problems corrected and then leaves for the US. That put the Potter accounts in Bonecrusher's hands for ten years. He could easily tailor his plans to that. Yes this was doable. Not as good as he thought he would get but then who thought the child wizard would resist the hypnotism of the power point briefing? Plus when had a wizard ever read a contract and had the fine print enlarged and translated. Never, that was when. "Done."

Harry smiled and signed then was whisked off to the Goblin Infirmary.


Hermione woke up and looked at her window. Hedwig sat there. She took the letter and gave the owl a scratch and an owl treat. She opened the letter and read, then read it again then read it one more time. "Language Harry." Hermione was a speed reader with ninety seven percent recall and she still thought she missed something in amongst the opening rant, the list of perceived wrongs, the recounting of all their adventures and the closing rant so she wandered to the kitchen reading it again then when finished put the letter on the table and turned the kettle on. Katherine Granger wandered in and picked up the parchment.

"Does this boy always curse like a demented Color Sergeant?"

Hermione shook her head "No something has him really upset."

Roger Granger had now wandered in and read the parchment over his wife's shoulder "I can't imagine what. Being charged with a crime he didn't commit, and then getting a second offense, again unwarranted, and expelled for protecting his cousin. Is the boy Dudley really a 'fat useless blob of phlegm that the best part of ran down Aunt Petunia's leg'?

Hermione blushed "That's his cousin. He abuses Harry and his miserable parents let him do it."

Katherine Granger raised a brow and took out a notepad, she wrote a list and looked at Hermione "Troll? Basilisk? Werewolf? You were a hostage for this Viktor boy? A boy died!" She got up and went to the phone. Hermione sighed as she heard her mother arranging cover and appointments moved.

"Damnit Harry." Hermione suppressed the urge to facepalm.

Roger looked at Katherine's list and then at Hedwig who had appeared in the Kitchen window. He took a piece of paper and wrote a note and then strode over and attached it to the bird. Hedwig took off before Hermione could order her thoughts.


Roger smiled "OK so it really is bad. You only call me Daddy and do that Sailor Moon anime face when you're in trouble."

Hermione slumped in a seat at the breakfast table.


Harry gasped choked and retched as the gillyweed wore off and he was dragged, a moment and a breath to late, from the glowing vat of noxious slime. The goblins laughed and turned the hoses on him. Forty minutes later he was back in Bonecrusher's office, dizzy, starving and dying of thirst. Food and drink appeared and Harry started wolfing it down and drinking his mouth empty so he could stuff more food in. Bonecrusher laughed uproariously. As soon as Harry finished he would see what kind of deal could be made to pull that abomination out of his head, should be worth a percentage point on the management fee both ways.


"Have you slept with him?"

"What! No Mother!"

"What the hell is wrong with you then? You are of age. You could get married in Scotland, where you live most of the year. Have your brains dribbled out your ears? Hermione Jane Granger you have a brain. He isn't shagging you senseless so what other excuse do you have for not using it. I just sat here and time lined out your now supposedly whole truth of your time in Hogwarts and then we walked back through what you know of Harry Potter's life. How can you not see he is being manipulated, probably by your headmaster and the Ministry is panting to get their hands on this allegedly immense wealth the Potters are sitting on when he dies? Estate taxes in this country are ridiculous, and even if he names an heir those worthless twats in the government will get their hands on a large part of his estate, I guarantee it. It's what government twats do! How can you not see he has saved you at least twice and it nearly killed him? That's not to mention him sitting by you while you were petrified telling you things Roger hasn't told me in eighteen years of marriage. How can you not see he is madly in love with you? I see it in every letter you write home. If I did some of the things to your father you have so blithely written about he would have me over his lap and spanked pink. Or is that your goal?"


"Harry not only tolerates it but comes back for more. That is a boy in love Hermione! How is it that you haven't realized you are madly in love with him? You act just like a new wife, at least according to your letters and you broke his enemy's nose, with your fist! Is he ugly?"


"Are you frigid?"

Roger shook his head and stepped into the fray, this was getting out of hand. "This school hasn't been good for you Hermione. We had high hopes that among other children with magic you would blend better but it apparently has not happened although you do seem to have found a really good friend. You aren't going back there." Hermione's head snapped up and Roger held out his hands "There are other schools Hermione and the school name on the sheepskin isn't everything. We're going to take a break for a few minutes until Harry gets here and then we are all going to have a long, civil, talk. Now go take a walk or something and cool off." Hermione rose stiffly and went into the garden.

Katherine had seen Hermione's terrified face. "She doesn't care about the diploma Roger. Hogwarts is where Harry is. I can't believe you haven't even snogged him Hermione. What can you be thinking? Frustration leads to violence you know that. Probably half of why you punched that little Malfoy twat." She looked after her daughter and shook her head.

Roger sighed.


Harry finished wolfing down food, well not finished but he couldn't possibly stuff another bite in. Bonecrusher nodded "Now we need to discuss getting that soul fragment from behind that scar of yours Heir Potter, a procedure fraught with danger I'm afraid, but the last step of your treatment requires it. Now for say a percent less on the losses side and a percent more on the profits side I think we can undertake this."

Harry sat for a moment and then laughed "Let me write a will and then we will speak about this."

Bonecrusher didn't see a problem with this, the boy knew no one, so sent him to the inheritance department.

An hour later he wanted to gouge out his eyes after reading the will. Hermione Jane Granger, Heir of Sir Roger Granger, VC, OBE and Her Majesty the Queen of England were his heirs in that order. Harry beamed at him "So how about fifty two percent of losses made good and the same ten percent of profits."

Bonecrusher sighed; there was no way to get at the money now. If it had just been Granger that could have been done, messy but doable, with the Queen mentioned her notice would have already been posted and her account manager the Director would be breathing down his neck momentarily "I will agree to remove the soul fragment at our expense and the contract stays the same."

They haggled some more and Harry got fifty one percent of losses made good. Harry grinned "Done." He followed a goblin away to the cursebreakers.


Fleur shook Harry's shoulder gently "We put it in a teddy bear Harry, what do you want us to do with the bear?"

Harry turned his head and looked at the bear on the table beside him. Its black eyes bored straight into him "KILL IT WITH FIRE!"

Fleur put her hand over her mouth, and using a pair of meter long tongs, took the bear by its neck and away to the dragon pens. It was what they were going to do with it anyway but Teddy Ruxpin had become the creepiest bear in the world with that almost horcrux stuffed in it and even though the electronics were burned out they had had to petrify the thing. Fleur had nearly wet herself when it struggled to its feet. They had wanted to see how Harry reacted to it. Hey, you took your fun where you could, who knew when some curse would get away from you and kill you any moment of any day. Fuck she needed a man who was immune to her charm. Fully immune, not so in love with himself it gave partial immunity. Somebody to hold her down and make the world go away, she pouted, maybe a letter to Hermione in a year or so Harry had still never reacted to her. Meanwhile Tonks would be off shift in a couple of hours. She was always good for a little topping of a fine French ass. Too bad she couldn't grow a cock, oh that stick on was fun, but just not the real thing.


Harry eased back down from his trip to the loo then felt himself levitated again. He looked down and found himself over a vat of something that looked like liquefied meat and smelt like a freezer after seven days with the power out. "What the hell is that?"

"Your last treatment Heir Potter" A grinning goblin informed him. Harry tried to get away, he really did but he was stunned and dropped straight into the vat of fermented unicorn placentas, dragon sperm and Phoenix guano. Gringotts was sparing no expense on this customer. It was hilarious, very effective, expensive as hell, have you ever tried to put a condom on a dragon? But hilarious.

Harry finally managed to crawl out of the vat after the goblins stopped pushing him back in with long poles, they learned after the first bout of infuriated wandless magic once the bindings were broken, and they turned the hoses on him again. He no longer cared. He nearly drowned when they ended the bubble head charm. At least he hadn't had to cough up lungful's of that whatever it was.

Back in Bonecrusher's office, after the Goblin tailors finished with him, he sat looking the picture of health, seven inches taller, five stone heavier, all of it muscle, six feet tall and the classic wedge shape over really massive legs and a seriously nice butt, as Fleur had judged when she had done something to his hair. That bespoke suit and open robe in a black that seemed to suck in the light over a white shirt and with a silk tie the color of arterial blood flow finished with mirror polished bespoke shoes that would make an Italian cobbler slit his throat wasn't hurting at all either. Not an ounce of fat on him, as his body had burned what little fat he had and wanted a couple of seals worth of blubber to continue its business. Midnight black hair tied in a ponytail, with a black silk ribbon that was somehow a masculine rather than effeminate accent, that just brushed his shoulder blades and clumsy as hell. He no longer needed his glasses either. He imagined he still smelled like a rotten corpse pile however but no one else acted like he did. It must be one of those scents that just stuck in your nose.

Fleur had been brought in to judge the final product and after a look and a few minutes of rubbing her hands over him had shuddered and fled. Bonecrusher had sniffed the air and grinned. He was also starving still and was eating again as he finished signing documents. He had never had prime rib before. Cooked it, but never got to eat it. It was spectacular, dripping blood and fat in equal measure. Bonecrusher handed him a note and he blanched. Hermione's father wanted to see him? He couldn't know Harry had those thoughts could he? And really waking up on the common room couch with Hermione's boob in one hand and the other between her legs was just an accident. It was all the studying for the task and them falling asleep there every night and really he had to keep her from falling off the couch right? Besides she had her clothes on every time, well that skirt but still she had knickers on. Bonecrusher handed him a packet of documents and an old tie. "This will take you to your doom, erh the Grangers. A Gringotts elf will bring you the portkey for your next destination tomorrow morning. Death to defilers." Harry's face as he spun away was a treasured memory of the Crusher clan for generations after.


Harry landed in the living room of a nice house and sprawled across a silk oriental rug. Hermione yelled "Harry" and ran to him, where she was immediately pulled down into Harry's lap as his clumsiness got the better of him again. Her father cleared his throat and her mother arched a brow. Hermione had ended up reverse cowboy astride Harry with his hands protectively cupping her breast. She leapt off Harry and they got sorted in a few moments, both flaming red and amusing the hell out of Hermione's parents. Hermione was gaping at Harry so Katherine rolled her eyes. "Katherine and Roger Granger Mr. Potter, Hermione's parents. We've met before but just for a moment, you remember?"

Harry drug his eyes away from Hermione's apparently stunned face and smiled shyly "Harry Potter Ma'am, Sir. Sorry about that but my account manager surprised me with that portkey. I've been at Gringotts since the Dementor attack trying to get ready to leave the country."

"YOU WHAT? And what happened to you you're gorgeous! Dementors!" Hermione clapped her hands over her mouth and blushed a spectacular red.

Harry blinked owlishly and Katherine Granger nodded "As you can see Mr. Potter, something has happened to the brilliant young witch we sent to that school and it has turned her into this. We were hoping you could shed some light on the subject."


Four 'Mothers' and two hours later Roger lead Harry into the attached garage and over to his work bench. He reached under the bench and into a small refrigerator and handed Harry a butter beer. Harry blinked "Shhh! Guilty pleasure. This stuff is great but it must be half sugar. Very alkali too, nearly has to take the enamel right off your teeth." Harry smiled "Don't mind my girls Harry. They haven't ever had that mother daughter spat until now. Admittedly I thought it would be Hermione trying to defend her choice in boys and not Katherine trying to make her choice for her, but well, there you are. So what is your opinion of the wizarding world now? We read that letter you sent Hermione and it kind of led her and her mother to where they are now but I need some more information before I step in there and stop the madness."

Harry decided truth was best. It had worked over the fondling thing after all. "The magical world is insane, trapped in the Victorian age, the maniacs walk around with lethal weapons and now there is a homicidal maniac trying to take it over by first killing me. I'm out and headed for America."

Roger blinked "OK so what should I do about Hermione?" They were both sat on the boot of the crashed 1985 Bentley Turbo R S which Roger was rebuilding. His hobby while Hermione was at school. Well rebuilding the car and collecting the old-school tools and perfecting the nearly lost techniques to do it. Every body panel on it was bashed. The mechanicals were all in perfect condition. As was the upholstery. Apparently, it had been hit by a falling thousand year old oak on some estate. He had gotten it cheap from a junk man to pay for his and his wife's dental work. Cheap as in nearly free.

Harry winced "Get her out. Unfortunately you can't until after her OWLS then the insane clown posse won't be able to snap her wand."

Roger nodded "And if I asked will you stay and protect her?"

Harry winced "I thought that without me she probably won't need pro-"

"Harry James Potter!" Hermione stepped around the fender of the car and between Harry's legs and poked him in the chest "If you think you are getting rid of me now that my mother just convinced me I love you, you are confounded!"

Harry didn't know where it came from but a little burst of warmth flared in his chest and he smiled his broken smile at Hermione "I love you too Hermione. I have since the troll. I was just too stupid to figure out what it was."

Hermione leaned into him and kissed him, hard, pushing him back on the boot lid. Katherine smirked and drug Roger away. In the kitchen Roger looked at Katherine "So are we just going to let her shag him on the boot of my Bentley? Should I at least close the garage door? Maybe kill him?"

Katherine rolled her eyes "Don't you dare! He is spectacular, and rich. Brilliant too keeping up with her and holding her interest, did you not see him? He is perfect. Hermione is so in love with him she is addled by it. She is still our little socially awkward genius though. Besides Harry won't get that far yet and she is too silly to take what she wants. They'll be in here in a minute, lips all swollen, blushing like idiots. Book us a suite at the Goring, we have to get out of here in case Dumbledore starts hunting Harry."

Roger raised a brow "And Hermione's first time should be somewhere lovely?"

Katherine nodded then caught herself "Phttt if only. Hmmm, well maybe. It couldn't hurt. I don't think she will though. It's going to take those two forever, and this long distance romance thing is going to be hard to manage, so we aren't going there. We need to talk to this Sirius fellow as well and this little elf fellow Dobby."

"Harry Potters Grangy Mum calls Dobby?"

Roger and Katherine jumped and looked down. Katherine smiled "Dobby! Just the fellow!"


Harry's stomach growled and Hermione giggled. She was laying on him looking deep in those emerald green eyes that got darker when she kissed him and being thrilled at the hard cock pressed into her belly between them. She had done that! All by herself! This wasn't a morning glory pressed into her arse on the couch in the common room "Can't survive on love alone?"

Harry snorted "Ever since the Goblins ran me through their infirmary, two separate tubs of mixed magical animal parts and shit, maybe literally, and their cursebreaker's ritual room I've been starving."

"Is that how you got so big?" Hermione realized what she said and they both blushed but she soldiered on "You scar is better too." She leant in and kissed it.

Harry nuzzled her neck "Yes taller and heavier. I don't recommend it though I still smell the death of unicorns and a dragon whorehouse every once in a while. Plus it hurt worse than dickheads cruciatus."

"Language Harry." Hermione smiled and sat up on him astride. She was dizzy for a moment then ground back and forth on him, one layer of cotton and his linen trousers separating them. She stopped back at his base and shuddered "And this?"

Harry groaned and held her hips "Merlin Hermione. That grew with the rest I guess."

Hermione ground back to his tip and collapsed on his chest "Not from what Katie said." She blushed "And your scar." She whispered after a moment.

Harry blearily answered "The curse breakers took a piece of Riddles soul out of it."

"WHAT!" Hermione leapt off of him and drug him stumbling toward the door into the house.

Roger met them at the door and turned them around and pushed them into the Volvo S 60 in the drive. Hermione meanwhile was telling her parents about the soul piece.

Katherine nodded "No worse than setting test for Harry that could get him killed Hermione."

"But he's Dumbledore he had to know! Harry has been to his office more than some of the professors!" Hermione exclaimed. Katherine waited and nodded when Hermione's face crumpled and she buried it in Harry's chest. Harry blushed as he patted her back and murmured to Hermione. When his stomach growled again he blushed and apologized and Hermione gave a halfhearted little giggle.

"Go to the In and Out Roger, Harry is hungry." Katherine instructed.

Roger nodded, a former Royal Marine Officer wasn't going to pass that instruction up. He could use a tot anyway. It had been a big day and was barely noon.

When they got to the Naval and Marine club Katherine did some kind of mother magic to Hermione and you could never tell she cried and took her arm while Harry walked with Roger. The valet took the car away and the foursome went to the dining room. Harry's robe had been left at the Grangers leaving him in very well dressed for the In and out at lunch. Harry held Hermione's chair drawing a smile from Katherine and looks from some other wives in the dining room. Here was a gorgeous, well-tailored in obviously bespoke shoes, trousers, shirt and jacket, albeit long haired, young man who moved like a young tiger with the Grangers and being deferential to their daughter. This was new. Lunch turned into a bit of a parade as a constant stream of members and their wives with sons and daughters in tow stopped by to say hello. Harry became the talk of the club. Lots of members had sons and a few had been looking at a VC winner's daughter. She had shown better every year, but now she was obviously smitten. The members sized Harry up and noticed he noticed everything. Here was a young man who had experience, odd in one so young. Maybe the Gulf war and its continuing skirmishes, Looked a Sport and Social type and was with a Marine after all, young though. Not the Troubles. Certainly he was a babe in arms for the Falklands.

Lunch finished and Dan and Harry were drug away to the bar while Katherine and Hermione were pulled into the tea room. Dan and Harry sat at a table and the others in the bar were surprised when Brigadier Wilkes, lately of 3 Commando Brigade folded his paper and walked to the table "May I sit?" He was asking Harry not Dan and got the members whispering.

Harry nodded as he stood "Please sir."

The Brigadier sat "Brigadier Wilkes, you are Harry Potter, Lord Potter."

Harry nodded "Sir."

"He's back Lord Potter?" Wilkes asked pointedly. The members for the most part looked at each other. A few tensed.

"Yes sir." Harry answered surely.

"Damn! Granger, your girl is in that school?"

"Yes Brigadier. I don't see-"

Brigadier Wilkes nodded "Of course you don't. You were training up working your way up through Forty Commando and then recovering from the Falkland's once you were old enough to be able to pay attention. Twenty-three separate incidents from 1971 through 26 October 1981 and then you happened Lord Potter. Oh we blamed them on everyone and everything but they all belonged to him. That's not including the general rapes and murders. Nasty piece of work your boy Riddle, Lord Potter. Tell me is the Ministry as incompetent now as they were then?"

Harry met the Brigadiers eyes unflinching "Worse. At least Crouch let the Aurors kill the Death eaters, now Malfoy runs the Minister as far as I can tell."

Brigadier Wilkes nodded "Malfoy is a Death Eater, fancies himself the leader of them, very astute of you sussing that snake in the grass out Lord Potter, your plan?"

Harry shrugged "I'm his primary target. I'm leaving, going to the US and finish my schooling. He should stay focused on me and let everyone else alone."

The Brigadier shook his head "Why would he? With you gone he can advance the rest of his agenda."

Harry shrugged "His agenda seems to be stuck at killing me. I have no idea why but Dumbledore does and won't tell me. What no one knows is I have killed him twice more since 1981 and fought him to a draw this past June. He seems to not be able to let it go. I can't keep drawing people I love, erh my friends into this, someone will get killed. More will get killed."

"Yes, I heard about young Diggory. Damn shame. Nature of terrorist though. They will strike at those they shouldn't." The Brigadier thought a moment "I'll talk to some people. Send your owl or elf to me in a week, sooner needs must. Good day my Lord. Granger." The Brigadier stood and walked out. The room relaxed and a nondescript man stood back from the bar "Gentlemen everything you just heard is covered by the official secrets act."

Roger and Harry's table filled immediately. Harry looked at the bar menu and Roger laughed "Go ahead Harry." Harry shrugged an apology. He was giving cows a beating. Well pigs and chickens this morning so sharing the wealth?

In the tea room Mrs. Wilkes had moved to the grouping of chairs Hermione and Katherine had been led too. Katherine sighed "So it was all a set up."

Marjorie Wilkes smiled "I always liked that sharp mind of yours Katherine. Target of opportunity really before we had to come talk to you. The Brigadier keeps track of Hermione's world. After having to take care of his brother in the previous troubles he has never let it go. Hermione, if I might be so forward, Lord Potter is your young man?"

Hermione blushed lightly but looked Mrs. Wilkes right in the eye "I hope to make that so ma'am. By take care of I assume you meant permanently."

Marjorie Wilkes smiled "We were all in the dining room dear. You already have him. I'm not sure he even realized Major Pinder's daughter Lucy was in the room, that's fairly impressive, Lucy was most put out. Yes, Wilkes is an old dark Family. The Brigadier is the white sheep you might say. His brother became head and took Riddles mark. The Brigadier killed him for it and was made regent of the family as the family would not accept him as head after the fratricide. Our son will be Lord Wilkes if he turns up fairly well."

Hermione huffed and glared at Lucy Pinder in the corner of the room sulking. Marjorie chuckled "Now, now, don't be mean dear, you've won. Despite her looks she is after all very young and your young man is completely hypnotized by you, barely polite even. Now what are you and your young man's plans for dealing with Riddle?"

Katherine couldn't resist arching the 'I told you' brow.

Hermione started, nearly rolled her eyes at her mother and said "Uh we, erh, well, we haven't gotten that far. He thinks he is leaving."

Marjorie nodded "It could be he has the right idea. In the Seventies, the last go around with Riddle, it was very bad, especially for the Muggle born and Squibs."

Hermione looked around in a bit of a panic, all the chairs within earshot were filled with friends of Marjorie Wilkes she noticed. Marjorie nodded and continued "If your young man was to get settled in one of his ancestral holdings, in say the United States, and some enterprising young woman was to get a hold of the Book of Names from Minerva McGonagall, and do a little judicious charms work with some charms some people might give her, then a group of old busy bodies could possibly move those muggle born and their families to other ancestral lands of the Potters, essentially clearing the field as it were."

Hermione blinked "You're asking me to let him go to America without me."

Marjorie nodded sadly "Sometimes we must make sacrifices for others who have no idea of their danger my dear. It's something all of the wives in this room have faced."

"I'm not a wife."

Marjorie looked at her very directly "Aren't you? You've made the leap in your mind haven't you dear? Do we really need to wait for the paper and trip to an anvil?"

"I believe you are pushing my daughter a little too fast Mrs. Wilkes." Katherine broke in.

Marjorie nodded "Needs must my dear. Think about it and talk to your young man Hermione. Katherine we wouldn't ask this of a VC winner's family if there were another way. You have already risked so much and very nearly been put to the touch." Marjorie withdrew by turning to one of her friends.

Katherine's friends came over and the two groups separated a bit.

Lucy Pinder stopped pouting and squared her shoulders. She stood and headed for Hermione Granger now that Mrs. Wilkes wasn't occupying her time. Her mother steered her into the hall and the ladies room. "Mother!"

Lucille Pinder looked at her daughter "Trust me Lucy. You do not want to push this. Sure he's handsome and athletic and has that air of danger, but it isn't an air, he is dangerous. So is she if you push her too far. She is magical and has shown a vast indifference to societies norms where he is concerned, she could and would turn you inside out. You being a squib might save you but it might not. You know women are what is meant by 'nature red in tooth and claw' Mrs. Wilkes just pushed her as far as she can be pushed for the next few months. If you see him again, without her later, make your try. You are all very young."

Lucy looked in the mirror and nodded. She could wait. She was hotter than Granger now, had bigger boobs and was nearly as intelligent, in a few years she would be a walking wet dream. They were all young. He would come loose from Granger and she would be waiting. Granger would have no chance to keep her first man, it was always the way.


Harry wolfed down another steak as the members talked and drank around him apologizing about his appetite the whole time. Roger waved it off explaining to the others Harry had just gotten out of hospital after the engagement in which he lost his partner for the mission he and the Brigadier spoke of in late June. The members all nodded sympathetically. Just as Harry finished Roger looked up to see Katherine and Hermione coming in the bar, the tea room behind them pretty much emptying with wives looking for husbands to put their knowledge together so they could figure out what was happening. He made their excuses and rose to greet the women. Hermione Immediately attached herself to Harry and the pair got smiles all around. They left and got to the Goring shortly. Harry was shown to his room in the suite and Hermione stopped at the door. Her mother pushed her in "We trust you." She shut the door behind them. Roger looked at her "Harry or Hermione?" Katherine snorted "I trust Harry is a doofus and Hermione won't be able to overcome it quite yet. They need a month or so of rubbing together."

Roger rolled his eyes "I hope you don't make us grandparents."

Katherine smirked "Hermione is on birth control."

Roger took a long time getting to sleep.


Harry woke up in the morning spooned into the back of Hermione and with his head buried in her hair. He came to himself and realized one hand had a handful of breast with the hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger and his other hand was holding his erection up against Hermione's fanny. Her naked, wet, fanny as she only had a long T shirt on. He would have sworn she had knickers and bra on under that shirt when they went to bed. He tried to pull his hands away and hers closed on them and held them where they were "A little more Harry please, a little more. I'm so close!" Harry went back to what he was doing. and when she pressed his hand over his cock harder he pressed harder. Hermione gasped as her flowering vulva spread over him and she thrust back and forth hard. Harry leaned up and kissed her right behind her ear and Hermione launched into a violent orgasm turning her face down and screaming like a banshee into the pillow under her head. Harry held her as tight as possible as her orgasm, and her thrashing, went on and on, finally after two minutes or so Hermione collapsed bonelessly and Harry rolled onto his back carrying her with him. Hermione turned over and slid down his chest and just as he figured out what she was going to do her warm wet mouth slid over him.


She looked up his body with a truly wicked gleam in her eye and forced herself down his length until he was in the back of her throat and then swallowed. She had spent hours practicing with that transfigured candle. Harry came and Hermione moaned and kept swallowing. When he stopped coming her head began rising and falling and he pulled her up and off and onto his chest. "Hermione stop too sensitive."

"You're not through, you're still hard. Oh my gods you taste good too!"

Harry grinned "I'm always hard when you're around."

Hermione got a dreamy look on her face "Oh that's wonderful!"

Harry laughed and rolled her back into the spoon. Hermione lifted her leg and reached down putting him against her fanny and dropped her leg again. She took his hand and put it over her breast. "It's early. Sleep. We're shopping later." She laid her head on his other arm effectively trapping him.

Harry lay there playing with his PC muscle and Hermione ground against him. "Or this."

Harry chuckled "Or I could return the favor."

The pair napped fitfully, when they weren't driving each other mad, until her mother knocked on the door "Breakfast in thirty minutes."

Hermione responded "OK Mum. And reached down pulling Harry as hard against herself as she could and thrust her hips. Harry grinned and thrust with her. He barely missed her entrance and plowed full length through her vulva. Hermione squealed into his bicep and then in a few moments pushed him on his back and took him down her throat again, or made a good solid try at it. Harry lasted slightly longer this time. Hermione leapt up and headed for the bath throwing her T shirt off as she went. Harry lay panting on the bed. "Harry shower!"

Harry got up and wandered into the ensuite. Hermione's hand came out of the shower and drug him in. "Wash my back and help with my hair."

Harry blinked and did as he was told. Hermione turned when he was done and pushed him under the shower head and washed his back, paying special attention to his firm arse. She eventually growled and stepped away. He turned and found himself alone. He rinsed off then stepped out of the shower stall to find her wrapped in a towel and wrestling with her hair. He toweled off and then with the towel wrapped around his waist stepped behind her and took the brush. He brushed her hair out and looked up to find Hermione looking at him in the mirror with a smile and her heart in her eyes. "Can you braid?"

Harry shrugged "Tell me how?"

Hermione talked him through braiding her hair, snogged his towel off and scurried into the bedroom to dress. Harry looked at the complimentary toiletries, shrugged and lathered up running a razor over his face. Harry made it into the bedroom and just underwear and pants when Katherine opened the door after a short knock. She looked at Harry and the hypnotized by Harry Hermione and laughed. "Come on you two. Breakfast, then shopping!"

Harry threw on socks, shoes, his shirt and picked up his jacket. He offered Hermione his arm and led her out into the suites lounge. Katherine swooped in and took Hermione away leading to the dining room. Roger looked at Harry "So still my virgin daughter eh?"

"Of course, erh, not that Hermione is unattractive, erh, wait." Harry clapped his mouth shut and Roger laughed "How did you know Sir?"

"Roger, Harry and Katherine would be crowing by now. She has plans for you young man. Run while you can." Roger looked at Harry and laughed, he actually looked like he was thinking about running.


Hermione, Katherine and Roger watched as Harry politely vacuumed up a large full English breakfast, that oddly kept almost its same level on his plate until he was nearly full. Katherine smiled. Dobby was an excellent fellow. Hedwig swooped in and perched on the back of an empty chair at their table and extended her leg to Katherine. Katherine took the note while Harry looked around frantically and the Maitre de Hotel waved him off. They were used to eccentric guest at the Goring. He would have to get a Falconer in to care for the bird. He looked down at his podium and flipped through his contacts book.

Katherine read her mail and Harry tucked up corners and finished his cup of tea. Hermione watched Harry and Roger rolled his eyes. Or wanted too.

The Grangers and Harry rose, finally, and Roger nodded "It's only a couple of miles walk to where I wanted to go Harry, you up for it?"

Harry nodded and Hermione glued herself to his hip. Katherine took Rogers arm and smiled. Hermione led Harry out the door nearly bouncing. "So something happened." Roger eyed Katherine as they fell back a couple of yards.

Katherine nodded, she had had a powder room discussion with Hermione. "Very heavy petting, you'd think he stuffed a mains wire up her. It's going to be hilarious when she finally works up the nerve. She'll either be crippled or uncontrollably bouncing off the walls."

Roger sighed "Do we really need to do this."

Katherine nodded "I think so. She's of the right age and completely smitten. We can rail and chase her off to do it in the back seat of some car or in a club bathroom or we can make it wonderful as possible. I'm going for wonderful." Roger blushed and Katherine smiled "The back seat of that Bentley you hired was wonderful too dear, just the right amount of wrong, a mix of naughty and luxury."

Harry was experiencing live wire Hermione, an unknown in his world until now and he was catching some of her excitement. The pair raced through the corner of Hyde park being irritating young lovers to the crotchety old men already ensconced on benches and making the old women's eyes misty. Roger and Katherine followed knowing Hermione had already figured out they were headed for Gieves and Hawke. Hermione didn't know her mother would catch up as she dawdled with Harry looking in windows and pull her into Rigby and Pellers while she shooed Harry and Roger on. "Mother!"

"Oh hush Hermione. Time for some satin and lace."

Hermione blushed "Harry likes cotton."

Katherine beamed at her "I'm sure he does dear and you can show him all of that you want to. Meanwhile you can knock his socks off with some other things. You'll get to see him naked later."

"Mother! I wanted to help him pick." Hermione huffed and a chuckling fitter stepped up.


Harry meanwhile was lead to Saville row and into a palace of tailoring. Roger was greeted by name and Harry introduced and found himself being Lord Pottered while led to a raised platform in the back of the store and stripped to his shorts. Four tailors and a seamstress gawked quite openly for a minute then the seamstress whistled and fanned herself breaking the spell getting a chuckle from Roger, now seated with a nice cup of tea, and a glare from the senior tailor. Several minutes of posing and squeaking from Harry as he was measured led to him being plonked in a chair after dressing again and a succession of dummies wheeled past with everything from casual clothes to black tie outfits. Harry indicated the ones he liked and he and Roger were asked their address, Harry handed over the black plastic card Bonecrusher gave him it was handed back in moments as they were shooed out the door. Harry huffed "That was shopping? I don't see what guys complain about."

Roger looked down the street and saw Hermione and Katherine coming and chuckled "You will."

Harry's stomach growling in Piccadilly Circus saw them in a restaurant at a table for six. Harry looked puzzled until Sirius and Remus showed up and then he looked as if he would bolt. Hermione clamping down on his thigh kept him seated and Sirius grinned at him "Whipped already Harry?"

"Shut up Sirius." Harry growled.

Sirius and Remus sat. Sirius waited until the server left and then spoke "No one has been following you. Well besides Remus and I. Dumbledore hasn't figured out you've done a runner yet."

Harry rolled his eyes "And how are you not being arrested you mass murderer you."

Sirius grinned "Notice me not charm, pain to take it down and do that glamour then finite the glamour and put it back up but its all good. Now tell your Godfather why you've tossed in the towel on old Blighty."

Lunch took a while. At the end Sirius nodded "So Hermione going with you or staying here."

They left the restaurant and in between more shopping, with Dobby taking bags and moving them to the suite, continued the discussion. Remus and Sirius had dinner with them at the Goring and then they all sat in the suite lounge. "So in summary Harry is going to America. Hermione is going back to Hogwarts at least long enough to get to the Book of Names and copy it. You are then going to pass the information to this Brigadier Wilkes and he is going to render aid and assistance to the Muggle born and Squibs." Remus looked around the room and got nods. He looked at Sirius.

"Dumbledore is planning to retrieve you on Wednesday Harry. Dobby has taken care of the tracking charms on you but Mad Eye will be his bloodhound. A fidelius wouldn't stop him forever as he would simply notice the hole. I think we need to feel out Minerva and see if we could get the book earlier, and then we should get the both of you behind wards in the US."

Harry frowned "Talking about it I've come to feel like a complete louse running out on the good people at Hogwarts."

Hermione snorted "The good people who ridicule you or praise you by turns? The good people who bully others? Or the good people who are your friends as long as they get something out of it? Maybe the fan girls with their elbows nicely buttered?"

Harry pouted "There are good people in school Hermione, but we are all kids."

Hermione nodded "And none of those have homicidal maniacs with seventy years of training and a fully functioning army of evil henchmen who oh by the way managed to come back to life, three times, pursuing them relentlessly Harry."

Remus cleared his throat "Perhaps you could give us a list of candidates Harry and we could do as the Brigadier suggested and take as many noncombatants off the battlefield as possible? Include the light side pure bloods in the exodus."

Roger smiled "Let him rule creatures of his own ilk until we can stick a bullet in him enough times to kill him permanently. I like it."

Sirius nodded "Gringotts tomorrow and then you are on a plane Harry." Harry raised a brow, Sirius smiled "Head of house ring for you. Betrothed of Potter ring for Hermione. They have massive protections on them." He didn't say it would give him a chance to stick Harry with Black as well.

Harry turned to Hermione in the love seat with him "Hermione will you-" She tackled him.

Katherine huffed "So much for romance!"

Sirius chuckled and pulled a parchment from somewhere "If you thought that was romantic wait until you see this contract." Katherine snatched it off the table.

During the protracted negotiations that followed Hermione led Harry to their bedroom. Roger had seen that look on another Granger woman and poured himself a full cocktail glass of an excellent whiskey.


Harry stood in shock for a moment until Hermione turned to him and had him unzip her. She shimmied out of her sundress and turned. She very nearly laughed at the stunned look on Harry's face as he looked at her in the blue satin and cream lace panty and bra set, and then nearly huffed in annoyance at how right her mother was. "Dobby can you silence the door and the walls please." She pushed Harry back toward the bed a step at a time undoing his shirt buttons. The backs of his legs met the bed and he sat. She undid his belt and trousers and pulled them off. She stepped back into him and he pulled her to him and then lay back on the bed. He looked from her face to her chest and she giggled "Thirty four C. Harry."

Harry babbled "If that is how you spell beautiful then yes."

Hermione grinned and then gasped as he kissed her. The kisses turned more and more passionate and rained down on every inch of uncovered skin while those calloused hands roamed. Harry slid down her neck across her clavicles then down her chest. Hermione writhed, got her arms behind her and the bra unclasped and it went flying.


Through the night they dozed and made love alternately. Hermione had lost her hymen years ago on a playground but still it was good they took their time and Harry was very attentive. In the morning with light streaming in the window Hermione rode Harry to both their satisfaction and just as she leaned in for a kiss a knock came at the door "Breakfast in thirty you two."

Hermione blushed furiously "Do you think they heard?"

Harry kissed a crinkled pale pink areola and nipple "Dobby."

"EEEP Harry!" Hermione snatched the sheet up to her chest.

Harry laughed as Dobby popped in with his eyes closed "Yes Master?"

"Could the others hear us?"

"No Master, one way silencing charm."

Hermione with her sheet wrapped to her satisfaction asked "Master Dobby?"

Dobby blushed bronze "Elves must be bound or they die Mistress."

Hermione face palmed "I am so stupid."

Dobby looked calculating for a moment "Master there are elves who need family. They are dying slowly."

Hermione gave Harry a set of the cutest puppy dog eyes ever and Harry snorted "Are there elves on all the Potter properties Dobby?"

"Oh yes many many." Dobby nodded. "Room for more on your properties though Master." All those Black properties.

Hermione clapped like a little girl and Harry sighed "Bring them on Dobby."

"Done Greatest Master Ever!" Dobby popped away and Hermione tackled Harry. They made it to the shower and Hermione found the downside to having sex all night. She was sore! They left the shower and were wrapped in towels when Harry went to start on Hermione's hair and found himself pushed out of the ensuite and a female elf doing Hermione's hair. Hermione had the most startled look ever on her face.

Harry turned to the bed and found a set of his clothes from yesterday's shopping laid out along with new underwear and an elf looking at him. The elf snapped its fingers and Harry was shaved and lotioned with an aftershave Hermione had picked yesterday and then with another snap he was dressed.

Hermione left the ensuite and with two snaps was dressed and perfumed lightly then they were herded out the bedroom door. Harry looked at Hermione "What just happened?"

Hermione looked as confused as he did and then the Grangers appeared also looking confused. Roger looked at Harry "New staff Harry?"

Harry shrugged and Katherine came over, kissed him on a cheek and drug Hermione away. They hadn't made it into the corridor when Katherine squeed and hugged Hermione and then spun her around. Roger looked at Harry "So I should shoot you?"

Harry blushed "Probably. I will never hurt her though."

Roger snorted "Not and live you won't. I'll give you a nice funeral if it wasn't intentional."

Harry looked at him for a moment "Thanks."

"That's the spirit. Now let's eat and see what they have in store for you today."


Sirius and Remus appeared half way through breakfast. Sirius handed Harry the betrothal agreement. "Read this and sign it with this Harry." He laid an ugly red black quill down by Harry's plate. Hermione snatched the contract out of his hand. Sirius frowned.

Harry shrugged "I will read it Sirius, not much use until Hermione agrees to it though. Tea?"

Sirius blinked and Katherine chuckled "She had to have him, he's like you Roger. Unflappable."

Roger snorted "More like saving it for the important battles. You Granger women are too tough in a fight."

Katherine beamed at him and patted his hand.

Hermione went through the contract once then again and then handed it to Harry and waited looking at Sirius who was squirming in his seat. Harry got to the part she was curious about and looked at Sirius "Lord Potter Black?"

Sirius sighed "Azkaban isn't good for wizards Harry and the next in line would be Draco Malfoy. One of the things we will do at the bank today. I will name you my heir. You have Black blood of the superior line through Dorea Potter nee Black. As soon as that sticks I will abdicate in your favor by reason of my inability to produce an heir. There are some things we can do to hurt Ole Mouldie right away and we'll talk about those.

Harry looked at Hermione and she beamed at him. He read the contract the rest of the way, found the escape clause for her and signed it. He handed her the quill and she signed it as well. The contract flashed and Dobby popped in and took it away and popped out so fast it was hard to notice him. Harry leaned over and kissed Hermione.

The Gieves and Hawke team showed up ten minutes later and they all adjourned to the Grangers suite for what became a fashion show. Roger sent Brigadier Wilkes an invitation for dinner at the In and Out that evening at seven.


Harry, Hermione, the Grangers, Sirius and Remus walked into Gringotts. Remus and Sirius wearing muggle makeup. A goblin led them strait to Bonecrusher. "Black you idiot what have you done?"

Everyone blinked and Bonecrusher growled "You combining the titles in this marriage contract means I have to fight Eyegouge."

Sirius blinked "That's not the way it was intended."

Bonecrusher turned to Harry "How many children do you intend to have Lord Potter Black?"

Hermione smiled "As many as I can stand."

Bonecrusher eyed her for a minute "Found a crazy one eh Lord Potter. Fine then." He pushed a rune on his desk and another older Goblin walked in. This one had scars all over just like Bonecrusher "He found a breeder, we don't have to try to kill each other."

Hermione pouted "And if I can't, well, we can adopt."

Eyegouge shook his head "You'll have to get a belly, we'll put some eggs in stasis, Some of Lord Potter Blacks ejaculate as well. It has to be by blood, as long as you can make eggs though we can rent bellies. Unless you want to adopt Nymphadora Tonks child or Draco Malfoy's once they have some. Or you could breed the Tonks witch Lord Potter Black."

Everyone blinked again. Bonecrusher snorted "You two young fools come here." Hermione and Harry walked over and Eyegouge set a carved box next to one Bonecrusher already had on his desk. "Put this ring on Potter then that one." He indicated the Black then Potter rings and the Goblins watched intently as Harry slipped them on and then waved his hands around cursing while the rings then his hands then his body glowed and then was washed with black flame. Hermione glared daggers at the goblins who chortled. Bonecrusher looked at Eyegouge "Didn't I tell you he was fun. Didn't even scream. Most of them have been in the infirmary from just one ring."

Eyegouge nodded "And the rings didn't kill him so he is the legitimate heir."

Hermione growled. It made everyone's hair stand on end. Bonecrusher eyed her "A live one. Potter Black put these rings on her before she kills us all. They should distract her. Females like pretty baubles."

Harry looked at Hermione whose eyes were glowing by now and grabbed a ring. He uncurled one fist and put the ring on and she was bathed in a warm gold glow. She sighed and leaned into his chest. He took the other ring and slipped it on her. A black flame washed her. Her hair straightened quite a bit and got significantly darker. Her eyes also, terrifyingly enough, turned completely black for a moment and then when that receded had a lavender ring around the irises that was hard to see unless you were close. Eyegouge stepped close and peered up at her then grunted "Must be a Black cadet line. That ring loves you. I can't wait to see what the Lady's ring does for you. Lord Potter Black how do you feel about the same deal for the Black assets as you made for the Potter Assets?"

Sirius stepped in at that point "First we want to annul the marriages of Narcissa Black and Bellatrix Black, reclaim their dowries, cast them from the house, and stop their stipends. Next we will reinstate Andromeda Black nee Tonks, recognize her daughter Nymphadora Tonks, and give her the dowry she is owed. We will also put Nymphadora's dowry in trust."

Eyegouge rubbed his boney long fingered hands together "Now we're talking Black business. How about recalling all the loans?"

Hermione broke in "I want to see a list of all loans outstanding from both Potter and Black."

The two Goblins looked at Harry who nodded.


A working lunch passed, then a break for tea and finally Eyegouge and Bonecrusher looked at Harry grinning Eyegouge got his bid in first "I'll give you a million galleons for your affianced Lord Black."

"Million two." Bonecrusher upped the bid.

Harry held his hand up "You don't have enough gold. I'm sure Hermione and her team would be glad to consult for, let's say a thousand galleons an hour."

Hermione beamed at him and snogged him breathless. Sirius barked a laugh. "Get us the documents and after our meeting at seven we will know when we are going, we'll sign them then and we will let you know where we end up."


They got to the In and Out without much trouble and everyone sat in a small lounge relaxing and talking. Roger made arrangements for a private room and when the Brigadier arrived with several people they went to the private dining room. The Brigadier introduced his party, Mr. Croaker, Mr. Smythe, Ms. Gambol and Mrs. Stella Rimington Director of MI5. After Harry introduced their group and everyone was seated Roger looked thoughtful "Mrs. Rimington I didn't know you knew of the magical world?"

Stella smiled "The Magical Ministry keeps us informed in a rather hit or miss fashion. We have other sources." She smiled.

Sirius nodded "Every disaffected half-blood, muggle born and squib I'd imagine."

Stella looked at Sirius "You're surprisingly calm for a mass murderer Lord Black."

Sirius laughed "Yes, disarming isn't it. Actually I was never tried and I didn't do it. Peter Pettigrew betrayed Lord and Lady Potter to their deaths and then killed those mug erh mundane, I think by accident, hitting a gas main with a bombarda trying to kill me when I cornered the rat. He cut off or lost a finger and fled down the sewers in his animagus form. He resurfaced later and as of June helped Riddle regain some sort of body."

Stella nodded "Why don't we start at the beginning, say Halloween of 1981."

A dinner with conversation that really wasn't really conducive to eating proceeded for two hours. At the end Stella turned to Ms. Gambol "Well."

Ms. Gambol nodded "They believe every word is true."

Hermione narrowed her eyes at the young woman "Empath?"

Stella smiled at her "You are as bright as they say. Yes Ms. Gambol is sort of my own lie detector. The problem being if you are lying but you don't know you are she can't tell. I believe that her evaluation backed up by other sources proves you all are telling the truth. Lord Potter, you realize by now Albus Dumbledore intends to use you as a weapon, and soon. He doesn't seem to care if you or your line survives it. I also believe he would be happy if you did not."

Harry nodded "I do."

Stella nodded "Your plan seems most reasonable in that case. I do rather wish we could avoid Lady Potter returning to Hogwarts." Hermione sat smiling goofily and the others chuckled "I believe we should put all of you, the Grangers and Potters on a plane tonight. I have a Hawker 800 waiting, it will take you to Nashville where a US counterterrorism unit of the FBI magical section will pick you up and take you to your farm."

Harry looked surprised and Roger told him "I told the Brigadier your choice of location."

Harry nodded "And Hermione going to school?"

Mr. Croaker spoke for the first time "Minnie and I go way back. I'll get the Book or a working copy from her."

Remus looked at the man "DoM?"

Croaker shrugged and nodded "The Department Head actually."

Stella nodded "Failing that Lady Potter will return, and we will send a few agents to Hogsmeade, aside from the one we are trying to put in Hogwarts."

Everyone agreed and before they knew it the Grangers and the Potters were on a Royal Airforce executive jet with Mr. Smythe headed for the US. Roger looked around "We don't have passports or anything."

Mr. Smythe grinned "Your man Dobby brought everything as soon as you said yes lord Potter. Hedwig is in the aft Galley being doted on by a senior airman right now. Your bill at Gorings is closed and your car is in your garage at home. Remus and Sirius are building a cover for the Grangers being on vacation in France for when it's discovered you have done a runner Lord Potter."

Harry grimaced "Can we go with Harry please?"

Smythe grinned "No. Her majesty directly instructed us that Her Lord Potter Black was to be treated with all respect. I believe she has plans for you my Lord."

Harry slumped in his seat "Great."