Rosario X Vampire: Classified

Chapter 11: The Knowing

The secret is out. Everyone in the school now knows who I am, or what I am. Here I am back in Rome. I ponder whether or not I will be allowed to go back to school. I have not heard from the director since I came back to Rome about a week ago. I feel like the chances are slim, yet I still keep in touch with my friends in Japan. A lone bright spot.

Tsukune says that many of the students are afraid now that they know there was a dragon among them. I feel my chances of going back to school grow more doubtful. Sister Gabriella came to see me as I was reading a book in the library, "Some times these things are unavoidable, others will learn to accept the things that are different," she said,

"And the time it takes to do so may vary, it could take years," I replied with a light grin,

"That means more time for growth," said the nun, "things can't just be right at the snap of a finger, the world doesn't work like that,"

Sister Gabriella is young in human years. She turns thirty in a month. She has a slight hint of tan to her skin. She has beautiful brown eyes, and a squiggle of curly brown hair peeks out of her habit and veil. I talked with my friends on Skype, and they keep me informed, "It's chaos at Youkai Academy," said Yukari, "teachers are cancelling classes,"

"Why?" I asked on the other line, "all over a fight that Kuyo instigated?"

"There've been riots in the school courtyard where you fought Kuyo, many students want to 'Keep the School Pure' so they say, and ban foreign monsters from attending the academy," said Kurumu the Succubus, it seems from my secret came of fear of what is outside the safety of the academy, "you shouldn't blame yourself for what happened,"

"It is my fault in a way, I should no better than that," I replied, Yukari shook her head on her side of the Skype line, "I have to go," I said, seeing that I had some business to attend to. I shut down the computer, and walked away. I was partly lying. This was a result of me not able to control myself. I may have just escalated a fear of foreigners.

"Things like this take time," said Sister Gabriella, "some monsters need more time than others, it's just the way things are,"

"Some would say something differently about the way things are, to some the way things are does not involve me going back to school," I said back to the sister,

"But you have friends, Zorine, they would be sad to not see you again," said Sister Gabriella with a hand on her hip,

Gabriella is right. I can't expect everything to just magically turn out right in the end. I nodded to the sister, and went on my way into town. It's going to take time for things to return back to the way they were back at Yokai Academy. I have made up my mind. I am going back to the school, and I am going to face the riots and those against me.

That scumbag Kuyo and his Student Police are probably spreading the word that foreign monsters like me should be banned from Youkai Academy. Nothing ever gets done by standing around, and doing nothing, "Sister Gabriella, I must insist, I am going back to the school," I said to the closest thing in the Vatican that I have to family. She smiled.

"I knew you would say that, when there is a problem you have to fix it, and I won't stop you," said Gabriella with a hug, "be safe out there, and call me when you land,"

Within a few days, I was on the first flight out of Rome to Tokyo. I had to lay low for a while, and return on the weekend when there are no classes. The school is going through some difficult times. This is as much my fault as it is Kuyo's, and yet since I am a Gaijin I am thinking most of the school wants to pit the entirety of the blame on me.

I can't expect everyone to accept me back. There are always those that think different than others, and that is fine. What will not do is monsters judging others that because of one incident in the school courtyard that all monsters from other countries are brutes. Sometimes all it takes is one incident like the one that happened nearly a week ago.

"I am who I am, someone has to be," I said quietly to myself with a light smile, and flipping open my phone to call Sister Gabriella, it went straight to her voicemail,

"Gabriella? It's Zorine, and I am calling to let you know I got to Tokyo safely, call me back if you need anything," I said leaving a message,

I looked out the window of my hotel room at the city below. People are moving about, and living their lives from businessmen to students. Yet among them there are still monsters just like me. I pulled up my jeans, and decided to walk around the city. After a few hours of walking around, I sat down at a park bench and looked up at the stars.

This is one of those things I have to face, but I know I am not alone. I have friends. When I walk the streets of the Vatican, and Rome. When I go to a cafe for a coffee, I see the people walking by. I see no difference between me and a human. It is said that God made us all in his image. So what makes one image better than another? You tell me.