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-Also, I based the conversation off from a fandub found on youtube (check it out! It's pretty good) and an English translation.

-I had to rewrite it again. I started writing it backwards and it kind of changed a little of how I wanted it to go in the beginning.

"Of all the things you choose in life, you don't get to choose what your nightmares are.
You don't pick them; they pick you."
-John Irving

Another World

"Noctis you can see the light too?"

Noctis's hand curled tighter around a smaller hand of a girl about his age as their feet continued shuffling through the dirt, looked up to see a gleam of light. The clouds are hanging low in the sky, even the warm sun could not penetrate the mist, and creating new shadows and dark patches around them . Gray and ominous, it just seemed to be draining the happiness and excitment out of his stay during an official meeting for the city to pay tribute to the kingdom. It reminded him of things people should not have to see. For a time his breath would quickened and he then used every muscle in his tiny body to stifle a whimper. It surprised him that someone else could see the light and almost welcome it. He simply nodded. At the same moment, the girl asked suddenly. "Has the light ever spoken to you before?"

Noctis almost snorted, wishing the girl hadn't ask or reminded him about the light speaking. Of course how could he forget, it was just something he could never get out of his head. He remembered:

Under a waning moon.
Wine spilled between lovers.
One will fall into a sweet slumber,
Besides eyes that glow red as blood.

Upon the throne of despair.
Alone in that dark place.
Surrounded only by the eeriness of death.
In a chamber of treasure,
your enemies plot revenge,
yet cannot reach you.
Sleep well,
they lie in wait.

Sighing, he answered honestly. "Yeah, it did. What about you?"

She squeezed his hand briefly and simply nodded. "Yeah, me too. It's something that I think about every now and again."

They had both sneaked out passed all the adults to go exploring together. It was funny and exciting at first, but now Noctis felt a strange sense of something as close to a darkness ready to clustered itself menacingly beneath the trees, seeping itself forth a palpable sense of foreboding which grew exponentially with each footstep they took as if it was waiting to pounce on them. He felt eyes burning a hole in the back of their heads. As he looked over his shoulder to see something fast jump out.

Noctis opened his eyes and sat up. Turning his head back and forth, the remnants of the dream still lingered. His mind still felt disorganized, feeling the details fade as he try to recall them. He could not recall how long it has been since he started seeing those dreams. The years just blurred into one mass, he always wondered if it really happened. It comes and goes in no particular order.

Those dreams always reminded Noctis of the story of the Goddess Etro who opens the gate welcoming the souls of the departed. When that happens a bright light is set to shine down from the land of the dead. Yes, the eyes that see the light of expiring souls and are said to receive a great power. It was something he did not wish to see. For years as a youth he denied it rather than embrace that gift, he would always tell himself that denial was better, and that is the reason he was still alive. A permanent weariness had etched on his face, but in his eyes there was a hard gleam. It was because he wanted to live a lie, to be not alone in seeing it. But over time he could not turn away from it.

Noctis sighed. He was tired. His eyes felt heavy.

He closed his eyes, then sleep came. A sleep that carried a reminder...

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