Chapter One

His heart felt cold.

Ever since last Tuesday, Matthew has felt this way. He felt empty, cold, depressed and unsatisfied... Last Tuesday started out like any other day. Matthew dragging himself out of his Canadian flag bedsheets and into the freezing waters, giving him an expresso shaming energy boost. He slipped a pair of distressed blue jeans on and an old flannel, feeling comfortable in the clothes, yet never in his own skin

He hopped down the stairs to feast on microwaved pancakes and cheap maple syrup, his violet eyes glancing to the lit up green numbers on the ovens small clock. It read 6:04 in the morning... Matthew had to hurry up if he wanted to get to school on time, it took him a good thirty minutes...

And that school day was decent, not amazing, but actually pretty good! He got some good grades, absolutely perfected his Human Rights essay for his AP English 2 class. No one called him 'Fag!' or 'Queer!' He felt okay. He felt good that day... He was smiling to himself, laughing to himself, talked a bit to his Cuban friend. It felt so normal, perfect even...

Until he turned that corner to kiss his Prussian boyfriend goodbye and was greeted by the sight of him making out with some busty redhead cheerleader named Alice.

Tears pricked at the corners of the Canadians eyes, sniffling quietly as he saw the sight. He wasn't going to cry; he wasn't going to do that... He wasn't going to let himself do that. Instead, he turned around before either of them could notice and breathed deeply.

That night he texted him a text message, saying some vulgar things that were rare from him and breaking up with him. Yet, if anyone did the real breaking, it was Gilbert...

That's how Matthew ended up where his is now, 2:31 AM, sitting in front of his blank computer screen, his wallpaper a picture of the Canadian Rockies. He was in the dark, pitch black as he stared blankly.

He was lonely, oh, so terribly lonely.

He sighed and hovered his mouse over an app called 'oovoo' and clicked on it, huffing when he saw he had no messages from anyone, not even Ramón had messaged him! Ugh!

He scrolled over his list of recommendations and clicked on the first one, 'Alfred Freedom Jones!' Was the name. The guy was probably a friend from his exes, or maybe one of his old friends in Canada, but that didn't matter... Matthew wasn't sure why he did it, but he texted the hyperactive American stranger.

'Hey there, I'm Matthew, you were the first one on my recommendations list and I was wondering if you would like to chit chat a bit? I'm sorry if this bothers you.'

The minutes passed and his mind was blank, biting his lip as a nervous habit, feeling a trickle of blood on his tongue. It was... Metallic. Okay.

A loud noise startled the lights out of the Canadian. He jumped back and quickly let go of his bitten up bottom lip as he heard the promising 'Bing!' echo around the room.

'Hey Matthew! My name is Alfred! Sure we can talk. Tbh I don't mind at all.'

About ten miles away in a decade old apartment complex sat a American teen in his poster ridden mess of a bedroom. He was typing away on his phone, sitting criss-cross applesauce on his comfortable bed. He had planned to watch a horror movie about some hot chick who was abducted by some Asian guy that worked at In-and-Out. It was pretty cheesy; kinda a horror movie meets rom-com kind of tango.

Whatever, he was into that kinda stuff. That's all that mattered.

He continued the message with...

'You seem pretty chill by your profile, dude! Imma 'bout to sleep, if you live on the west coast you should think about it too, if you live on the east you should def think about btw. Whatever. You wanna talk for like ten before I fall asleep on ya?'

About a mile away a teenage Canadian glanced at the words that was shown in front of him, the sound of his fingers pressing down on each key on the keyboard filling the once silent room. He put his cautious thought into every sentence that he sent. Pushiness was not allowed; neither was talking back or becoming a burden. He wanted to make a great first impression on his new online friend.

The Canuck typed back as quickly as anyone possibly could, he situated himself on the bed with his laptop, typing his maple syrup induced heart away.

Beforehand he had always stayed away from the recommendations section, his parents drilled it into his head that it was "The best way to get abducted and tortured." He never completely agreed with this, even though he was aware of the fact that there were some pedophiles, rapists, murders, and just people who were downright weird in every corner of the internet. There must have been someone that was decent on the internet...

He held his breath as his mouse hovered over the send button, a right click enabling the message to be sent.

'Oh, yeah! Sure thing, I don't mind at all. I can let you go now, if you want.'

'Nah, nah, it's cool, man, I don't wanna leave ya hangin and all. Btw you can totally call me Al or Alfie or whatever you're into. Hey, you play any video games?'

'Oh, okay! I'll call you Al then. Um, I play many games, I've played Last of Us, Tomb Raider, The Walking Dear, Yamdere Simulator, FNAF, a ton of Nintendo games...'

Alfred slightly jumped in complete excitement as he read those words on his IPhone 6s touchscreen. He had a friend, his friend was a foreign exchange student from Japan. His name was Kiku! He was great, his dad works at Nintendo in Tokyo and constantly sends him the newest games before their released. The both of them loved to play the games together, even if it was a bit hard because Alfred didn't speak Japanese...

Long ago, he had an attraction, a crush in a sort of way, to the Japanese fellow, it lasted a few months... He's still in the closet about being bisexual though and he has a girlfriend. But really, she was a bitch.

He began to tip tap away on his keyboard easily and happily.

'Really! Like, I play all of those, especially Nintendo. My friend gets all the new releases early and we play them together all the time. Which ones do you play?'

'Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing...'

'Ah, so the more classic ones? Or mainstream, depending on how ya think about it.'

Matthew chuckled a bit at that, yeah, you could say that...

'You could say that!'

He didn't get a response for a while, but that didn't stop him from smiling all at the same time. For once the dark clouds that surrounded his minds cleared up and let the sun shine bright.

Minutes passed and a half asleep Alfred texted the Canadian back, the message riddled with typos coming from his sleep deprived mind.

"hey ill test you tomorrow k?"

The Canadian complied with happiness, letting himself slip under his Canadian flag bedsheets, they were made in Quebec, you know! Getting warm and comfy, falling asleep as his nightmares left him that night.

They would be back tomorrow though. They always are.