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Captain, My Captain
Chapter 2: 'Going Merry' once again?
Tony Tony Chopper liked to consider himself a calm creature.
He believed he had gone a long way from his past panicky self who ran
in circles when faced with something he didn't have the power to
handle. Unfortunately that was because he had been mostly subjected to
the relative calm of the Alabasta castle. He had almost forgotten how
insane his old comrades could be.

"Sanji!" Chopper screamed from behind one of the stone
pillars, teeth now sharp fangs. "What are you thinking bringing that
that that... creature here?!?!"

The blonde cook blinked with his one visible eye. "Aa? This?"
Sanji grinned and patted the multi-colored fish he had slung over his
shoulder. Twice the cook's size, it blinked its 14 eyes simultaneously
and opened its mouth, exposing teeth 3 feet long and sharp as
daggers. "This is the main dish I'll be serving at the party. Isn't it
amazing? I found it off the coast and it can even breathe out of water!"
He gave it another affectionate pat.

"Aaaaahhhh! It's looking at me!" Chopper cringed behind the
pillar, small hooves pulling his hat to cover his eyes. Sanji walked up
to him and knelt, curled eyebrow raised in curiosity. "Hey. you allright?"

When Chopper looked up to reply he came face to
face with the fish creature's teeth.

about in panic until he suddenly bounced off something solid.
'Please don't let it be the fish! Not the fish! Not the-' He peeked with
one eye, face suddenly lighting up in delight when he recognized who he had
bumped into.

"Ah! Chopper! Long time no see! Wait till I tell you about my
wonderful desert fairing adventures! Man! I fought a Bear as big as
this castle!"

Sanji gave the newcomer a fond but still slightly annoyed
look. "There aren't any bears in Alabasta idiot."

Usopp shot him a glare, long pointed nose up in the air. "You
just haven't explored the unknown regions as I have! Hahaha!"

"Usopp-san! Welcome!" Chopper glomped the goggled man. "Really? You had
lots of adventures?"

"Of course! It would take a year to tell them all! So I'll just
choose the best most dangerous to tell you!"

Chopper clapped his hooves together in excitement. "Yay!!

Suddenly Usopp screamed and took out his slingshot. "There's a
monster on your back Sanji!!! J-j-just stay still and I'll kill it!"

"Are you an idiot? This is dinner."

"WHAT?! How can you even eat that! I bet it poisonous!"

Suddenly a feminine voice floated in from the courtyard, tone
amused. "Sanji-kun, you aren't trying to poison us are you?"

"Nami-san!!!" Hearts in his eyes Sanji skipped forward, fish
left forgotten in the ground. Usopp and Chopper shivered as it
attempted to flop it way towards them.

"Don't leave your monster by itself!" Usopp raged.

"But at the moment the beautiful Nami-san is more important!"
Sanji took her hand and kissed it. "I shall prepare the most delicious
meal for you! Oooooh! Nami-san with long hair is so beautiful!"

"Ah! Thank you Sanji-kun!" Nami patted the cook's head. "But
make sure you don't serve that fish whole ne? Cut it up a little, it
might scare the guests."

"Ah! Sanji-san!" Vivi appeared with Karue. Her pretty face was lit up
with a bright smile. "Usopp-san! Welcome! I'm so glad you came!"

"Hey! Long time no see!" Usopp walked towards Vivi and Nami, Chopper settled
comfortably on his shoulders. "So when does the party start?"

"At 8 PM tonight." Vivi glanced around. "Is Mr. Bushido here
yet? I was hoping we could have tea by ourselves before the
big crowd arrives. Then I have to greet the guests and we'll barely have any
time to talk."

Sanji smirked smugly to himself. "I'm sure he's lost, the
idiot. And I even gave him directions." He lit a cigarette and blew
the smoke in the air.

"Oh. We should wait for him then..."

Nami waved Vivi's idea off. "Zoro won't mind. He would have
just slept the whole time anyway. Let's go have some tea! I'm

Suddenly Chopper panicked. "Sanji! You're fish is tying to eat
a guard!"

"Aa... hey! Don't try to stab my fish!"

"But the monster's trying to eat him!" Usopp pointed out.

Nami and Vivi laughed as they watched Sanji try to save his
fish, its jaws completely locked on to a guard's armored leg.

But where in Alabasta was Zoro?

"What do you mean you don't know who I am?! Are you an

Luffy waved him off. "But I don't know you! If I knew someone
who steals swords I would remember!"

"I didn't steal any of these stupid! They're all mine!" Zoro's
teeth turned into fangs as he screamed.

"Aa? Why do you have three for? How to you carry the other
one, with your foot?" Suddenly Luffy started to laugh. "You fight with
one foot! Hahahahaha! How interesting!"

Zoro gave him a sound smack on the head but Luffy only gave
him a wide grin, still shaking slightly as he tried to muffle his
snickers. The swordsman gave up on trying to get his captain to see
reason, Nami was the one best at that. Luffy also seemed honest when he said
he didn't remeber who he was, as unlikely as that seemed to Zoro. The guy
probably needed a doctor... which meant he had take him to Chopper. Who
unfortunately was in the castle he couldn't find. He was hopelessly
lost and he was sure Luffy wouldn't know where it was, knowing his sense of

Suddenly another cloaked figure approached them and came to
a stop, slim figure belying it to be a woman. She didn't lift her face
but Luffy seemed to recognize her instantly. Marching to her side he looked up
into her hooded face. "Nico! I'm glad I found you! I turned down a street,
then another, then suddenly I didn't know where I was!"

Zoro touched his swords. Nico? It didn't ring any bells. But if
she was responsible for Luffy's disappearance....

"Are you looking for the castle? If you take a left here and
keep going straight you'll hit it." The woman's voice was soft and
sultry, one dark toned hand rested lightly on Luffy's shoulder. Zoro merely
nodded but refused to move.

The woman spoke again, amusement in her voice. "Oh? Aren't you
going to leave?"

"Of course. But I'll be leaving with Luffy." Zoro smirked, thumb pushing
one of the hilt of his swords up so that some of the metal was seen. "Unless
you don't agree."

Luffy frowned. "Hey! You're rude! I don't even know you!" He
stopped when the woman reached out and tugged at his bangs. "Ara? Nico?"

"Just go Luffy. There'll be lost of meat at the party he'll be going
to." Zoro glared at her when she said that. This woman knew of the
private party? That was a bit too much information for a random person on
the street to know. Her voice was strangely familiar as well...

"Really?! Meat?! Yeah!" Suddenly Luffy turned quickly from ecstatic to
depressed, scuffing up the dusty ground with his feet. "But the boss wants me
back in an hour.... he'll be mad."

"I'll cover for you." Nico gave him a slight push. "Don't worry. Just
snatch me a good book or two okay?" Then she turned to walk away, not even
pausing when Zoro drew all his swords. He moved to intercept her but Luffy
stepped in his way and stared up at him with wide eyes.

"Ah! You put it in your mouth! Doesn't it cut your lip? Ouch!
Looks painful!" Zoro nearly tripped backwards when Luffy reached out to touch
the blade.

"You idiot! You'll push it in then it'll really cut me!"

Luffy merely grinned in reply. Stepping around him Zoro looked about
surroundings, but the woman called Nico was already gone. 'Damn it... at least
I have Luffy.' Then the swordsman slowly realized what this really meant.
Their crew was complete again. They could continue on their adventure. Their
dreams... did that mean he would be able to meet and challenge Mihawk again?

"Hey? Are you alright? Let's go to the meat!" Luffy blinked
as Zoro reached out to ruffle his hair, the only gesture of
affection the swordsman would allow himself.

"You idiot... I missed you even though I didn't want to."

"Eh? But I don't know you!"

"..." A vein popped up in Zoro's forehead. "Just shut up till we
get there alright!"

"Meat! Meat!"


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