Chuck vs. the Highway

Author's Note

Ok, so while I love Chuck there is one thing that I am sorry it didn't portray well and that is how Chuck dealt with the death of Bryce or the death of his father. I understand that doing so would be a difficult subject to show on primetime TV, but it is one that I wish they had covered a bit more – that is to say at all. Anyway, I know that there have been other stories that have covered this, but I wanted to make a small attempt. I am planning on multiple chapters, but I want to see how this first one is received.

This story is completely AU. I understand that some folks may want a more canonical story, but I am taking the advice to write what I know. And sadly, I know this subject. So without further blabber from me I present Chuck vs. the Highway.

Oh, and I don't anything regarding Chuck besides the 5 seasons on blu-ray.

Chapter 1


I really don't want to be here. I mean why can't I just go back to work? This is so dumb, I don't need this right now. I would rather be out there helping folks.

The office sitting room felt more like a living room with a couch and a loveseat arranged in an L-shape against two walls. There was a small table in the space where the two met and on it was a vase with a few live flowers and a picture of a family. There was a large photo of some mountains next to the door to the actual office. There was also a desk where the receptionist sat. The young woman with brunette hair had smiled at him when he had walked in that morning for his required appointment.

"Good morning!"

"Um… hi."

"Are you Charles Bartowski?"

"Yeah, that's me, but please call me Chuck."

"Great! OK Chuck, my name is Lou. Since I think this is the first time visiting us, can you fill out some paperwork for us?"

He smiled weakly, "Sure."

He took the clipboard and pen that Lou handed him and went over to the couch and sat down. The forms were the standard ones for any health profession. This kind of surprised him.

Why would a shrink need all of this allergy information? Ah well… I guess the world runs on paperwork and forms.

He started filling out the forms when he heard the office door open and close. A short conversation occurred at Lou's desk, but Chuck kept his head down and eyes focused on the form in front of him. He didn't want people to think he was a crazy person by being here so he figured others probably felt the same and wanted to maintain some kind of anonymity.

As the person talking to Lou said their good-byes and left, Chuck once again heard the office door open.

"Deputy Bartowski?"

The voice was feminine and soft. He could hear a bit of an accent but it was faint and barely noticeable. As Chuck looked up from the clipboard, he took in the navy heels and skirt, the white blouse. But he became tongue-tied for a second when he stared into the face of the woman in front of him.

"Hi! I'm Dr. Sarah Walker. How are you doing this morning?"

Holy hell! How am I supposed to talk to someone like this? She is gorgeous, beautiful… and I have to talk to her about something I don't even want to think about? I am SO screwed!

As Chuck stood up from the couch and handed the doctor the completed paperwork, he couldn't help notice how tall she was. But what had taken his breathe away were here pair of eyes. The sheer color of blue made him stop thinking of anything else. Dr. Walker must have noticed him staring or something because her eyes crinkled a little and she smiled.

"Well if you will follow me we can get started."

I think I would follow this woman to the gates of hell and anywhere else she asked to. Crap! How am I supposed to do this?

The doctor had turned and was walking into her office, so Chuck slowly walked behind her. He noticed that despite the size of the reception area Dr. Walker's office was slightly smaller. There was a single desk to the left with the wall behind it covered in degrees and a few photos. The opposite wall had a bookshelf that was full of various books, some bound in deep brown leather and some paperbacks. There was another couch on the wall opposite of the door that he had walked in.

"Um… I guess I should close this door Doctor?" He was growing more nervous. He knew why he was here and that thought loomed over him. He glanced over at the doctor waiting to hear what to do with the door.

She smiled gently at him. "Yes, please close the door and have a seat on the couch. Are you nervous Deputy Bartowski?"

"Ha… um… yeah… just a little. I mean I don't think I need to be here, but the Department requires me too because of what happened. And now I have to talk about it with a complete stranger, who is well…"

Chuck abruptly stopped as he sat down on the couch and looked at the doctor with a slight fear in his eyes. He was glad he had stopped himself from the rambling he was prone to do when he was nervous, and doubly grateful he hadn't finished the statement out loud, though it finished in his head.

Drop-dead gorgeous and who I would love to ask out on a date.

The doctor continued to smile at him.

"Deputy Bartowski?"

"Please Dr. Walker, call me Chuck, all of my friends do."

"Ok, Chuck. Can we set a few basic rules before we begin?"

Oh wow… I like the way she says my name. That little click at the end… I mean wow!

"Huh? Oh yeah, of course… yes rules… um… like what kind of rules?"

"Ok, first I know that I am a doctor but please I would rather you call me by my first name, so please call me Sarah. Ok?"

"Ok Sarah, I would be glad too."

Sarah huh? I would've thought maybe a Samantha, or a Lisa, or maybe even a Yvonne!

Chuck smiled at the thought.

"Next, I would ask that when you are here I would like you to try and share all of the thoughts that are going on in your head. Can you do that?"

Oh crap! Now what?

"Sure… uh… ok, Sarah."

Sarah smiled gently at him as she spoke, "The third and most important rule is this: trust me Chuck. I am here to help and anything that you say is between just you and I. I know what has happened generally speaking, and I have helped many people in similar situations. So do you think you can do that? Can you trust me Chuck?"

Chuck looked into her eyes. The way the light shined off of them making them appear even bluer than when he first saw her in the reception area. There was something in her eyes that made his heart beat more than it had in a very long time. He could feel her sincerity and her desire to help him.

If that saying about a person's eyes being a window into their soul, then Sarah has one of the kindest souls I have ever met.

Chuck surprised himself with his genuine and sincere answer, "Yes Sarah, I trust you."

Sarah smiled again, which Chuck noticed caused the room to brighten.

"Ok Chuck, let's talk about what happened to Deputy Larkin."

Chuck's head bowed down between his legs and his arms went sliding over his head. He looked like we was assuming the crash position for what was coming, and Sarah's heart broke.

Author's Post Note

Ok, I am working on Chapter 2. What do you think? I am curious.