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Sam's vision was blurry from the leap. He blinked and rubbed his eyes trying to focus before realizing it was too dark to see. He was lying flat on his back, staring at the blackened ceiling.

What could it be this time? He mused to himself. Slowly he sat up, when a sharp jab in his abdomen about knocked the wind out of him. What the...? What ever it was, it was light, but very awkward. He looked over to the soft light of a clock next to the bed. Three-thirty am! The body wasn't groggy, so it hadn't been sleeping. He swung the thin legs over the side of the bed, finding to his dismay, he couldn't touch the floor. I'm a little kid! He hopped to the floor in search of a light switch. Finding one, and forgetting to brace himself, he switched them on, peircing his eyes. As he focused again, he took in his surroundings. The posters seemed a bit "old" for the child, then Sam figured they may just be short for their age. He turned his attention back to the room. Closer observation showed no signs of a mirror. Figured. He'd have to search one out. As he moved, the large pendant swung around, catching his stomach again.

What is this thing?! He tried to take it off when a strange frightening feeling over took him. He quickly dropped it back around his neck, deciding he would rather take his chances with the physical discomfort over the feeling he had just experienced. With out touching it, he stared at it, long and hard, trying to make sense of it. All the while unaware it was trying to make sense of Sam.

This is crazy! he thought, shaking it off. He wanted a better idea of who he was, or better yet, what. Hard to tell with children, boy or girl. There was nothing in the room, even the posters gave no real evidence. He certianly wasn't about to violate the body! He shuddered at the thought, and began creeping out the bedroom door.

Looking up and down the hall, there were only two other doors. One had to be the bathroom, but which? He wasn't ready to run into anyone who knew this kid, especially parents! Ok, Sam! Take your chances!, he tried to lighten the mood by making a game of it, Shall it be door number one, or door number two? He slowly made his way tward the one he designated door number one. As he came closer, he could hear the faint sounds of snoring. Not door number one! Quickly he turned tail and ran for door two before waking anyone up. With out hestation, he ran in, shut the door and flung on the light, Bingo, bango... "Oh, no!" The reflection staring back was that of a child, a boy child at least. He blinked and took several double takes before accepting what he was seeing. "I'm a punker!"

The boy's hair was, at best, a foot high and bi-colored. "Wow! And to think my mother flipped out over a headband and 'Make Love Not...'", he stopped himself. Why of all things did he remember this? He caught himself choking back tears. Stop it, Sam! He looked back to the reflection and began to chuckle, "Ok, kid. Let's get you some sleep!" He began to trek back to the bedroom when a strange, booming voice came from seemingly nowhere.

WHO ARE YOU? it demanded. Sam jumped around, readying himself for anything that may want to pounce.

"Who's there?" he continued to twirl around, "Al?"

Who is Al? Who are YOU? it demanded again. Sam looked up and down the hall. No one in sight and the door at the other end was still shut. The voice was becoming impatient. I'll ask one more time...

"No, no! Wait! I..." , Al where are you? He began to think for a minute; no one around? He couldn't believe he was about to ask, but he wanted the voice to speak again. "Say that again."

WHAT? it boomed again, and as Sam had feared, it wasn't coming from the house at all, it was more internal.

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy..." He slowly continued to make his way tward the room, when his movements suddenly became surreal. He was no longer in charge, it was. What's going on? Where am I?

"I'll ask the questions!", it snapped, "What have you done with Yugi?"

Yugi? I guess that's who I am. Sam knew he didn't say this out loud, but somehow it heard him and was becoming angry. Very angry.


Yes, yes, I... Stammering, Sam tried to stall. Wishing Al would show up, I switch bodies with people for a couple of days, try to set things straight and I'm gone! Like I was never there! Half the time I don't remember! he was terrified this one would stick with him for a while. Also, this didn't seem to be going over well and with out Al, he couldn't explain why he was there or what needed fixed.

"Knock Knock!" Al strode in, relieving Sam, startling it. He was practically glowing in his lime green suit. "Funny, says Sam is here..." he turned and caught sight of the "punk" and flinched. "Eew, you Sam?" he waved his hand across the stern eyes. Nothing. "Hello in there!" Still nothing. Al wiped his brow, "Phew! Geez, Sam would have loved you!" he said sarcastically, and continued his search.

Al! I'm here! He called out.

He can not hear you, and since I am still not sure what to think of you, I will stay in control. "So you are Al?" Al jumped back in horror. He had already made up his mind this wasn't Sam.

"You can see me?"

"Of course, I am not blind! You are right in front of me!"

"Then, where's Sam?"

"Where's Yugi?" it snipped back.

Al fell back. It was a fair enough question. He slapped himself and searched his pockets for a cigar, or better yet, a drink. A real stiff drink. When he couldn't find either, he slapped himself again. Get over it, Calavicci! Play along! Humor him! He began from the begining, explaining Sam's project. This thing seemed to understand, he had to, especially the taking over peoples' bodies! "Now where is Sam?"

"Here." he showed Al the "pendant". "And, Yugi... is in Sam's body?"

"Yup. That's how it works. Now if you let Sam out so he can do his job..."

"What is this job?"

Al hadn't thought about that. He only hoped this wasn't going to set back his "hostage negotiations". "We aren't sure. We're working on it."

"I see. And how is Yugi?"

"I won't lie to you, he's frightened..." Al noticed it studying his lime green suit.

"You frightened me too." it could hear Sam begin to laugh and smiled.

"Ha.Ha. Anyway...", he tried to continue, "... most people are facinated. Always asking questions, more than willing to help, but Yugi, I'm sorry, I can't explain."

"He depends on me more than he needs to sometimes." it sat on the edge of the bed, concern crossing it's face.

"So, who or what are you? Strong side? Dark side?" he thought this could be one hell of a breakthrouh in Sam's research. Splitting personalities!

"My name is Yami. I'm a spirit from this puzzle, here to help Yugi. That's all I can tell you." The hard expression faded. The young boy began rubbing his temples and fell back onto the bed. Al approached cautiously.


"Yea, it's me. He backed down. But he's still here, I can feel him."

"Did you catch any of that?"

"This thing is him."

"Right. So take it off!" he didn't care how nice this Yami seemed, it weirded him out. "I mean, what can he really do anyway?"

"I think he can help."

"If he could have done anything in the first place," he began to sing, "you wouldn't be here!" he rocked back and forth on his heals and tugged at his collar looking as though he had made some important speech. He looked over to Sam for his reaction when he noticed his friend sitting straight up and shaking.

"Al, he's angry! Apologize! NOW!"

Al panicked. This wasn't real! "Ok, Yami! I'm sorry! Really, I'm not used to people hearing me. I apologize." he rubbed his face, trying to keep it straight. Sam calmed down and fell back again. The whole thing took a lot out of him.


"Yes, Sam?"

"Do me a favor, will ya?"

"Sure, pal. Anything."

Sam paused for a moment, then sat up and glared at his friend, "Get a dictionary and look up tact!"

"Fine. I'm gone! I'll talk to Yugi more and look up TACT!" with that, he was gone.

I'm not so sure about your friend, Sam.

"He's harmless, really. And if anyone is going to get Yugi back, it's him."

I'll try my best to trust him. And you.

"Thanks, Yami. Say, is there anything I should be resting for? School maybe?" it's what he had been looking forward to the whole time; sleep.

There is school tomorrow. Take the puzzle off, you will sleep better.

"Why was he sleeping with this on in the first place?"

He couldn't sleep. And I told you, he relies on me.

"Not much confidence in himself, then?"

More than he thinks.

"I get it." he stretched and yawned, then took one last hesitant look at the clock. "Four-fifty-two?! So I have...", he took an even more hesitant look at the alarm, "til six-thirty! An hour and a half! Well, good morning, Yami!" he took the puzzle off and placed it on the nightstand, getting a better look before turning off the lights. The eye of Horus? Could he be... "Nah!" he smiled, flattened the 'do' and fell asleep.


Sam about jumped out of his skin as the alarm began to blare. He quickly reached over to shut it off, when he over shot his target and fell to the floor. Trying to keep the hair from his eyes, he searched for the button. Finally shutting it off, he climbed back onto the bed, rubbing his forehead where he had grazed it on the nightstand.

Now where am I again? he looked around the room resting his eyes on the puzzle. Damn! He tried again to brush the hair from his face.

"I hope that freak in the puzzle knows how to fix that monstrosity on your head. Convincing people you're this Yugi kid is going to be tough enough even with his help."

"That's very comforting." he lifted the hair long enough to catch his friend laughing at his predicament. "Laugh it up!" he gave up and let the mop fall. "So...?"

"Right..." he calmed himself down long enough to notice Sam pointing out his bright orange, blue and yellow attire. "You have a point. Tina told me I should have gone with the red one..." Sam began gesturing him to get on with it. "Anyway, this kid is pretty darn good at a game called..." Ziggy began to blink and squeal. Al gave it a quick smack. "...Duel Monsters! which believe it or not, the boogie man over there has somehting to do with..."

"Al, it's Yami, and he's fine. He's just concerned for his friend or other-half or whatever..."

"A game this Yami has something to do with." he corrected himself.

"Why didn't he say anything lastnight?" he began searching the boy's wardrobe. School uniform?

"It seems Yami, and you're going to love this, is five thousand years old AND has what is known to you and me as "Swiss-Cheese Brain"!"

"So is that why I'm here? To help him with his memory?"

"Pretty ironic since there's nothing you can do for your own, huh?" he began to laugh, the cleared his throat and became serious before Sam could say anything. "This is possible, since you do have degrees in ancient stuff..."

"Wait, possible?! Just possible? You mean you still don't know for sure?!" Sam was ready to rip Al a new one when Ziggy began blinking and screaching again. "This better be good, Al!"

"Hey, what do ya know! You have data on this game! You rememeber... no you wouldn't." Al turned his attention back to Ziggy for more answers. Leaving Sam hang.

"Damn it, Al! Remember what?!"

"You've played this before. On a dig in Egypt. This game is as old as Yami, uh oh!"

"Uh oh!? What's Uh oh?!"

"There's a lot more at stake than when you played, Sam..."

"You're kidding? Like what? It's a game..."

"Let me finish!"

"Ok, ok!" Sam continued to try and dress. He figured he should have been asking Yami for help. He got the tight blue slacks up just above his knees when Al's statement shocked him cold.

"Lives. Lives and the fate of the world." Forgetting he had his pants only half way, Sam took a step tward Al, falling flat on his face. Pretending it didn't happen, he turned onto his back and pulled them up the rest of the way. The whole time searching for something in Al's expression; a smile, a glare, anything Al.

"You're serious."

"Afraid so. Anyone challenges you, you can't back down. Yugi wouldn't and I have a feeling Yami won't let you anyway."

"Fate of the world? How?"

"Yami is here to finish something that started over five thousand years ago. A game between to jokers, one bent on controlling the world, the other trying to save it. When Yugi figured out this puzzle, he brought Yami back. That's why it was no big deal when you played it twenty years ago. Oh, and there are more like Yami. Keep your eye out for anyone with anything looking 'ancient'."

"Gee, thanks." Sam looked over to the puzzle wondering if Yami was catching any of this.

"These other Yami aren't quite as 'soft-hearted' as ours. They will do anything for that thing."


"You're full of questions this morning!" he quipped. "Anyway, whoever possesses all these... damn Ziggy..." he gave the little computer another little tap, "Millennium items will have power un...un..." he smacked the computer again causing it to squeak, "Unimaginable!"

"So they play this game to win them?"

"Some do. Others may just try and take it. Don't let ANYONE getta hold of Yami. Yugi was very insistant..."

"You got him to talk?"

"Yea, he's opening up. Hey would you believe he's a freshman in high school!? I wouldn't have guessed any older than ten myself..."

"High school? SCHOOL!"

"Relax Sam, you still have an hour!"

"Good, it'll give me time to talk to Yami..."

"And figure out how to get that crap on your head out of your face!" Al couldn't help it. It was justified, people made fun of his suits all the time! "Besides, it'll do no good. Holes, remember?"

Sam stared him down for an apology to the 'crap' remark, Al ignored it. "I'm going to need pointers on this game."

"You do that Sam." Al quickly opened the chamber door. Again he wanted no part in messing with this Yami. "And don't forget," he added, "No one get's that puzzle!" He watch Sam reach for the puzzle, then shut the door behind himself before he had to face those eyes again.

This is too bizzar! This has to be a dream! He slipped the puzzle around his neck and waited.

Sleep well?

"Thanks, Yami, but no..."

I'm sorry to hear that. Yugi has a big day today...

"Again, something you could have filled me in on lastnight."

Hmm... sounds like someone may need a nap after school. Yami's tone was rather condescending, then began chuckling. Sam couldn't believe his luck. A five-thousand year old dead guy with an even deader sense of humor.

"Yea, sure. You could say that I guess. So what is this big day?" Please don't be a game...

You know Duel Monsters? Sam had forgoten this thing could hear him. This was going to take some getting used to.

"Al filled me in thismorning. Something to do with you, others like you, fate. Fun stuff like that."

That much I know.

"Then this has to be why I am here!"

To help me?

"Al said it's possible. I have degrees in 'ancient stuff'." he cringed at the sound. It was like saying 'eye-talian' to an Italian.

Degree? Ancient stuff? Yami wasn't sure what to make of this. Then again, he wasn't sure what to make of any of this anyway.

"I went to school for it..."

Sounds like this diploma Tristan has spoken of.

"Just like a diploma! Uh, Tristan?"

You will meet him. And Yugi's other friends. Good kids, they will be more than willing to help...

"NO!" the little body jumped. Sam guessed he must have startled Yami. He took a breath to calm them both down. "I'm sorry, but they can't know..."

Why not?

"They have to be convinced I'm Yugi, or I won't leap. Yugi and I will be stuck."

I understand.

"Good! Now about this big day. If it's a game, I don't think..."

It's not a game. And as far as others like me, they are the only ones you need worry about and I am here for that. To anyone else, it is just a game. Yugi has a test today. He and his friends have been driving themselves...

"A test?!" He interrupted, "That's it?"

"No big deal to a genius , Sam. Even one with holes in his memory..." Al had snuck in again. In a small way it was one of the few things he enjoyed about the job. That and going into ladies... "... but to a fourteen year old kid, no offense Yami, Yugi is a good student and all, but no genius." He studied the expression, making sure it was still safe, "Anyway, we think we're onto something! There is a..." the little computer became temperamental again, and he gave it a quick sharp crack across the top. Sam winced. If Al kept this up, he was going to cost the project more money in hand-held Ziggys. "... fifty-one percent chance you are here for Yami!"

Sam shot daggers at the technicolored dressed man. This was good news? "Do me a favor Al and come back when you are at least a hundred-one percent sure! Or at least a hundred percent..."

"Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed..."

He grabbed Yugi's books and began stomping out the door, "If you will excuse us," he snapped, "Yugi has a test. Yami, shall we?"