A/N: For funsies. A companion piece to my Full Circle ficlet. And because I want a party like this. Enjoy!

"Hey Gilmore! Your dad's here!" Jess called, as Logan stood in the livingroom of the Gilmore/ Danes house.

Jess handed Logan the overnight bag full of clothes snacks, and action figures. Rory came out of her old bedroom, holding the hand of a small boy, his blonde head hidden under a Deadpool hood.

"Do I want to know?" Logan asked, staring at his son.

"Oh, you can thank Uncle Finn for this," Rory replied in a sarcastic sing song voice. "He's going to be such a hit at preschool when he keeps asking for chimichangas and lap dances."

The handsome blonde man, was already chuckling as he scooped his son up in his arms. He removed the hood and placed a raspberry on the child's cheek, causing him to erupt in giggles.

"So what are your guys plans for the big night?" Logan asked as Lorelai wandered in with a wave.

"Nothing crazy," Jess shrugged, finding a seat on the sofa. "My buddy Tony set up something at The Strand."

"Getting drunk around books…now I know why she's marrying you." Logan replied simply. "You Ace?"

"We are going to be dignified Huntzberger," Lorelai jumped in holding up DVDs. "A night in at Lane's with wine and movies. So, which do you want to watch first, the one where Oscar Isaac loves his droid and destroys Domhnall Gleeson's base or the one where Oscar Isaac bangs droids and destroys Domhnall Gleeson's faith in humanity?"

"Seriously?" Logan gasped, putting the child down, who ran over to Jess. "I could have planned something crazy for you."

"That wouldn't be awkward," Jess smirked softly to little Gilmore who jumped onto his lap.

"It could've been my wedding present," Logan continued, energetically. " Instead of that lame wine fridge I got you."

Rory clapped happily. " Oh, you got that for us?"

"Nope," Logan squeaked. "Uh….I...no...um...you're having a seizure."

"You be good buddy,"Jess said fist bumping the child on his lap.

"'Kay Uncle Jessie."

The agitated brown eyes of Jess Mariano went immediately to his future mother in law who just smiled happily.

"C'mon Wade," Logan stated. "We gotta go and give Grandma Shiraz more reasons for grey hair."

"Yay!" The child exclaimed.

Rory kissed her son goodbye and watched him follow his father out to the car.

"You should get going too," Rory said with a smile as she slinked down onto Jess's lap, leaning her head against his. "So mommy can reveal her big extravagant surprise party."

"I would never!" Lorelai gasped. "Can't I just want to have a quiet night in with my only daughter before she gets married?"

"No," Jess and Rory replied.

"Browncoats," she pouted and hurried into the kitchen.

"Now you sir," Rory whispered to her husband to be. "Have fun making out with those collectible books."

"That's your deep fantasy," he whispered, hovering his lips just within reach.

Rory smiled, sliding her hands against his cheeks and pressed her lips against his. The kiss sent a jolt through her as he dug his fingers into her back.

"You guys making out?" Lorelai called from the kitchen. "Too quiet in there."

Jess broke the kiss with a huff. "You want that granddaughter?"

"Good point," Lorelai replied. "Carry on."

"Wait here," Lorelai commanded as they stood outside of Lane's place.

"Checking in on the surprise?" Rory smirked as her mother barely opened the door and slipped in, her head still visible.

"You give them a degree and they think are so smart. Just checking that the boys are asleep."

"Uh huh."

Lorelai closed the door and after a few minutes the door reopened revealing Lane, dressed in a beautiful high waisted empire gown. Her hair in a bun.

"My dear Rory!" Lane exclaimed. "Do come in."

Rory began to chuckle as she followed her best friend into the house. That's when she saw everything. All the furniture has been moved out and replaced with luxurious antique pieces. Any sign of the rock and roll life they lead was missing. A painted portrait of a woman dressed similarly to Lane was on the wall, piano music playing in the distance. Standing in a line was Lorelai, Paris, and Sookie, dressed like they had stepped out of 1810. Rory's laughter grew.

"My perfect daughter you can't be seen in such a frock," Lorelai gasped pulling out a adorable blue satin and lace gown.

Quickly Rory was redressed, her hair pulled back.

"Now my dear," Lorelai concluded. "The festivities can begin."

At that moment, Paris clapped her hands and a handful of very attractive men, dressed in high necked Regency suits, complete with knickers, came out carrying trays of food.

Sookie cheered happily, "I made marmalade, trifle, apricot ices, blanc-manger and pizza bagel bites."

The men began serving the ladies, the tight suits showing they were all very fit.

"Please tell me these aren't strippers," Rory muttered to Paris.

"Of course not! They are male escorts."

"Oh, well that's okay then."

"I helped the owner of the multimillion dollar firm called 'Dream Dates' have twins," Paris bragged. "So, I called in a favor."

"I...I…" Rory was rendered speechless as a beautiful model of a man approached her with a tray.

"Tea Miss Gilmore?" he said, bowing his head.


Lorelai swooped in. "Who taught you to speak with such vulgarity? You set propriety at naught."

"I...er...apologize dear mother," Rory sighed, taking a tea cup. "Thankfully such a fortunate match was made for me before I was beyond saving."

"Yes, yes," Lorelai swooned. "However, your intended is far too eager to enter into the bonds of matrimony. I question his true intentions. It's a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of Ikea furniture must be in want of a wife."

"Just follow his lead," Lane giggled, an empty champagne glass in her hand. "Paris had them trained in Regency dance."

One of the escorts bowed, giving out his hand to Rory.

She awkwardly curtsied. "Well...I'm not."

Lane took the hand of another male escort and they both began a spastic line dance.

"Any savage can dance Darcy said," Rory laughed. "That bastard lied."

The dancing continued with laughing and flowing champagne when there was a knock at the door.

"Willoughby!?" Rory gasped and ran to the door, throwing it open to reveal a sad, small man. "Doyle?"