This is my holiday gift to you, the readers. 12 daily one shots, all with different scenarios and different lengths. They are loosely based on the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, some more obvious than others. I will not be posting on the weekends, but you can otherwise expect little daily gifts in your inbox. Happy holidays!

*Disclaimer: All 12 stories are rated M. All 12 stories are graphic in nature and language. Some have an actual plot, and some don't. If that's not your thing, please accept my warm wishes as a gift instead.

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We're counting from 12 down to 1, like the end of the song.

"Thank you, good night!"

I watched as Edward left the stage, sweaty and gorgeous. The others followed him, waving at the screaming fans as they went. There was nothing quite like seeing them live; the vibe from the audience, the deafening noise of the drums and other instruments. Seeing the boys thrust and prance on stage never failed to turn me on.

The best part about it was that Edward was always high on adrenaline after a concert, and never failed to show me the best time of my life. Knowing I had to wait for the three to four hour concert to be over before I could jump him, and then wait while he greeted the backstage fans, and even while he showered before he would come to me, made the anticipation erotically excruciating.

The mob backstage was large, so many cheering and screaming women and men wanting to touch any of the members they could reach. Emmett with his tall form and broad shoulders, making any woman feel safe and protected by his side. Jasper, full of blue eyes and Southern charm, melting the panties off a woman with just his voice. Jake, towering and built, naturally tan with long, inky black hair, never had trouble with the ladies.

But it was Edward I watched. Always Edward. Long legs, lean torso, a ready smile and strong brow. Eyes an ocean mixture of blue and green, and those lips… I fantasized about his lips when they weren't on me, full and soft and made for kissing. His hand went to his hair in a subconscious gesture, and I watched his long slender fingers, shivering at the thought of them inside me.

He looked up as though he sensed my presence, and the crooked smile he gave me only lifted on one side. There was a naughty gleam in his eyes, and I wondered what he thought of now. The way he liked to bend me over the arm of the couch in his dressing room, sex up against the shower wall, or waiting until we were heading home so I could ride him in the back of the chauffeured car.

Swallowing, I smiled back and squeezed my kegel muscles. Temporary and useless relief, as he was staring right through me like he couldn't wait to devour me. Signing one more shirt, he broke from the crowd with a wave, heading down to his dressing room behind the rope set up to separate the fans from the band.

I followed him slowly, savoring the wait. By the time I entered the room and locked the door, I could hear the shower running. Deciding quickly, I stripped off my jacket and tossed it on his chair, followed rapidly by my boots and jeans. Next came my shirt, underwear and bra. Opening the bathroom door, I let the steam waft over my naked body and stepped inside. I could just make out his form through the frosted glass, smooth and firm skin as he unknowingly gave me a view of his hard ass.

"Care for company," I purred as I opened the glass.

"Only if it's you," he answered as he turned to me.

Stepping in, I felt the hot spray as it stung me, but I didn't care. I circled, forcing him to withstand the water to his back and then sank to my knees, enjoying the way he immediately grabbed my hair as I enclosed his hard length in my mouth. I had to relax my throat as his cock hit the back of it, but I still couldn't quite take him all the way in. He gasped as I cupped a hand under his balls, caressing them in my palm as he fucked my mouth, making shallow thrusts. I hummed, scraping my teeth lightly up his shaft, then created suction around his tip just before he pulled me up to meet him, pushing me against the wall of the shower. The tiles were still cold, and I gasped both from the chill on my back and the way his hands went to my face, kissing me deeply for all he was worth. When his long fingers went to my needy pussy, I moaned like a whore and bucked toward him. He stroked me for a minute before pulling away his hand, and I grabbed his hips roughly, pulling them against my own to trap his cock between us.

"You like my cock, don't you, Bella? You like it in your mouth and in your pussy, don't you baby."

I whimpered as he kissed me hard again, and reached for the cock he was so proud of. When he finally thrust inside me, I wrapped my legs around his waist and clung to his shoulders to make it easier.

"So good, Edward! Unh!" I yelled at him, loving the way the frenzy never went away. This was easily the best after show ritual.

"I love you," he breathed, pumping furiously in and out of my aching body. "I love you, baby."

With my forehead pressed tightly to his, I panted out the words, too. "I love you, oh God."

Every muscle tightened, locking down around his cock as we both neared the summit, his hips faltering. He shouted a healthy fuck and sighed my name, kissing me as we both came back down.

"Great show tonight," I murmured, and he laughed.