Dana Scully left the lab and walked down the corridor towards the elevator. She was exhausted and her legs hurt, but relieved to be on her way to tell Mulder that she'd conclusively proved the guilt of Paul Holtman. With a bit of paperwork, their case would be wrapped up in time for both of them to have a real Christmas break.

As she approached the elevator she heard a small group of agents chatting in the corridor and music playing loudly; office parties always got rowdy during these last few days.

"…Sexy as hell!" She heard one obviously drunken male voice announce loudly. Scully slowed down in the hope of avoiding the revellers. "Meant to be a real Ice Queen, though…someone I know used to work with one of her exes and he said she wasn't as fiery between the sheets as her hair would suggest…if you know what I mean."

Scully rolled her eyes and stopped just around the corner; the familiar moniker had spiked her interest and she was immediately wary that they could be talking about her.

She heard a woman giggle coquettishly, "Her partner's hot though…I definitely wouldn't say no."

There was a cynical laugh from what sounded like at least two other men and then one replied, "Spooky Mulder? I don't think he'd know what to do with it…when was the last time you heard about him getting any? He's been alone for years, ever since the last one left him."

"His partner?" the woman asked.

"The last one…according to the grapevine, they'd been fucking for most of the time they worked together. Rumour has it that she didn't mind putting it about though…he was like a goddamn puppy."

Scully covered her mouth to stop from making a noise, she knew that Mulder and Diana had been together for a while but the description of their relationship from these relative strangers still surprised her.

"Diana Fowley, a bit of an Ice Queen, only ever out for herself..." One of the revellers interjected.

Another man chuckled and joined in, "So Spooky does have a thing for the frosty ones! Maybe him and Agent Scully are…"

The first man laughed, "Not even he would bother trying to melt that chill. I asked her out a few weeks ago, the woman looked at me like she was unable to compute the question. Frigid."

Scully suddenly realised who the first man was; Agent Andy Morgan - a sleaze with wandering hands, bad breath and a very large ego. She'd been so shocked that she'd given him the impression that she would even consider a date that she had hardly been able to respond to his invitation.

"Maybe she just needs some persuading…" the second man suggested. "You know what these frosty ones are like, you just need to get them into the bedroom and turn up the heat."

The woman giggled again, "I wouldn't mind turning the heat up with her partner, spooky or not. I hear he's rather…blessed."

Morgan laughed, "Okay guys how much?" There was a long silence. "I'm serious Agents, let's make this interesting…I bet you both $200 that you can't get them into bed…those two are about as asexual as they come."


"Do we have a deal? Come on I'll even be generous, let's say I'll give you until New Years Day? If you two are as good as you claim to be that should be more than enough time to break Spooky and melt Frosty."

The man laughed, "I can't believe I'm actually agreeing to this…it's ridiculous."

Morgan chuckled, "It's just a bit of Christmas fun dude."

"Exactly…" the woman agreed and laughed, "…and if I win a get $200 and a warm body to keep me warm over the festive period!"

Scully waited until she was sure that the group had gone back to the party and then slowly walked towards the elevator.

As the elevator doors opened Scully could hear the dulcet tones of Elvis Presley singing Blue Christmas, she smiled in spite of herself. She opened the door and found Mulder putting the finishing touches to a tiny Christmas tree that he had placed in what he had designated to be her corner of the office.

"Mulder…" She said with a smile.

"Hey, Scully, I thought it was time we got a little festive!" He walked towards her with some plastic mistletoe and bent to lightly kiss her cheek.

Scully rolled her eyes in an attempt to hide the shiver that ran down her spine, "Well, I'm glad someone's feeling festive."

Mulder looked at her with concern, "No luck with our tests, Scully?"

Scully shook her head, "No, they're all done…guilt proved…we just need to tie things up here and then we are officially on vacation."

"So what's wrong?" Mulder asked sadly. "You don't look like a woman who has just got an unexpected Christmas vacation…" Mulder had been hoping to enjoy a bit of time with Scully before they went their separate ways for the holidays.

"Nothing…I…" Scully looked up sadly at Mulder and shook her head, "Can we finish up for the day, Mulder? I think I could really do with a break."

Mulder tried to hide his growing disappointment and nodded; "Of course, I thought maybe we could…" he started to ask.

Scully picked up her bag and walked towards the door, "I just need some time...Christmas and all…"

"Erm…yeah sure…so I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Scully?" Mulder called after her as she made her sudden departure down the hall.

"Sure you will, Mulder, see you tomorrow," Scully called back distractedly.

Mulder sat down in his chair and stared at his lonely little tree, he supposed Christmas really was starting early this year.

It was a little after 10:30 when Mulder's mobile phone rang; he saw Scully's name on the caller ID and answered it immediately.

"Everything okay?" He asked before she had the chance to speak.

"Muller, am I frig-id?" Scully asked with a very serious tone.

Mulder could hear the sound of Christmas music and what he suspected to be a bar in the background. His eyes widened at her question and he somehow managed to choke on his own saliva. "Frigid? Y-you mean…"

"Ses-ually…you think that something is wrong with me?" Scully clarified.

Mulder opened and closed his mouth a few times. "Scully, where are you?" He asked with concern.

"That is a yes?" she asked sadly.

"No, Scully! That is me wondering who just took all the oxygen out of the room!" Mulder shook his head trying to clear it. "Scully, have you been drinking? Are you okay?" Mulder asked, already pulling on his jeans and looking for his car keys.

"Mmmm…I'm fine, Muller…jus' had a Christmas drink…alone…alone, alone, alone. I like your name, Muller...Mulleeeeeeer...actually that doesn't sound right..."

Mulder heard a small thud, "Scully?"

"Muller, the barstool...it just left me…even my chair doesn't want me…" Scully said pitifully.

"Scully, where are you?" Mulder asked as he left his apartment and jogged towards the stairs.

"In the bar," Scully replied.

Mulder grinned and rolled his eyes, "A little more specific…"

Scully looked around with great concentration. "The bar…with the nice man…" she smiled at Aaron behind the bar.

"Nice man?" Mulder asked with growing apprehension, he subconsciously slowed as he reached his car.

"Nice man…" she held out her phone out to Aaron. "Can you speak? Muller is all…" She flapped her hands with frustration and then grabbed onto the edge of the bar to stop herself from falling again. She stared down at the bar stool angrily and then took a long drink.

"Hello?" Mulder sighed.

"Hi…Muller?" Aaron asked with a smile in his voice.

"It's Mulderand you are?" Mulder did not appreciate his rather drunk partner hanging out with strange men in bars.

Aaron recognised the jealous tone immediately and could hardly blame Dana's friend for the misunderstanding. "Mulder, my name is Aaron. I'm a barman at Millie's…Dana lives in the same building as my boyfriend and I."

Mulder relaxed immediately but couldn't help asking, "Why have you let her drink so much?"

Aaron sighed, "I'm sorry, she really hasn't had that much to drink and I promise I am keeping an eye on her. She seems rather upset about something..."

"I'm coming to get her…" Mulder said with a softer tone. "Thank you for taking care of her, Aaron."

Twenty minutes later Mulder walked into Millie's and spotted Scully sitting at the bar. As he approached he smiled at a man he assumed was Aaron and nodded over at his partner.

Aaron smiled warmly and alerted Scully to Mulder's presence.

"Muller! You're back! I thought you left!" Scully said excitedly as she spun in her chair and came to a sudden stop when her feet hit Mulder's legs.

"Scully, I've only just arrived…we spoke on the phone," Mulder explained patiently.

Scully looked sad, "That's right…I'm alone…just like always."

"Well you're not alone anymore, partner," Mulder said taking the seat next to Scully at the bar. "That is if you don't mind the company?"

Scully shook her head decisively, "I like your company, Muller…you're my favourite."

"Favourite partner? You only have one, Scully, so that's not much of a win on my part…" Mulder said with a smile as he asked Aaron for a Coke.

"Jus' my favourite…favourite. I'm not frigid you know, Muller?" Scully looked at him with an actual pout and Mulder couldn't help but chuckle.

"Scully, why on earth would anyone think that you're frigid?"

"I don't really date…" Scully said quietly, staring down at her drink and trying to avoid his eyes.

Mulder shrugged uncomfortably, "Well…erm…neither do I…but it doesn't mean I don't…I mean still… Jesus, Scully, why are we talking about this? Is this what Aaron said you were so upset about?"

"Heard some people talkin' about me…well us I suppose…they said some things…" Scully half explained.

Mulder shook his head, "We're used to the rumour mill, Scully."

"Know that…" Scully spun to face Mulder on his stool and looked him right in the eye, "...but this time when someone suggested that we could be together they laughed. Said that I was too frigid, that you like them frosty but not even you would look at me."

Mulder was shocked to see tears swimming in her eyes.

He reached over and cupped her face with his hand, "Why on earth would they think that I like 'them' frosty?" he asked carefully; not sure if he wanted to tackle the rest of Scully's statement until he knew some more details.

"Something about Diana not caring about you…puppy dog…" Scully looked up, saw the hurt expression on Mulder's face and covered her mouth. "I'm s-sorry, Muller, I didn't need to tell you that bit."

Mulder shrugged, "It's true, Scully, with hindsight I was embarrassingly needy. I just hate the thought of you hearing them talk about me like that. I was young and she fed my ego...I thought I was in love."

"Thought you were in love?" Scully asked curiously.

"It was complicated, Scully…and I was manipulated. But now I'm certain that it wasn't love, just a cheap facsimile of the real thing." Mulder paused for a second and then continued thoughtfully. "You know, I think you're only truly in love when the other person's happiness matters more to you than how they make you feel. I also believe that true love only exists when it is returned in equal measure…" He spoke softly and Scully felt her skin tingle at the description.

Scully felt her mind starting to clear slightly and leant her head onto Mulder's shoulder. "Getting wise in your old age?" She asked with a smile.

Aaron walked over and took away her glass, he smiled at them both warmly…now he was starting to understand.

Mulder grinned down at his partner; "Less of the old, Scully, but I think we do get wiser as we grow and change…and when we meet new people. Listen, what do you think about getting out of here? Could I walk you home? Looks like you could use some fresh air."

Mulder dropped to his feet and supported Scully as she joined him, he carefully helped her on with her coat and then put his arm around her as they walked along the bar towards the exit.

"G'night, Aaron…" Scully grinned over at him. "Thank you for calling Mul-der to come take me home."

"Dana, you called your friend…I just helped with directions…" Aaron reminded her.

Scully nodded, "I feel better now…" she told Aaron as they reached the door.

"I'm glad, Dana," Aaron said warmly. "You take care now…and if I don't see you beforehand have a very Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas, Aaron."

They walked out into the street and turned right to start the short walk back to Scully's apartment.

"Why were you all the way over this side of the city, Mul-der?" Scully asked as they walked.

Mulder smiled, "You called me, Scully, from the bar…I was worried."

"So you came to see me! Oh, Mulder, that's so nice!" Scully said happily.

Mulder laughed and wrapped his arm more tightly around her.

"So you don't like the frosty ones?" She asked in a curious tone.

Mulder smiled, "No, Scully…I like fire and passion." He looked down at her as they walked along. "I want to be with a woman who I feel consumed by. I need to be with the one who overwhelms me with her beauty and burns my skin with her heat…the one who turns me on by just walking into a room."

Mulder looked down to find Scully looking up at him sadly, her mouth was slightly open and she had one single tear sliding down her face. He stopped and turned to take her face in his hand and brush her tear away, "Scully, what's wrong?" He asked with alarm.

"I'm…I'm just an Ice Queen. Controlled, unemotional…maybe they were right…" she looked away and tried to pull her hands out of his.

Mulder shook his head angrily. "No, Scully, never allow those people to make you feel like that. You are stunning. You are passionate. You have a warm heart and beautiful fiery eyes. You are so sexy that you don't even need to try... Damn it, if you were actually trying you might kill me."

She stood staring at him like he had grown a second head.

Mulder chuckled softly and rested his arm back around her waist. He directed her to start walking again, "Let's get you home, Scully…"

They walked briskly back to Scully's apartment and Mulder stood outside her room waiting for her to change. He smiled as he listened to his partner fighting with her pyjamas.

After several minutes Mulder called through, "Scully, are you decent?"

"You really think I'm sexy?" Scully asked in reply. Mulder walked back into her bedroom and found her wearing plaid pyjamas and looking sadly into a full-length mirror.

"Yes, Scully, I really think you're sexy. Very sexy. Now you need to get to bed, we have work in the morning." Mulder directed her towards the bed, pulled back the covers and encouraged her to lie down. As he tucked her in he couldn't help but kiss her forehead. "If those idiots you overheard can't see that…if they are too blind to see you…then they are the ones who are frigid. They can't see who you really are."

Scully blinked sleepily and smiled up at him with a look of such tenderness that he could hardly breathe. "Mulder…is that really how you see me? I don't think anyone else has ever seen me that way…"

Mulder closed his eyes and summoned up his last bit of courage. When he looked back at her face she had fallen fast asleep; her mouth was slightly open and she was snoring very quietly. Mulder smiled and brushed a single strand of hair from her cheek. "You only need one person to see it, Scully…" he whispered softly. He kissed her cheek, and then quietly slipped out of her apartment and back home to think about their evening.

The next morning Scully opened her eyes and groaned loudly. She covered her face with her arm and spent several minutes trying to hold back the flashbacks of the day before.


She winced.

The bar

Oh yeah, that was a great idea.

She'd called Mulder

Scully rolled onto her stomach and buried her face in the pillow.

She'd asked Mulder if he thought she was frigid!


She pulled the sheets over her head and swore never to get out of bed again.

But then Scully suddenly remembered a look in Mulder's eyes...and his words… "You are stunning…you are passionate…you have a warm heart and beautiful fiery eyes…" Scully slowly rolled onto her back and pulled down the sheets. She couldn't have dreamt that...could she? Not even in her wildest dreams…

Suddenly she heard her front door quietly open and close. She sat up in bed a pulled her sheets up to her chin. "Hello? Is someone there?"

Mulder appeared in her bedroom doorway holding two coffees and what looked like a bag of pastries.

He smiled awkwardly, "I'm glad to see you're up, not feeling too rough I hope?"

Scully shook her head in silent wonder and confusion.

"I hope you don't mind me using my key? I didn't want to wake you...and as you were asleep when I left last night I figured you wouldn't mind…I mean…" Mulder sighed and smiled with embarrassment…then he tried again, "Good morning, Scully."

Scully smiled warmly, "Good morning, Mulder…and no, of course, I don't mind. It was kind of you to be considerate about waking me and I'm so sorry about last night. I really don't…"

Mulder shook his head and walked into her bedroom casually like it was something he did every day. He sat on the edge of her bed and pulled a coffee out of his carrier. "Skinny flat white…extra sugar…I figured you might need it."

Scully smiled and took a sip. "Thank you, Mulder…" She looked over at the time, "What about work?"

Mulder shook his head, "I called Skinner and explained that we'd both had a busy few days; he agreed we could go in a little late."

"Thank you," she replied not quite meeting his eyes. "And about last night…"

Mulder held his hand up, "Say no more, Scully. You've pulled me out of the fire often enough…makes a change for me to be helping you out for a change."

Scully nodded sadly, taking that to mean he didn't want to talk about their…conversation.

Scully showered quickly and they both ate; by about midday, they had both arrived at work like the previous evening had never happened.

But it had…and echoes of their conversation bounced around the office all day. In their awkward silences…and in their oh-so-casual chats.

At a little after 5 pm, Scully walked over to the little Christmas tree and turned on its lights. She ran her fingers over the decorations thoughtfully and then looked over at Mulder.

"Y-you really think that I'm beautiful? I mean sexy…you think that I'm sexy?" Scully stuttered out and then worried her bottom lip with her teeth as she waited for Mulder to speak.

Mulder smiled with relief, he should have known that Scully would be the brave one. He looked up at her nervously chewing on the corner of her lip and nodded. "I know that you're beautiful, Scully…you are stunning. I also personally think that you are breathtakingly sexy…"

Scully breathing sped up and she leant back onto a table for support. "You're not just saying that? To make me feel better after what they said yesterday…"

Mulder moved to stand in front of her and slowly shook his head. He leant down to touch his lips softly against hers; his hot breath flowed across her face as he spoke, "You're the most beautiful woman I've seen in my life…absolutely heavenly."

Scully opened her mouth immediately and allowed him entrance into her warmth. Mulder growled quietly and lifted her up onto the table so that he could stand in-between her legs as he continued to devour her mouth. Scully surprised him when she suddenly lifted her legs to wrap them around his waist. She pulled him even tighter against her body and gasped as she felt his rock hard cock grind against her core.

Mulder dropped his head to her neck and started to bite and suck along her tendons and up behind her ear. "Nothing here but heat, Scully. Red-hot scalding heat…God, I could eat you alive!"

Scully groaned loudly and briefly thought about locking the door before she felt Mulder's hand push up her leg and run along the top of one of her thigh high stockings. "Jesus, Scully, do you wear these things to work every day?" He asked dropped to his knees and ran his tongue along the skin above their lacy tops.

Scully leant on his shoulders and bucked slightly at the feeling of his hot mouth on her skin, "Not often during the winter, but…Ohh Ohh, God…sometimes I wear them to feel…they make me feel…"

Mulder looked up at her and smiled, "Sexy? Do you feel sexy, Scully?"

She gasped and closed her eyes, "Right now? Oh, God yes…you're…"

Mulder hesitated for a second, "Are you sure about this, Scully? I mean I know you're feeling emotional…and hung-over….not that I'm suggesting…Jesus…what I'm trying to say is that I can't come back from this. You know that right? I am so in love with you and if we do this and you regret it…that would destroy me…"

Scully's eyes welled up and she ran her hand through his hair as she looked down at him lovingly. "Oh, Mulder, I've been in love with you for years…" She laughed lightly, "You know that's probably why everyone thinks I'm frigid!"

Mulder laughed joyfully against her thigh and let out a long breath, "So this really is for life...not just for Christmas?"

Scully laughed, "Definitely Mulder. I'm offering you a forever home. If you want it…if you want me."

Mulder bit his lip and blinked his eyes to hold back his threatening tears. "Oh hell, yes…" he muttered before reaching for her first stocking and pulling it down. Once he had removed them both he looked up into her eyes and she nodded nervously. With slightly shaky arms Scully pushed her body up and Mulder gently slipped down her panties.

Scully gasped as she felt Mulder's tongue slip along her wet core and taste her, then she moved her legs up over his shoulders. "Oh God, Mulder…"

Her voiced shot through his body like an aphrodisiac as he shifted his weight on the floor and lifted her up with his shoulders in order to grant him better access; he ran his tongue through her folds and swallowed her nectar hungrily before sucking eagerly on her clit.

"Oh God, Scully…I can't believe you're letting me do this…" Mulder murmured into her core and the vibrations of his voice made her shudder.

"Letting you? Mulder…ahhhhh…I've dreamed…about this for…ahhhhhh…years… I've had...countless orgasms…ohhhhhhh shit…while imagining you…exactly where you…" she paused and lifted further off the table as Mulder returned to softly sucked on her clit, "…Ooooh yeah…exactly where you are right now."

Mulder lifted her slightly and looked into her eyes, "You've dreamed of this? Of me?"

His hot breath made her clit tingle as he spoke and she lifted her hips to encourage him to continue his caresses. "Mulder…you've been the focus of my fantasies for years!" She gasped and Mulder groaned as he dropped his face and continued to lick and suck her clit.

"Scully…every time I've cum in the last six years I've dreamed of you. Of your mouth on me…of your hands…of thrusting myself deep inside you until you scream!" Mulder moved his hand up and slowly inserted one finger into her hot tight tunnel. He continued to lap his tongue over her clit as he spoke. "You're all I've thought about, Scully…you've consumed me…body and soul…"

Scully tightened her legs around his neck, "More, Mulder…please!"

He started to thrust two fingers into her core and grazed his teeth lightly over her clit. Suddenly he removed his mouth and moved up her body, his fingers pumped into her with increased force as he lifted his other hand to quickly rip open her blouse and pull down one of the cups of her bra.

Scully shrieked at the sudden move but then laughed briefly when she heard some buttons drop to the floor. Her laughter was short lived however because in her next breath she gasped as Mulder dropped his mouth to her breast.

"Sorry, Scully..." he murmured in between sucking and lightly biting her newly exposed skin. "Now I can have you I want you all…now!"

Scully shuddered at the hunger and implications of his words. "God, Mulder…I want you too…I want you in me…now!" She gasped as she blindly reached out towards him.

"Oh fuck, yeeeeah…" he grunted as he withdrew his fingers and rushed to undo his flies so he could pull out his painfully hard cock. He lifted one of her legs so that her foot rested on the desk, then brushed his erection against her soaking wet folds and looked up to meet her eyes.

"Ready, Scully?" he asked as he leant in to run his tongue over her bottom lip.

Scully sucked his tongue briefly into her mouth before pushing her hips towards him. "So far past ready, Mulder. We can do slow later…please, just fuck me!"

Mulder gasped at her words and lunged forward. He ran one hand over her thigh and around to her ass then lifted her up and spread her wide open as he pushed to the hilt in one smooth powerful stroke.

"Ohhhhhh God, Mulder…just wait a moment…" she gasped as she dropped her forehead to his shoulder and started to breathe deeply.

Mulder groaned and held himself completely still, "Am I hurting you, Scully? Do you want me to…?"

"God no Mulder!" She cried as her free leg twisted around his hip and held him in place. "You're not going anywhere…ever again…" She smiled and started licking and sucking on his neck. He tasted amazing, she could get addicted to the taste of his skin. He had always smelled like sex, sex and Mulder. Now she knew he tasted like sex too.

Mulder smiled and kissed her cheek lovingly, "Ever again…I really like the sound of that, baby…" His tone was rough with arousal and exertion; Scully thought she could probably cum just from the sound of those deep vibrations.

"Mmmmmmulder, move…please…" She squeezed her internal muscles slightly and heard him suck in a breath.

"You're so tight…so hot…sorry if this doesn't last long," He apologised, then started to slowly withdraw and then push his way back into her body.

Scully took a deep breath as he pulled out and let it out as he re-entered. "I just needed you inside me, Mulder, I don't care how long it lasts. Like I said….ahhhhhh…slow can wait till later…"

Mulder started to increase his speed as he pulled back slowly and thrust back in with greater force. "So I'm invited back round to yours tonight, Scully?" He teased.

Scully gasped and rolled her head back as Mulder bent to taste her neck and then flicked his tongue over her taut nipple. "Invited? Mulder…your presence…is demanded…I want…to taste…all of you…now shut up and fuck me!"

Mulder chuckled roughly and lifted her face to kiss her gently. "Scully, you are so hot when you're bossy!" Then he started to thrust into her body with firm fast strokes.

Scully gasped and rolled her hips into his onslaught as his pelvic bone ground against her clit. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and pulled her body closer to his, "Scully, you feel amazing…perfect…fuck how have we waited this long?"

Scully reached to grasp Mulder's firm ass as he ploughed into her body. "Personally..." she gasped, "...a vibrator and a…really active imagination." She moved her body slightly higher in his arms and shrieked when she felt him hit her g-spot and clit at the same time, "...but I didn't know…that this good…was even possible."

She held on tight as Mulder took control and started to pound into her body as her internal muscles flexed around him. "That's it, Mulder…right there…"

As her climax hit Mulder felt her core grip him tighter, her mouth fell open and bit the sensitive spot at the base of his neck. Mulder growled loudly as he emptied his hot fluid deep inside her.

They held on tight as aftershocks coursed through them and slowly returned to licking and tasting whatever skin was available.

Mulder started to move back but Scully gripped his shoulders with her nails, "No, stay for a minute, I just want to feel you inside me…"

"I don't ever want to leave…" Mulder smiled against her mouth.

Scully giggled and ran her tongue across his bottom lip sucking it slightly into her mouth then raising one eyebrow, "Mulder, that would be extremely impractical…"

He chuckled and ducked to take her breast into his mouth. He sucked firmly and then looked up at her with smiling eyes as his teeth lightly gripped her nipple, "We could work around it, baby…"

Scully groaned and smiled as she stretched her neck back. "When you're inside me…touching me…calling me baby with that sexy voice of yours…the very last thing I care about is work!"

Mulder moved Scully back slightly and hissed as he left her body. "Well, baby…we need to get dressed and leave or we'll be here 'til morning…"

Scully dropped her mouth to the base of his throat just above his shirt; she licked upward in one smooth sweep and laughed deeply, "Would that be so bad?"

Mulder pulled away slowly and then lifted Scully up and deposited her back onto slightly wobbly legs. "Scully, I want to get you into a bed. I want to feel my skin against yours…and to do that we need to leave now." He looked up suddenly, "What about tying up the case?"

Scully laughed and leant over to tuck his shirt into his trousers. "I suddenly don't give a damn about work..." she announced with a grin.

"Scully!" He replied with mock horror.

"Mulder, we can come in and finish up the case tomorrow," she said smiling. "And it's almost Christmas, so I think that can be our last day before New Years. Right now I can think of other things I'd rather you be tying up…"

"Scully…you're kinky!" He observed with a broad grin.

She slipped her bra back across her breasts and then sat in her chair to pull up the stockings that she had found discarded on the floor. "Mulder, where you're concerned I think I could be anything you wanted me to be…but I will deny that I said that once my post-orgasmic glow has died down."

Mulder perched on the edge of the desk and watched her with a warm smile, "God, Scully, I am so in love with you…"

Scully looked up with moist eyes as she slipped on her second shoe and stood to walk over to him. "And I love you, Mulder..." She reached over to pick up the tie that he had discarded many hours ago and wrapped it around his neck, she kissed him gently and tied it neatly before smoothing his shirt down. "Thank you for coming to get me last night…I don't even know what I was thinking. It just hurt, hearing complete strangers talk about us like that. Laughing at the thought that you would even consider…"

Mulder leant in to graze her cheek with his lips and then peppered kisses up the side of her face towards her temple. "You are so beautiful…my Scully…"

Scully smiled, "I don't care what anyone else thinks, Mulder, the only opinion I care about is yours. Besides I did turn Morgan down a few weeks ago, that probably hurt his ego."

Mulder pulled back and looked at her face. "You knew it was Morgan? That bastard!"

"Easy, Mulder, it's all over now…" She leant into the space between his legs and wrapped her arms around him.

"Like hell it is Scully. You're mine, he doesn't get to talk about you like that…" Mulder held her eyes with a piercing stare.

"Yours, Mulder? You're starting to sound awfully possessive!" She said with a straight face and an arched eyebrow.

"I didn't mean…I mean…I meant…" he stuttered slightly realising that he'd probably offended her.

Scully smiled, "You know that kinky part of me that you've awakened?" Mulder raised his eyebrows with intrigue. "I think I'd quite like to be yours, Mulder…as long as this is a mutual exchange?" She grinned hungrily at him and ran her hand over his shirt.

"God, Scully, I've been yours for years, I've just been waiting for you to stake your claim!" Mulder's hand reached up to cup her breast and he leant in to kiss her greedily.

Scully regrettably pushed him away. "You're right, Mulder, we need to leave before we get carried away again. We've pushed our luck for long enough…that door isn't even locked."

Mulder smiled up at the door, "Can you imagine if someone had walked in?" He laughed and shook his head. Then he reached to grab his jacket and looked over at Scully guiltily as she wrapped her damaged blouse around her body and then covered it with her jacket doing the buttons up carefully.

"I'm sorry about that, Scully…" He said with a grin, not looking very sorry at all.

Scully smirked, "It was hot, Mulder. Just try not to make a habit of it, I need some clothes that I can wear in public."

He smiled and turned off the lights on the tree. Then as an afterthought asked, "Do you know who any of the others talking about us were?"

Scully shook her head as she walked towards the door. "No, a man and a woman…we'll find out soon enough though…" she turned and smiled at Mulder's confused expression.

"Morgan bet them each $200 that they couldn't get us into bed by New Years!" Scully laughed and Mulder rushed to catch up with her as she walked towards the elevator.

"You've got to be kidding me?" He asked as she pressed the button to call the elevator.

"Sadly not...I don't mind admitting now that I was seething with jealousy at the thought of some woman spending the next couple of weeks trying to get you into bed!" She grinned up at him and shook her head as the lift arrived and they stepped in.

"She wouldn't have stood a chance, Scully…" Mulder said with conviction.

Scully chuckled, "How can you possibly know that? You have no idea what she looks like and it's not like we were together…"

"Scully, I haven't seriously looked at another woman in years. I mean I've looked…I am only human." Scully smiled at him tolerantly. "But then I compare them all to you and the attraction fades to nothing. You've ruined me, Scully…"

Scully reached to run her hands over his tight stomach muscles and then pulled back quickly and turned when the lift began to stop. "Good to know, Mulder..."

It wasn't until the elevator opened on an upper floor that they realised neither of them had pressed a floor button. Scully smiled politely as another agent entered, he pressed a button and then turned to smile at Scully. "Dana…it's been a while. How are you?"

Scully looked at him carefully, "I'm sorry this is a big building…have we met?"

He nodded and smiled, "That's okay, I'm Matt Dallies." He held out his hand and Scully shook it with a polite smile. "We met on a case a few months ago. I'm not surprised you don't remember. However, you made quite an impression on me…"

Mulder tensed, was this jackass actually coming on to Scully? While he was standing there? He coughed tightly, "Yeah, well Scully is an excellent agent she usually does make a good impression."

Dallies glanced at Mulder quickly and then back at Scully, "So I was wondering if you wanted to go for a drink sometime? Or maybe dinner? I'd love to get to know you a little better."

He smiled warmly but Scully was quickly realising who this guy was, it was too much of a coincidence. She felt Mulder bristle behind her and took an almost imperceptible step back towards him.

Scully smiled as she thought of a slightly childish way to make a point to both Mulder and Agent Dallies. She held the agent's gaze with a civil smile, "I'm sorry Agent Dallies, but I'm his…" she tilted her head back towards Mulder.

Dallies looked at Mulder and then back at Scully, "I'm sorry?"

Scully leant back further as she felt Mulder's breath quicken, his hand dropped lightly to her waist.

"I'm HIS. Mrs Spooky…remember?" Scully grinned at the shocked look on the other agents face. "And you can tell your little friend that he is mine...and if I hear that she has even attempted to lay one finger on him I will hurt her."

Dallies mouth opened and then closed. She heard Mulder chuckle quietly behind her…he was enjoying this.

"How did you know?" Dallies asked in shock.

"Let's just say word gets around," Scully said with a smile. "I am very possessive you know..." Scully turned slightly, rested her hand on Mulder's chest and gave Dallies an exaggerated glare.

The elevator stopped at Dallies floor and he turned quickly and moved towards the exit, "The rumours are true, you two are fucking crazy!"

"Certifiable!" Mulder called after him as the door closed and they both burst out laughing. "Scully, you are bad…" he wrapped his arms around her waist and grinned.

He reached to select the parking level and leant back against the wall chuckling happily, his arm still firmly wrapped around Scully's waist.

She was still laughing, "Oh God, Mulder, what have I done? That'll be all around the building by tomorrow!" She bent slightly at the waist and covered her face with both of her hands. The doors opened and still chuckling at his partner's laughing fit Mulder pulled her out of the elevator.

"Did you see his face, Mulder? He really does think we're crazy…" she took her hands away from her face and grinned up at him happily.

Mulder pulled her playfully along towards his car…and straight into AD Skinner.

Skinner looked at his two agents with ostensive consternation and a smile in his eyes.

Scully stood up straight quickly and tried to stop laughing.

"Good evening agents," Skinner smiled politely. "You two certainly seem to be getting into the festive spirit. Finished for the day I see?"

Mulder looked down at Scully, who was clearly trying not to laugh, so he decided to take that lead. "Yes, Sir, almost all wrapped up for Christmas. If everything goes to plan tomorrow should be our last day on this case."

"And here was me thinking that you two were workaholics," Skinner observed happily.

Mulder smiled, "Well you know what they say, Sir, all work and no play makes…"

"…Mulder a very dull boy." Scully finished smiling brightly at their boss.

"You seem happy this evening, Agent Scully..." Skinner said smiling at Scully and Mulder in turn.

"It's Christmas in D.C. and I have a very nice bottle of wine waiting for us in the fridge at home…I can see absolutely nothing to be gloomy about." Scully said honestly.

Skinner didn't miss the prominent us in Scully's proclamation. "I can't argue with you there, Agent Scully..." he smiled warmly at Mulder, "...do you both have plans for the festive season?"

Scully nodded before Mulder even had the chance to reply, "Christmas is at mine this year, but of course we're going over to my mom's on Christmas day. I'm thinking I might even try to get Mulder to Christmas Day mass."

Scully smiled up at Mulder who looked down at her with a shocked expression, he really hadn't expected Scully to be this open with their boss. He was expecting doubts…or at least concerns about keeping their relationship a secret.

"Well…" Skinner replied with equal shock, "…that all sounds lovely. I doubt that you'll have to work too hard to convinced Agent Mulder to accompany you on Christmas Day. I'm sure he knows how lucky he is…" Skinner looked at Mulder pointedly.

"Y-yes sir, I am…very lucky…I'm sure I'll be pretty amenable to whatever Scully has planned for me," Mulder agreed self-consciously.

"Well, I won't keep you both, send that report up as soon as possible tomorrow and then you can consider yourselves on leave for the holidays. Will I see you both at the New Years party?" Skinner asked.

Mulder looked down at Scully who smiled and shrugged. "I'd say it's quite likely…I think I owe my partner a more festive holiday this year," Mulder said happily.

"I think you both deserve that, Agent Mulder. Well then, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I will probably see you at New Years…don't forget to get your names on the list tomorrow."

"We will do, Sir…and you have a lovely Christmas as well," Mulder said as he put his hand at the base of Scully's back and started to move them both towards his car.

Skinner turned and watch them leave; he saw Mulder's hand slip lower on Scully's back and then Scully smile up lovingly at Mulder. Skinner smirked and walked away, if anyone deserved to find happiness together it was those two.