Title: Past is painful

Author: eternal radiance

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Rating: pg13 for non graphic rape and violence

Pairings: K/Ty, R/Ma, D/D

Summary: a plan to win turns into a plan to get rid of a certain someone…

Author's Notes: My very first BB fic… hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: BB and its characters does not belong to me… kind of AU, takes place during the championship tournament

~ change of POV or time gap



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Past if Painful

By: eternal radiance

This is another amazing win for the Bladebreakers, led by their leader, Kai. This has been their 3rd straight win and they are 2 away from being the champions!"

Tyson was jumping with joy, with a big smile on his face. At first he threw one arm over Kai's shoulder but when it was shrugged off, he frowned. Then Max skipped over and glomped him. Ray also fell over them, dragging Kenny and his laptop down with him, forming a Bladebreakers pile (other then Kai of course), laughing happily.

On boy angrily flicked the television screen off. He paced his room. No one could figure out what the Bladebreakers' weaknesses were. No matter how much they seemed to be losing, they always came through in the end. Especially that infuriating Tyson. Him and his annoying Dragoon and his annoying smile.

            'My team's fighting them next. I need to find a way to make the Bladebreakers lose.' He thought to himself pacing his room some more, kicking everything that was in his way, out.

            Thoughts and plans were running through his head at 100km/h, making it spin. A faint murmur could be heard from his room door.

            "Max is the weakest… (which is not true!! I love Maxie!) no problem beating him…"

"Ushio against Ray and we might have a chance…"

"Kai will have to blade if Tyson's taken out…"

"That's it! Take Tyson out!" (I have no clue how that would work… *sweatdrops*)

A grin was forming on his lips as he thought of his brilliant plan. Not only will the Bladebreakers lose the next round, but also Tyson will be out of the picture… for good.


            Tyson flopped on his bed, tiredly. He never knew that keeping such a happy face all day was so fatiguing. Right now, all he wanted to do was sleep.

            He let out a big yawn, thinking about the events that just passed.            They had won their 3rd game and in a few days will have to battle their 4th game… But for now, Mr. Dickenson seems happy with their progress and was treating them to a pizza dinner. Max and Ray had gone out to get it with the BBA owner while Kenny had gone out with Dizzy (not that way!) to collect some information on their next opponents. Tyson and Kai had come back to their hotel room.

            Usually Tyson would have loved to go buy pizza, but today he just didn't feel like it. He was never fed much when he was little; often being starved for doing little things wrong, so that was the reason he stuffed his face now… But today, just the hint of food made him sick.

            "Tyson! Kai! Pizza's here!"

            Tyson sighed heavily. 'Here comes the mask again…'

            Before walking out he took a look in his mirror. He looked too pale, so he slapped both his cheeks creating a happier tinge. Putting on a big smile, he forced himself to skip out of the room. "Hey guys!" He chirped happily.

            Ray laughed and passed Tyson a box. "Here. We got you your own."

            "Thanks Ray! You da man!" Tyson tried not to wince and be sick at the smell of food. He took the pizza and sat down at the coffee table in front of the TV. Opening the box, he saw that it was pepperoni and cheese, his favourite, but he still couldn't eat it.

            He tried to eat as much as he could, but even after only one slice he was full. He sighed before putting down the other piece, ignoring the others who were discussing their next opponents and Kai who seemed to be watching him.

            Tyson wanted him to stop… or maybe… no

            He squirmed in his seat nervously, until he couldn't stand it anymore. "I think I'll go to bed early." He said to Max and Ray who looked at him when he stood. He walked past them and closed the door quietly, retreating to his soft, comfy and fluffy bed before falling in an uneasy slumber.


            Kai and the others watched him leave. The cold leader had no expression on his face, but inwardly he was wondering about his blue eyes angel.

            …Oops… did he just think angel?

            Yup. Kai had a crush on Tyson. Not that he'll ever admit it, but he did. But who would ever believe that? The cold phoenix loving the friendly dragon. They were complete opposites.

            Hence opposites attract…

            …Um… anyways…

            Max looked after his best friend. "He probably finished." The blonde kid said, working on his3rd piece of pizza.

            Ray nodded, standing up to take the 'empty' – or so he thought- box. "Just like Tyson to not clean-" The expression on his face was pure gold as he lifted the almost full box.

            "What's wrong Ray?" Kenny asked, stopping in between bites. Kai looked over, seeming uninterested yet curious.

            Ray opened the box and showed the others.

            Other then missing one piece – a small piece at that- it was full. 

            There was a moment of silence as they took in what had happened.

            "Um… maybe he's not hungry?" Kenny suggested.

            Max shrugged it off. "Ever since I met Tyson, he was always hungry, no matter what. He's never eaten so little in his life!" (that's what they think ne?) "Maybe he's sick?"

            "Do you think we should check on him?" Ray asked, looking at the others. The youngest 2 members nodded and Kai just glared. They all walked to Tyson's door and Max knocked.

            There wasn't a sound inside. Not even a single snore.

            The others got worried, especially Kai, but... no one knows that…

            "Tyson?" Ray asked.

            There was no reply.

            The Chinese Beyblader reached out and turned the doorknob, opening the door quietly. The blinds were shut and there wasn't even a lamp on. It was dark, very dark, but the other members of the team could make out a lump under the covers of the bed.

            Max sighed in relief before motioning the others to leave the room. After closing the door behind him he said. "He was probably too tired after the match to eat."

            Ray and Kenny nodded, relief apparent on their faces. "Yeah." They agreed, moving back into the living room. "He'll be fine."   

            Unknown to them, Kai slipped off into his own room, stopping just to look at Tyson's closed door. 'Are you really tired? Or is something wrong?' Was he the only one who had seen the sad expression on Tyson's face when he pushed his arm away? Even then, why would it affect the dark-eyed angel so much?

            Kai sighed, lying back against the wall, sitting on his bed.

            He buried his face in his arms. 'What I wrong with you? And what is wrong with me?'


            The crimson-eyed boy found himself travelling in a strange land. Clouds surrounded him. Everything seemed to be made out of white or blue fluffy clouds. And there were strange creatures walking around. Strange creatures with-

            Hey! Was that Dranzer?

            Kai turned his head and gaped. It-or he- looked exactly like himself. The same hair, the same tattoos, the same clothes. The only thing that was different was the colours. He was dressed in white and blue (matching the clouds… I have no clue why) and Dranzer was dressed in black and red.

            "Master Kai?" Dranzer did a double take when he saw his master.

            "Dranzer." Kai nodded before looking around. "What am I doing here? Where am I?"

            "You are in the land of the bit beasts!" A booming voice said from behind him.

            Kai turned with Dranzer crouched down, ready to attack or defend his master if necessary.


            A brown and golden gryphon bt beast stood before them, every bit as royal as he sounded.

            'Gwydion… He's the bit beast of that guy in the next team we're fighting…' Kai thought suspiciously. What would Dean's bit beast want with him?

            "I brought you here to tell you something." Gwydion said ruffling his feathers slightly, looking a bit embarrassed.

            Kai nodded, motioning for him to continue.

            Gwydion snapped his beak before looking away. "Dean … it's about Tyson." He said finally.

            Both Kai and Dranzer's eyes widened. In less then a second Kai's death glare was at full blast. "What did you do to him?" 'No wonder he didn't seem okay today.'

            "Dean ordered me to get rid of him."


            "But you can't!" Dranzer shouted. "Tyson's the only one-"

            "I didn't say I did," Gwydion interrupted him, miffed that they would even think such a thing. "But Tyson might not be blading the day after tomorrow."

            "Explain might." Kai ordered. He knew that he couldn't stand up to the power of a bit beast, but damn straight he will try anything if something had happened to his Tyson.

            "Well, you might find Tyson a bit… younger… he won't remember anything of the present, just the past."

            But that's…" Dranzer drifted off when Kai turned to look at him. "That's what?"

            Dranzer looked anywhere but into his master's eyes. "His past… wasn't exactly the best…"

            The cold prince faltered. "How… how do you know about Tyson's past?" He asked accusingly.

            Gwydion jumped to Dranzer's defence. "Tyson's connected to all bit beasts. We all know everything about him."

            Kai felt some kind of emotion run through him. Something that he'd never felt before. Why didn't he get to know everything about Tyson? All he knew was that the younger Beyblader was cute, always hungry, always happy, okay strong… whatever everyone else knows. But none of them ever spoke about their past. Dranzer and Gwydion seemed to know a lot about it…

            He was snapped out of his thoughts when the golden brown gryphon cleared his throat. "I have to go now, but I'll leave you with the cure. I warn you though, its not that easy."

            "What is it?" Kai growled. As soon as he gets out of this, he can go check on Tyson.

            "The only way to get him back to normal is to make him happy."

            Kai smirked. That shouldn't be too hard. He didn't notice that Gwydion had left until his bit beast spoke up. "Its not as easy as it sounds, Master Kai. "The red phoenix boy said. "If Tyson doesn't remember us, then he doesn't remember his grandpa. He'll only remember his parents.

            There was a touch of disgust and hatred when Dranzer said the words 'parents'.

            "Explain." Kai ordered his bit beast. Tyson had never talked about his parents and all Kai knew was that the midnight eyed boy lived with his grandfather, just like he did. But he was the only there because his parents died in a car crash, and from the apparent disgust on Dranzer's face and voice he bet that Tyson's parents weren't dead.

            The red phoenix looked nervous to talk about it, but he figured that since Tyson wouldn't say a thing about it, and Kai was only able to talk to him that he had to say it. "Tyson's parents… they… abused him…" The last part was said in a tiny whisper.

            "He's feeling down because he has to hide it from you guys and because it was around this time of the year that they really…. Laid it on him… They did the worst possible thing to a child."

            Kai's eyebrows shot up and his mouth opened. "You don't mean…"

            Dranzer nodded, knowing exactly what his master was thinking about.

            Kai was filled wit fury. That was just wrong. Really disgusting. What person would do that to a child? Let alone their own child. He suddenly wanted to beat them, to kill them for what they did to Tyson. It wasn't fair that he had to suffer and go through so much pain. He vowed to himself that he would do anything to keep Tyson from getting hurt more.

            Suddenly a blue streak ran up to them, flinging itself into Dranzer's arms. "'zer…"

            It was Dragoon. Just like Dranzer, the blue dragon was almost an exact copy of Tyson, except for the clothes and the colour scheme. The bit beast was much lighter in blue and from the face he looked a bit older too.

            "'Goon?" Dranzer asked, stroking the sky blue hair. "What's wrong?"

            A muffled voice answered him; the face snuggled deep into the phoenix's chest. "It's Ty… he… doesn't remember me anymore…"

            Dranzer gave a shrug to Kai, who was watching the two bit beasts with a hint of jealously in his crimson eyes. He wished that he and Tyson could be that close. 'And whose fault is it?' A part of him argued.

            "Dragoon's just the same as Tyson, not only in looks, but in personality and past as well." Dranzer gave a sad smile. "I know exactly what you go through wit Tyson… it just took me a few more centuries…" He whispered something into Dragoon's ear and the blue dragon pulled away, slightly embarrassed. "I'm sorry…"

            Kai smiled, one of his smiles ever. "It's ok, I should get back to Tyson anyways…"

            Dragoon nodded, a bit sad.

            "Don't worry." Kai added. "I'll do my best to get Tyson back to normal and no one will ever hurt him again. I swear it."


            Forms shifted and moved outside one boy's door.

            "It's your turn to wake him!"

            "No it isn't! It's yours!"

            One boy sighed heavily. "Let's just all do it together." They all nodded before opening the door and peeking inside. Spotting the tiny lump in the covers, they crept over to the bed and threw the covers back. "TY-son?!"


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