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To be honest, this was not the first time Accelerator woke up in the ruins of one or more collapsed buildings. It would also not be the first time where the entirety of the destruction was his fault. And, for sake of accuracy, it was the twenty third time that the local authorities felt it necessary to surround his unconscious body with multiple squads of detainers armed to the teeth. Though, normally it was squads of the same teenage girl esper clones, and not what appeared to be government sanctioned military with the aid of some quite oddly dressed people. There were a couple of "firsts" this time though. He had to admit, it was the first time he'd ended up in another country. And an English speaking one, from what he could tell based on the bent road signs that were driven into the ground around him, like some sort of corona for a throne. It was also the first time he had zero recollection of what happened for him to arrive here. Last he could think of, he was downing another beer in annoyance trying to deal with Last Order. Then, blank. He stood up, shook his head, and started stretching and popping his many joints. The many soldiers around him tensed. Then, something metal and abrasive rubbing against something tender and soft gave him pause in his limbering exercises. He pulled at his waist band and stared down. Well, that was new too he supposed. He trained his crimson eyes on one of the soldiers around his size and pointed at him. Thank god he learned English on a whim.

"You there. Give me your underwear. I'm chafing."

When Taylor Hebert woke up that Sunday morning, the first thing she noticed was the softness of her bed and her sheets. The second thing she noticed was a distinct lack of coverage that allowed her to feel the soft sensation across certain parts of her body. She blearily pulled up her covers. Those were not hers. In fact, she was fairly sure those weren't a women's piece either. She blew her mussed up locks out of her face before looking around. Well, there was her top, her jeans, and her shirt. She opened the curtains next to her bed and was immediately assaulted by the sun's rays. A splitting migraine and a sensation of nausea were the first response, so she shut the curtains once more. She sat there for a few more minutes contemplating all this information. Her brief thoughts, before running into her bathroom and throwing up what she was sure was last night's lasagna and a pint of vodka, was that she was pretty sure the guy had white hair and pretty eyes.

Over three hours had passed since Taylor had woken up, and finally nursed away her horrible, horrible hangover. Once she was in a calm state, she started panicking once more.

"Oh god. Oh god. Oh no. Oh god!" She ranted to herself in frustration while storming around her room. She had sex! And not even the romantic, loving, nurturing kind! She had a one night stand with some random guy she met while jogging. And drunk too! How did this even happen? She was fifteen for Christ's sake! This could not get any worse!

Danny Hebert was a lanky man. A tall man. A reliable man with dark hair, spectacles, and was frequently associated with the word "soft". However, he had an iron will. Sort of necessary when you raised a daughter alone in the crime center of the country. And if a strong constitution didn't work, hot lead usually sufficed. Though, the encroaching feeling of buying a bat to beat the shit out of some kid was starting to ramp up ever since this morning when he walked into his daughter's room.

"Hey, hun, I heard your ranting from downstairs, is everything al-" The father started as he walked through the door to his daughter's room. Taylor hadn't changed or cleaned up since she woke up this morning. So when Danny Hebert opened the door, he got a face and nose full of what his daughter had been ranting about. A deep musky scent hit his nose first, one he couldn't quite place, followed by the sharp, intoxicating aroma of a good alcohol. Then, he was assaulted by the smell of vomit. He looked around the room, which was normally so tidy. Clothes strung about the floor, including his little girl's unmentionables. An unmade bed and tightly closed curtains made the whole room seem very dark. He turned to his daughter. She was still fairly undressed, except for one piece of clothing that he knew for a fact was not his. All of a sudden that musky scent was a bit easier to place. He coughed into his closed fist and looked away as his daughter stared at him wide-eyed.

"Did you use protection?" Well, that certainly could have come out better, thought the single father. However, his own eyes widened as daughter started tearing up. That was never a good sign. He had never had expected something horrible could happen to his family, especially not now, after all they had been through. He walked forward and wrapped his daughter up in his arms.

"I'm gonna call the police, try not to change or touch anything. Everything's gonna be alright, Taylor." He said soothingly as he patted her back. He was startled, once again however, when his daughter spoke up.

"Don't. I think. I think I was the one who made the decision, Dad." She said slowly. He looked at her strangely. His daughter had already begun drying the tears that had started forming earlier. And her face was set in a mask of confusion.

"Taylor, I am seriously doubting that you wanted this. And even if you did, no way were you in the right state of mind! You, quite frankly, smell like a brewery." He reasoned. She shook her head again. He frowned.

"If you can give me one good reason, then I'll let you try to settle the matter yourself." Her face was set in a pondering state when he looked back down at her. Then she frowned in thought. Danny watched as several more emotions flitted across her face, but none that were immediately worrying. Though what she said next was slightly worrying in retrospect.

"I'm actually now completely positive that I'm the one who jumped him, Dad." She said calmly. That completely threw the tired father for a loop.

Accelerator sighed. And sighed again. And once more for dramatic effect. He shifted in his seat. Adjusted his white coat and fluffed its furred neck and hood. That was the last time he was babysitting Last Order again. It had been slow, and painful, dredging through his memories with his enhanced processing power, but he finally figured out what happened. At some point, after meeting the girl last week, he challenged that damn Kamijou again, and due to some series of unbelievable events, had ended up trying to drink the kid under the table after pilfering an ungodly amount of beer and whiskey. He rubbed his temples. His last consistent memory was quite literally one whole week ago. His meditation eventually brought up the memories of the past week, but all he got from that was intermittent scenes of him travelling and blowing up other espers. And one of a semi-naked black haired girl kissing his neck. At least that explained his missing boxers. And the pair of white frilled garments in his back pocket. He shuddered. As if that damned overgrown woman-child Misaka wasn't annoying enough in the awkward encounters department. Now he had to return lace to a girl a couple years his junior, from what he could tell. He sighed again and put his head on the cool metal table. He adjusted his pants once more. He never did get that underwear. A few minutes later, he shouted at the top of his lungs. Where the hell was that missive from the Japanese government!?

Taylor picked at her breakfast awkwardly while sitting across from her dad. After reviewing the slightly foggy memories of last night, she was definitely the one who instigated… relations. Shoving your hand down someone else's pants was a pretty big indicator, drunk or not. She coughed and turned her face a bit more down so as to hide her blush. She watched as her father faked a cough as well. He then reached for the remote and turned on the small television that was set in the kitchen. He was probably trying to cover up this awkwardness with white noise she mused.

"-ight. The cape in question is brand new to Brockton Bay, though according to our sources in the PRT, is a sanctioned hero from Japan. And now, we'll send you over to the experts' desk to get some more info. Richard?" The blond newscaster said on screen. Taylor watched as the panel of researchers offered up all their theories and discoveries. Then it showed a picture of the cape in question. She noted that he was about her age, and fairly thin and pale. A bit "bishounen", she'd heard some Asian girls describe many similar boys as such. Apparently it was a good description for a boy pretty like a girl. Though, what struck her the most was the teen's white hair, and beautiful ruby eyes. Wait. That sounded very familiar. She watched as the overhead news copter capture showed the moment the young cape was apprehended. He was pretty trendy, she noted. A pure white, fur lined coat, complete with a set of grey pants and a white and grey lined shirt. The rag that was hanging out of his back pocket completed the image. Oh god, that wasn't a rag. She let out a disappointed groan once she realized her suspicions were true. Her father, quick witted as always, offered his help. In the form of a ride to the PRT.

Accelerator had finally gotten his missive. Of course, things couldn't be that easy. Apparently, in his hungover or drunken state, he had gotten into a fight with a couple gangs in the area. As such, he was being placed in an interrogation cell for a short period while the two governments hashed out exactly how to handle the situation. Accelerator wasn't really worried. As the world's strongest level five esper, he was quite literally invaluable. At most, he would have to deal with a handler and parole-esque conditions when he got home. His country would handle the compensation. Probably. He leaned back in his chair, hands behind his head. He brushed some of his white hair out of his eyes, and prepared to take a nap. He heard the creaking of the interrogation room door opening, and one of the officers walked in, accompanied by a very familiar shock of curly black hair. He tilted his head and examined the girl. Well, at least his drink addled mind didn't have terrible taste. She was a bit on the thin side, but he wasn't really in much of a position to judge. Beyond that, she seemed fairly attractive, long legs in tight jeans and a fairly toned body from what he could make out through the slightly tight green shirt. She wasn't necessarily curvy, but he also realized that she probably hadn't finished developing. Narrowed, calculating red met wide, expressive green. The girl flushed and adjusted her glasses nervously before looking away. He watched as she thanked the guard and sat down across from him while pulling her duffel bag from behind and dropping it on the table quietly. She shuffled under his gaze a little more before breaking the ice.

"Do you… do you remember me?" She asked hesitantly. Accelerator nodded. The girl let out a sigh of relief, before flaring up in a blush once more. She slowly opened her drawstring bag, and withdrew a piece of folded cloth. The girl placed it on the table before sliding it across to him. He grabbed it and unfolded it.

"I, um, I washed it and dried it. You didn't look like you had much clothing on you, so I thought you would need a clean, you know…" The girl trailed off. She refused to meet his eyes. He sighed once more, getting her attention. Accelerator looked at the pair of boxers and nodded.

Taylor was quite honestly wondering if death would be as bad as this. Right now, she was being watched by two PRT soldiers and a hero who looked like Battery. In an interrogation room. While she handed a pair of underwear back to the guy she spent part of the night with. She honestly thought the hardest part had been trying to explain to the receptionist why she needed to meet with a foreign cape who levelled an entire city block. The snickers and light teasing would scar her for the rest of her life, she noted. Her gaze was refocused when the teen across from her sighed.

"Thank you." He said. Taylor made note of his accent. It was definitely East Asian, given the way he had pronounced the normal "th" as "s". Taylor nodded back.

"Your welcome." Came the automatic response. She watched as his red eyes examined her once more. She was beginning to feel very self conscious with how much he had been checking her out. Though, she supposed with a bit of embarrassment, he really didn't need to check her out. She watched as he pulled something out of his back pocket. It was crumpled, white and laced. He reached over the table and dropped it in her lap. Taylor already knew what it was, so she supposed she had to thank him for at least trying to preserve her dignity in front of the one way mirror. Wouldn't help much, since she'd be searched on her way out.

"Thank you." She said quietly as she shoved the pair of panties into her bag. He nodded. There was a bit of silence once more before Taylor broke it.

"I'm Taylor Hebert." She muttered out, trying to meet his piercing gaze once more. She could feel his eyes rove over her entirely once again.

"Accelerator. My name does not translate well." He said. She nodded. She had heard somewhere that non-anglican names were often symbolic and meaningful, not just perpetuations of old queens and kings. Though, that did make her wonder what his name truly was then. For him to decide that Accelerator was the closest thing in the English language was interesting. Maybe his name had something to do with running, or speed. She was summarily interrupted out of her train of thoughts when the white-haired boy kicked off both his shoes, and started unbuckling his belt.

"Wh-wh-what in the world are you doing!?" She shout whispered. She didn't shout mainly because losing composure in front of someone as strong as him was not a great idea.

"Haaaah?" He started as he tilted his head at her, confused, before unbuttoning his slacks and showing off his Orion's belt. And obvious lack of underwear. She wasn't looking. Totally not.

"It's not like it's new to you…" He said exasperated. Her cheeks warmed for the umpteenth time that day.

"But still! It's not proper!" She tried to reason. She really did not need this. No matter how pretty the guy was. Or how good he was with his hands.

"Who cares? I'm chafing and it's annoying me." He said as he tore his trousers down. Taylor let out an undignified "Eep!". Then proceeded to avert her not so virgin gaze. A few seconds of shuffling later and she turned to look again. This time, the guy was fully clothed, so she dodged a bullet there. She let out a sigh. She heard a creaking noise, and turned to the door. In walked one of the Protectorate. She was pretty sure it was Assault. The man winked at her before handing the white haired boy a slip of paper before leaving.

Accelerator let his eyes roam over the sheet, devouring all the information. Then, he stood up, swore up and down the small room, ignoring the girl. In a fit of rage, he vector shifted the chair he was sitting in earlier into the wall, leaving nothing but a scrap heap. Community service!? And over twenty thousand hours!? That was two years worth of work put together! How the hell did this happen!? He reeled in his anger. He turned to the other occupant of the room. Huh, she wasn't scared? That was actually quite amusing.

"Hey, you know where I can stay for the next four years?" He asked deadpan.

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