Author's Notes:

My first One Piece fan fiction! ~claps~ This series is so
addicting. ^-^ Since I'm an evil author I wanted to write a story to
test how deep the loyalty of Luffy's friends lay and how far they would
go for him. This story will have them go through hell and back, but it's
not going to be entirely dark. Be prepared for an epic! ^_~

And strangely enough for me, it's not yaoi! Maybe someday I'll
write a yaoi OP fic which will start as a ZoroxLuffy but end as a ZoroxSanji
because Luffy is too dumb to realize he's being courted. =P But this one
right here is purely innocent friendship.

IMPORTANT: This follows the OP story faithfully until Luffy's
fight with Crocodile! There it bridges off to this scenario!

OP isn't mine. ^-^
Captain, My Captain
Chapter 1: Goodbye and Hello
His head was raised as the stones fell, straw hand tilted
lopsidedly on his head. Wide, innocent black eyes continued to shine
brightly despite the fact that the building around him crumbled and
all possible exits were closed.

Monkey D. Luffy wasn't afraid to die.

If it was fate for his adventure to end here, he would accept
it with a grin as he did with everything else. The Going Merry's
captain believed in making sure every minute he lived wasn't going to
be something he regretted. If his dream wasn't going to be his, then
it would be someone else's. Luffy had no room or time for regret. It
was just the way he was.

A hugs scuttling spider caught Luffy's attention and he
blinked and kneeled down to poke at it, laughing softly to himself as
it tried to scuttle away. 'Nami would be so scared if she were here!

"You're insane..."

Luffy turned to look as Crocodile pulled himself painfully to
his feet. The man was in bad shape, possibly worse than he was. Blood
tricked down his forehead and from his lips while the muscular legs
shook with the exertion of standing.

"You're insane." Crocodile repeated. "You're going to die boy. My powers
will allow me to escape but yours will do nothing to help. And you still
laugh as if it doesn't matter?"

All Crocodile got in answer was a grin as Luffy reached up to
touch the hat on his head. Then the youth turned away, merely watching
the stones as they fell.

Crocodile was in no hurry to escape. He could leave anytime he wanted. So he
stayed to watch his enemy, confusion runny through his head. Why didn't he
run? Why wasn't he afraid? Lips pulled up into a bloody smile as he chuckled
under his breath.

Was this boy crazy? Or was he unbelievably brave? Monkey D.
Luffy... he had caught Crocodile's interest. Perhaps it would be a
waste to let him die.

Suddenly the roof shattered and crashed to where the two men
had stood. And so the building fell.

"LUFFY!!" Vivi tried to pull at the heavy rocks, nails bloodied as she
scrabbled in vain to get to her captain. Tears filled purple eyes and ran
down dusty cheeks as the Alabasta princess fell to her knees before the

'Please! Not Luffy! He can't be dead! This whole war... it was ended with
his help! He has to see what he saved!' These thoughts in mind Vivi stood up
once again and began to pull at the rocks with renewed strength.

"Princess Vivi!" Chaka grabbed and attempted to hold the princess still.
"It's no use Princess Vivi!"

The blue haired girl struggled to pull out of his hold. "How
can you say that! Luffy can't be dead! He can't!"

A small movement to her left caught Vivi's attention and she
ran into her father's arms. Cobra, having escaped ahead, hugged her
tightly as she cried. "I'm sorry Vivi..."

The rest of the Going Merry crew at that moment rushed into
the boulevard. Chopper glanced from Vivi to the rubble and asked in a
small voice. "Luffy... where's Luffy?"

Nami walked towards the rubble and touched a rough stone. "He
can't be..?"


Vivi's scream echoed against the walls. And the small group
remained silent as disbelief settled in.

Luffy... was dead?


Then waited for a week. Then for a month. After more than 90 days passed they
finally realized Luffy wasn't going to return. The Going Merry crew
couldn't bring themselves to continue to sail the Grand Line. Why
should they? Without a captain to lead them and their dreams, it
wasn't worth it.

So they each went their separate ways. Sanji started his own restaurant
ship and became the most famous chef on the Grand Line. Zoro continued his
quest in becoming the most famous swordsman and returned to being a pirate
hunter. Nami and Chopper settled down in Alabasta with Vivi and were her
advisor and doctor respectively while Usopp traveled the desert to continue
building his knowledge of engineering.

Everyone had given up on their dreams. They didn't have the will to set out
and make them real. The driving force, their captain, was gone.

And so the former Going Merry crew settled down into their new lives.
Until that day, three years later, he returned.


In the now grassy Alabasta streets, two young women made their way through
the crowd. A small string of gaurds trailed them, only stopping to give them
privacy when they finally reached their destination. It was monument of
Alabasta, a small garden in the middle of the city, a lone building set right
within the middle of it.

"It's been three years hasn't it?" Vivi turned to give Nami a smile. "Seems
like it's been so much longer."

"Things like this always seem that way." Nami dismounted from her camel. Then
pushing her long orange hair away from her eyes she sighed. "Chopper still
won't come here along with us. I think he hates it when we see him cry."

Vivi slid off Karue and walked towards the small stone building that was
infact a mausoleum. The room was empty except for a lone straw hat was
settled upon an empty marble coffin.

They had never found the body.

Nami walked towards it and patted the hat. "Hey Luffy. Three years since
you've left ne? We brought you some meat." She laughed, fighting tears. "Not
that you can eat it! But I'm sure you'll appreciate it where ever you are."

Vivi took the huge piece of meat from Karue, setting it down to explain.
"Usopp-san, Mr. Bushido and Sanji-san will be here later. They haven't arrived
yet..." She fought to smile. "We'll be having a party in your memory at the
palace Luffy-san! Maybe you can watch it from where you are."

Nami dropped the hat and took a step back. "Well, we'll be seeing you again
tomorrow! No meat this time though. It's only for special occasions, since
you -ARE- dead!" Her voice was bitter, fists clenched at her sides.

Vivi looked shocked. "Nami-san!"

"You idiot!" Nami covered her face with her hands. "You had to go and die
didn't you! Where was your promise of being 'The King of Pirates'! I trusted
my dream to you!" The tears she had been fighting escaped and ran down her
cheeks. When Vivi touched her shoulder Nami pulled away and stormed out, not
botheirng to look back.


Vivi then merely stood in respectful silence as she said a silent prayer in
respect for the dead. It had been three years... yet the wounds have yet to


Zoro stood in the middle of an alleyway, black eyes surveying
his surroundings catiously.

"Where the hell am I?" He scratched his head in confusion. 'Damn Alabasta...
it has too much streets! And I can't read the damn directions to Vivi's palace
that the stupid cook gave me!' Zoro vowed to punish Sanji when he finally
reached the party. Slowly and painfully. That train of thought brought a
smirk to the swordsman's lips.

Zoro continued to walk aimlessly, finally reaching the more unsavory part of
Vivi's kingdom. The streets were filled with trash and grimy water while the
fully cloaked people around him were hunched in dark corners. The only
probable reason why he wasn't robbed yet was because of his swords that were
in plain view. Finally realizing he was hopelessly lost he searched about for
someone to ask directions from.

At that moment someone bumped against him and he snatched the offending
stranger's arm before he got away. The man, that much he could decipher
despite the fact that he was heavily cloaked, stopped and turned to him.

"Hey, do you know which street to take to Alabasta palace?"

"Eh? I dunno. Are you lost? That's alright! I get lost all the time!"

Zoro's heart stopped. "Yo-you..."

"Well, I gotta go! Boss is waiting for-"

Interrupting the stranger's words, Zoro pulled off the cloak covering the man's
head. A painfully familiar face stared back up at him, black eyes blinking in


The Going Merry captain grinned and said something Zoro had
entirely not expected.

"Do I know you?"


Characters may be OOC because I'm a bad author. ^_~
And grammar mistakes are all my fault. Cali has never had a pre-reader
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