As Keizer slowly woke up, he felt that he wasn't where he had originally been anymore. Opening his red eyes, he glanced around before slowly moving into a crouched position. His body felt so tired and weak, muscles aching and nerves screaming in pain but he stood up anyway and nearly fell over from a monotone voice speaking up.

"You woke up."

Keizer looked over at the voice and found a white haired girl with a plate of sweets in her lap. His mouth watered at the smell of the sugary treats, his stomach feeling empty. His fingers twitched before snatching up a cookie and wolfing down the whole thing. Then he felt the girl hiss like a cat before he flicked her nose.

"Don't even start with me, little cat." He growled, his eyes flashing dangerously as he snatched up two more cookies and ate them, but was distracted by another smell.

As he turned to get a better sniff, he was sent flying to the wall. After getting up again, he growled and tail whipped the girl into the far wall and hissed angrily. Keizer stalked over to the little girl and grabbed the collar of the shirt, lifting her up and growled darkly in her face. She shivered, her eyes frantically looking for an escape before he dropped her to the floor.

Turning away from her, Keizer grabbed the remaining sweets and ate them, before going to investigate the smell from earlier. Stepping past a doorway, he looked at a cooked turkey and his mouth drooled. Grabbing the turkey, he hungrily tore into the perfectly cooked flesh, groaning as he took another savage bite.

He was interrupted by a bolt of lightning striking his side, causing him to let out a roar in surprise. Facing his attacker, turkey in one hand, he snarled heatedly. The young woman looked at him with a wicked smile, lightning crackling between her fingertips.

"My, my, someone is hungry but didn't ask for permission to eat."

His response was to blast her with his gravity beams, sending her flying into the far wall.

"Its also not nice that you zapped your guest while he was eating as well." He snarled.

The girl got up, clearly not liking the pain she was in, Keizer growled before bringing the up the succulent bird and resumed tearing into it. He was nearly finished with the entire thing when he felt something build up in power from the doorway, making him turn and look. Keizer growled darkly and his vision was then assaulted by a wave of red that sent him flying and caused him to black out.

Rias looked at her brother, Sirzech as he walked up to the form of the monster. Whatever the thing was, it wasn't affected by the Power of Destruction in any visible way. Rias only knew that the beast had destroyed Visor before passing out, so she had brought it here for her brother to handle but it woke up and was hungry.

Sirzech frown deepened before a clawed hand struck and gripped his throat tightly. The red eyes looked darkly at Rias's brother and hissed, steam rushing out of it's maw. Its tongue slithered over the black teeth before returning inside its mouth, the beast slowly standing and lifted Sirzech off the ground, his feet dangling off the ground as his face slowly started turning red from a lack of air.

Rias was frozen in shock, unable to move as the beast looked at her and snapped harshly, "You brought me here…"

She could only nod in response, her voice caught it her throat. The monster walked up to her, towering over her and growled angrily. It then tightened its grip on her brother's throat before tossing him aside like a ragdoll and lifted her up by her shirt.

"I'm not some animal to be toyed with, little girl. I'm a kaiju, a monster that makes others cower in fear. You should be lucky I'm not in the mood for anything but getting something to eat and then leave." He voice was sharp and husky, sending a shiver down Rias's spine.

He looked closer and shook his head, clearly unable to speak further do to something taking away his attention.

"I smell...feathers…." He growled and dropped Rias, standing up and heading out of the kitchen.

Rias could only watch from the ground from where she had been dropped, unable to really stop thinking of how the monster made her feel fear and...pleasure? She shivered and hugged herself.

Keizer found the source of the feathers, a woman that was in a revealing outfit and held a small girl in her arms.

"You...another feather duster." He growled, tail flicking and getting the woman's attention.

"Wha...feather duster?!" She screeched and dropped the girl but found herself in the grip of the beast.

"Yes, your a feather duster." Keizer snarled and slowly crushed her neck in his grasp.

With a loud snapping of bones and a final screech, the woman went limp and her gaze was empty. The only two people looked shocked, a boy and the small girl from before.

"What?" Keizer growled and looked right back at them.