Hey everyone! Thanks for your interest in my story, I hope you like it (comments appreciated!). I've been working on it for a long time and just found the site and thought I'd share it. I'll be adding all the chapters I've written soon, and more as I write them. Thanks again!


Raven Kovich, at only sixteen, was one of the most beautiful girls ever to reside in Port Charles, New York. Then again, her goregous looks could be traced back to her parents. Raven's mother was Alison Barrington, a honey-sweet blonde with a heart as big as all of New York and conicidentally, a matching bank account. Raven's father, however, for whom she'd been named, was very special as well. Rafe Kovich had been allot of things in his life. And, he'd been alot of things after it, the most important of all, being Raven's father. You see, Raff came from a family of vampire slayers. His life's mission had been to kill Caleb Morley, a charmingly evil vampire who had ambled into Port Charles in 1991. Unfortunately, (But not for long) Caleb prevailed and killed Rafe. Rafe then went to Heaven and became an angel.

Rafe was no ordinary angel. He was given a special mission by Ed, the superior angel, who he would also discover to be his father. The mission was to reunite the couples of Port Charles after Caleb had torn them apart once more, ten years after Rafe's death. Caleb had ambled back into town and wreaked havoc particularly on a wholesome young couple. He turned young Jack Ramsey into a vampire, and then entranced, seduced, and married Jack's girlfriend Livvie. Don't worry, though, Rafe set everything right. And in his time on earth fixing Caleb's mistakes, Rafe fell in love with Alison. They knew their time together was limited, but they spent every second together, and even had a symbolic marriage. And before Rafe left, they conceived the child that would bond them forever: Raven Angel Kovich.

But that was sixteen years ago. Now Rafe was back in Heaven, Port Charles' couples were reunited once again, and that included Alison going back to Jamal, her first love. It was what Rafe had wanted for her before he left. Alison, Jamal, and Raven were a happy, normal family. Or so it seemed. See, Raven had no idea that her father had been a vampire-slaying angel, or that he had died twelve years before she was born. Alison had never known how to tell her, so she simply had not. But that was all about to change.