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"I.. I literally have no response to this. Your power is such bullshit!" Taylor was literally beside herself in irritation. Quite literally. All around her, her insects were buzzing in annoyance or skittering back in forth in expression of her frustration. Here she was, getting geared up to fight Lung with nothing but the clothes on her back and a modified rubber bullet pistol. Her anxiety was shooting through the roof, and her adrenaline was making her even more jumpy. But...

"How the hell did this even happen?! I fired once! Once!" And it was true. Taylor fired from the position that she and Accelerator had decided to engage from. It was a building about two blocks away from where they last spotted Lung in the train yard. From here, both her and the white haired teen had had a full view of what was no doubt some form of villain power struggle. Lung and a few of his goons were in a standoff with a group of masked teens.

"Like, what kind of bullshit power lets you do this?!" Taylor yelled exasperated. Accelerator's red eyes twinkled in mirth when Taylor finally met his gaze. She could only turn away from him and huff. He laughed. It was quite the scene below them. What once before was two groups of some of the most threatening people in Brockton Bay, was now an itemized list of unconscious villains: Six or seven ABB members in full combat gear, a tattooed man of Asian descent with a caved in mask and a massive bruise forming on his face, four monster dogs, and a group of masked teens. All with one rubber bullet.

"Tch, get over it. What did you think was going to happen? That I would let you fight Lung on your own before deciding to intervene at the last moment and saving you from an excruciating, not to mention fire-induced, death?" Accelerator punctuated his own rhetoric with his trademark sarcasm.

"Oh, and maybe, when I save you like the gallant knight I am, you'd reward me with a kiss and we'd go on to live happily ever after? Was that what you were expecting?" His words were laced even heavier with his cynicism. Taylor glared at him. So what if she had girly ten-year old dreams? There was nothing wrong with them! And besides, if he's this stupidly broken, at least he can try to play along! As though sensing her thoughts, Accelerator smirked condescendingly at her. Taylor breathed deeply to calm herself, the sound escaping through the slits in her mask. Then she kicked him in the shin. Really. Damn. Hard.

"Son of a bitch! Why is it always physical with you?!" Accelerator let out as he hobbled on one leg as he gripped the other trying to soothe his pain.

"That's what you get for being a jackass all the damn time!" Taylor snarked back, tired of the older teen's penchant for being utterly intolerable. Finally settling his bruising shin, Accelerator's attention snapped back at her.

"Jackass? I was saving you. I told you already, this kind of fighting is far beyond your level." He shot back calmly. Taylor hesitated a bit. She remembered what they discussed earlier in the night, and she knew that Accelerator wasn't wrong. But that didn't mean he had to hold her hand all the damn time!

"Look, call it teenage rebellion, or even stupid selfishness, or whatever, but I need to do this on my own. How the hell am I supposed to learn like this?" She questioned sincerely. Accelerator's gaze softened, far and away from the icy visage he adopted earlier. He sighed before stepping forward to the edge of the building and sitting down on the ledge. He motioned for her to do the same. Taylor stood her ground. Accelerator sighed once more, out of frustration more than anything else.

"Come on, sit. I'm done being mad." He patted the ledge next to him, lightly swinging his legs back and forth over the edge of the building. Taylor simmered a bit at his declaration. She was still mad. But, she accepted his offer of truce and sat down next to him.

"There's nothing wrong with learning." He said placatingly. Taylor turned towards him surprised at his admittance.

"Then-" Accelerator's glance quieted her interruption.

"There's nothing wrong with learning. But you have to do it one step at a time. This world... " He paused, unsure as to how to finish. He looked around the trainyard below them before his eyes lit up. A stone, nothing more than a pebble, slowly levitated up towards them into Accelerator's waiting hand as though gravity stopped working for this singular rock.

"Feel this." He handed it to her. Taylor accepted it, and pulled off one of her gloves. It was a small chipped piece of stone. It had sharp ragged edges, and on some sides it was oddly smooth as if it was cut away from some sort of larger rock. Once she finished inspecting it, Taylor placed it back in Accelerator's waiting hand.

"Watch what happens when you try to do this all at once." He said. Taylor watched, as all of a sudden a tornado wrapped around the pebble. It lasted barely a second before it exploded in a shower of dust and stone.

"Agh! What happened?" Taylor yelped in surprise as she covered her face, forgetting she had a mask on.

"I tried to smooth it out. Polish it. Except, I did all the steps at once, and that exposed the structural weaknesses in the rock, breaking it." He explained before catching another larger rock out of the air. This time, Taylor inspected it intensely as Accelerator began to manipulate his power over the stone. Instead of a tornado of pressure manifesting, a singular layer of circular wind appeared. Taylor watched as it encompassed the stone, wearing away at it slowly as it rotated around the rock. It was mesmerizing to her, like watching a gyroscope in motion. Eventually, after two more full rotations, the sheet of wind disappeared.

The result was beautiful. Taylor had seen polished stones before, but this stood head and shoulders above even some of her mother's old jewelry. For one, it had become perfectly spherical. White wisps decorated the entire dark grey orb, dancing around in intricate patterns that were certainly not natural. Accelerator's voice shook Taylor out of her stupor.

"Is this obvious enough for you?" He asked lightly, waving the symbol in front of her face. Taylor nodded. It would take someone rather dense to not understand the lesson that Accelerator was giving her. Especially one that was repeated so often. It was just that… she had never been given such a visceral demonstration of the meaning of failure before. Pressure, huh?

"Good. Then we'll try again tomorrow. I have to make a call." He said as he placed the small orb on the roof behind him. Taylor grabbed it as soon as he turned around and dropped it in one of her combat pouches. It would be a good reminder. As soon as it was safely put away, she steeled herself for what she was about to do.

"I'm sorry for calling you a jackass. But I won't apologize for kicking you." She heard Accelerator scoff behind her. Taylor let out a breath she hadn't known she had been holding. Scoffing was good. Scoffing meant that Accelerator was normal about it. And normal meant good. They waited on the rooftop for a while after the white haired teen finished his call. It was a good ten minutes before the PRT and Protectorate arrived at the scene, securing prisoners and most importantly, sedating the shit out of Lung.


"You two were extremely reckless in your actions today." The blond across from Accelerator stated. Accelerator simply yawned before turning to his right. Hmm, Tay was fidgeting in her seat. Ha.

"While you did good work, you could have easily gotten yourself killed Accelerator, not to mention the potential Ward you brought in to help." Accelerator stared at her like she was an idiot. He honestly felt justified too. Him? Dying? Ha! Besides, if he wasn't going to die, then Tay was even less likely to die. Seeing his uncowed attitude, the blonde haired woman pinched the bridge of her nose in an attempt to ease the oncoming headache.

"Ugh, do you have anything to add Armsmaster?" The blonde said as she turned towards the armored man next to her. Accelerator watched as she waited expectantly for an answer from the man fiddling with a pile of scrap metal on the interrogation table.

"Hm." Was the only noise that could be heard from the man's armored face as he began bartering with the white haired hero.

"Hn." Was Accelerator's reply. They had reached an impasse in negotiations.

"Oh god, please don't let there be two of him." Taylor said as both she and the blonde interrogating them let out sighs of frustration. Hearing what she said, the blonde Wards trainer let a small smile spread across her face.

"Don't worry, I'm sure they'll grow up eventually." She said reassuringly.

"Hm." Said the Hal-beard.

"Hn." Said the equally eloquent Accelerator. A new deal was struck. At some point during their negotiations, Tay had managed to break out in despair induced tears. Accelerator wasn't exactly sure as to why.

"Well, at least he won't grow a beard?" Miss Militia offered what little relief she could to the despair-struck younger teen. Now there was a thought. What would he look like with a beard? Hmm, perhaps a goatee and mustache combo. Or maybe even sideburns! He thought about it sarcastically for another moment before dismissing it. Accelerator was a clean shaven Idol, and he liked it that way. That didn't mean he wasn't going to mess with Tay though.

"I think he should." Armsmaster said, finally using his words.

"I think I should as well." Accelerator agreed. Oh look, Tay had a mental break down. Miss Militia sent a scathing glare at both the males at the conference table. Neither one of them acknowledged it.

"Shouldn't your professional attitude be rearing its head right about now?" The blonde woman said, trying to salvage the scolding attempt. Armsmaster merely shrugged.

"Not much point. If you read the kid's file, there's not much we can do." He said while pulling out some wires and stripping them before placing them back into the half finished contraption on the table. Miss Militia's eyes narrowed in thought.

"Most of his file was classified…" Miss Militia said, though it came out more as a question. Armsmaster shrugged as though it explained everything. Accelerator shrugged as well. It really did explain everything. Accelerator examined the armed hero before him.

"I like you." Accelerator stated. Armsmaster thanked him before continuing with his work. Deciding to drop every aspect of professionalism, Miss Militia rested her head in both her palms on the table.

"Of course, the two strongest heroes we have access to are both antisocial assholes." Shrug. Shrug. Loud scream of aggravation accompanied by muted sobs from realizing the destiny of those who hang out with the likes of Armsmaster and Accelerator.

"I feel that this arrangement is perfectly suitable for operating at optimum parameters." Armsmaster drawled out in his gravelly voice, interrupting the pity party.

"Yeah, I think it's fine. So what, that's a reduction in my sentence, most of their bounties, and I just have to share credit?" Accelerator said as though the past five minutes had never occurred. Armsmaster nodded.

"Normally, I wouldn't, but if I have to go do extra community service hours when I didn't have to, I would lobotomize myself." Accelerator said as he stood up and shook hands with the older hero before grabbing Tay and guiding her out of the interrogation room. Miss Militia stared at them both in confusion.

"What the hell just happened?" She asked as she turned towards Armsmaster.

"Hm." Much louder screaming could be heard.


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