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Tina had grown to love helping Newt take care of his creatures each day. She'd never been a big animal person before, but his were all so affectionate and happy it was hard not to like them. She split the work with him, only taking the simpler jobs because he was so much more adept at the complicated rituals involved before feeding some of the feistier beasts. Because of this division of labor, it was a while before she discovered the wardrobe.

She was wandering after feeding the mooncalves, and came across a habitat that appeared to be a large closet. The closet only contained one piece of furniture. Large, brown, with intricate carvings and surrounded by an eerie aura of foreboding, the wardrobe was shut, but shaking, as though there was something in there.

"Dougal?" called Tina. "Is that you?"

There was no answer-not that there would be if Dougal was, in fact, the culprit. However, the wardrobe stayed shut. Slowly and quietly, Tina reached up to the twin knobs in the center and pulled the doors open.

The space inside was larger than she had imagined, and contained a familiar-looking chair. On the floor was a silvery fluid that immediately began leaking out and running towards her, though the ground had no slope. She took several steps back. In front of her eyes, the chair's legs began dissolving where they contacted the unknown substance.

It's the death potion. "Merlin," she breathed.

The chair had been reduced to a seat and a back. The fluid continued to come at her, and then started to rise in a wave as tall as her knees, her hips, her shoulders. She screamed as she stumbled back into the adjacent habitat, unintelligibly at first, and then she finally formed one word: "NEWT!"

Within seconds, he was there, pushing her behind him. The liquid retreated quickly back towards the wardrobe, but instead of returning to the wardrobe, it disappeared inside a suitcase Tina hadn't noticed was there. Newt's suitcase. But...they were already in his suitcase...

The suitcase remained open, and suddenly from inside swelled a horrible noise-the sound of hundreds of Newt's animals screaming in agony. Tina could hear cries and howls and roars of pain from inside and it broke her heart. Newt clenched his jaw for a second, and then pointed his wand at the suitcase, shouting, "Riddikulus!"

All of a sudden, the animal noises became a rousing chorus of "Lumos when you're here, Nox when you're not" by Wanda Rhymes, accompanied by erumpent trumpets and hoof beats for drums.

And a light goes on inside my heart
When you keep me warm inside your arms
Just so we never spend a second apart
I might use a couple Summoning Charms...

Newt relaxed and went over to pick up the suitcase, put it in the wardrobe, and shut the door. Then he turned to Tina, whose hands were on her chest, trying to calm the frantic rhythm of her heartbeats. "Are you alright, Tina?"

"W-what was that?"

"A boggart," he explained. "No one knows what they really look like, but they take the form of what the viewer fears most." He came closer and held her shoulders. "Nothing you saw was real. It wouldn't have hurt you. You're safe."

She didn't feel safe. "It turned into the death potion from my execution."

"I know. I'm sorry I didn't warn you." Tina must have still looked frightened out of her skin, because he pulled her into a hug and started stroking her hair. "You're safe now. Don't worry. You're safe."

It did feel very nice, being in his arms and hearing him speak softly in her ear. He probably used this technique on many frightened animals. But she was not a frightened animal. She was an Auror of MACUSA, and she was not going to meet her match against a fake potion. She pushed him away with a look of fierce determination.

"Bring it out again."

"Tina..." Newt warned, aghast. "It's best if...well..."

"What was the spell you used? Ridiculous?" She readied her wand.

"Riddikulus," Newt corrected. "The boggart loses its power to scare you if you laugh. Are you sure about this?"


With obvious hesitation, Newt walked back to the wardrobe and opened one of the doors. Again, the metallic fluid seeped out, coming for her. Tina tried to swallow her fear, but her wand arm was shaking. Laugh, she reminded herself. But how could one laugh in the face of death?

The liquid surrounded her, rising higher and higher and threatening to engulf her. Although it never touched her, she could feel her panic building. Newt moved towards her, wand in hand, but she waved him away. "Stay back! I can do this."

As it rose higher and higher, she calmed herself and then shouted, "Riddikulus!" The silvery walls that encased her turned into solid funhouse mirrors, in which her image was stretched and squashed and generally quite...ridiculous.

Tina gave a surprised snort of laughter. She exchanged triumphant glances with Newt. With a swish of his wand, Newt crumbled the mirrors into shards and then siphoned the pieces back into the wardrobe. Tina closed the doors, perhaps a bit more firmly than she needed to.

"That was brave of you," Newt told her. "It took me quite a while to get past the illusion. Even now, it's hard."

"Thank you." She hadn't realized the terror of her imminent death had stayed with her long after the events at MACUSA. Her narrow escape hadn't seemed remotely possible when Newt had suggested it as he set free the Swooping Evil to catch her when she jumped. But Newt had been there to allay her fears, just as he had done now. Tina smiled at him. "You know, I am feeling a lot braver."

To prove it, she grabbed him by the collar and pressed her lips to his.