Title: The Paradox of Existence

Author: DragonLight

Summary: The future repeats itself in the past, i.e. which came
first the chicken or the egg.

Pairing: HP/SS

Rating: Now PG-13 to probably R later on

Author Note: I've never written a story like this before let alone
read one. So if this story resembles anyone's no infringement was intended. The first two chapters are both introduction. I just couldn't bring myself to make them one single chapter.

Disclaimer: All characters that are the least bit familiar belong to
JKR-same with places and items. Don't recognize it then it's mine.

Chapter One: Backwards

Harry looked over at the assembled students in front of him. *Bloody hell, how did I land myself in this position again? That's right. One of Albus' bright ideas.* The students shifted nervously in their seats under the cool stare of the new DADA professor.

Harry pushed off from the wall in the corner of the room he was standing in. He walked past a window on the way to the desk set up in the front of the classroom. The light caught on the hilt of the dagger he kept strapped to his thigh. Quite a few students flinched at the sight but Harry ignored them. Leaning against his desk he removed the wand from its holder strapped to his other thigh. Perhaps he should have pulled out the dagger instead. He had overheard several of the students refer to him as a mad pirate the night before. He had grown out his hair over the years until it just came past his shoulders. He usually kept it tied back with a leather thong. His hair was still wild and his bangs mostly covered his scar, but that didn't matter. There was no Harry Potter here. Sirius told him that he was no longer a carbon copy of his father. As he had grown older his face had taken on many of his mother's features giving him a unique look all his own. Sighing he started to twirl the wand in between his fingers, a habit he had picked up while revising for charms during his school years.

"I am Octavian Tyler, your new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. Of course I'm sure all of you already knew that. Now that introductions have been taken care of…" Harry paused and glanced around the room again. "You are the sixth year Gryffindors and Slytherins, correct?" Harry waited for confirmation, when none was forth coming he glanced at the scroll that held the class roster. Already knowing which student he would call upon. "Am I correct, Mr. Black, or is your conversation with Mr. Potter too important?" Those two were the only ones he hadn't managed to terrify at the welcoming feast the night before, probably because they hadn't been there. It had something to do with getting lost and a flying motorcycle… etc. It had hit way to close to his own memories and he decided to push that aside for now.

"No, sir. I mean yes sir. Wait I mean no sir."

"Well, which is it yes or no?"

"What was the question again?"

A snickering coming from the other side of the room caught his attention. Knowing whom it was he looked down at the roster anyway. "Mr. Snape, pray tell what is so amusing?"

"Nothing, sir." Followed by a smirk directed at Black was his response.

"Well, now that is all settled. Let's move on to the seating arrangements."

A simultaneous groan issued from the mouths of all the students.
"I'm glad to know that you approve. All right everyone grab your stuff and move to the side of the classroom. Mr. Black why don't you take the seat front row center. Mr. Snape why don't you sit to the right of him. And Mr. Potter to the right of him. Ms. Douay why don't you take the seat to the left of Mr. Black and Ms Evans on the other side of her." This continued until the whole room was arranged until a member of the opposing house surrounded each person like a Gryffindor-Slytherin checkerboard..

"I've heard stories about this class. I tell you now I will not stand for any misbehaving. While in this class you listen. The things I have to say may very well one day save your lives. I will have no pranks," Harry turned a glare on the four marauders, "and no snide comments," his glare moved to Snape. "I expect full class participation from all of you. If I assign homework it will be for a reason. There will be no pointless essays in this class. I did too many of them during my years of school, I will not make you repeat those useless endeavors. Since this is the case I expect good research followed by good writing. The last thing that you should know is that I will in no way tolerate silly House prejudices. I hear it and I will find a suitable punishment. Follow these rules and we'll all get along just fine." The class seemed suitable subdued.

"Next order of business." Turning around Harry turned toward the chalkboard and started to write some terms down. "For review, who can tell me about boggarts." Without looking who had raised their hands he replied. "Mr. Lupin will you please enlighten the class."


"He's positively evil I tell you. Sitting Snape and the soon to be Narcissa Malfoy next to me." Black stabbed at his roast with his fork.

"Well perhaps if you weren't talking during the first five minutes of his class he wouldn't have, Siri."

"Oh be quiet Remy." Sirius glared at the pale amber-eyed boy.
"What I don't get is why everyone is walking around on eggshells around him." James looked at the two boys that might be able to answer him.

"You.. you mean that you have… haven't heard?"

"Heard what Peter?" James glanced over at Sirius. He was still stabbing his roast and glaring at the table.

The voice that answered him came from his elbow. "Last night at the welcoming feast Malfoy tripped a first year hufflepuff on their way to sit at the table after they were sorted. When the boy finally got up and started to his seat Malfoy tripped him again. Next thing anyone knew, there was a dagger embedded in the table a centimeter from Malfoy's hand and Professor Tyler was standing over him. He looked really annoyed. It's said that Malfoy got detention every weekend for a month. Everyone is scared of getting him mad."

James and Sirius looked up at the Head Table. Professor Tyler was sitting next to Dumbledore laughing at some joke the wizened old wizard must have told him.

"Are you sure Lils?" James put his arm around the girl next to him.

"Absolutely. Aren't I right Remus?" The two boys looked at Remus who nodded his head as he chewed. The gaze moved over to the Slytherin table where the seventh years Malfoy and Goyle were talking to Snape. Finally their gaze returned to the Head table where the two boys were met with a knowing look and a raised eyebrow of Professor Tyler.

Sirius quickly averted his eyes and turned back to his plate. "Bloody Hell."

"My thoughts exactly," muttered James. Remus and Peter laughed at the two boys that just realized what teacher they had made a really bad impression on.


Harry looked at the Gryffindor table. It seemed that his father and Sirius had finally heard about the sorting feast. He was wondering how long it would take them to hear about the "Malfoy incident." In fact he had been waiting all day to see their reactions. They finally looked at him and he looked back and raised his eyebrow. They seemed suitably cowed.

"So, Octavian, why don't you tell me a little more about your home?"

"I already told you everything that I can, Albus. And you know everything that the Headmaster at the school I was previously at told you in his letter. So stop being a nosy old headmaster." The smile that lighted his face softened his harsh words.

"Well how about where you got that scar?" Harry's hand immediately went to his forehead. "No not that one, the other one." Albus pointed to a scar that started on his cheekbone and crossed his cheek went across his neck and finally ended on his opposing shoulder.

"War injury. Not a particularly fond memory. I had to wrestle the knife out of my opponent's hand. It wasn't even that deep, it shouldn't have scarred. It was my luck however that the knife had a rather nasty curse that kept the cut from being healed properly."

"Well it's fairly light. I only just noticed it the other day."

"Yes, my godfather has told me quite a few times that it isn't overly disfiguring."

"Not at all, I think it makes you look like quite the rouge. Must really help out with the ladies." Albus winked knowingly at him.
Harry started to choke on his water, his eyes wide. Albus thumped him on the back When Harry finally stopped sputtering he turned to Albus.
"Actually it doesn't. Nor would I want it to." Albus' eyes went wide as the implications of his statement hit him.

"So I need not warn the female members of staff then." Albus waited until after Harry had finished chewing his roast and had lifted his glass of pumpkin juice. "I will however remember to warn Filius, Hagrid, Gregory, and Simion." Albus was rewarded with the sight of Harry's pumpkin juice going all over the table as he dropped the goblet. "Well I think that I will just retire to my office… quite a lot of work to do you know." With that Albus stood and left the Head Table leaving all the teachers looking at the new Defense teacher with curiosity.